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What you say during your performance is probably more important than what you do, except of course if you are performing a silent act. However, most magicians focus on technique. Nothing wrong about spending a lot of time on moves, but spend at least the same amount of time on honing your presentation, what you say, when you say it and how you say it.

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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #6: Lie Detector with 4 Objects by Larry Brodahl

Imagine a self working trick that uses 4 objects and only three questions that allows you to determine which object or objects the spectator(s) are thinking of. Now add fun, misdirection, and a performance video.

One of the more difficult tasks facing magicians is coming up with scripts - of any sort. Especially a routine where you have 1 or more audience members mentally select any of 4 objects and then answer 3 questions with either lies or the truth. And you identify the truthtellers -vs- the liars, and you discern which object they were thinking of.

How do you explain to an audience,...

★★★★ $8
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #7: Solution 6 by Larry Brodahl

A reworking of the 6 Card Repeat like none other. Using no gimmicked cards, the trick has a funny and visual plot, and for once a true climax.

Are you looking for a methodology and script for the 6 Card Repeat that steps outside the usual plot of "I saw a guy count 1,2,3,4,5,6 cards, throw away 1,2,3 and he still had 6 cards"?

Because let's face it, the story is silly, doesn't have any spectator 'hook' nor does it have a recognizable climax beyond the weak ending of "And I still don't know how he did it."

Well, the author of How To Write A Script shows you how he used his methodology to adapt a script...

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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #8: Counting on Lothar by Larry Brodahl

This is a complete script and revised handling for the COUNTING ON LOTHAR trick, perhaps one of the strangest and mystifying card tricks around. It allows the magician to predict the past, the present, and even the future.

One of the more difficult tasks facing magicians is coming up with scripts – of any sort. Especially a script that has to account for dealing and counting processes, unusual display processes, and a trick that has no climax. This is a complete script and revised handling for the COUNTING ON LOTHAR trick, perhaps one of the strangest and mystifying card tricks around....

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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #9: Serendipity Deck by Larry Brodahl

Imagine being able to control coincidence. Where the time and location of two events determines the outcome of the events. This script and full instructions explains how.

Imagine being able to control coincidence. Where the time and location of two events determines the outcome of the events. Now you can!

The magician removes a BLUE backed card from his pocket as he talks about coincidence, and how coincidence is decided by two factors: physical proximity and time. He has someone sit on the card. He then removes a RED backed deck from his pocket, and spreads the cards out front and back...

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Sid Lorraine
Sid Lorraine's Scrap Book by Sid Lorraine
"Sid Lorraine has always been an idol of mine. Oh, I've been through fads like: Ed Marlo, Leo Behnke, Bro. Hamman, Tom Palmer, Don Alan ... even Jay Marshall! But, I always come back to Sid Lorraine. Whenever I've needed an idea or inspiration, my library of Sid Lorraine books or my files of his tricks and variations have provided both and more." - Ron Bauer
Sid Lorraine made his reputation as a writer and performer with a keen eye for the commercial. Sid's material, honed over a lifetime of performing, could be counted on show after show, year after year, to entertain his audiences. That's what magic is all about.


★★★★★ $9.95
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Jesse Lewis
Skit Builder by Jesse Lewis

Want to make your show different? Can't figure out how? We all do some of the same basic skits in our hypnosis shows and it is time to stop. It is time to take control of your show and make it DIFFERENT! In this skit building workshop you will discover the secrets of making your show Unique and creating a show that uses classic skits but in a different way than everyone else.

Price is Just $7 You cannot go wrong!

[You will receive a PDF workbook and an MP3 audio file. Download both from your digital shelf.]

workbook 10 pages, audio length 18 minutes.

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Wesley James
So Much More by Wesley James

Among the most essential but least addressed subjects in Magic's vast literature is how to make you, as a performer, and your magic performances stronger, better appreciated, and more memorable. Far too little has been offered to the magic community beyond largely narrative patter and lame gags, too often juvenile and sadly insulting. Apart from Make Me Care (2003) and Remarkable Ruses & Ruminations (2007), in 2014, Wesley released So Much More (2014). Building on his two earlier books, the original text explained some of what magical performers could do to improve their performances. However, in that 20-page book he could not address...

★★★★★ $30
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Geo DeLawrence
Some Card Effects and Magical Talks by Geo DeLawrence

This is quite an interesting booklet with very nice ideas for patter, as well as some card effects. Particularly noteworthy is a hilarious burlesque mind reading act. You have to check this one out!

1st edition, 1919, F. G. Thayer, Los Angeles; 45 pages.

