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Scott Creasey
The Piddington's Quandary by Scott Creasey

Sydney and Leslie Piddington were an Australian husband and wife mentalism team who in the late 1940's presented a series of live radio broadcasts for the BBC, comprising of specialized tests devised to demonstrate Lesley's ability to receive thoughts over a great distance.

In this 30 minute video you will learn an effective, easy to prepare and simple method, which will enable you to replicate the style of long distance telepathy experiments made famous by the Piddington's. With very little preparation you'll create the illusion that you possess the ability to silently transmit randomly...

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Barry Wiley
The Piddingtons by Barry Wiley

During the Summer of 1949 on BBC radio a young couple from Australia started broadcasting in London what seemed to be genuine feats of mindreading and telepathy. The whole of Britain was stunned as messages were transmitted from BBC headquarters to places such as the Tower of London or an underwater diving bell.

Despite the long range, Sydney and Lesley Piddington were apparently able to communicate with each other in a way that defied explanation. The exact methods used have never been revealed and although many magicians claim to know exactly how they worked their act an explanation is...

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Arthur Setterington
The Power of Perception by Arthur Setterington

PERCEPTIONISM - The recognition of audible or visible signals, transmitted voluntarily, or involuntarily, which reveal personal traits and idiosyncrasies. The interpretation of these signals may be used in a variety of ways by the receiver.

The majority of the effects described, are "mental" items, but the psychic approach has been eliminated in favour of the psychological, and the demonstrations appear to be based on natural, rather than supernatural happenings.

The person presenting this routine, is a demonstrator, not a magician, and the articles used should suit the style of the...

★★★★ $10
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The Precursor Notes by Kannon

A compilation of select pet effects and touches. These notes are a precursor to Kannon's upcoming physical book "Nothing To See Here" and include some select pieces of his work, to introduce himself.

For readers and those wishing to make their performances more emotional and personal: You'll find the highly praised "Happy Place" script, a way of forming deep rapport and connection with your participants and people you share your mentalism with.

"I LIKE IT! and you can quote me on that" - Bill Montana
His "Coin Oracle", you haven't seen anyone use anything like this, it's highly personal...
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Scott Xavier
The Princess Codebook by Scott Xavier

In The Princess Codebook mentalist Scott Xavier takes you through a proven modern two-person code. Imagine being in a meeting and having your client pick up any 3 personal items and write down a personal question and seal it inside of an envelope... You simply grab your cell phone and call your psychic accomplice. One by one the psychic reveals each item, exactly.

Now the hard part. Even though the question has not been seen by you nor the psychic, and it is sealed inside of an envelope, the psychic begins revealing precise details about the question.

This done for corporate clients, restaurant...

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Atlas Brookings
The Prodigal by Atlas Brookings
"Seriously, this is underpriced...A vast amount of theory and applicable content is squeezed into this... After I get it all integrated, this is going straight into my naked repertoire... This has a huge amount of information to digest, but it's 100% workable, and Atlas has brought many, many new ways to work with this to the table. I think that many don't use this principle simply because a work this all encompassing has never before been written on the topic. This really fills a previously gaping hole in mentalism and opens up many doors. This is incredibly underpriced in my opinion. I rarely...
★★★★★ $40
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Wilbur Kattner
The Prolix Spirit Writes by Wilbur Kattner

Audiences and critics alike love this mysterious psychic entertainment stunt. A reputation-maker. Like all good mentalism, it has a simple premise. A female spectator secretly writes a question about her future. Another spectator examines a blank piece of paper, then initials and holds it for safekeeping. The lady now reads her written question aloud and the performer (that's you) calls upon the spirits to reply. The blank, initialed paper is opened by the spectator holding it, who discovers that it's no longer blank. He reads the lengthy reply the spirits have written in answer to the lady...

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Terry G. Smith
The Psychic Antenna by Terry G. Smith

This routine allows you to have a spectator think of ANYTHING, have them write it down, and you will be able to determine what it is and end up clean. All you need to carry with you is a few blank cards, a pen and most importantly, a paper clip, as it will be..... The PSYCHIC ANTENNA.

Everything in this routine is natural and logical with no "funny" moves and focuses on everything except the method.

The routine relies on sleight-of-hand of moderate difficulty. The moves are motivated and blend into the normal action and movement of the routine.

1st edition 2013, 10 pages, photo illustrated....

