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Timothy Hyde
Secret Notebook of Mr. Hyde vol. 1 by Timothy Hyde

Timothy Hyde was invited to join the famed Psychic Entertainers Association in 1990 where he quickly became known as "Australia's Magician of the Mind". His "real world" mentalism routines have been honed over years of performance and some of this material has only appeared before in Vibrations the journal of the PEA. It will be of particular interest to Stand Up and Corporate performers. The material requires a certain skill level and knowledge of the basics of mentalism.

Some comments by working professionals:

"I'm extremely jealous, really top notch material. The book is excellent...

★★★★★ $25
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Mark Piazza
Shuddershadow Mansion by Mark Piazza

Enter into Shuddershadow Mansion and be treated to 14 presentational effects ranging from scary and spooky to bizarre and weird, plus Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King séance ideas.

Mark is serving up a menu of bizarre offerings. A cup of coffee that holds the means to revenge. A tale of a little boy, a box of toys and death. A simple Simon who makes an interesting discovery. Three restless spirits that sointenly need your help. Why you should keep your doors and windows locked. And much more.

In addition you will get ideas for creating The Poe seance and an evening with Stephen King. ...

★★★ $15
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Scott Xavier
RC: Revolver by Scott Xavier

Necessity is the mother of all invention. Developed for a series of lectures, the Outlaw deck is the first freely shuffled and visually examinable tossed out deck. The Outlaw is a devious new principle that allows you to show all the cards as being different and then you are able to allow a spectator to shuffle the deck and hand them back to you. You now are ready to perform a tossed out deck or one of many other miracles mentioned in the ebook and know precisely which spectator is thinking of which card. The outlaw deck makes for a perfect close-up visual think a card deck as well! This is...

★★★★★ $20
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Scott Xavier
Untitled by Scott Xavier

This tome of magic and mentalism secrets was the first book in a series written by Doctor Zodiac a.k.a. Scott Xavier. It includes everything essential for a mid level entertainer to increase sales and create a legend for himself. Here's a sample of what you'll find inside:

  • How to structure your magic/mentalism business using a business plan to increase maximum effectiveness as a showman.
  • How to start a theater show.
  • A legitimate system for Cold Reading for those slow times.
  • Lots of theory.
  • And a ton of effects.
A Sample of the effects include:

A miracle w/cards. A borrowed...

★★★★ $18
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Scott Xavier
Dim Mak by Scott Xavier

Dim Mak is a secret technique taught by martial artists that can render a man dead with just a touch!

Within this e-book, you will learn a technique known as Dim Mak: the PK Touch. Taught only to a select few mentalists, this devastating new manuscript will lead you through several "real" techniques on how to appear to stop someone's pulse! Not only do you get several methods to ensure that the pulse stops, you also get a full routine with the Dim Mak back story. No reason to be scared off by psychology, Dim Mak teaches practical physical techniques to appear to stop your own pulse and a...

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Scott Xavier
Delusions by Scott Xavier

Delusions is a practical, zero fluff, all situations mentalism book chock full of mind miracles. Heres what you get:

Sequel to HYPED, COMPLETELY clean and easy to perform! Test conditions card delusion. The performer borrows a deck of cards from an audience member. The deck of cards is freely shuffled by a random spectator. The deck is cut and shuffled as freely and as many times as the spectator would like. Another cut is made by the spectator, and this time rather then completing the cut it is marked. A sealed envelope is noted on the table. When the envelopes contents...

★★★★★ $24
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Michael J. Fraughton
The Dark Waltz by Michael J. Fraughton

Michael J. Fraughton's material has been difficult to find—until now. For many years The Dark Waltz, a text on the fine art of Bizarre Magic, has rested within the ownership of L&L Publishing. Now, it is available at last. Within its pages you will find many of Michael’s signature routines like 'The Dorian Hand of Glory' and 'The Phantom Violinist'.

It has taken time, but at last Michael has opened his world to you. Welcome to the dark side of illusion.

Michael J. Fraughton is being recognized as one of the foremost up and coming Bizarre magicians. This is his full show, along with...

★★★★ $50
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Peter Duffie
Mind Master by Peter Duffie

For almost 10 years this has been Peter's biggest selling trick in Europe & the USA.

You give a spectator a small pocket diary. From a choice of over sixty names written on cards, a second spectator mentally selects a husband and wife. The choice is free; there is no force of any kind.

You (or a spectator) read out a letter that has been in full view from the beginning. The letter reveals the date of the couple's wedding. The first spectator opens the diary to that date. For the first time, the second spectator announces the names he is thinking of. Let's say it's Mr. and Mrs. Ford. Spectator...

