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Al Mann
The Shattered Chalice by Al Mann
  • Pyro-Sorcery - Eight methods for causing a borrowed newspaper to burst into flame!
  • Arrested Oxidation - Commanding a piece of paper held in a flame not to burn!
  • The Shattering Chalice -Smashing glass by thought! Devil's Tears; The Devil's Flask; The Iron Duchess; The Ghost Bullet; The Pulverised Window Pane; The Glass Key (by Ted Lesley)
  • The Falling Block
  • Cosmic Motion - Several brilliant new effects utilizing the Pendulum Principle, including movement at a distance!
  • Bonus Section - The Cobra, 8 pages of how to do the snake charming act - for real! Plus, a very cool levitating doll trick ...
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Daniel Young
Remote City by Daniel Young

A dramatic test in remote viewing.

Effect: A little book is shown to have different capital cities written on it’s pages. The mentalist explains that these are places that he would like to visit in the future. A participant is asked to randomly select a page, and choose one of the cities he sees. The mentalist, without any fishing of any kind, announces the correct city being thought of. The participant then thinks of a freely selected place within the city and this is, once again, correctly deduced by the mentalist. As a final climax, the participant thinks of something associated with...

★★★★★ $20
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Al Mann
The Quick and the Dead by Al Mann

The book deals exclusively with living and dead tests. It gives a detailed history of the effect and how David Abbott was fooled by mediums doing this. Learn inner secrets from the mediums on how to reveal the names of dead relatives. Simply ingenious methods that will startle you with their cleverness. Mann goes into much detail on these tests and ways to learn the names of dead relatives. Some of these methods were later revamped by Mann and released as other effects but using the basic methods. Mann also teaches you a creepy effect, called Empty Graves, where a person writes the name of a...

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Al Mann
Psycho-Mentisis by Al Mann

There is telekinesis of all kinds within these pages from coins to nails. An effect that allows the mentalist/psychic to bring dead ants back to life! Levitation effects, abnormal lifts, teleportation, creating movement with your mind! Effects included:

  • The Bends
  • Permutation Of Matter - A Solid Through A Solid Effect
  • The Spikes Of Asmodeus
  • The Frankenstein Affair
  • Imponderable Enrgy
  • The Reach Of The Mind
  • Merlin's Magic Marionettes
  • The Secret Of The Ancients
Note that this manuscript comes unbound in a package of loose sheets, the way Al Mann stored them. You can bind them...
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Al Mann
Phantom Voices by Al Mann
  • TRANS PHONE TEST: Mentalist asks anyone in the audience to use his cell phone to call home and ask anyone to choose a number (which is kept secret). Another person chooses a number secretly. These numbers combined secretly by the spectators to arrive at a page in a book. Mentalist reveals the passage in the book plus the two numbers thought of. You never approach the spectators.
  • WEIRD PROPHESY: You write 6 digits on a card and give to anyone to hold. The digits are visible to the person holding them. Members of the audienc call out 4 digits while another person on the phone chooses 2 more....
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Al Mann
Phanta Graphs by Al Mann

From the forward by Al Mann: The Mag-Eye catapults the center-tear method of thought reading into the space-age! The technique given here makes obsolete most of the former writings on the center-tear. Including the author's own. Such is progress. But bear in mind that occasionally the mentalist will have need of resorting to the original method of stealing the folded center piece as some spectators write a message and fold it and bring it to you for a test. At this writing only two persons know the secret of the Mag-Eye move. Only three persons know the secrets of "Cistella" and only one has...

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Al Mann
Mind Your Poker by Al Mann

Part II from Al Mann Zodiac Series. You will find here several card techniques and a special card trick: how to deal five Aces to any seat at the poker table with a shuffled and cut deck. From the introduction, by Al Mann: I have been told by magicians who should know, that Poker demonstrations and Mentalism should not mix. I disagree with the above 100%... I have seen the amazed look in the eyes of a person when the Mentalist reads his mind... And I have also seen the terrible look in the eyes of the spectator after the miracle man deals five aces (4 aces and the joker), to any seat at the...