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Paul Voodini
The Psychic Cash Machine by Paul Voodini

The Psychic Cash Machine: Make Money from Psychic Readings is the ultimate guide to how to actually earn a living as a psychic reader. Whether your oracle of choice is the tarot or the palm or something more flamboyant, you'll find a wealth of information in this ebook to help you actually get your skills working for you! Areas covered include psychic parties, psychic fairs, one-to-one readings and working as a table-hopping reader. This ebook is full of real life experience from someone who continues to work successfully in this field. The author Paul Voodini is UK's most prolific "psychic...

★★★★★ $30
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George Ernest Arrowsmith
The Psychic Pencil by George Ernest Arrowsmith

A seemingly "impossible" book test.

George Arrowsmith wrote:

A worthwhile exercise for a Mentalist is to set himself a problem that seems unsolvable and to wrestle with it, and to go on wrestling until a possible (and practical) solution is found. "All things are possible to him who keeps on trying" …

Here, then, is such a problem that occurred to the author. A word had to be chosen from a book, one of several, and all of them had to be genuine and unfaked in any way. The word was to be freely selected from any line on any page of the book. This word had to be encircled by the pencil...

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Bob Cassidy
The Psychic Tarot by Bob Cassidy

In Appendix One of The Real Work of Cold Reading Bob included a cursory overview of a numerological system that could also be applied to the tarot or to regular playing cards. In The Psychic Tarot he has expanded on that and provided a detailed system of interpretation that will be accepted by those who have a general familiarity with the cards. As suggested in The Real Work of Cold Reading, the interpretations of the individual cards are derived - with the exception of the Major Arcana - by combining the general meanings assigned to the cards' suits with the numerological meanings assigned to their values. This is not only simpler and more practical...

★★★★★ $25
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Dee Christopher
The Psychokinesis Handbook by Dee Christopher

"Dee Christopher offers here a unique text focusing solely on the area of deception that he has come to dominate in recent years. This tome is a perfect example of why." - Daniel Madison (Deceptions Expert)

Everything you need to know about performing psychokinesis as a magician, mentalist or to make people believe that what you are doing is REAL.

From the ebook's synopsis:

This vede mecum contains all the information that one will need to convince the world of their psychokinetic powers.

This text contains the techniques to create psychokinetic illusions, the history of psychokinesis and modern...

★★★★★ $21
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Al Mann
The Purloined Thought by Al Mann

This is the best and most exhaustive work on billets. It is a treatise on the history, methodology and technique on the use of torn billets in the mentalist’s art of thought reading. It starts with an in depth study of the history and evolution of the Center Tear and goes on to detail more work on billets than you could use in a lifetime. The Thirteen Chapters are:

  • Initium
  • Blue Ribbon Effects
  • Facts
  • Prophesy
  • Qanda Central
  • The Covert Tear
  • Tear And Read Methods
  • The Young Lions
  • Pyramid Power
  • Sans Tear Methods
  • Pre-Torn Missives
  • Sealed Messages
  • The Day Of The Sit-Tores ...
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Al Mann
The Quick and the Dead by Al Mann

The book deals exclusively with living and dead tests. It gives a detailed history of the effect and how David Abbott was fooled by mediums doing this. Learn inner secrets from the mediums on how to reveal the names of dead relatives. Simply ingenious methods that will startle you with their cleverness. Mann goes into much detail on these tests and ways to learn the names of dead relatives. Some of these methods were later revamped by Mann and released as other effects but using the basic methods. Mann also teaches you a creepy effect, called Empty Graves, where a person writes the name of a...

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Christopher Bolter
The R.B.M.T. - ridiculously ballsy magazine test by Christopher Bolter

What Happens:

The mentalist displays four or five current popular magazines. They are handed out and freely examined. One is chosen by an audience member and he or she is asked to peruse the magazine. Next they are asked to decide on a page with lots of text, they do so and proceed to remove the page from the magazine. This is repeated with the other magazines until there are four or five random pages from each magazine.

Next the audience member's with their respective pages are instructed to turn them landscape and tear them in half. Place the two pieces together and repeat, and repeat...

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Anthony Nelmar Albino & Devin Knight
The Ready Reader by Anthony Nelmar Albino & Devin Knight

This ebook is part of Forbidden Knowledge.

This little-known system is unique and one of the best systems every developed for cold reading a person. This system was first released by Nelmar in the late 30s. The cool thing about this system is that no two readings are alike, yet, they are spot on and very accurate. Yes, that means if people compare notes afterward, they both will have non-similar readings that apply to them almost 100%.

