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Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Paul Hallas
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 24 December, 2012)

JinxWell worth having, Annemann's Practical Mental Effects was culled from these pages as was his card magic book. I actually own the hardcover versions rather than this e-edition book, but truthfully, anyone interested in mentalism or card magic should have The Jinx to refer to and at $15 it may be one of the best purchases you'll make all year.

The Dark Waltz

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Bobby Emeraldi
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Saturday 22 December, 2012)

The Dark WaltzI've been performing magic for over forty years. I have read thousands of magic manuscripts in that time. Almost every one of them claim to be the best. Hardly ever would that claim hold true.

For a beginning student, just starting out in this wonderous art, I would give them two textbooks. One would be "Mark Wilson's Complete Course In Magic" for a well rounded understanding of all the basic concepts in magic. The other would be this book, "The Dark Waltz" by Michael J Fraughton, for a solid understanding of how to apply those concepts.

Somewhere within the glamor and glitz of the Las Vegas type stages, the fundamental ideas of magic got lost. Tuxedos, flashy boxes, and scantily clad women took the essence out of what we are supposed to be, the keepers of a mystic realm. This book gives us back the mystic powers of a true magician while still providing entertainment values that are second to none.

It is not just a manuscript for Bizarrist, but captures the beating heart of magic itself. No longer will you be just some shmo providing cute little puzzles for your audience to figure out. You will be able to perform magic that touches an audience so deeply, so emotionally, that they won't care how you did it. They will just know that real magic exists and that they were lucky enough to experience it.

Reading "The Dark Waltz" was a rare pleasure, and got my magic back to where it was supposed to be. In fact, and I do not say these words lightly. it is THE absolute best book on magic I have ever read.

Nick Trost's Trick Kards

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Paul Hallas
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Saturday 22 December, 2012)

Nick Trost's Trick KardsThis is one of Nick Trost's best packet effects, wringing the maximum from what is now almost a standard twisting sequence. Can the cards be examined afterwards? No, but then, you've been telling people the cards are trick cards all along. Well thought out routine with more changes than most and an ending they don't see coming. It's a fun routine, better than some later variants.

The Instant Memory System

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Ku Tseri
Rating: ★★★★ (Date Added: Friday 21 December, 2012)

The Instant Memory SystemI bought this a while ago and to be honest was very disapointed this is actualy a marketing gimick for his other memory program which at the end of this after you been shown how to remember 20 items then you are adviced to buy is other program with many features.

For $10 you can buy a proper memory book by which will teach you many methods and how to apply them all thats in this book to sum it all up just google the peg and link system you will probably get better stuff from free web resources.

Card College Lightest

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Arif Ali
Rating: ★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 19 December, 2012)

Card College LightestWhy are greater books sold for less? Card College Lightest may be a fine read but no digital file is worth $26.

Mind Control

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Phil Reda (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 19 December, 2012)

Mind ControlGood But! Overall this is a good booklet - but for the price I was a little disappointed. There are some good points but the explanations are a little light in substance and the author tends to contradict himself. I am glad to have it on my shelf but you definately need other resources and that is the rub - there is very little information - I would recommend Max Maven's "Voice Control". This would have been a great book at half the price. Also the watch routine is good but you need to have a gimmick watch that is no longer available. But he does use the routine as an example of the magician's force. If you like the routine it can be duplicated with other methods.

Parallax: a topological miracle

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Paul Hallas
Rating: ★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 18 December, 2012)

Parallax: a topological miracleThis is a great effect and was recommended in my book "Magic From The Overground" in the chapter on strolling magic and table hopping where I shared my patter for it. It has been in my repertoire on and off for decades. In later years someone released something similar with a dollar bill. It plays better for adults than children. Well worth $7 .

Die Schnapszahl-Methode

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Felix Schellenberg
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 18 December, 2012)

Die Schnapszahl-MethodeA new (and I mean: really new) method for determining the day of the week with ease and speed. This is cleverly designed and as simple as it gets - the sheet does most the work for you. I'm truly impressed...

Nothing but the Truth

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Paul Hallas
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Saturday 15 December, 2012)

Nothing but the TruthI've always thought the lie detector plot (from experience using it) was a commercial plot, because it allows fun interaction from the spectator and seems inexplicable because of their own input. This is one of several packet trick versions of the plot available and I really like it and have used it. One day I'll make myself up a jumbo set. If there is a downside to this version it would be the lack of variety with the selection, but I doubt that will stop you using it, it didn't me. This is a direct solution to the plot you'll have fun using. Worth every penny.