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Al Mann
Mental-Ettes by Al Mann

A collection of provocative mental effects. Includes:

  • A Link With Eternity (An Object Lesson In The Art Of Mindreading)
  • To Command The Elements (Weather Prediction)
  • Thot-Prints 1 (Test By Fire)
  • Thot-Prints Ii (Passing Thoughts)
  • Mental-Kinesis (Spoon Bending)
  • Dinner Table Yoga (Levitation)
  • The Mystery Of The Triplets (Math Mentalism)
  • The Sans Tear Center Method (Billets)
  • The Unseen Tear
  • Sealed And Torn Messages
  • Gemel's Messages
  • The Tretology Of Dionysus
  • The Mystic Chalice
  • Typhon's Tongs
  • Herpicks' Tongs
  • Psychic Feedback
  • Suspended Animation
  • The Pharaoh's Palm ...
★★★★★ $10
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Al Mann
The "H" Factor by Al Mann

Effects with the Himber of flip-over wallet.

  • The Wallets
  • Technique
  • The Secret Thrust
  • A History
  • Richard Himber's Billfooled
  • Page One
  • The Coins From The Pocket
  • Life From Space
  • The Name In The Vault
  • One Message
  • Unknown Forces
  • Homer
  • The Noesis Of Nyx
  • One Hundred Clams
  • Instant Mindreading
  • The Mounds Of Ashtoreth
  • The Royal Album
Note that this manuscript comes unbound in a package of loose sheets, the way Al Mann stored them. You can bind them anyway you like, or leave them unbound, perhaps only hole punch them and put them in a binder.

26 pages

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Al Mann
The Delphian Oracle by Al Mann

A volunteer consults The Delphian Oracle, and secretly writes a question of his or her choice. The psychic, who stands across the room from the person, answers the question.

8 pages

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Al Mann
Classified by Al Mann

Included in this manuscript are effects that Al Mann himself calls "Spiritual Mentalism". Mind Reading, Future Prediction, Esp, Telepathy, Book Tests and much more are all included in this brilliant manuscript.

  • Omar's Prognosis
  • Outdone-Outdid
  • Top Secret Ii
  • Enchantment
  • Bonus: A Discussion On "Lorant", Meaning Long Range Telepathy
Note that this manuscript comes unbound in a package of loose sheets, the way Al Mann stored them. You can bind them anyway you like, or leave them unbound, perhaps only hole punch them and put them in a binder.

16 pages

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Al Mann
Axel Hellstrom by Al Mann

The Life and works of Axel Hellstrom. Contents include:

  • Hellstrom's history
  • Axel Hellstrom's mnemonic system
  • other performers
  • Hellstrom & Houdini & the S.A.M.
Note that this manuscript comes unbound in a package of loose sheets, the way Al Mann stored them. You can bind them anyway you like, or leave them unbound, perhaps only hole punch them and put them in a binder.

19 pages

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Al Mann
Al Baker's Manuscript by Al Mann

Ted Annemann's writing in Jinx No. 19 alludes to an obscure Al Baker manuscript that Annemann had seen when he was 17 years of age, at which time the manuscript was already old. The manuscript contained some of the first writings by a well experienced and well informed magician. It was called Al Baker’s Mental Effects. This was a remarkable collection of ideas and fabulous routines aimed especially at the mentalist/magician. Although it featured Al Baker’s Billet Reading Extraordinary, each effect in the book was a feature item.

  • Al Baker’s Billet Reading Extraordinary
  • The Billet Test...
★★★★★ $10
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Daniel Young
Psy-Connect Deck by Daniel Young

This an ebook describing how you can create your own Psy-Connect Deck. So what is that, you're asking. It's a deck, or a stack of index cards which you use in your experiments. It allows you and a spectator to successfully send and receive words, pictures, colours, you name it. You can involve as many people as you like in this demonstration. This is really a no-brainer, no memorisation required, the cards can be shuffled. Just imagine the spectator picking up a card and successfully sending you that thought, but don't you think he/she would be happy to receive a thought as well? Of course,...

★★★★ $15
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Warren W. Wiersbe
Mental Cases with Cards by Warren W. Wiersbe

Warren places utmost importance on the effect and uses whatever method suits him to achieve it: mathematics, stacks, crimps, sleights, etc. He credits Ed Marlo for clarifying and simplifying his work.


  • Packet Prediction
  • Miracle Do As I Do
  • In My Estimation ...
  • Blindfold Poker Deal
  • Card Illusion
  • Double Separation
  • Royal Mentalism
  • Superstitious Mentalism
  • Peek!
  • Divination Supreme
  • Think-a-card - Wiersbe version
  • A Change in Number
  • Fantispell
  • Pasteboard Affinity - a complete routine with eight effects using the Si Stebbins stack.

1st edition 1946; PDF 39 pages.

★★★★ $5
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Bradley Shaw
Mediums and their Dupes by Bradley Shaw

This is an exposure of some of the greatest imposters of the 19th century. You gotta love this sentence:

"He lived in the midst of fairies and furies, nymphs and naiads, goblins and ghosts, witches and wizards, spirits and spooks, deities and devils."


