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Abbott Magic

Abbott Magic was founded in 1934 by Percy Abbott. In the same year Recil Bordner became 50/50 partner. The business is still owned by the Bordner family. Abbott Magic is recognized as one of the largest magic manufacturing businesses in the world. It is also the host of the famous Abbott's Magic Get Together held every year in summer.

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Illusions Illusions

Gordon Miller
Illusions Illusions by Gordon Miller

Gordon Miller compiled a great collection of magical illusions from various Abbott publications - most with complete and detailed workshop plans.

  • Abbott's Guillotine
  • Cyclops Lens
  • Caliph's Cutter
  • Abbott's Barrel Escape
  • Don Rose Miniature Doll House
  • Abbott's Packing Box Escape
  • Where's That Gal?
  • Levitation Deluxe
  • Abbott's Modern Sword Cabinet
  • Girl In Fish Bowl
  • Spike Illusion
  • Canvas Case Illusion
  • Phantasmo
  • Devil Illusion
  • Twin Boxes
  • Dancing Slippers
  • Abbott's Amazing Shrunken Living Head Illusion
  • Abbott's Mummy Cloth Of The Nile
  • Abbott's Mignon Illusion
  • Abbott's Enchanted Tent ...
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Nite Club Illusions and Illusionettes

Percy Abbott
Nite Club Illusions and Illusionettes by Percy Abbott
  • Abbott's Chinese Chopper
  • The Chinese Straight Jacket
  • Cutting A Woman In Half
  • Walking Through A Ribbon
  • Spikes Through The Wrist
  • The Girl With The Pincushion Head
  • The Doni Rose Miniature Doll House
  • Abbott's Rod Through Girl
  • The Hindu Basket Trick
  • Nite-Club Girl Vanish
  • The Sword Box
  • The Cane Cabinet
  • Sword Cabinet Illusion
  • The Golem Illusion
  • Modernistic Amputation

1966 edition; PDF 31 pages

★★★★★ $15
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Tops 1967 Trick Annual

Neil Foster
Tops 1967 Trick Annual by Neil Foster
  • Contents
  • Thoughtography - Sid Lorraine
  • Danger - Men at Work - Bert Douglas
  • Hangman's-Noose Escape - North Bigbee
  • Jiggery-Pokery Joe - Eddie Joseph
  • Diapiresis - Jimmy Nuzzo
  • The Passing of the New Hoodoo - Stewart James
  • Borrowed Thoughts - Joseph K. Schmidt
  • Magical Hints - Mercer Helms, Jr.
    • "Acrysol" - cleaner-degreaser
    • "Classic Car Wax" for slick ace effects
  • The Cigar Bottom Deal - Edward Marlo
    • Full Grip Deal
    • The Pseudo Method
    • Push Pull Bottom Deal
  • Bell's Box - Peter Warlock
  • Zombanner - Carlos H. Colombi ...
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Tops 1966 Trick Annual

Neil Foster
Tops 1966 Trick Annual by Neil Foster
  • Contents
  • Don't Shoot Until You See the Whites of Their Eggs! - George McAthy
  • An Experiment in Magic - Hiohn C. Sherwood
    • Addendum
  • Ideas & Patter For Some New & Old Ones - John C. Sherwood
    • The Commercial
    • The Torture Cabinet of Goldtoe
    • Addendum
    • The Floating Thief
  • The Oriental Mystery Cage - Jack La Wain
  • Karrell's Bloomers - Karrell Fox
  • Variation on "The Wonderful Vanish" - T. E. Westcott
  • A Snakey-Routine - Joseph M. White
  • Giant Color Change With Silk - Robert E. Olson
  • More "Batty" Ideas - Dale Salwak
    • Hippity...
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Tops 1965 Trick Annual

Neil Foster
Tops 1965 Trick Annual by Neil Foster
  • Index
  • Be An Entertainer - Mercer Helms
  • Tangle Trickery - Sid Lorraine
  • Stickshift - Harry George & Tom Reitze
  • Faro Slough Offs - Jimmy Nuzzo
    • A Variation
  • Lighting a Cigarette by Magic - Eddie Joseph
    • Self-Lighting Cigarette
  • Mentalist Question Cards - Gerald Kosky
  • The Bill and Nail - H. P. Albright
  • Flame-Butterfly Illusion - North Bigbee and Paul J. Siegel
  • Korny Bill Collection - Karrell Fox
  • The Z-A-N-E-Y Lights - Walter Zaney Blaney
  • Abbott's Vanishing Cage & Girl Illusion
  • Hippity-Hop Skeletons - Dale Salwak
  • Chink Can Comedy...
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Tops 1964 Trick Annual

