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Erik Ostresh
meLt: The Evolution of the Vanishing Deck by Erik Ostresh

This is the best vanishing deck gimmick created to this date.

A spectator picks a card, remembers it, and even signs it. The magician cleanly inserts the card into the front of the pack. He then spreads the deck showing that the card is lost somewhere in the pack. With no funny moves he squeezes the deck and it literally "melts" in his hand, leaving only one card, the spectator's signed selection!

The meLt ebook not only teaches you how to make the is a full 110 page book that includes two routines, instructions on how to make three different versions of the gimmick, and...

★★★★ $20
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Joseph B.
Medium by Joseph B.

Medium can be made with any deck of cards. The spectator thinks any card and the magician will be able to find it. The conditions are impossible. Medium is a real pearl to add to your repertoire. Easy to do. Not only will you be able to amaze laymen, but you will be able to fool fellow magicians, too. Requires no memory or sleight-of-hand.

  • No gimmick
  • Easy to do
  • No memory work
  • Normal deck of cards

1st edition 2021, video 9:11.

★★★★ $6
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Allan Ackerman
Mechanical Second Deal by Allan Ackerman

This is Ed Marlo's mechanical second deal.

runtime: 1min 13s

★★★★★ $2.50
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Allan Ackerman
Mechanical Ace Revelation by Allan Ackerman

This was a favorite effect of Ed Marlo. The performer looks through the cards and selects four random cards which he puts face-down in front of the spectator. However, once the spectator turns those cards over they are now all aces.

runtime: 2min 15s

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(Jerry) J. K. Hartman
Means and Ends by (Jerry) J. K. Hartman


  • Chapter I: Riffle Selection Controls
    • R. S. Switch
    • R. S. Key Glimpse
    • R. S. Jog Control
    • R. S. Glimpse
    • R. S. Bluff Controls
    • R. S. Throw Forces
  • Chapter II: A-D Multiple Control
  • Chapter III: Variety Pack
    • Push Up Force
    • Underturn
    • Underturn Force
    • The Catch Switch
    • Swing Slip Cut
    • Packet Palm
    • Turnover Glide
    • Friction Jog
    • Knuckle Jog
    • Plunger Top Shift
    • New Wave Change
    • Bluff Cull
  • Chapter I: More With Four
    • A La Card
    • Four Downs
    • PersuACEive
    • Four For All
    • One Good Turn
    • About Face I
    • About Face II
    • A Common Mistake
    • Invisible Cut
    • Over and...
★★★ $10
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Steve Sanders
Meanderings with a Marked Deck by Steve Sanders

Don't tell anybody but sometimes magicians use marked cards. Apart from pick a card and tell the spectator the name of that card what else can you do with them? Here are five routines to use with any type of marked deck.

What a Coincidence: A routine where unseen cards are put on the table, you go first, the spectator follows and each of the cards coincidentally match.

Centre Stage: The cards are mixed, the spectator cuts, without touching the cards you can instantly announce the name of the 26th card, or centre card of the deck. Simple.

Pair Enough: 'Mysterious Pairs' from Hoffmann's More Magic is put...

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Paul A. Lelekis
McDonald's Aces and Freak Out by Paul A. Lelekis

Included are 8 videos plus an informative Preface with pointers and performing tips.

McDonald's Aces is a time-honored gem-stone ... one of the finest routines ever created ... and so easy to do. Learn all about the one-armed magician, "Mac" McDonald, his traveling magic show with Louis Tannen, and Mac's performance of McDonald's Aces for Presidents and European Royalty.

This is not just a trick ... or just an assembly - it is an entire elegant routine with a number of revelations, from beginning to end - the perfect opener or closer. You will be proud to perform this beautiful routine. ...

★★★★ $10
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Scott F. Guinn
McCall of the Wild: A Wild Card Routine by Scott F. Guinn

“Wild Card” is an icon of card magic. Most close up magicians have purchased some version of it somewhere along the way in their journey through magic. And yet, you almost never see it performed. Why? It can’t be because it is “hackneyed”--as just stated, one almost never sees it performed, so how could that be the case?