  • The World of Dupes
  • Slade and the Spirits
  • Hindoo Juggling and Christian Credulity
  • Spiritualism as an Infectious Mental Disease
  • Materialization
1st edition 1887; 51 pages.
★★★★★ $5
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Richard Webster
Commercial Cold Reading Side 2: Volume 1 by Richard Webster

This is side 2 of the Martin Breese MagicCassete released in 1986. See Commercial Cold Reading side 1.

Recorded October 9th, 1986. Length 25 min.

★★★★★ $7
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Richard Webster
Commercial Cold Reading Side 1: Volume 1 by Richard Webster

This is side one of a digitally re-mastered (MP3) version of the original MagiCassette™ first released in 1986 by Martin Breese - now owned by You will hear Richard Webster who is one of the world's leading experts on the art of cold reading. Richard Webster is a New Zealander who has been involved with Magic and Cold Reading for many, many years.

Richard used to release his own exclusive publications but now that he has achieved international fame he is published by a leading American publishing house. He has written books on a diverse range of subjects from Hypnotism to Fung...

★★★★★ $7
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Daniel Young
Compendia by Daniel Young

This is a compilation of The Mixed Mind, The Sharp Mind and The Thinking Mind, plus the unreleased The Cerebral Mind (includes three effects for Cerebro, although the routines can be performed without the gimmick, it's only there as an enhancer. Definitely something for the seance worker).

The Thinking Mind
This is all theory, which means half of you won't be interested. No tricks. It's about believability, logic, structure and so on. Well worth a read for the aspiring mentalist, or anyone who might be interested in Daniel's thoughts on the subject of mentalism.

The Sharp Mind

★★★★★ $38
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Daniel Young
From The Other Side by Daniel Young

Turn your Himber wallet, or more precisely your mini-Himber wallet, into a versatile weapon!

Daniel has been very uncertain whether or not to release this ebook. Mainly because it is hard to market, because you will know the secret before you even buy it, or so you think. "Alright, just a bunch of effects with a Himber wallet." But trust him when he says, this is not what you think it is. The few people who have actually read this so far, are all intrigued by it. It all started with one realisation, a concept that sprung to mind, a handling of the Himber wallet that has never been seen before....

★★★★★ $28
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Daniel Young
Trinity by Daniel Young

A small collection of three effects. First one out is an invisible cuing system, that can be used for spectator as mind reader effects of all kinds. They see writing appear on a card and then vanish.

Second one, and definitely a favorite, a memorised book effect. Any person selects a page in a book, you proceed with memorising it, you close the book and put it aside. Ask someone to name a "line number", and someone else to name a "word number". You think. You write. And place your writing out of sight. Take the book again and show that the word at the designated position is, say for example,...

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Scott Xavier
Processes by Scott Xavier

Imagine being able to have a spectator select any one of several nails from a new unopened package, marking it for identification, and then bending it in front of their eyes!

Now imagine wowing your crowd by having them write private information and questions on business cards and folding them into quarters. You collect them in a sealed container and still begin to reveal information that you shouldn't know! Based on a Lee Earle principle, this new variation can be used with the phoenix peek to mix methods and create an all audience size miracle! The gimmick described costs .97 cents, is...

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R. Shane
Symbolics by R. Shane

These are three self-working routines with ESP cards with the general theme 'impossible coincidences', facilitated by a cyclic stack. (Two effects are based on work by Werner Miller from his Ear-Marked book, and one routine is from Shane's book Automata.)

As always with Shane, you don't just get a routine and method, but the reasons why these routines work, what is important and how you can change or alter them to suit your needs and make them your own.

In Search of Synchronicity
A deck of ESP is shown, shuffled, and cut. The spectator cuts the deck several times, finally stopping whenever she wants, and removes the...

★★★★ $6
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R. Shane
Portents by R. Shane

These are two mentalism/bizarre routines from Shane's book Pentalogy.

The End of the World as We Know It
Is the old "triple prediction" plot, but turned upside down. In this routine, the spectator predicts the exact date and method of the end of the world. Yes, it really is as weird as it sounds.

Bones, Modern and Cold
Combines cold-reading through an easily-learned (and unique) divination system with a classic sleight-of-hand trick to drive home the real purpose of divination and fortune-telling.

1st edition 2006; 20 pages.

★★★★★ $6
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Displaying 1622 to 1645 (of 1693 products)
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