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You will find here a huge amount of magic tricks, illusions, moves, sleights, techniques, principles and concepts, starting from the earliest descriptions in the 16th century to the latest hot magic tricks performed by the likes of David Copperfield, Criss Angel or David Blaine. Regardless of if you want to find out more about Houdini or Erdnase, learn the best card tricks and methods from 'The Professor' Dai Vernon, or Roberto Giobbi, or study the classics as well as the latest developments in mentalism, this is the page to bookmark. Make sure to also drill down into the subtopics to find what you are looking for.

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Ali Bongo
Bongo's Bazaar: an evening of pongolian rubbish by Ali Bongo

These are lecture notes that provide a quick summary of effects that were presented at the lecture. While the descriptions are brief, most provide enough details for the average magician to get the idea.

  1. Blendo Bag
  2. The Blooming Bush
  3. Flower Production One
  4. Flower ProdUCTION TWO
  5. Bongoloon
  6. Balloon Valve
  7. Card Fantastick
  8. Ring Rope And Hat
  9. Ring Off Rope
  10. Wedding Bowls
  11. Witch Switch
  12. The Mouse In The Bag
  13. Holy Hanky
  14. Chain Of Office
  15. The Blooming Stooge
  16. Fortune In The Flames
  17. Button Bag & Blackboard
  18. Clarence
  19. Coins Across For Children
  20. Coins Across - Impromptu
  21. Coins Across With Bongotray ...
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Al Cohen
Magical Mish Mosh by Al Cohen

Excerpt from the introduction:

For a very long time people have gotten the idea that I'm a pretty fair magician ... this is my greatest trick of all!! I've been a magic dealer for over 35 years, a semi-retired performer, and a lover of the art for too many years to talk about. Very little I do is original and I don't really do it that well, BUT ... I do have a nice smile and a large mouth so people DO seem to enjoy my meager efforts...

  • A Magical Mish-Mosh (And Other Tricky Trivia)
  • The Magic Scroll
  • Milk To Dove
  • Dagger Dime
  • My Six Card Repeat
  • Two Coins And A Wineglass
  • The Peripatetic...
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Ray King
More King's Jewels by Ray King
  • Games (Pass the Beads; The Magician Game; Sweet Production)
  • Toadstool And Ragdoll
  • Rabbit Production
  • Happy Birthday / Happy Christmas Box
  • Routine For Blind Date
  • The Magic Christmas Tree
  • Prize Spell
  • Grandma's Knitting Bag
  • The Space Rocket Trick

1st edition ~1988, PDF 10 pages.

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Tony Anverdi
Anverdi's Lecture Notes by Tony Anverdi

Tricks with silks, ropes, rings, and balls.

If you like to work with invisible thread you will find interesting material here.

  • Effect with Two Silks
  • Two Ring Effects
  • Silk, Paper Bag, and Ring
  • With Two Rings
  • Another Effect with Two Rings
  • Ball and Glass
  • Ball Production with a Silk
  • Sleeving Principle
  • Ball Color Change

1st edition ~1960; PDF 14 pages.

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Mark Leveridge
Battery Pack by Mark Leveridge

The magician picks up a card box as if to demonstrate a card trick and discovers that it rattles. Opening it, he tips from within four 3-volt circular batteries. Taking one of the batteries into his fist, he squeezes it and on opening the hand it is seen to have changed to a more powerful AAA battery. Holding this battery at the fingertips, the performer passes his other hand across it and causes it to visibly change to a larger AA battery.

Finally, he clasps his two empty hands together and on parting them reveals that now a square 9-volt battery has magically appeared!

No gimmicks...

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MP4 (video)

Ian Fenn & Arthur Setterington
Magic on the Air by Ian Fenn & Arthur Setterington

Ideas for radio magic, podcasts, and ZOOM shows

Radio has a following of thousands of listeners. It is a powerful promotional vehicle for magicians that the magic press have long neglected.

Combining the extensive research of Ian Fenn with the previously unpublished thoughts of Arthur Setterington, this ebook aims to help magicians make the most of this challenging medium.

It's not merely a book of tricks. It's intended to give you the information you need to create your own routines that will turn listeners into clients or live audiences.