The Best of Alchemy Card Magic

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Jozsef Kovacs
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 13 December, 2012)

The Best of Alchemy Card MagicEasy to do very effective and very clever card magic for close-up and cabaret magicians. Few of the tricks are 'semi-automatic' so you can concentrate on the performance. Paul and all the contributors have made a very good job. Highly recommended for everybody from beginners to professionals.


Overall customer rating: ★★★

reviewed by Gerard Zitta (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 13 December, 2012)

EquirockVery good idea and ebook. I like it and recommend it. Gerard Zitta

Swami and Mantra

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Phil Reda
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 10 December, 2012)

Swami and MantraThis is a steal at this price. I own the hard cover edition. There is so much usable material between the covers. I am amazed at the contributors - they were the movers and shakers of that time period. I am on my third read through and each time I am coming across new ideas for plots or something that can be updated. A little imagination and some updating and you a treasure trove of material. For example There is a numerology effect on page 34 that if performed today would blow people away - it is just begging for a good presentation. The mathematical principle is so well hidden I smiled as I read through the effect and method. Also on page 30 there is an improved Brainwave deck - this deck can be fanned and shown front and back before you start - any card thought of and it appears face up in a face down deck and again the deck can be fanned and shown front and back with the reversed card. Full instructions are given on how to make the deck. Those are just two effects. I also enjoy reading the Indian Faker routines - though I would never attempt them - like eating glass or razor blades - but they are very interesting. When you first see the layout it looks rough and Richard Kaufman in the publishers note of the hard cover edition even states that this was a low budget newsletter and the intent was to preserve it's originality . I highly recommend this combined set and should be on any serious students reference shelf - again this is low price to pay for the wealth of material between the covers

Into Thin Air

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Audencio Alanis
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Monday 10 December, 2012)

Into Thin AirExellent routine one of the best 3 coin routines. The video definetely helps. Thank you.

Outta Sight

Overall customer rating: ★★★

reviewed by Lee Boyd (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★ (Date Added: Friday 07 December, 2012)

Outta SightIt needs to be pointed out that you need a gimmick deck to perform this which is not pointed out at the offset. In addition, you need additional materials as well. Whilst the method used is acceptable, I do not feel that the deck could be fully examined as it suggests..... Which to all in tense and purposes is the reason I purchased it only to be feeling mislead. It indicates that it differs and is unlike other effects of the same vibe, I totally disagree.

The non gimmicked version, in my opinion is also a cop out.... It is a very condescending method which if I was a spectator, the magician would have no end of problems as it relies on audience management. The title notes advertised for the non gimmicked version, I feel are somewhat misleading. This method would have been better if he had kept it a secret as I feel it is unethical.

Lee Boyd BoydiniMagic

Envelopology Part 1

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Ewen Wilson
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 04 December, 2012)

Envelopology Part 1Hot on the heels of "My Q&A" comes "Envelopology" another wee gem from Scott, these are some of Scott's ideas for taking some classic 20th Century envelope gimmicks and kicking them into the 21st Century. I cant say too much without the risk of exposing Scott's thinking but the changes he has made result, in improved handling in several areas, even more innocent looking props and in one case he has taken a very clever effect from Anneman's Practical Mental Magic that required the use of index cards and a gimmicked box and updated it using envelopes I'm really looking forward to giving this a try. As with "My Q&A" I would strongly suggest that you get to your nearest stationery store and pick up some envelopes as soon as possible and then re read the book with envelopes in hand.

If you like to use billets, index cards and envelopes in your act then this is a great buy at £9.37p I'm looking forward to the release of Envelopology 2

Lecture 2012

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Phil Reda (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Tuesday 20 November, 2012)

Lecture 2012For the price this is a nice package - lecture notes as well as a Video of the lecture ( about an hour). As stated the Video is a no frills production - shot from the audience and hard to see some of the close up shots but the performance and explanations are good and with a little knowledge of basic slights not a problem. The chair test was my favorite and felt I got my money worth. The spoon and coin bending had several nice touches that can be added to any bend routine you may be performing. Kill scene was good and has a great emotional plot- simple to perform.

Autobend Silverware

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Tim W.
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 08 November, 2012)

Autobend SilverwareI've been wanting to do some metal bending for quite some time. I have the Liquid Metal DVD but never got around to ordering a supply of forks to begin the painful work of learning a bending routine. Then this caught my eye. I'm thinking...$ good can it be. So I downloaded. Wow. This is really a visual bend!

I read the reviews and Autobend Silverware and it got good reviews. Apparently, a previous release of the product contained a pre-made spoon gimmick. The PDF download for $8 does NOT have a gimmick. The manuscript provides detailed instructions on how to make your own gimmick. I was able to get some cheap but sturdy spoons to bend from Dollar General and the other "material." Within 30 minutes of leaving the house, I had my first first gimmick made. Within another 30 minutes of practicing I had revised a second gimmick to enhance the illusion of melting. Now am I confident I am ready to perform. It is really that easy.