Flip Hallema said it best:

“Most Wild Card routines are nice to do for magicians, but too drawn out for a genuine party-audience; too much repetition of the same move, slow tempo, and no climax, while the trick cries for [a] crescendo. In my opinion, [it] should build...

★★★★★ $10
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Allan Ackerman
Mayhew Poker Deal by Allan Ackerman

This is an idea by Steve Mayhew. He turns the classic Triumph effect into something entirely different. A face-up half of a deck is shuffled into the other face-down half. The performer then demonstrates center dealing only the face-up cards. The last face-up cards coming out of the deck are the four aces leaving the performer with only face-down cards.

runtime: 4min 53s

★★★★★ $4
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Joseph B.
Maybe You Think by Joseph B.

Determine the card selected and the sum cast with two dice in a novel and very deceptive way.

You show a deck of cards, shuffle it and while you look away the spectator throws the two dice, adds the points shown, removes that many cards and remembers the lowest card in the removed packet. The dice are covered so that the performer can't see them. Now comes the unusual thing. The removed packet is inserted by the spectator somewhere in the middle of the pack. Then the spectator cuts and with a rosetta shuffle the cards are shuffled. This is immediately followed by any number of riffle and...

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Jon Racherbaumer
May The Flop Be With You by Jon Racherbaumer

Remixing the Gardner-Marlo poker deal - its history and histrionics.

  • Introduction
  • How To Study This Manuscript
  • An Effective Poker Deal / Jean Hugard
  • Gardner-Marlo Poker Deal / Martin Gardner, Edward Marlo
  • The Surprised Gambler / Martin Gardner
  • Can You Deal A Good Poker Hand? / Jean Hugard
  • Meyer Poker Deal / Orville Meyer
  • The Lorayne Poker Deal / Harry Lorayne
  • Of Course I Can Deal A Good Poker Hand! / Edward Marlo
  • Solomon Meets Gardner-Marlo / Dave Solomon
  • The Ultimate Gardner-Marlo/ Steve Mayhew, Jack Carpenter
  • Marlo/Gardner/Britland Poker Deal
  • Riverboat Poker / John Bannon
  • Addendum: Duts / Edward Marlo

1st edition 2020, PDF 50 pages....

★★★★★ $12
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David Devlin
Maxi Twisto ReTwisted by David Devlin

Four cards are shown. They are the Four Aces. The cards are given a "twist" and when the cards are again counted it is seen that one of the aces has turned face down. This is repeated three more times, each time an ace has turned face down until all four aces are face down. The magician offers to explain how the trick was accomplished. The cards are again counted, and it is found that the magician was cheating. There are really five cards in the packet. The magician states that five cards make a poker hand, and as long as he is cheating he might as well give himself the best hand possible. The...

★★★★★ $8
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Fred Darevil
Maurice Kill by Fred Darevil

Maurice Kill is a completely reimagined version of the classic effect Miraskill created by Stewart James (participant chooses red or black color and the mentalist has the other, cards are turned over two at a time making three piles. One will be the red pile if both cards are red. One will be the black pile if both are black. The last will be the discard pile if one is red and one is black. The result of the game is predicted in advance by the mentalist).

Maurice Kill is a faster and more stunning version. Variations are offered to you. You may not even know the number of cards used, which was impossible...

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Bob Hummer
Mathematical Three Card Monte by Bob Hummer

An entertaining monte effect where the spectator, not the performer, switches the positions of the cards (which may be borrowed).

Here's another mental stunner by Bob Hummer and it's one of the most baffling he's ever released. Briefly, it can be done with any deck, and only three cards are used - any three cards. The performer does not switch the cards around, as in the regular monte. It's the spectator who mixes the position of the cards - while the performer's back is turned. After the cards are mixed as much as desired, the spectator peeks at one card, remembers it, and then makes a...

★★★★★ $6
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Bill Hallahan
Mathematical Stacks by Bill Hallahan

Bracelet sequences and algorithmic stacks.

Mathematical Stacks contains a collection of various stacks made with 52 standard playing cards. Although some routines and presentations are mentioned, the book is not predominately about either routines or presentations. The very few presentations listed in this book are generally the bare minimum to demonstrate an effect.