  • Introduction
  • History of radio...
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Mark Leveridge
Four-midable Magic Series Volumes 1-3 by Mark Leveridge

There are currently three e-books in the Four-midable Magic Series, each containing four top routines dedicated to a particular type of magic.

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Gregg Webb
Triplets: all 10 issues by Gregg Webb

Each issue of this series by Gregg Webb started out as three articles - hence the name. Usually, each issue was devoted to a topic such as cards, coins, or mental magic ideas. Usually, two articles were about specific tricks and the 3rd article was sometimes an article about theory or other more general topics.

There is even material about how to learn to be creative and not simply follow the crowd. The series contains some of Gregg's most original thinking in years. If you like "outside the box" thinking, try this. Some of the items are improvements and streamlined versions of Gregg's...

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George Johnson
Sixty Sleights and Miscellaneous Tricks by George Johnson

Moves and tricks culled from the early issues of the Magic Wand.

    • A Billiard Ball Colour Change / Stanley Norton
    • Magical Juggling / T. Wilson
    • A Billiard Ball Sleight / Edward Victor
    • New Billiard Ball Production and Manipulation / Kingsley Ronald
    • Legerdemain / Horace Rose
    • Rice, Silk and Ivory / Stanley Norton
    • A Billiard Ball Trick / Phillip Lenard
    • A Billiard Ball Move / Tom L.Waterman
    • A Novel Tourniquet Pass / Chris Van Bern
    • A Feat of Dexterity / Horace Rose
    • Moves With a Penny / T. Wilson
    • A New Coin Pass / George Johnson
    • A Coin Effect / Stanley Norton ...
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Walter Gibson
The Bunco Book by Walter Gibson

Gaffed games, clever cons, sensational swindles - how to spot the bunco artist before he cheats you.

This may well be the greatest exposé of gambling methods, swindles, confidence games and carnival midway hustles ever published. No matter if you're a magician, gambler, carnival midway patron (or operator), law enforcement professional, or simply want to protect yourself, you're going to enjoy this book.

Especially valuable to those with an interest in carnival and gaming paraphernalia are the methods used to gaff the devices as sold back in the day by H. C. Evans, K. C. Card Co., and...

★★★★ $12
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Burling Hull
Bulletin of Latest Sleights and Tricks by Burling Hull
  • The Pass Surpassed
  • Chameleon Card
  • Henry Hardin's Handkerchief Production
  • B. H. Additional Wrinkle To Show Both Palms At Once
  • Additional Wrinkle
  • Super-Supreme Force
  • Concluding The Effect
  • Auto-Operative Shuffle
  • Handkerchief Creation
  • Climax Color Change
  • The Wonder Pass
  • The Impromptu Magician
  • The Indeceptive Deception
  • Burling Hull "Invisible Pass"
  • A Unique Thimble "Move"
  • Burling Hull Thimble Production

1st edition 1914, 26 pages; PDF 20 pages.

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John Albert Briggs
Magical Revelations by John Albert Briggs

Excerpt from the introduction by Herbert Holmes:

When I read the MSS. of this volume I did not imagine there could be so many good things left to divulge, and I am sure readers will agree with me that the title of the book is well chosen.

I have personally seen Merbak perform many of the tricks described in this book, and so completely mystifying were they, that the simple explanations are indeed a revelation. In commending the volume to the magical fraternity, I do so in the hope that it will be the forerunner of many others from his pen. For, Merbak's knowledge of Magic is so extensive,...

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Mago Marko
Rediscovered Wonders by Mago Marko

Timeless magic for today's audiences.

A captivating collection of little-known magic routines meticulously curated for modern performers. Dive into the world of enchantment as you uncover a treasure trove of almost forgotten tricks rejuvenated for today's audiences.

This ebook offers an array of easy-to-master yet impactful routines that will leave your audience spellbound. Whether you're a seasoned magician or just starting on your magical journey, these routines are designed to captivate and astonish, ensuring unforgettable performances every time. Rediscover the joy of magic and delight...

