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Sam Hoang
Bottle Through Table by Sam Hoang

This video is in Vietnamese with some English subtitles. Everything you need to know is visually explained.

A visual bottle through table effect. [Please note that the final move is performed but not explained. However it should be pretty obvious what is happening.]

1st edition 2016, length 12min

2016 / 10 / 7

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MP4 (video)

Sam Hoang
Bottle Magic by Sam Hoang

This video has no spoken instructions. You get visual video instructions plus some captions.

An impossible penetration of a small object through a water bottle. A gimmick that allows you to have various things penetrate a plastic bottle.

1st edition 2016, length 17min

2016 / 9 / 29

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MP4 (video)

Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant
The Milky Way by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant

An extremely rare and little-known U. F. Grant manuscript that is nearly impossible to find nowadays. Devin Knight has taken the original text, revised it and updated it with various annotations for today's performers. He explains and deals with issues that Grant failed to mention in the original release.

This e-book teaches you three great U. F. Grant tricks with a glass of milk! The methods are typical of Grant's thinking.

1-Here & There: A homing milk effect. Show a glass of real milk, cover it with a paper tube. Pour the milk back into a pitcher. When the tube is removed, the glass...

2016 / 7 / 19

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Golf Ball in Glass by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

[Note: An improved method has been released by Jerry Clowin in his New Way Golf Ball in Glass.

You will learn the secret of how to get a golf ball inside a glass with an opening smaller than the golf ball, without harming either the glass or the ball. Ralf Rudolph is a master of the impossible object. He describes his method of how to make such an object. Once you know how it is done you can make as many presents as you wish. No special tools are necessary. No chemicals are used. With a bit of preparation and the know how you can make something cool.

1st edition 2016, 2 pages.

Watch how Nathan Coe Marsh incorporates this impossible bottle into a really nice effect.


2016 / 7 / 11

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Grandpa's Spirit Bottle by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

A complete mental act with an impossible object!

You present a bottle with a full deck of cards inside. (You can hand out the bottle for examination). The spectator selects one of five playing cards (no force!). With the heritage from your grandpa you are able to reveal any selected card.

You can perform this on stage and even close up. Build the routine up to 4-5 minutes.

You will learn:

  • How to build the impossible bottle (with all the cards inside plus the jokers)
  • How to build the other gimmicks - they are very easy.
  • (You will also learn an easy way to put a playing card inside...
2016 / 6 / 10

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MP4 (video)

Hen Fetsch
Milk Pitcher Magic by Hen Fetsch

A collection of more than 100 routines, tips, presentations, gags, suggestions, ideas for the "vanishing milk pitcher".

    • Its Care
    • Type of Liquids
    • Presentation
    • Milk Marker
    • Showmanly Spills
    • A Blackstone Tip
    • Personal Preference
    • The Paper Cone
    • Opening The Cone
    • Loading The Cone
    • Handling The Cone
    • Water-Proof Cone
    • Rice Silks or Beer
    • Liquid Flowers
    • Flower Silk
    • Rice Silk
    • Bowl and Pitcher
    • Snow Time
    • Flower Flash
    • Bunko Beans ...
2016 / 5 / 16

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John D. Lippy Jr. & Edward L. Palder
Modern Chemical Magic by John D. Lippy Jr. & Edward L. Palder

This volume is the most complete and authoritative book that has been compiled on the subject to date. It has been several years in research and preparation. The co-authors are thoroughly versed in the art of magic and the science of chemistry. By combining the two old professions they have produced this new volume, Modern Chemical Magic.

For amusement in your own home or entertaining a group of friends, this new overture to magic has no peer; it is startling, mystifying and most effective. It gives a new approach to the professional or amateur magician to add variety to his programs. It...

2015 / 8 / 21

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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Curious Ink by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Make ink appear anytime you want!

On this download video you learn how to make ink appear anytime you want. Also included are two mental routines which fit in your pocket and can be carried around with you all the time. Let predictions, telephone numbers, names or anything you want to transform or appear. You can use playing cards, business cards and even banknotes. The ink appears whenever you want.

  • very easy
  • fits in every pocket
  • endless possibilities
Note: You must buy something extra to perform these effects. (Costs between 8 -12 dollars).

1st edition 2015. length 25 min

2015 / 5 / 22

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MP4 (video)

V. E. Johnson
Chemical Magic by V. E. Johnson

This ebook describes a host of chemical experiments which can be presented as magic tricks or surprising science experiments. It is a reproduction of an old book and therefore some of these experiments require exotic chemicals, some of which are toxic or can be harmful in many other ways. If you intend to replicate any of these experiments you must follow all laws and regulations and you are on your own in terms of any liabilities. We are reproducing this book for historic and information purposes.


