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Date: 01/11/2020

Jason England's 17 Card Books to Study

In September 2010 Theory 11 released a short video clip where Jason England introduced 17 books on card magic any serious card magician should read. It was titled "An instructional download on the things you can't download" (my emphasis). Well, I respect the talented guys at Theory 11, but they are a bit behind the curve when it comes to downloads, because 10 of the 17 books are available as download ebooks from - and most of them for many years. One book is available as ebook from Harry Lorayne. And the rest of them will soon be available as ebooks. On top of it many of these ebooks are cheaper than the already cheap Dover reprints and certainly cheaper than a second hand edition. So if you are low on cash but want to study these great books buy them as ebooks.

I can second Jason England's selection. These are all great books worth your time. However, I do think that Roberto Giobbi's Card College series needs to be part of any 'best of' list on card books. I also think that Mr. England could have mentioned one or two of the hidden gems which are typically not mentioned in any such lists but which are absolute gold and by the account of other experts much better than some of the books in Jason's list. I will mention here just two:

Ok, let's get to Jason's list and links to where you can get the ebooks:


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