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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, sleights, techniques, principles and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or Erdnase, learn the best card tricks and methods from 'The Professor' Dai Vernon, or Roberto Giobbi, or study the classics as well as the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subtopics to find what you are looking for.

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Scott Xavier

4Mark: Any Drink Called For by Scott XavierFrom Rum and Coke to chocolate milk, the magician looks over his audience, reads their minds, and pours their favorite drink from an empty flask one by one. This famous illusion was made famous by Robert Houdin, and has been modernized for the 21st century!

Two routines are taught. There is a magic tea kettle like effect and a think a drink. This has been a huge closer in Scott Xavier's corporate mentalism set for years. It is also a huge bar magic routine as well as an ideal hospitality magic routine.

You can produce a variety of drinks both alcoholic and not. From Milk, chocolate milk, strawberry...

2014 / 2 / 3

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

5 Cards by Ralf (Fairmagic) RudolphFive 'impossible' cards with a detailed video explanation and PDF templates.
  • Double Frame
  • Double Pyramid
  • Dynasty
  • E.X.
  • Quadro
1st edition 2019, length 31 min.
2019 / 12 / 15

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MP4 (video)

Vin Carey

5 Cose Impossibili by Vin CareyLa Serie "Super Segreti Sigillati", è nata per fornirvi materiale poco conosciuto e di difficile reperibilità. Il terzo numero di questa serie è assolutamente incredibile e originale e, sotto diversi aspetti davvero unico.

Se cerchi qualche cosa del genere per il tuo numero, allora sei nel posto giusto!

Per farti rendere conto di cosa si tratta ecco ti un estratto del volumetto :

"Questo libretto è scritto per colmare un apparente vuoto nel campo delle novità magiche che sembra essere stato totalmente trascurato.

Nella presentazione dinnanzi al pubblico, ottiene un notevole...

2012 / 11 / 20

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Devin Knight

5 Ways to Stop Your Pulse by Devin KnightPlease know that some of the methods taught in this ebook may pose a health risk to you, particularly if you are not in top health. We are supplying this information for educational purposes only and to explain how the fakirs do this. Use of these methods is done on your own risk.

This is the definitive work on the subject. Many magicians may know one method using a gimmick, but this PDF gives you five different methods for stopping your pulse. This can be a very effective effect for lay people and never fails to amaze. The psychic, Jason Michaels, used these effects for reporters to garner...

2016 / 3 / 6

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Aldo Colombini

5-Card Mystery by Aldo ColombiniThe routine is based on Frank Garcia's "Five-Card Stunner" but also on handlings by Ken de Courcy and Herb Rungay. It is perfect for stand-up performers (parlor or stage) with no table required. You show a black card (say the 9C) and four red cards. When the cards are fanned, there are only four and they are all red; the black card has vanished. You eliminate one red card and then you remove the missing black card from the pocket. Again the cards are shown and then fanned. There are three red cards; the black card vanishes for the second time. You eliminate another red card and remove the black...
2012 / 6 / 5

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MP4 (video)

Allan Ackerman

5-Packet One-Handed Cut by Allan AckermanThis is similar to the 3-Packet One-Handed Cut except that you are pulling out 2 packets from the deck, rather than one.

runtime: 40s

2009 / 5 / 12

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MP4 (video)

Ulysses Frederick Grant

50 Crazy Card Stunts by Ulysses Frederick GrantThese are all laugh getters, great ideas for zany card effects you will use to pep up your more serious routines. Easy to do, impromptu, and very effective. Devised by U.F. Grant, an expert at this sort of thing.

1st digital edition 2015, PDF 7 pages.

2015 / 9 / 3

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Percy Abbott

50 Kute Koin Tricks by Percy AbbottThis manuscript describes fifty close-up tricks, gags and stunts with coins - none of which require sleights. Many new ideas are employed - including new dodges that open up a new field. Every magician should be able to perform one or two coin tricks. Choose from the many in this manuscript.

PDF 6 pages

2015 / 8 / 12

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Frank La Fontaine

50 New Card Secrets by Frank La Fontaine

50 simple card tricks that anyone can do with any deck of playing cards, without sleight-of-hand.