  • Wine and water and other transmutations of liquid colors
  • Disappearing and reappearing...
2015 / 4 / 15

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Devin Knight
Tell Tell Water by Devin Knight

Tell Tell Water is one of the most original card revelations ever released. The trick is topical, due to the research going on with water. A Japanese researcher claims that water reacts to emotions and sounds. He wrote a best-selling book about it called, Hidden Messages In Water. This effect is based on his research.

To buy this trick made up from a magic dealer would cost you about $75.00. Devin gives complete details on do it yourself (DIY) for a few bucks and tells you everything you need.

EFFECT: Performer talks of the research being done in Japan with water. He further comments that...

2014 / 7 / 6

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Scott Xavier
4Mark: Any Drink Called For by Scott Xavier

From Rum and Coke to chocolate milk, the magician looks over his audience, reads their minds, and pours their favorite drink from an empty flask one by one. This famous illusion was made famous by Robert Houdin, and has been modernized for the 21st century!

Two routines are taught. There is a magic tea kettle like effect and a think a drink. This has been a huge closer in Scott Xavier's corporate mentalism set for years. It is also a huge bar magic routine as well as an ideal hospitality magic routine.

You can produce a variety of drinks both alcoholic and not. From Milk, chocolate milk, strawberry...

2014 / 2 / 3

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MP4 (video)

Val Andrews
Aqua-Whirl: spinning glass of liquid on a hoop or harness by Val Andrews

From the introduction:

A spot of "juggling" has always been a safe bet as an interesting "change-of-pace" for the magician, particularly where he is presenting a long programme. "The Eggs And Glasses" has proved this point with its recent popularity (or "revived popularity") with both magicians and their audiences. The feat was hardly seen for a decade or so, then came a wave of popularity for the feat when it was discovered that "no skill was required" ... just confidence and "knack".

In the same category is the feat of spinning a glass of liquid, either on a hoop or "harness". But this...

2013 / 9 / 26

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Devin Knight
The Ultimate Coke Vanish by Devin Knight

A step ahead of the old coke vanish in a paper tube, with a kicker ending to fry any audience. Magician shows a bottle of coke and actually moves it around so the audience can see it is full of coke. Yes, you can see the liquid in the bottle! He puts a small white paper tube over the coke bottle, the tube is only about half the height of the bottle. He drapes a small see-through silk over the bottle and suddenly the coke vanishes. He blows the silk through the paper tube to further prove it is empty. Ok, you are thinking, this is an old idea, BUT...there is more. The magician then unrolls the...

2013 / 9 / 11

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(Benny) Ben Harris
Knee Kracker by (Benny) Ben Harris

Make a bottle of drink vanish by cracking it across your knee!

This is a reputation-maker. The magic just seems to come out of the blue as you pick up your drink bottle, cap it, and then crack it across your knee where it vanishes completely!

Three applications are taught. A formal handling with Topit, a tabled handling and a cheeky walk-around handling for parties when you are hanging with friends. For these latter two approaches, you need no Topit, just the bottle. You can even make a partly filled bottle vanish or pass through a table-top!

1st edition 2013, 14 pages.

2013 / 7 / 4

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Christian Lavey
In a Sealed Bottle by Christian Lavey

Christian Lavey teaches you how to secretly open and close a corked and sealed wine bottle. This allows you to hide various small objects (cards, silks, coins, paper money, predictions, ...) in the empty bottle neck.

A wine bottle as 'impossible location' offers a real surprise moment. Depending on the environment you are working in, the presence of a wine bottle could be completely inconspicuous - say in a bar, restaurant or at the dinner table. Have a playing card chosen, lost in the deck and reappear in the factory sealed wine bottle. Or hide a prediction in the bottle and have the bottle...

2012 / 11 / 24

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Rus Andrews
Evolution: cap in bottle by Rus Andrews
"Beutifully Devious" - James Brown

"The cleanest and most natural impromptu cap in bottle that I've seen in years, I'll be using this for sure!" - Richard Bellars

"The combination of a devious principle and clever psychology make this effect a real winner! Probably the best impromptu cap in bottle routine I've seen!" - Cameron Francis

Evolution is an impromptu approach to the classic cap in bottle effect.

Imagine being able to take an empty beer bottle from a random table in a bar or nightclub, then taking any bottle cap, perhaps from behind the bar or from another drink… Have the spectator...

2012 / 7 / 2

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MP4 (video)

(Benny) Ben Harris
Aqua-Imp by (Benny) Ben Harris

A brand new thing to do with a water bottle. Looks freaky and leaves a lasting impression. You could start a religion with this!