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Ray Grismer
Short Notes by Ray Grismer

This is a compilation of three lecture notes released during the 1980s by Ray Grismer: Short Notes, Magic, and Lecture. As the name suggests these are short notes on the items Grismer presented during his lecture. There is some overlap between these three notes.

  • Short Notes
    • About These Notes
    • Queens And Fives
    • Separ-Ace-Ion
    • Flakie
    • Hooz?
    • Handy
    • Swivel Cutting Aces
    • Fan Spell
    • Psychic Game
    • Mental Stop
    • Bookie
  • Magic
    • Fraces
    • Hooz?
    • Flakie
    • Fan Spell
    • Prep H
    • Mindray 2nd
    • Computer
    • B_J Demo
    • Hip ESP
    • E-Z Foxy
    • Bookie
    • Values
  • Lecture
    • Quickwich
    • Idaho Poker
    • Tiger
    • Timeit Or Peekit ...
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H. Adrian Smith
Master Mysteries of 1933 by H. Adrian Smith
  • Twentieth Century Billiard Ball Trick
  • New Card To The Pocket
  • A Modern Card Miracle
  • A Different Conclusion
  • Sympathetic Aces
  • A New Click Pass
  • The Coins Up The Sleeve
  • A New Miser's Dream
  • The Magic Square
  • The Percival Shoe Lace Trick

1st edition 1933, PDF 16 pages.

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Rudy Roxo
Modern Master Magic by Rudy Roxo

When several of the foremost authors in modern magic collaborate with the owner of one of the most respected magic companies, you just know the result will be a great book. Originally released in a limited edition by the owner of Thayer Magic Studios, the first and only previous edition of this clever collection sold out and has never been reprinted … until now.

Features top-quality effects from Dr. Boris Zola, J. Elder Blackledge, T. Nelson Downs, Edward Bagshawe, M. F. Zens, Harlan Tarbell, Herman L. Weber, T. J. Crawford, and others.

Originally published in a limited edition, priced at more than $33.00 in today's money. Not just jaw-dropping...

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Sultan Orazaly
Vanishing Gum by Sultan Orazaly

A very visual vanish of a common item: a chewing gum. You take a gum with two fingers and with a smooth movement the gum disappears into thin air.

  • Easy to perform and easy to make.
  • Visual and practical.
  • Make the gimmick in 3 minutes.

Note: TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact Sultan Orazaly if you want to perform this on TV.

1st edition 2024, video 6:41.

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MP4 (video)

Mago Marko
More Masterful Mysteries by Mago Marko

A new book full of practical and highly effective magical routines. I have been a professional magician for 55 years and I have performed all of the routines I describe in this eBook so you can be sure they are 100% practical.

Some of the routines include videos of myself performing before real live audiences so you can see the strong effect these have upon the spectators.

Here's a list of what you'll find in this fantastic ebook:

THE TRAVELLING KNOTS: A streamlined version of the "Sympathetic Knots" effect using six colorful silks. This is very fast, showy, and has a very strong...

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Wiljalba Frikell
The Parlor Magician by Wiljalba Frikell

100 tricks for the drawing room.

Containing an extensive and miscellaneous collection of conjuring and legerdemain; sleights with dice, dominoes, cards, ribbons, rings, fruit, coins, balls, handkerchiefs, etc. All of which may be performed in the parlor or drawing room. Without the aid of any apparatus; also embracing a choice variety of curious deceptions which may be performed with the aid of simple apparatus.

    • Preliminary Observation
    • Palming Coin
    • The Magic Coin
    • To Untie a...
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Mago Marko
Forgotten by Mago Marko

This new eBook is a treasure trove of great and practical magic. Old magic books, magazines, and catalogs are full of wonderful tricks that are mostly unknown today. These tricks astonished audiences in the past and they can astonish them today. All the material contained in Forgotten is practical and will work today as well as it did in the past. In this new eBook by Marko (former admin of The Learned Pig Project), you'll find the following.

MAGICAL GERMINATION. Dip your empty hand into a round transparent fishbowl and it magically fills with flowers. Hand is seen empty at all times. You're...

★★★★ $12
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Wiljalba Frikell
Magic no Mystery by Wiljalba Frikell

Conjuring tricks with cards balls, and dice; magic writing, performing animals, etc.