From the Introduction:

The idea that long practice and exceptional skill are necessary in the performance of card tricks is erroneous. Some of the cleverest and most bewildering tricks are made possible by the use of subtle principles of unique methods that are easily learned, yet which are capable of deceiving the keenest and most intelligent spectator.

Such are the methods explained in this booklet. These tricks have been devised by experienced performers of card tricks, men who understand...

2020 / 5 / 24

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Nic Holson

50 Shades Blue by Nic Holson[Note: This book test uses adult material.]

Nic Holson brings you a comedy book test unlike any other based upon the literary success of EL James 50 Shades of Grey and the soon to be released film of the same title.

A thought reading demonstration seems to have gone hilariously wrong - yet despite the odds being against you, all comes good when you show the very same prediction to your spectator with no switching!

  • Method can be adapted to other book tests
  • Close up, Parlor, Stage
  • Comedy script included
  • Un-gimmicked books used

1st edition 2015, 37 pages.

2015 / 1 / 17

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50 Tricks with a Paper Cone by Ravelle-AndreeThis ebook includes tricks with ribbons, silks, eggs, cards, tobacco, money, flowers, milk, magic colors and effects such as the Sympathetic Silks, the Cut and Restored Necktie and other routines of comedy magic. This ebook will provide you with many new tricks and allow you to make use of tricks you already have. It also includes instructions on how to properly make the paper cone.
  1. A Domino Trick
  2. 20th Century Ribbons
  3. Ribbon Rings
  4. Card ’N' Silk
  5. 20th Century Silks
  6. Cones Of Color
  7. Silk Monte
  8. Flower Cascade
  9. Rainbow Silks
  10. Magic Welding Ribbon
  11. Dried Milk
  12. Tissue Mickey
  13. Happy Birthday ...
2015 / 8 / 17

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Milbourne Christopher

50 Tricks with a Thumb Tip by Milbourne ChristopherMilbourne Christopher explains how to do fifty different tricks with one of magic's greatest gimmicks, the Thumb Tip. Tricks are clearly described and illustrated.
  • Introduction
  • Thumb Tip Magic
  • Burning A Handkerchief
  • Making Money
  • Ribbons From Nowhere
  • Burning A Napkin
  • Burning A Tablecloth
  • Fire Proof Thumb
  • Conjuring Up Candy
  • Living Or Dead
  • Cards Controlled
  • Vanishing A Dime
  • Indestructible Match
  • Spirit Rapping Hand
  • Thumb Tie With Rubber Bands
  • Chapman's Taped Thumbs
  • Dollar In Banana
  • Bill In Soft Roll
  • Bill In Hard Crust Roll
  • Reimer's Ribbon Cut
  • The Severed String
  • Spirit Knots ...
2016 / 2 / 20

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Rufus Steele

50 Tricks You Can Do You Will Do Easy To Do by Rufus SteeleThis ebook is a compilation of three booklets Rufus Steele released:
  • Card Tricks You Will Do
  • Card Tricks You Can Do
  • Card Tricks Easy to Do
It is a collection of card tricks that require no sleight-of-hand, or what is often called self-working card tricks. (Check out the other Rufus Steele ebooks for a lot more self-working tricks.)

You will encounter contributions from people like Bert Allerton, Arthur Buckley, Paul Rosini, Ed Marlo, Dai Vernon, Dorny, Harry Blackstone and many more.

  • Introduction
  • Community Do As I Do
  • A "Chic" Trick
  • Colors Will Tell
  • Mix - Cut And Look
  • Location From New Deck
  • Your Number - Your Card
  • This Is Your Card
  • Money...
2007 / 7 / 25

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Francis White

50 Years at the Magic Circle by Francis WhiteFifty years a member of the Magic Circle and then President. One of the best known personalities of the magical world will hold your attention with memorable accounts of how he met David Devant and was given private lessons by the great illusionist himself. Francis talks about happenings at Royal Command performances and dramatic happenings at the Magic Circle over the years. This is living history.