Aqua-imp is one powerful piece of “incidental” magic. It appears almost impromptu. This illusion of spontaneity actually enhances the mystery—for it is at this magical (and supposedly offhanded moment) you give your spectators a thought-provoking, gentle, and fun glimpse at an un-imagined world of possibility.

Here’s what Aqua-imp looks like: You join friends or clients at a...

2011 / 6 / 23

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A. C. Gilbert
Gilbert Chemical Magic by A. C. Gilbert

A Presentation of Original and Famous Tricks in Conjuring Accomplished by the Use of Chemicals

A. C. Gilbert published an entire line of books and kits for boys to do science experiments as well as magic. This title deals with liquids, smoke, fire and chemicals.

From the foreword:

Here’s real fun! Tricks with chemicals which will mystify and amuse your friends! Gilbert’s Chemical Magic is a new idea in conjuring. We have our Gilbert’s Tricks with Coins, with Handkerchiefs, with Cards, the Miscellaneous Magic Tricks, and now we have Tricks with Chemicals. There is really double...

2010 / 11 / 15

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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 15: Liquid and Chemical Magic - Tricks with Live Stock by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content

    Liquid and Chemical Magic

  2. Introduction
  3. The Magic Wine and Water
  4. The Star of Fate
  5. Refreshments to Order
  6. The Vanishing Froth
  7. The Flying Smoke
  8. The Haunted Flask

    Tricks with Livestock

  9. Introduction
  10. Rabbit Produced from Hat
  11. Rabbit from a Spectator
  12. Rabbit Vanishes in a Newspaper
  13. Goldfish Catching in Mid Air
  14. The Flying Bird Cage
  15. The Dove Cot
  16. The Canary in the Electric Bulb
  17. Birds of the Air
  18. The Vanishing Ducks

1st edition 1931; 26 pages.

2010 / 3 / 22

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Percy Press
Glass of Water Production Routine by Percy Press

This was a favourite effect of the much loved Percy Press. He was, perhaps, the last of the English 'Street Conjurors' and had performed this effect thousands of times.


Percy would tilt his small table forward to show that the top was solid. Replacing it on the ground, he laid a white handkerchief on it. A 10p coin was borrowed and placed in the centre of the handkerchief. He then borrowed a soft trilby hat and covered the coin with it. He lifted the hat and the coin was still on the hank. He placed the coin in his left hand and it vanished. He replaced the mouth-down hat...

2009 / 10 / 20

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Kevin Parker
Passing Thru by Kevin Parker

Borrow a coin and show a normal empty glass bottle, then visually pass the coin through the base of the bottle. They don't just see the coin 'appear' in the bottle; they see it 'melt' right through. Then you shake the bottle to conclude the coin is indeed inside the bottle, then give it out as a souvenir. You can even do this with a borrowed bottle. This is Kevin Parker's Passing Thru.

  • Normal Bottle
  • Normal Coin
  • No Slits/Cuts in Bottle
  • Everything Examinable
This is an incredibly visual effect and has to be seen to be believed. Check out the demo video below. And the fact that you end...
2009 / 2 / 2

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MP4 (video)

Glastion by Nefesch

This is probably the most visual signed card at impossible location effect available today. The spectator's signed card penetrates a borrowed and sealed bottle.

  • The bottle can be borrowed and is completely ungimmicked
  • The signature that appears on the card inside the bottle is the signature of the spectator
  • It can be a drawing or a signature - anything
  • The card in the bottle is the card the spectator signs - no duplicate or switch.
A deck of cards is introduced and a card is selected and signed across it's face. This is then replaced back into the deck and the deck is shuffled by the...
2008 / 10 / 15

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MP4 (video)

Chris Lafferty
Freezer Burn by Chris Lafferty

The beautiful thing about the effects presented within this ebook is that they are very low-tech. While the current trend in magic with ice may be to use some sort of gelling agent to give the illusion of ice, all of the effects in this ebook end with the production of real ice which can be examined.

  • Chill: The performer asks to borrow a sip of water. The spectator offers up her glass or bottle of water, and the performer pours a little into his cupped hand. Hmm. He then closes his fingers around the puddle and blows on his hand. Opening it, the spectator see’s that the ‘sip’ of water...
2008 / 10 / 6

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Ron Jaxon
Bottle in Bottle by Ron Jaxon


Two different sized bottles are displayed. If you wish you can pour a drink into a glass from each bottle to prove they are both real. Each empty bottle is placed in a separate paper bag. The magician explains that he or she is going to cause one of the bottles to magically travel from one bag to the other.

The magician picks up one of the bags and shows that it still contains a bottle. After some comedy by play the bottle vanishes. The other bag is emptied to find only one bottle inside. The magician seems to have succeeded in vanishing one of the bottles but failed to make it...

2006 / 11 / 30

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