  1. A Few Remarks
  2. Opening Patter
  3. Some Card Effects and Accompanying Patter:
  4. Four Ace Combination
  5. The Wrapped Cards Divided by a Knife
  6. Transposition
  7. Miscellaneous Patter:
  8. Kling Klang
  9. Solid Through Solid
  10. Straight Jacket Escape
  11. The Rabbit Pan
  12. The Spirit Hand
  13. The Egg Bag
  14. The Twentieth Century Handkerchief Trick
  15. Cards from the Pocket ...
★★★★★ $2
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Something Old, Something New by Magus

This ebook contains lots of comedy for any age group with new patter and routines with apparatus, which you may already own. Entertaining children is generally known, to be one of the most lucrative branches of magic - and this contains plenty of kid stuff. Also contained herein are Gospel Lessons, Mental Effects and Escape Ideas. Everything with a novel setting for some of our most popular standard effects - such as: The Milk Pitcher, Egg Bag, Dove Pan, Vanishing Canes, Liquid Appear, Bang Gun, Six Card Repeat and more. All audience tested.

  • Introduction
  • What Is An Orange Made Of???
  • Polluted...
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Master Payne
Sometimes the jokes are just for me by Master Payne

A manuscript of meaningless meanderings on the subject of meaningful magic.

Above all this is fun to read. Master Payne has an engaging and fun way to write. His intention with this ebook is to impart on you the skills to be able to create a theme specific show from the knowledge of performing character driven magic. He calls it Thematic Thaumaturgy.

Master Payne teaches primarily by example. He takes an effect that he adopted for one of his themed shows and he explains how, why and what he changed. The first such example is What’s Next?, the classic spot card trick from Tenyo. In his...

★★★★★ $20
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Cara Hamilton
Storytelling for Magicians by Cara Hamilton

This PDF encapsulates Cara's practise on storytelling and how to turn a trick into a piece of theatre. It encompasses setting, attitude, sound, crafting a tale, inspiration, hints, tips, getting the most from your verbal presentation and much much more. It also includes essays by professional storytellers revealing facets of their art. This is not a work for someone looking for tricks. It is however a work that will take your Magic to the next level.

Chapters include:

  • Isn't storytelling just for children?
  • Storytelling is a 5 pointed star
  • Finding a tale
  • Scripting your tale
  • Words from...
★★★★ $20
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Robert Orben
Tag-Lines by Robert Orben

Once a script writer for Jack Paar's show (1962-63) and Red Skelton's show (1964-70), has also written for Dick Gregory (six years), and was a speechwriter for President Gerald Ford in 1973-77.

One-liners, flip lines, gags and patter. Many of these one-lines are still good today. Others just need some updating but still very funny stuff.

The real benefit of having this material available in digital form is to be able to search for particular words and phrases which related to your performance, occasion or venue. This makes it much easier to find suitable comedy lines.

1st edition 1954,...

★★★ $3
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Various Authors
Talk: palaver and patter by Various Authors

This ebook is a "Panorama of Professional Prose Palaver and Polished Poetical Patter". It is a collection of six previous Abbott publications:

  • Practical Patter by Percy Abbot
  • Patter Punches by Sol Stone
  • Routines In Rhyme by Bill West
  • Merrier Magical Chatter by Don Rogers
  • 202 Ways To Stop Hecklers by Otis Manning
  • Punch And Judy by Sydney de Hempsey
There are hundreds of routines and ideas for the talking trixter and magic-comedian.

PDF 127 pages

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TC Tahoe
TC Tahoe Re-Thinks Vol. 6: MCing by TC Tahoe

Re-Thinks is a new series of eBooks from TC Tahoe.

Learning to Host a show, I mean to do it properly, lead to so many improvements in TC's own show, that to this day he still hosts shows whenever he can. Learning to MC will not only improve your act, it will make you stronger and more confident on stage, oh and of course it will open up new avenues of work too.

"TC never ceases to amaze me. Not only is he one of the strongest headliners we have, but he is one of the best Show Hosts I have worked with. Whether he is hosting our guest talent show, (which he volunteers to do) or hosting special...
★★★★★ $20
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Stan Kramien
The Amazing Wonder Mouse by Stan Kramien

... or the Wonder Mouse Pitch.

One of the greatest pitch items of all time has always been the magic wonder mouse. I'm sure that most of you at one time or another have seen a wonderful pitchman at a fair with a baffling little mouse running all over the back of his hand. At the end of his demonstration of course you are allowed to purchase one and take home this mystery to baffle your friends. The wonder mouse can be sold at the end of your performance, or if you do a full evening show, it can be sold during the intermission. Or wonder mouse can be sold on its own at any number of venues...