This is a licensed reproduction of the famous Magicassette series created by Martin Breese - now owned by

2009 / 6 / 18

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Dee Christopher

5020 by Dee Christopher5020 explores the thought of human lie detection.

With shows like "Lie to me" and "The Mentalist" in vogue at the moment, realistic demonstrations of similar abilities are also becoming ever more in demand. Here we have a direct, to the point three phase lie detection effect. You will appear to genuinely have this ability if you so wish.

The performer removes two cards from the deck; upon one’s face he writes “Truth” and the other “Lie.” These cards are to be used in an experiment of psychological lie detection.

The performer holds the cards face-down. The spectators are...

2010 / 3 / 2

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David Gemmell

51 for Two by David GemmellThis is David Gemmell's solution to the classic Paul Curry/Stewart James card problem "51 Faces North".

History of the card problem:

  • Paul Curry conceived the idea for this effect sometime in the 1940's. At the time he had no workable method for achieving the effect.
  • Ed Marlo got wind of this sometime in 1949 and published a method in the Cardician 1953.
  • Stewart James and Howard Lyons corresponded on this subject in 1953.
  • Stewart James contributed several methods to Ibidem in the early years of its run. This is where Stewart James first laid down the (almost) impossible conditions for the effect dubbing his idea as "51 Faces North".
  • Jon Racherbaumer launched the Hierophant...
2009 / 8 / 18

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Rufus Steele

52 Amazing Card Tricks by Rufus SteeleThis ebook is a compilation of self-working card tricks with contributions by legends like Paul Rosini, Eddie Joseph, Edward Marlo, Martin Gardner, Ken Krenzel, Al Baker, Carmen Da Mico, H. Adrian Smith, Sid Lorraine, John Scarne, Dai Vernon, Audley Walsh and of course Rufus Steele.
  • Contents
  • Introduction
  • Psychic Spell
  • "Let's See What You've Done"
  • Mystic Fifteen
  • Hiding The Principle
  • Double Thought
  • Five Nine King
  • A Bridge Trick
  • Under The Table Coincidence
  • Mental Discernment Improved
  • The Reluctant Card
  • Betting On A Sure Thing
  • The Ten Of Diamonds
  • Trick Of The Year
  • Double Deuce
  • A Set Of Surprises
  • Rapid Revelation
  • Two Souls With But A Single Thought
  • The Missing Card
  • A Beginner's...
2007 / 7 / 24

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Burling Hull

52 Sealed Message Reading Methods by Burling HullOver $1,200.00 of professional mentalists secrets are divulged in this illustrated volume, originally released as a limited edition that is now out of print.

To make it even more compelling, three new methods are included in this newly revised and updated edition (the original edition actually only contained 49 methods). Now you get a full 52!

Explained are methods used by stage mentalists, club entertainers, psychic "office" workers and phony mediums to obtain the data and, if not captured by the performer himself, how to secretly send this information to the mentalist.


2019 / 5 / 5

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Chris Wasshuber

52 Standard American Card Faces by Chris WasshuberYou will receive 52 vector graphic files in SVG and EPS (encapsulated post script) format. Each file holds the design of a face of a card from a standard deck of cards. These faces are for example used in Bicycle cards from USPCC, but can be found in many other brands and non-brand decks. All cards from Ace to King in all four colors, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, Spades are represented. There are no jokers and no backs included.

Each card is a vector graphic and can therefore be altered and modified in any way you like without loss of quality. You will need a vector graphic tool like the free...

2009 / 11 / 14

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Wolfgang Riebe

52 Vent Acts by Wolfgang Riebe
  • A must have for all Ventriloquists
  • 52 Complete routines
  • Will suit various puppets
Even if you are just searching for new gags to use in your present routine, this ebook is jam packed full of a variety of great items. The dialogues have been written in such a way that they will suit any kind of vent doll and personality.

A massive number of topics are covered. You will find something for all tastes and occasions, including: General, On Stage, Hobbies, More School, Famous, Sport, Family, General Cheekiness, Sick, Airplanes, School Again, The Problem, Marriage, Interview, Holidays, Mr....

2011 / 9 / 24

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