The book contains stacks with bracelet sequences and built-in routines. The book includes stacks with binary bracelet sequences, e.g. a red-black suit bracelet sequence, where six consecutive cards identify the cards. Some...

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Joseph B.
Mathematical Fooler by Joseph B.

Mathematical Fooler is in fact an impossible location effect. It really is a fooler. The principle appears as already known but will succeed in deceiving even fellow magicians.

First of all, it is possible to proceed with a borrowed deck, a real selling point. The magician borrows a deck. He looks through the deck with faces up and inquires if it is a full deck. Then he asks the spectator to cut a third of the deck and count how many cards he has in his hand. It will certainly have a two-digit number. The spectator adds the two digits together and looks at the card that corresponds to that...

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Lewis Ganson
Matching the Cards Teach-In by Lewis Ganson

When Lewis Ganson asked Dai Vernon what he considered to be the best card effect, he replied that in his opinion "Matching The Cards" would be difficult to beat, particularly when performed for lay audiences. His opinion is shared by many of the world's leading card experts, who have often featured one version or another in their acts.

The granddaddy of this effect can be found in Magician's Tricks by Hatton and Plate. The effect of Vernon's version is as follows:

A card is selected by a spectator and placed face down on the table without the face being shown, then the performer endeavors to cut to the three other...

★★★★ $9.50
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Aldo Colombini
Match Play by Aldo Colombini

Based on an idea by Nick Trost. You will be thrilled with the splendid effect which you achieve in such an easy manner.

You show a packet of five jumbo cards cut in half. Two spectators shuffle the cards and split the packet taking some cards each. For example, one spectator has 4 cards and one has six. You place an envelope on the table and then show the cards to each spectator in turn. They look and remember the one half-card (that corresponds to the number of cards they each had in hand). Then you ask them to remove from the packet the half-card they have seen. Incredibly they match! Not...

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Victor Farelli
Master Speller by Victor Farelli

The performer borrows a pack of cards, which, if desired, may be thoroughly shuffled either by the lender or by another spectator. Without arranging the cards in any special order, and without "sighting" any of them, the magician deals four packets, of five cards each, face down on the table. The entire procedure is exactly as if a game of poker or nap were about to be played.

Any member of the audience selects one of the four hands. No force, direct or indirect, is employed. The three packets not chosen are returned to the pack. The person holding the selected hand is requested to choose...

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David Britland
Master of the Game by David Britland

Master of the Game is an amazing poker prediction which can be performed totally impromptu, with a spectator shuffled deck and with essentially no sleight-of-hand unless you consider crimping a card sleight-of-hand.

Imagine the following. A spectator shuffles an ordinary deck, perhaps his own. The performer tells of a strange dream in which he and the spectator played a simple game of cards. Furthermore, the performer has set down the details of the dream on a slip of paper which is sealed inside and envelope. The envelope is placed on the table where it remains for the rest of the routine. ...

★★★★ $5
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Allan Ackerman
Master Move Shuffle Palm by Allan Ackerman

This is a move Ackerman developed himself. While riffle shuffling you palm the bottom card into a gambler's flat palm using a Kelly-type movement.

runtime: 1min 27s

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Allan Ackerman
Marlo's Throw Double by Allan Ackerman

This technique is an application of the Vernon Push Off and allows you to table a double.

runtime: 36s

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Allan Ackerman
Marlo's Tenkai Replacement by Allan Ackerman

Here you learn how to replace a card you hold out in Tenkai palm on the top of the deck.

runtime: 49s

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Allan Ackerman
Marlo's Spade Routine by Allan Ackerman

A deck is riffle shuffled. Spectator cuts off a portion and performer can tell by the weight of the packet how many cards were cut. Performer quickly glances through the deck. Spectator calls out a number and performer knows immediately the card at that position in the deck. Then a poker hand is dealt with the magician dealing himself a straight flush. And the routine ends with a game of bridge where the performer receives all 13 spades, the best hand you can have in a game of bridge.

This is a routine Ed Marlo published in the 1940s in his book Spades - that is where the name of the routine comes...

★★★★★ $4
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