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The RnB Project

by Raphaël Czaja

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The RnB Project by Raphaël Czaja

Customer rank: +1

"It is really great. I especially liked his Poker Wave, but Revolution and Oddpen Prediction are also excellent. Raph is to be congratulated on three well thought out routines that are definite 'workers'." - Stephen Tucker

"A lot of magicians seem to be put off by effects that require two decks. Let me put those fears to bed and say that all three of the effects in this ebook have the potential to hit hard." - Donny Orbit

"Poker Wave is a strong, well constructed effect with a surprise ending that will blindside the participant. [...] Oddpen Prediction is a powerful, seemingly fair rendition [of Paul Curry's classic]." - Tom Frame (Genii reviewer)

"I've tried Oddpen Prediction in the real world and the reaction is amazing." - Tommaso Guglielmi

"Revolution and Oddpen Prediction are KILLER!! I fooled myself when I was walking through the effects." - Gino Garcia

Unlike many magicians, I like tricks that use two decks of cards. Using odd backed cards in a routine often gives the spectator the perception of 'this is fair'. They come to the conclusion that the odd backed card gives them an advantage and that they can easily follow what is going on.

For this e-book, I have decided to gather three tricks that are all prediction effects but are different in terms of plots and handlings. They are all easy to do and reset fast!

[Please note that each effect can also be purchased separately.]

REVOLUTION: An ACAAN effect inspired by Cameron Francis' Convergence effect!

A red backed deck is placed aside for the moment. You and a spectator shuffle a blue backed deck. You take the deck back and show that the cards are numbered on their faces, from 1 to 52 in a random order. Two cards are selected and tabled. The spectator is given a free choice to select one of the two cards placed on the table. The selected card is turned face up. The number written on it is 19. You ask the spectator to pick up the red deck and to deal 19 cards. The 19th card is turned face up. It is the 9 of Spades.The remaining selection is turned face up. It is also the 9 of Spades!

Note: If the other card had been selected, you would have used the number of the other card also! Different outcomes (cards and numbers) may occur and everything is immediately examinable.

POKER WAVE: A B'Wave effect with a new twist!

You remove two packets of cards – one red back and one blue back - from your wallet. The red backed packet is placed at the center of the mat and the blue backed packet is placed into your left hand. You explain that you are going to play a game similar to poker. You point out the four-card packet on the table saying,

"I have four cards here and among them lie three Aces of different suits. I've added an indifferent card that might come in useful in a few moment. In my hand I have five cards. Four are Aces and the fifth is a duplicate of the missing Ace from the packet on the table. Your job is to find the duplicate Ace to complete the Ace packet on the table. If you don't mind, would you give me a number from 1 to 5 (included)."

In our example, the spectator says 2. You count the cards until you reach the card that matches the selected number. In this case, the second card of the packet is tabled face down.

"Now, wouldn't it be amazing if the indifferent card in the red backed packet had the same suit as your selection?"

You turn the red backed card face up - it is the Ten of Hearts. You turn the selection face up – it is the Ace of Hearts!

"I know what you're thinking. I told you all the cards were Aces and that I've added a duplicate of the Ace of Hearts. So all the cards may be Aces of Hearts! And they indeed are... But I knew you wouldn't pick one of these anyway."

You turn the blue backed packet face up and display four Aces of Hearts with "YOU WON'T PICK THIS ONE" boldly written on each face!

"As long as we have the Ace and the Ten of the same suit, why not get the best hand in poker instead?"

Snap your fingers and ask the spectator to turn the remaining red backed cards face up... They are the Jack, Queen and King of Hearts! A perfect royal flush!

Note: Whatever the chosen number is, you always count the same way, starting from the top. It may be examined after a simple secret move.

ODDPEN PREDICTION: An effortless Open Prediction effect!

You bring a red backed prediction out of your pocket along with a blue backed deck of cards.

"Have you ever been in a situation in which you regretted not following your first intuition? Intuition is a very intriguing concept for scientists and psychologists. It provides us with beliefs that we cannot necessarily justify. Today, we're going to re-enact one of those experiments and hopefully this may lead to a successful ending."

You deal the cards face down one by one on the table as you ask the spectator to tell you to stop when she 'feels' it is the right moment. You mark the spot with the prediction exactly where the spectator stops you. You now reveal that your prediction was the Queen of Hearts. You explain that you waited to show any of the faces because you didn't want to unexpectedly influence her choice. But obviously, she may think that the cards are all Queens of Hearts. You spread the deck and table the prediction along with the spectator's selection under it. You turn the deck face up and show that every card is indeed different. You reveal the spectator's selection: It is also the Queen of Hearts!

Note: Not a single sleight is required. It may be examined after a really simple, logical and IN FULL VIEW move!

1st edition 2011; 24 pages.
word count: 4933 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text

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