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Jean Hugard
Mental Magic with Cards by Jean Hugard

This is a fine contained course in mental magic which not just describes a selection of effects, but the underlying principles as well as other aspects, such as 'The importance of showmanship'. You will learn to force cards, to use the key card principle, to mark and to prearrange, to understand the mirror principle, to work with codes and assistants, and a lot more.

Hugard is known for his excellent writing style, which is clear, accurate and engaging.

Paul Fleming wrote:

Many amateur magicians are today being bombarded with questions about the work of Joseph Dunninger, whose radio demonstrations...

★★★★ $9
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Dale A. Hildebrandt
Risk and Reward by Dale A. Hildebrandt

This ebook is for magicians who like to work without a safety net. It is not recommended for the novice. It describes unusual principles and presentations. The reward for such risk can be extremely high.

Here are bold methods for bold magicians. Entertainers with “guts” will appreciate these approaches. No effect in this booklet is 100% guaranteed to work every time, but when things do work you will leave your audience speechless in that moment of astonishment. Those who take risks are often rewarded. When the risks in this booklet pay off, your audience will feel they are in the presence...

★★★★ $35
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Ted Annemann
Annemann's Collected Works by Ted Annemann

Here we collect all of the 17 ebooks we have by Annemann. Besides the Jinx magazine, this is as far as I know a complete set of all of Annemann's writings. For mentalists, this is mandatory reading. For all other magicians, it is highly recommended because the wisdom imparted to you is applicable in all of magic. Buying these books and booklets individually on the second-hand market will cost you a multiple.

★★★★★ $60
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(on CDROM)

Jim Coles
PK Revolution by Jim Coles

PK stands for psychokinesis - moving or altering objects with the power of your mind. The four effects in this ebook show you how to bend and fuse coins, keys and how to break a fork in two. Some professionals have built a career with a few tricks like these. Everything is clearly described including photos. These are powerful effects, and for the price it is more than a bargain.

The performer borrows a quarter and places it on his left palm. Using only the tip of his right index finger, he causes the coin to visibly bend into a C shape. The bent coin can immediately be handed out...

★★★ $6.50
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James Watkins
Supernatural Possessions by James Watkins

This is wonderful story magic of the bizarre kind. Great for Halloween. In total six effects are described, with photos and clear descriptions. James puts a lot of emphasis on presentation.

1st edition, 2005; 29 pages.

  1. Bill Possession - Breathe new life into this classic effect with an original presentation that will leave any audience wanting more.
  2. No Way Out - This is as strong, scary and visually as it gets. An excellent animation that is freaky and exciting. This is possibly the strongest piece in the entire manuscript. If you want something that'll involve an audience and hook them emotionally,...
★★★★★ $7
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Chris Wasshuber
The Ultimate Magic Square (That's Magic) by Chris Wasshuber

"I've been doing magic 40 years, and this may be one of my five favorite tricks. Excellent thinking. Hard to top." - Clyde Hayre, US.

LOVE IT! I've been looking for a trick to help promote my business and this is perfect as I trade under the name "That's Magic" - Barry Harvey, UK.

A spectator is asked to throw three fair dice (this is an absolute fair throw or even just a mental throw - no force here). From the number fairly thrown you construct a perfect magic square. For a kicker, the cards are put together and a message appears written on the cards: "That's Magic!".

You get 16...

★★★★ $10
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printed cards

Chris Wasshuber
The Ultimate Magic Square (King of Hearts) by Chris Wasshuber

"I've been doing magic 40 years, and this may be one of my five favorite tricks. Excellent thinking. Hard to top." - Clyde Hayre, US.

A spectator is asked to throw three fair dice (this is an absolute fair throw or even just a mental throw - no force here). From the number fairly thrown you construct a perfect magic square. For a kicker, the cards are put together and the face of a King of Hearts appears.

There is no palming of cards or exchanging of decks or anything like it. You work with 16 cards and 16 cards only without any sleight-of-hand.

You get 16 specially printed cards...

★★★★★ $15
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printed cards

Five Mind Reading Acts Exposed by unknown

Five Mind Reading Acts Exposed was written prior to 1940 and upon reading the 12 pages of instruction you realize that everything old is new again. Although all the routines are designed for a two person act some of the ideas contained can be adapted for a single performer. No author is credited and it is a compilation of secrets of acts of that era.

Act No. 1 is the reading of dates on coins sealed in envelopes. Today’s mentalists could combine this with Psychometry and Cold Reading to use as a feature in their act.

Act No. 2 is a preamble to the question answering act of Falkenstein....

★★★★★ $5
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Burling Hull
The Volta System by Burling Hull

The Volta System For The Feat Of Reading Sealed Messages ... says it all! Burling Hull’s personal verbosity shows up in this 16 page booklet of "the latest advances for the reading of sealed messages." In 1929, when this was released, it was the final word in sealed message reading. Today, it still ranks at the top of any list of secrets of this kind.

