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The Gimmick-less Vault Vanish Stunner
by Hal Saxon

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The Gimmick-less Vault Vanish Stunner by Hal Saxon

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The Gimmick-Less Bank Vault Vanish is an EDC impromptu stunner.

This is a challenge effect you will win every time. This is 100% gimmick-less mind-blown EDC (Every Day Carry) magic. Close-up, angle proof, fast, easy, impromptu, EDC, instant full-view reset. Perfect for beginners and seasoned magicians.

This is a phenomenal example of separating the steal from the reveal. The steal happens well before the vault/fist is opened revealing utter emptiness. This effect absolutely destroys any other "Where is it? Which hand?" effect. The reactions are amazing. I literally have spectators that are rendered speechless and awestruck. This is my go to EDC impromptu effect. It slays kids and adults alike. Perfect for walk around, strolling, or seated. Packs small ... just a rubber band and a few borrowed bills are all you need.

The effect:

A vault is a safe or lockbox. It holds valuables. The magician can always get the valuables out of the vault even if the spectator is aggressively guarding the vault (your fist) with their hands.

The challenge:

The magician challenges the spectator that anything can be vanished out of the magician's closed fist, hand, or vault even if their hands protect the top and bottom of the closed fist. There is no way in and no way out of the vault.

The magician makes the challenge. You guard my wrist with your hands. If I can get the item out, can I have it? The spectator says, "Sure." Mr. Spectator, put your money where your mouth is. The magician will ask for a few dollar bills. Any bills will suffice, but larger denominations are better. The spectator provides the bills. Four or five borrowed bills are rolled up by the spectator and a rubber band is placed on the roll. Then the spectator inspects your hands and places the rolled bills in your hand. The magician has short sleeves, no watch, and no rings.

Next, the spectator is reminded of the rules of the challenge. If the magician robs the bank vault the magician keeps the bills. The spectator is the bank guard and can protect the closed fist with their hands as aggressively as they like. This is an absolutely fair challenge. Or is it?

The spectator places their hands on the top and bottom of the magician's closed fist containing the rolled bills and on the count of three, the rolled bills have escaped the vault.

There is no gimmick required. All you need is a rubber band and spectator-supplied bills. This is a 100% gimmick-less EDC magic effect that is easy to learn and perform. It is easy to repeat with instant setup in full view of the spectators. You can make some serious money winning this challenge every single time.

My trademark vanish technique used in this effect can be used to vanish bills and many other objects. In the Bank Vault Vanish, the gimmick is actually the borrowed bills themselves. This effect will change the way you think about EDC impromptu magic with no gimmicks.

1st edition 2024, video 13:44.

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