Neil Foster
Tops 1964 Trick Annual by Neil Foster
  • A Bog O' Balls - Sid Lorraine
  • G. A. G. - Howard Fingert
  • Lunar Probe - Colin Smith
  • Much Ado About Nothing - A Whole Act - Everett Lyda
  • The Golden Spike Cabinet Illusion - Malcolm Campbell
  • A Fish Story - Herb Runge
  • Instant Vanish Illusion - North Bigbee
  • Cartoon - Blake
  • Flip Tear Dove Vanish - Don Kellar
  • The Fantastic Ribbons - Clettus V. Musson
  • Beauty and the Least - Karrell Fox
  • Ink to Flowers - A. D. Banarjee
  • Tape Recorder Prediction - Gerald Kosky
  • China Lingo - Fedko
  • Rope Acto - Fedko
  • Hanko - Fedko
  • Colombi's Card Prediction - Carlos H. Colombi ...
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Super-Sensitive Fingertips

Howard P. Albright
Super-Sensitive Fingertips by Howard P. Albright

This ebook is also part of the collection Strange Secrets 1.

  • Introduction: Points On Presentation And Patter
  • Feeling The Spots
  • Reading The Cards
  • The Lip-Reading Test
  • Important Features
  • Hints About Blindfolding
  • The Master's Touch
  • Reading Dates On Coins, Numbers On Bills, Etc.
  • Miracle Color Vision
  • Reading "Ordinary Printed Matter" With The Fingertips
  • Here's Your Card
  • Snappy Number
  • Psychometry
  • In Conclusion
  • The Si Stebbins Pre-Arranged Pack

1st edition 1948, 42 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, 19 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Psychic Magic

Ormond McGill
Psychic Magic by Ormond McGill

This ebook is an edited and slightly abridged version of material which originally appeared as "Psychic Magic" in six volumes. From the preface by Percy Abbott:

In 1937, Ormond McGill wrote a group of articles for Tops under the title of "the psychic circle." the continued respect which this series has enjoyed through the years speaks volumes for both the vitality of Mr. McGill's writing and for magicians' interest in psychic magic. And yet, such interest is but natural, for the whole art of the conjurer is based on a love of performing the impossible and knowing the unknowable, and who more than magicians...

★★★★★ $25
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Tops 1962 Trick Annual

Neil Foster
Tops 1962 Trick Annual by Neil Foster

36 pages

  1. Dr. Harlan Tarbell 18590-1960 - memorial/dedication
  2. Contents
  3. Phonovision - Tom Palmer
  4. The Magic Mirror - Sid Lorraine
  5. Repeat Vanishing Silk Routine - Percy Abbott
  6. Abbott's Short and Sweet
  7. Bird Cage to Silk - Bob Lewis
  8. Flash Appearance Of Two Bouquets
  9. Feather Bouquets - Various Methods Of Production
  10. Rice's Sympathetic Silks E-Z Knot Release - Harold R. Rice
  11. Walking Thru a Steel Plate Illusion
  12. Louine's Egg Bag Routine - Harry Louine
  13. Rajah Turban Mystery
  14. Club Performer's Spook Act
  15. Eddie Joseph's Original Conception For The Hindu Cups
  16. Travel...
★★★★★ $6
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Tops 1963 Trick Annual

Neil Foster
Tops 1963 Trick Annual by Neil Foster
  1. dedication page
  2. Contents
  3. Lift Off! - Ren Fetzer
  4. Divination and Coincidence With ESP Cards - Stewart Judah
  5. Kid Show Trick - George McAthy
  6. Original Homing Card Routine - Edward Marlo
  7. Five Plus One For The Magical Connoisseur - 'Mr. Mack'
    • Watch the Birdie
    • The Manchurian Termite
    • The Stool Pigeon
    • 16" Sunflower Production
    • Performing Fleas
    • Hole in Fore
  8. Silk, Cage & Coil Canister - Tommy Windsor
  9. 2 cartoons - O. Blake
  10. The Sympathetic Kings and Queens Reworked - John Braun
  11. cartoon - O. Blake
  12. The Tieless Tie - Eddie Joseph
  13. Tribute to Okito - Dennis R. Loomis
  14. "Pogo Ball" Explained and Explored - Norman...
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Magic that Points to the Upward Life

Rev. Jim Dracup
Magic that Points to the Upward Life by Rev. Jim Dracup

Here is the third book in Rev. Jim Dracups gospel magic trilogy! The first two books, Magic With An Upward Look and Magic That Gives An Upward Lift have proven to be best-sellers. All the books in this three-book series are loaded with practical and audience-tested material. Each book contains so much material that you are sure to find an application for tricks you already own. (You will also find applications so perfect that you will convince yourself to buy the corresponding effect!) All of this stems from Jim Dracups extensive backgrounds in both gospel work and magic. Both have been his life work and these three books are the combined collection...