This is a surprisingly interesting book edited by W. H. Cremer. It includes an early precursor of the Chop Cup. (See The Magic Dutch Balls.) It has interesting information on gambling, cheating, and scams. The chapter on 'Magic Writing' is a wonderful history of cryptography and steganography. The chapter on animal training is one of the most detailed I have encountered. It also includes a wealth of magic tricks, science experiments, and effects based on apparatus.

  • Part I. Modern Magic By Sleight Of Hand...
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D. Angelo Ferri
Slydini Encores Companion by D. Angelo Ferri

Slydini Encores is a great book with many photos, but despite the genuine efforts by the author and editor to capture Slydini's magic and teach it, it is tough to learn the details and the exact timing from the book. This is particularly true for students who have not experienced Slydini live. Dennis Barlotta, aka D. Angelo Ferri, who studied under Slydini for several years, provides in this video lecture the missing details and demonstrations so that you can actually learn and perform these miracles.

Dennis demonstrates and discusses almost everything from the book, Prediction in Red, Alladin Purse,...

★★★★★ $35
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MP4 (video)

Leon Nathanson & Tony Slydini
Slydini Encores by Leon Nathanson & Tony Slydini

This volume can be considered the continuation of The Magic of Slydini. Here, Slydini reveals for the first time two devilish sleights the Imp-Pass and the Revolve-Vanish. These enable some of his most characteristic routines.

Excerpt from the editor's preface:

Slydini is a superb performer not only because he has an inspired imagination and the infinite patience to practice until he can perform automatically - one could say by reflex - but because he is a first class psychologist, a student of human nature. The knowledge he has acquired of how and why people think, feel and react, he has applied to his...

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Hereward Carrington
Side-Show Tricks Explained by Hereward Carrington

Sword swallowing, fire eating, feats of strength, juggling secrets,...

In this Little Blue Book I have described and explained most of the tricks which are to be seen in the typical Side-Show, whether in the circus or elsewhere. The historical side of this subject has already been dealt with quite fully by Houdini, in his book Miracle Mongers and Their Methods, but very few actual explanations are therein given, despite the title and I feel assured that the present little book covers the subject in a more complete manner than any other single volume which has so far appeared. Animal Tricks, and the tricks of professional gamblers,...

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Jeff Stone
Jeff Stone 2024 Lecture Notes by Jeff Stone

A New Year, and new set of lecture notes from Jeff Stone. Dive into 14 effects and ideas ranging everywhere from gags to stunts to powerful, baffling, and visual magic. Everything in this set of lecture notes has been in Jeff's repertoire for several years, and in most cases, over two full decades.

Included is access to over a dozen video clips to create (as closely as possible) that in-person live lecture experience, plus multiple QR codes / links to other resources along with nearly 50 footnotes to get your history and resource juices flowing. It's time for you to "attend" the 2024 Stone...

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Liam Montier
The 16.43 from Upminster by Liam Montier

The 24 routines from the 2022 Kaymar Advent Calendar.

The Contender - A sure bet where you put £1000 on being able to read the spectator's mind - and you are right every time. With a kicker!

Coinkydink - A self-working 'Do As I Do' with two regular, shuffled decks.

Locked Room Mystery - a secret so baffling it needs to be kept under lock and key for the sanity of your spectators. They open it at their peril.

Make Your Own Luck - Fortune Telling meets 'The Signed Card' as a reading ends with the revelation of a signed card from an impossible place.

Off-Colour Hummer - A spectator...

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Amedeo Lecture by Amedeo

It isn't what you do but the way that you do it.

A lecture on magic featuring all the original, unusual methods of handling, which have been applied to standard tricks, and, for the first time, revealing the secrets of sixty years, performing original effects that have proved enduring with audiences.

  • A Cigarette
  • Ed Mishell's Cut And Restored Rope
  • Ribbon Production From A Handkerchief
  • A Ring On A Ribbon
  • The Impossible Bill Tube
  • The Animated Match Box
  • A New Slant On Three Ropes
  • Handkerchiefs Produced From Ribbons
  • The Coin That Vanishes
  • The Cut And Restored Ribbons

1st edition...