Unlike some other famous fork routines, the bend really happens in front of the spectator. It can be a slow bend or a fast bend. The bending movement is surreal looking. It is self working. Like all self-working tricks, it still takes a little practice to get a smooth routine and handling figured out. You can hand out the pieces of the spoon after it melts apart. There is a little something that you need to ditch to be completely clean but you should be able to figure that out. By the end of the night, I was bending like a pro. This is one of those routines that you can do in front of the mirror and amaze yourself.

The total cost of the materials to make 6 bending spoons and a lifetime supply of the other material cost me about $8. So for a total of $16 clams I got a killer routine. Unlike Liquid Metal, where you are going to destroy dozens of forks to become proficient, with Autobend Silverware you reuse the gimmicked spoon. You can give out the pieces if you'd like but I don't see the need.

I haven't even read through the manuscript yet. It looks like there are a lot of routine ideas and handling for swapping out the gimmick. Highly recommended.

No Skill Comedy Mind Reading

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Jerome Kish
Rating: ★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 07 November, 2012)

No Skill Comedy Mind ReadingOne or two good lines, but most are stale. Definitely not details for a workable comedy partner act as I expected.

202 Methods of Forcing

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by David Bilan
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 31 October, 2012)

202 Methods of Forcingless than a penny a method! Seriously, you proprably will find 3 or 4 methods that will become your "go to" forces. What about the other 198 forces? This classic will help put you in the thinking mode. Annemenn's work is a must-have.

Stanyon's Magic Magazine Volume 12 (Oct 1911 - Sep 1912)

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Etienne Lorenceau
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Friday 26 October, 2012)

Stanyon's Magic Magazine Volume 12 (Oct 1911 - Sep 1912)The Stanyon Lessons in C&Bs are extremely valuable and have been unduly shadowed by the excellent michael Ammar's work on the effect. Stanyon however covers effects achieved with one all the way up to six balls. This is definitely a must for any magician interested into designing his own routine rather than just doing another presentation of Dai Vernon (who is entirely to be found in Jean Caroly's book dated 1900 except for the Mora wand spin)

At this price it's almost a theft of something invaluable

The Fun Shop Cups and Balls

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Etienne Lorenceau
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Thursday 25 October, 2012)

The Fun Shop Cups and BallsIn 2012 this was by far the best C&Bs routine printed or in video in the 60000 and somewhat titles in my book and video library... and it may remain so for quite a while. Incredible. It fooled the best magicians and will entertain the lay people alike.

Just outstanding

The Mark of Abigail

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Carlos Visa Vidal (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 03 October, 2012)

The Mark of AbigailFor me, a little disappointing. I really bought the ebook cause I thought I will see some pics and drawings of the cards, etc. The secret was what I though, so.. for me not a good thing to buy.

Day One

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by Aaro Sorva (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Sunday 23 September, 2012)

Day OneThis is great. I love it. It's very easy to do and you can learn any date of the year with simple mnemonics.

My Q and A

Overall customer rating: ★★★★★

reviewed by Alfonso Bartolacci (confirmed purchase)
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Friday 21 September, 2012)

My Q and AFor the first time in decades, and after thousand books bought, we find here an author that speaks the truth word for word : : every statement done in the premise is respected, no stooge, no pre show, no preparation (he says 20 minutes, I have done all in 5!), no electronics, no nothing except few envelopes and paper, really practical and performable on demand!

In this manuscript, you find really psychological thinking together with practical advise, and after 20 years of Q&A peformed everywhere here in Italy, this is the only routine that I have read hat gives you ALL you need (except how to become a mentalist!) to perform a very good Q&A routine solving all the problems connected to it!!!

Just a bit, for my taste, too much passages and manipulation (that you anyway learn in 10 minutes), but if you work on it and customize I think you can have REALLY a 40 minute stage and parlour routine to produce on demand, everywhere and really naked (if you explain me why we should perform naked!!) WELL DONE. Thanks, best 30 buck invested in last 5 years, after 30 years of performing mentalism here in Italy and 5 book written on the subject, you surprise me!!! Alfonso

Table-Hopping Cups and Balls

Overall customer rating: ★★★★

reviewed by John Pyka
Rating: ★★★★★ (Date Added: Wednesday 19 September, 2012)

Table-Hopping Cups and BallsScott's routine is strong! It is commerical, powerful magic and the routine is designed to be a worker. If you are a working professional that wants a self contained act that packs small, plays big and resets instantly, then this is a routine you need to look at!

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