This is not possible if you are using one of the Nelson stock readings, as with that method the reader memorizes a stock reading that applies to almost anyone and repeats...

★★★★ $10
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Atlas Brookings
The Real Thing by Atlas Brookings

What do other Mentalists think?

"At last a routine where you really are doing what you claim! This is a fantastic concept that Atlas has expanded greatly. It has the feeling of real mentalism because it IS real mentalism." - Marc Paul

"Page seven of your manuscript is worth whatever you end up charging for it." - Dave Arch

"I really enjoyed 'The Real Thing'...The core of the effect uses pure psychology which is just the ticket. The way in which this has been used to create a nice little lie-detector routine is very clever indeed." - Derek Heron

"Rather than a physical peek, your method...

★★★★★ $32
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Bob Cassidy
The Real Work of Cold Reading by Bob Cassidy

Brad Henderson taught it to Dance. Kross put it Into the Deep Freeze and Herb Dewey made it Red Hot. In The Real Work of Cold Reading Cassidy makes it explosive and blows it into another dimension.

A good deal of what has been written about cold reading is theoretically and practically wrong and/or misinformed.

Learn the 'real work' in this exclusive ebook.

1st edition 2004; 58 pages

★★★★ $25
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Ken de Courcy
The Receptive Shroud by Ken de Courcy

An unusual presentation detailing probably the easiest system for the two-person mind-reading act yet produced.


A clip-board is tossed into the audience. Under its elastic band is a pencil. The performer asks the person who catches it to pass the board to anyone in the row behind him. That person then writes anything he likes in the top space - a name, a date, a phone number, a question - anything. He then passes the board to someone behind him, who does the same thing, then the board is passed again.

When six people have written their thoughts, the board is returned to the...

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Dee Christopher
The Red Light System by Dee Christopher

The Red Light Reading System is Dee's favourite way to create unique and engaging psychic-style readings in a close up environment. With nothing more than a stack of specially set up business cards, you will have the power to offer insight to your participants at a moment's notice.

The Red Light System was built from real intuition and it was built in the performance arena, not sat at home writing grids of meanings for certain things. Dee does not have a fantastic memory, and he has not had much luck naturally interpreting certain oracles; but Red Light offered him an easy and very logical...

★★★★★ $18
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Bob Cassidy
The RV Tester by Bob Cassidy

This has always been one of Bob's most popular effects among the mentalists who have seen him perform it. This ebook comes complete with ready-to-print templates that will enable you to assemble the "Remote Viewing Testing Book" from ordinary 3x5 blank index cards.

The testing book contains lists and geographical coordinates of hundreds of locations throughout the world. Without writing anything down a committee of spectators selects any of locations to test the mentalist's remote viewing abilities. The performer is able to describe, in exact detail, the selected location. There are no...

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Mike Kempner
The S&S Method by Mike Kempner

Have you seen the Derren Brown episode in which he blindfolds a spectator? She truly cannot see and is asked to focus on a word that Derren has drawn and just shown to the entire audience. She truly has not seen this word and has no idea what the word is. There truly is no pre-show. After Derren provides the instructions to her, she puts something on her own notepad. At the count of three, she takes off her blind-fold, and shows her drawing to the audience. It is a perfect match. The S&S Method has never-before been revealed, and it allows you to exactly replicate this impossible feat of mentalism. ...

★★★★★ $9.99
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Bryn Reynolds
The Safwan Papers by Bryn Reynolds

What the pros have to say:

"Bryn Reynolds is one of the most exciting creators I have come across in many years. Whenever he sends me something it is top notch and is usually an item I add to my repertoire. The Safwan Papers is the latest batch of material to peak my interests. Developed in Iraq, for his fellow soldiers, the material is dynamite! (Or C-4 given the situation!) There are great routines, gadgets and gimmicks that will become standard items in your act and just plain, good ole straight-thinking behind powerful effects! One is already slated for my next set of DVD’s. I highly...
★★★★★ $30
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George C. Bartlett
The Salem Seer by George C. Bartlett

Reminiscences of Charles H. Foster who some consider the most gifted and remarkable spiritual medium since Emanuel Swedenborg. This account gives facts and descriptions of many seances held in different parts of the world.

This is a fascinating account of Charles H. Foster's story - a medium who exhibited mostly skin writing (dermography) and pellet reading. When Foster visited England in 1861 materialization phenomena were added to his performances.

Foster enjoyed drinking alcohol and smoking cigars in barrooms with his companions as much as he did transmitting messages from the dead....

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