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Bobby Bernard
Magic in Miniature by Bobby Bernard

A lecture in the art of close-up magic.

Excerpt from the introduction by Val Andrews:

One of the most interesting "characters" in the London Magic Scene, as well as being one of the most good-natured men I've ever met.... that's Bobby. A great magical enthusiast, a great talker, the centre of every gathering he attends (though not of his own choosing).... that's Bobby.

Always he has retained this keeness for what he calls "Magic in Miniature" and this has been the one anchor of an otherwise erratic young man.

His great enthusiasm, for practically everything, and his willingness to perform his...

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Glenn G. Gravatt
Gold Mine of Magic by Glenn G. Gravatt

After 70 years in the magic business Glenn Gravatt compiled this wealth of effects and tricks, all are provided with presentation. They are generally speaking easy to do and do not require exotic gimmicks or apparatus.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Some Unique And Unusual Wonders
    • Chameleon Spots
    • Gravatt's Instantaneous Triple Penetration
    • Crazy Colors
    • Color Spots Get Together
    • Punctured Poker Chip
    • Crystal Tube And Patriotic Blocks
    • Block And Cord Escape
    • The Wonderful Thingamajig
    • Stab-A-Ring
    • String Loops Entwined
    • Color Changing Cards
    • New Floating Ball
    • Visible Penetration
  • Chapter...
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Graham Hey
Festive Hamper by Graham Hey

Only for a limited time ...

Here's a fabulous collection of magic, mentalism, and comedy bits for close-up and cabaret - all at a bargain festive price of $12! Around 100 pages of cool stuff including:

TRAVEL CHAOS: A series of effects revolving around travel and holidays.

MENTAL MOVIES: A self-working mentalism killer effect for cabaret or close-up.

SUPERSTARS-R-US: A great mentalism effect that plays big.

BOOK HIM DANNO! A comedy book test with a twist...

WHERE'S MY DOVE? An ultra-clever mentalism effect...

WHO'S GOT THE SNOW? - A 'just chance' routine with an adult...

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Glenn G. Gravatt
Final Selection by Glenn G. Gravatt

Excerpt from the Preface:

No skill, no sleights, no manipulation is required to perform the following effects. Many are impromptu, making use of anyone's cards, and needing no preparation or make-ready. Others admittedly depend upon such chicanery as cards with double faces and blank faces, double backs and blank backs, roughing fluid and other aides, all available from magic shops. Many skilled manipulators have not hesitated to use such artifices, so the reader should not scorn them.

Aside from whatever merit these tricks may possess, it is believed their greatest value lies in the...

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Liam Montier & Darren McQuade
Christmas Tricks by Liam Montier & Darren McQuade

Magicians rarely theme their magic around holidays, but it's something that Darius and I have always done, and this documents a selection of our Christmas-themed magic.

Christmas Cracker Prediction - Predict the joke in your Xmas Cracker, with no forces.

Frosty Card Reveal - A snow spray card prediction reveals one card, and changes to reveal a second one.

Card Through Window - A festive take on a classic.

Around the Snow Globe - A snow globe is opened and the contents changed into real snow.

Bang For Your Buck - Taking a party popper, you fire it, then replace the ribbons inside,...

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Graham Hey
Hair-Raising Effects by Graham Hey

Here's a great collection of self-workers that can be achieved with some of the stuff most magicians will have at hand. For a couple of effects, you'll have to buy some items, but you won't have to spend more than a few dollars. And it will be well worth it!

Eight effects, all easy to do. Including:

EAT TO THE BEAT - a fun effect using a balloon and a free choice of card ...

I PREDICT A RIOT - The magician makes three predictions and the first two are wrong... but what about the third?

SIGHT FOR SORE EYES - A pirate's eye-patch and you'll be able to make a fabulous prediction. ...

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D. Angelo Ferri
Don Alan Tribute by D. Angelo Ferri

Dennis applies the Slydini method of magic to various effects by Don Alan. It is an intriguing combination. If you are a purist you will probably not be much interested in it, but if you are searching for effective and commercial magic tricks then this is a very interesting melding of ideas and techniques.