★★★★★ $12
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Magic that Gives an Upward Lift

Rev. Jim Dracup
Magic that Gives an Upward Lift by Rev. Jim Dracup

Magic That Gives an Upward Lift includes a section called "The Seed Basket". Here are many pages of outlines, ideas, quotations, illustrations and food for thought. This is material that can be incorporated into a patter line or story - or material that can be used just to inspire and get those brain cells working! Another special section of this ebook is called: "A Bit Of Humor". Over fifty pages of carefully selected gag lines, funny stories, daffynitions, puzzles, silly signs, one liners, etc. Special material for magicians and ministers and special material for an audience of children. ...

★★★★★ $12
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Magic with an Upward Look

Rev. Jim Dracup
Magic with an Upward Look by Rev. Jim Dracup

Jim Dracup is the author of a long out of print book, A Magician Goes To Church. That book has become one of the most requested and sought after works in the field of gospel magic. Since the publication of that first book, Jim has been gathering material and perfecting and polishing the routines that he uses on a day to day basis. That material has been published in the form of Magic With An Upward Look. This is the first ebook in a trilogy of gospel magic ebooks by Reverend Dracup.

Magic With An Upward Look contains only the best and the brightest material. There is, for instance, a chapter...

★★★★★ $12
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The New Premonition

Eddie Joseph
The New Premonition by Eddie Joseph

From the introduction:

No matter how deep you delve into Magical history, you will not encounter another card effect similar to my "PREMONITION". When first introduced to fellow magicians, "PREMONITION" was greeted enthusiastically. Many knowledgeable members in the profession proclaimed its merits unstintedly. Others soon learnt of its singular entertainment potentiality and included it as a feature number in their acts. My files are full of laudable comments gathered from various sources. Two of these in particular I wish to record here. The first from that veritable human encylopedia of...

★★★★ $10
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The Smagorad

Gary Inglese & Dennis Laub
The Smagorad by Gary Inglese & Dennis Laub

The Smagorad is a legendary magick book whose very content was thought to be able to affect the course of the cosmic universe. Its secrets were believed so powerful that they could alter the natural elements.

  • Dedicated To The Scribes
  • Introduction
  • The Dream
  • The Psychic Detective
  • Just In Case
  • "The Shining!"
  • Pop Psychology
  • Divine Madness
  • Nimbus
  • Ekkballo!
  • The "Subliminal" Force
  • The Mysterious Visitor
  • A "Key" Lesson...
  • Cube3
  • Pyrocentric Tear
  • Cliptomaniac
  • Post Mortem
1st edition 1983; PDF 48 pages
★★★★★ $10
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Memory of the Mind

Eddie Joseph
Memory of the Mind by Eddie Joseph

Key codes, card systems, and mnemotechnic marvels.

  • Introduction
  • Mnemotechnic Marvels
  • No. 1 - The Numbered Cards
  • No. 2 - The Cloak-Room Attendant
  • No. 3 - Seeing Through The Bag
  • No. 4 - Objects In The Dark
  • No. 5 - Locating The Page
  • No. 6 - Double Dealing
  • Identifying The Personality
  • Key Codes
    • My Card System
    • How To Prepare For A Series Of Astounding Tricks Through "My System"
    • Formula To Find Out Where Any Particular Card Lies In The Pack
    • The Card Fiend
  • Memory System

1st edition 1952, 23 pages.

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Magic Card System

Percy Abbott
Magic Card System by Percy Abbott

This is one of the books that Abbott published for the troops during wartime in the 1940's. It uses Si Stebbins system, except the step size is 4 rather than 3, also known as "The Riverboat Stack" or "Mark Twain Stack" (see New Card Tricks with the Mark Twain Stack). Routines can be performed with most other stacks.