★★★★ $14
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TC Tahoe
The Center Tear Papers by TC Tahoe

The Center Tear Papers is a collection of graphic, plot lines and scripts to help make the classic center more engaging and meaningful.

"In this book TC Tahoe explains his unique approach to the center tear and how he uses it to create strong and memorable routines that empower and help others. TC's empathy for others is visible in everything he writes, and it's hard to imagine anyone who would not be moved and helped by these routines. Highly recommended." - Richard Webster

"Well done TC. The scripting here is amazing. Using any center tear, it's a journey you take with your spectator. It has taken...

★★★★ $30
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Timothy Hyde
The Expert MC Toolkit & Resource Manual by Timothy Hyde

Timothy Hyde, international mentalist and founder of the project has a big secret. Over half of his business, is actually as an MC at corporate events world wide. His clients have used him in - South Africa, New Zealand, USA, every corner of Australia and he is about to head off to an assignment in Cambodia.

Many magicians have crossed over into this exciting and lucrative market, using the skills they already have to create fun and impact at a huge range of events. The market is vast and expanding. Assignments can include - Corporate, Association, Government, Social & Sporting...

★★★★★ $30 $20
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George Mackenzie Munro
The Lightning Sketcher by George Mackenzie Munro

An attractive rapid sketching act suitable for any entertainment. Easily acquired by means of the guide to presentations, non-technical self-instructor. Includes 30 exclusive lightning, reversible, and plain line sketches. Accompanied with the appropriate and witty patter. Anyone can do it. Little practice required. No preparation necessary.

  • A Triangular Yacht
  • Oval Oddities
  • An Animal With Points
  • The Cat
  • A Fruitful Pear
  • A Full Man From An Empty Coffin
  • Reversible Sketches
  • Line Sketches
  • Suggested "Patter" For Lightning Sketches
1st edition 1925, 32 pages; PDF 23 pages.
★★★★★ $5
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Sam Sharpe
The Magic Play by Sam Sharpe

Did you know that Doug Henning and his Broadway play, "The Magic Show", was not a new idea? Do you know about the hundred or more years of Magic Plays that preceded Doug's triumph? If you truly are a magician, you should know all about the background of your hobby or profession - and here's a very pleasant way to find out about it.

Sam Sharpe (M.I.M.C.) has done extensive research to produce this volume, The Magic Play. 150 pages of absorbing reading, all about the use of magic in dramatic plays, what tricks were used, what famous personages used them, where they were used, how they were...

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Dave Arch
Volunteer Game by Dave Arch

The next time you select a volunteer for one of your magic routines, why not play a quick game of chance to decide who the volunteer's going to be? Yet . . . do so with total confidence that the person you want to use in your show is always the one who wins the game.

Here are two different versions where numbered word cards are selected by various members of the audience and then read aloud in numerical order by the audience members. From experience, it is strongly suggested that you consider using both versions in the same show. Both times you use these cards the audience laughs louder...

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Jack Shepherd
Who Done It? by Jack Shepherd

A magical mystery in one act.

From the introduction:

It will be obvious after reading this manuscript that for the actual magical methods it would be simple to substitute other methods and other apparatus and still keep the basic idea. This is for the reader to decide, but we would suggest that if this is done, the apparatus used should be of a simple nature and not elaborate conjuring properties, as these would divert the attention of the audience from the story and routine to the magical mechanics, and it is the story that counts. The only way to get something really new is by a new...

★★★★ $4
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Brian T. Lees
Working with Music by Brian T. Lees

Music is an element that can take a simple show and make it fantastic. This text will identify the various uses of music. I will go into detail on a simple "start up" system you can use. Sources for music will be identified as well as editing materials. A system you can control while on stage, using music that has been edited to fit your performance might already be near your fingertips.

  • Uses of Music
  • Legal Issues
  • Emotion
  • Getting Started
  • Background
  • Choreographed
  • Looping and Editing
  • Back Up
  • Wrapping it Up

1st edition 2016, 22 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Wallace Lee
X-Jargon by Wallace Lee

This manuscript explains the art of "Double Talk" and how to use this to your advantage in magic shows.

PDF 8 pages.

★★★★ $4
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Aldo Colombini
Your Host For Tonight by Aldo Colombini

Finally, the long awaited ebook on how to MC is here! This is the professional MC’s handbook that teaches you how to be the perfect host for your show. It includes tips, funny bits of business and invaluable information. 30 years of experience all over the world condensed in dozens of pages full of advice. The importance of rehearsal, how to perfectly introduce the acts, know the acts, handle the end of the acts, how to manage... stage managers, sound and lights, don’t get trapped in the curtain, openings, stage standing ovations, intermissions, closing, curtain calls, life-saver lines,...

★★★★ $10
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