1st edition 2023, video 36:53.

★★★★★ $20
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MP4 (video)

Pete Biro
Son of Greater Magic 1.5 by Pete Biro

Original ideas across the spectrum for magicians.

A collection of magical ideas, most of which have been tested on genuine living audiences. Pete Biro has been performing and lecturing, as well as dropping juggling props here and abroad since 1966 - plus a bunch of time in the early 50's. "Most original tricks and ideas" he says, "come from having a creative memory!"

  • Greetings
  • Philosophy Of Magic
  • Simplicity
  • Stealing Material
  • Here 'Tis - The Jumping Cigarette
  • Card Control & No-Palm To Pocket
  • Invisible Hair
  • Severn/Biro Impromptu Rising Cards
  • Inspected By Number 27
  • Sock Purse ...
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Robert J. Gunther & A. Sydney Fleischman
Top Secrets by Robert J. Gunther & A. Sydney Fleischman

A delightful book of well-written and beautifully illustrated and top-quality magic. Contains seventeen tricks and tips, most suitable for close-up presentation. Illustrated by Bob Gunther, former Disney animator.

Partial contents:

  • Introduction
  • The Rattled Rogue
  • The Vest-Pocket Hindu Rope Trick
  • Thumbing A Lift
  • Master Observation
  • Spy Stuff
  • Bunk and Bunco
  • Bit of Business for Cards to Pocket
  • Fingertips
  • Burnt Toast
  • The F. & G. Torn Newspaper Method
  • An Egg in the Hand
  • Bit of Business for the Linking Rings
  • The Test Coin Vanish
  • The F. & G. Fancy Shuffle
  • Whiskey Glass Swindle ...
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D. Angelo Ferri
Unknown Slydini by D. Angelo Ferri

Slydini's major routines take a lot of time to learn. But Slydini wanted his students to be able to go out and perform magic sooner to work on the performance and presentational aspects of their magic. To enable this he would teach his students from time to time smaller tricks which one could learn quicker but which often still incorporated one or the other of his fundamental principles of magic. This is a collection of these smaller tricks Slydini taught Dennis. They are a great gateway into the magic of Slydini because they do not require large commitments of time and effort to be mastered, yet they...

★★★★★ $25
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MP4 (video)

Liam Montier & Darren McQuade
Stranger than Frixion by Liam Montier & Darren McQuade

Darren McQuade and Liam Montier's superb ebook features seven new ideas using a Frixion pen. You can obtain a Frixion pen from most stationary stores worldwide. You will learn some superb and off-beat magic using the Frixion principle in totally commercial and practical routines, as opposed to half-baked pipe dreams that similar publications on the same topic offer.

This ebook takes you through what the Frixion principle is, how to conceal it, how to activate it, and then six killer real-world routines. These include:

Visual Voodoo - Help a spectator out by performing a visual voodoo...

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Dariel Fitzkee
The Strange Inventions of Doctor Ervin by Dariel Fitzkee

Doctor Edward George Ervin was a dentist and amateur magician whose mentor and teacher was famous William Robinson, aka Chung Ling Soo.

Excerpt from the introduction by T. Nelson Downs:

Nearly thirty years ago, when I first met Dr. Ervin I was not only greatly impressed with the man himself, but also the type of magic he stood for. During the passing years this impression has become increasingly strengthened. To me the words "Ervin" and "subtle ingenuity" mean one and the same thing, for I have been privileged to share the greater part of his choicest magical inventions during a long period.

As per the old proverb,...

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Charles C. Eastman
Expert Manipulative Magic by Charles C. Eastman

A great manuscript describing manipulative magic with cards, coins, and balls. Included are several moves and effects by legendary trade show magician Tommy Tucker, including the first release of his classic "Six Card Repeat".

Excerpt from the foreword:

In answer to their numerous requests for the latest sleights, tips and "dodges" used by the up-to-date card manipulator, I'm giving them a selection of forty items to choose from. All of them have been used by the writer, so therefore will be found practical. Every reader, be he "an expert" or a young enthusiast, should find something...

★★★★ $9
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