  • Foreword
  • The Magic Card System: The Rules That Make It Work
  • Effect Number One: A Skeptical Spectator Interrupts
  • Effect Number Two
    • It Might Happen To You
    • Effect Number Two As Performed By Two Persons
  • Effect Number Three
  • Effect Number Four
  • Effect Number Five
    • The Effect Done With An Assistant
  • Effect Number Six ...
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Magic a la Carte

Ravelle and Andree
Magic a la Carte by Ravelle and Andree
  • The Abominylon Snowman
  • Milk Go
  • Three Blind Mice
  • Hopping Hen Fruit
  • Thread It
  • Silk Blow - Silk Go
  • The Cow With The Crumpled Horn
  • Self - Service
  • Peni - Sponge
  • "Crash Thru" Production Box
  • The Choice Of Cash
  • Fantastrick

PDF 24 pages

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Amazing Card Miracles

M. S. Mahendra
Amazing Card Miracles by M. S. Mahendra
  • Design For Wrist Watch Gimmic
  • Preface
  • The Arrangement
  • Mechanics Of The Arrangement
  • To Openly Arrange A Strange Deck
  • The Peculiar Arrangement Of The Deck
  • False Shuffles
  • The “Perfect” False Shuffle
  • Hugh Johnston False Shuffle
  • False Cuts
  • The Jordan False Cut
  • The Lightning Card Counter
  • Table Of Short Cuts
  • Patter For Counting Cards
  • The Human Scales
  • The Strange Powers Of The Joker
  • Patter Routine Number Two
  • Another Presentation
  • The Phantom Card Game
  • Another Patter Routine For The Phantom Card Game
  • Read My Mind
  • Card Locations
  • Positive Thought Control
  • Clairvoyant Power ...
★★★★★ $10
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Live Magic

W. O. Turner
Live Magic by W. O. Turner

Livestock workers - this is the ebook you have been waiting for. Practical magic with livestock - all necessary apparatus is easy to make.

  • Foreword
  • The Rabbit And Hat
  • Another Rabbit And Hat Method
  • Still Another Rabbit And Hat Effect
  • The Rabbit Disappears
  • Rabbit To Box Of Candy
  • The Coming Of A Cavy
  • The Vanish Of A Dove
  • Produckshun
  • Magician’s Table
  • The Guinea Pig Goes To Heaven

PDF 19 pages.

★★★★ $6
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Illusion Show Know-How

Ken Griffin & Roberta
Illusion Show Know-How by Ken Griffin & Roberta

The Ken Griffin illusion show toured the world for well over a quarter of a century. The priceless ideas and methods used by the Griffins in their climb to prominence and profit are fully explained.

Almost every magician has dreamed, at one time or another, of headlining his own mystery revue. He visualizes the glamorous side of the picture ... the stage flooded with colored and glittering lights, the dazzling scenery, the gorgeous assistants, breathtaking illusions, the music from the orchestra surging to a crescendo, the thunderous cymbal crash as the magician strides on stage for his...

★★★★★ $10
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Kid Show Showmanship

Bruce Posgate
Kid Show Showmanship by Bruce Posgate

This ebook provides an entirely different approach to entertaining children. Original material and suggestions - "bread and butter" information by an experienced performer. This volume explains the psychology and know-how of working children's shows.

The following is an excerpt from the book:

Entertaining children is a profitable business. Depressions may come and go; movies, television and other diversions can come and go ... but children are in constant supply. One generation after another as your potential audience.

Only an experienced performer could write a book of this kind. No...

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Hit the Deck

F. V. Schoneck
Hit the Deck by F. V. Schoneck
  • Winning At Gin Rummy
  • Hole Card Wild
  • Cards Of Unrest
  • Double Denouement
  • Mental Reverse
  • The Incredible Prediction
  • Four-Card Finale
  • Thoughts Across Space
  • Miracle From Smoke
  • Miracle From Smoke (No. 2)
  • Impromptu Daub Location
  • Cards Do Not Lie

PDF 14 pages.

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Abbott Compendium 2016

Greg Bordner
Abbott Compendium 2016 by Greg Bordner

This is the most complete history of Abbott's Magic, and in particular it covers the long history of the Abbott's Get Together.

  • Welcome to the 2016 Abbott Compendium
  • Abbott's Historical Documentation
  • Art of the Abbott Catalog
  • Art of the Get Together
  • Complete Get Together Performer List
  • Timeline of Abbott's and the Get Together
  • 2016 Magic Capital Events
  • 79th Get Together August 3-8 2016

1st edition 2016, 521 pages.

★★★★★ $15
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