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Visual Card Rise

by Ron Jaxon

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Visual Card Rise by Ron Jaxon

Visual Card Rise was inspired by Martin Lewis's effect called Cardiographics. Like many magicians Ron wanted to find a close up version of this amazing effect. After some searching Ron couldn't find anything like it that had the visual strength of the original effect. He wanted the animation to look as real and magical as the original. VCR is the final result.

A card rises out of a picture of a card drawn on the back of a playing card. Only the black marker ink moves. No part of the printed back design moves as the animation takes place!

Visual Card Rise was released for purchase with pre-made gimmicks. The problem was that the gimmick is hand made and the supplier just couldn't keep up with the demands. So now it's available as PDF instructions so you can make the gimmick yourself.

Everything is explained step by step with photos and verbally. And you get a neat bonus effect the 'Palm Rise', where a card rises out of a deck drawn on your hand.

Although this gimmick isn't all that hard to make. It will be a little time consuming and it might require a little trial and error on your part. Mostly a matter of adjustment of the gimmick. I'd imagine you'll be able to have your first one made in a few hours after you find the required material. The ebook contains many sources in which you can find all you need to make it. Ron spent months searching for as many sources for the required material so everyone should be able to find what you need to make it. If all else fails Ron even includes a link to the site he purchased the original material from.

1st edition 2007; 20 pages.

word count: 6164 which is equivalent to 24 standard pages of text

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