It covers: impromptu work with borrowed stationary; the first practical solution of what was once considered an impossible feat; the ability of this "Power" to always be available to the performer

These words from Burling Hull were used...

★★★★ $7
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Laura G. Fixen
The True Secret of Mind Reading as Performed by the Zancigs by Laura G. Fixen

This little booklet details the code the Zancigs used. Laura Fixen writes in the preface that she was a student with the Zancigs and was taught their code.

1st edition, 1912, Laura G. Fixen; 27 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. How the Zancig System Was Obtained
  3. How The Carter-Price Act Was Secured
  4. How to Apply the "Second Sight" System
  5. To Tell Letters
  6. The Zancigs' Code
  7. To Tell Numbers
  8. To Tell Dates
  9. To Tell Money
  10. To Tell Names
  11. To Tell Articles
  12. Articles by Series
  13. Countries
  14. Lodges and Orders
  15. Colors
  16. Silent Cues
  17. The Fays' Great Act
  18. Advertisement
★★★★ $7
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Ralf Wichmann-Braco & Ted Lesley
Hypnosis by Ralf Wichmann-Braco & Ted Lesley

An exciting, humorous routine, which combines subtle mentalism with magic! From the fertile mind of Ralf Wichmann-Braco - the German wizard who brought the world of magic some of the most pivotal work on the use of thread, this routine combines the elements of prediction, animation and great humor to stun the audience into believing that a felt tip marker has come to life inside a wooden box.

The magician brings out a wooden box, about the size of a small cigar humidor. He borrows an object from a spectator. The object is placed inside a small cardboard box. Then this box and a felt tip marker...

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Dariel Fitzkee
Contact Mind Reading Expanded by Dariel Fitzkee

The original edition of this book was selected among the best books of 1935 by John Mulholland, editor of The Sphinx. Contact mind reading or 'muscle reading' is probably the next best thing to genuine mind reading. It doesn't require any gimmicks, codes or confederates. It is based on involuntary subtle clues spectators give. This is one of the best texts ever written on this subject.

Paul Fleming wrote:

Though we personally have been witnessing mindreading acts for some forty years and presenting tests in thought-transference for more than thirty, we have never attempted to perform, and indeed have never actually seen, the...

★★★★★ $15
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
25 One Man Mind Reading Secrets by Ulysses Frederick Grant

U. F. Grant presents several clever ideas on billet reading or how to use a svengali deck for mentalism. He also has a completely different version of "Grey Elephants in Denmark".

  • Bill Reading
  • Name Duplication
  • Impromptu Test
  • Best Digit Test
  • Cards Impossible
  • In Their Pocket
  • Up & Down Test
  • Thot of Person
  • Card Projection
  • Lites Out
  • Dunninger Type Act
  • Another Dunninger
  • Weekly Prediction
  • Committee Test
  • Thought Projector
  • Private Lives
  • Lobby Tip-Off
  • Directory Test
  • Houdini Bill Reading
  • Glass Clipboard
  • Mental Table
  • Flaming Answer
  • Fake Questions
  • Flower-Color-Animal
  • Mass Mind Reading


★★★★ $5
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Harry Hermon
Hellerism by Harry Hermon

This is a wonderful course for a two person act based on a verbal code. It has many exercises and examples and covers a lot of other important points beside the code, such as opening and closing speech.

1st edition, 1884, Lee and Shepard, Boston; 129 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Bob Cassidy
Bob Cassidy's Mentalism by Bob Cassidy

Bob is a professional mentalist with a unique humorous style. In this limited edition ebook he shares his approach to mentalism in his 'Principia Mentalia' - a work in four parts: fire, earth, air and water. You will also find a recording of a radio talk show where Bob is the celebrity guest, running 13.5 minutes. And the complete recording of his appearance on KOMO-TV's "Northwest Afternoon", 22 minutes long, is included as well. Particularly these two recordings will show you Bob Cassidy's unique style. Also included is his very interesting Art of Mentalism 2 ebook. On top of it you will find...

★★★★★ $45
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John Brown Cook & Arthur Buckley
Gems of Mental Magic by John Brown Cook & Arthur Buckley

Another masterpiece from Arthur Buckley written together with John Brown Cook. Only 125 copies were printed, but now again available as a digital download. It comes with an introduction by the great John Mulholland.

This is a collection of 33 extremely practical and entertaining mental routines primarily for stage and parlor. They are all clearly described. There are not that many great books on mental magic. This one is definitely one of them.

1st edition, 1947, privately printed, Chicago; 132 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. Devious Digits
  3. It's A Small World
  4. Astral Addition
  5. Projection
  6. Pennies, Nickles and Dimes ...
★★★★ $5
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Displaying 1793 to 1816 (of 1840 products)
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