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Trimpromptu Card Magic

by Raphaël Czaja

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Trimpromptu Card Magic by Raphaël Czaja

The title speaks for itself. Raphael has collected three commercial and off-beat routines that are impromptu and basically effortless. The deck is freely shuffled by the spectator before each performance. No set-ups, no duplicates, no extra props.

MISSING IN ACTION: Two cards are glanced and lost into the deck. You remove three face-down cards and get rid of two, keeping one that you claim is spectator 1's card. He says his card is one that has been put away. Yet he is unable to find it because it is the one in your hand! As spectator 2's card is not among those, you reveal it by mind-reading!

WATER FOR ELEPHANTS: A kind of reversed Oil & Water in two phases, in which the cards are alternated from the start and end up separated.

TOTAL RECALL: You pretend to memorize the order of a freely shuffled deck and turn your back. The spectator selects a card that is then lost into the deck. When you face him again, you spread the deck face up, make a couple of statements and reveal his selection!

"Looks great. I liked Missing In Action best!" - Stephen Tucker

"I really enjoyed working through all of the effects- lots of great ideas." - John Gelasi

"Awesome stuff Raphael!" - Kyle MacNeill

"Missing in Action really got me excited - a very nice take on a sleightfree classic which can play as gambler's demonstration where obviously the magician fails and is in big trouble... until you prove them all completely wrong!" - Felix Schellenberg

"My personal favorite is Water For Elephants because it fits in a routine I currently do. It is a nice approach to the classic oil and water." - ash2arani (Magic Cafe member)

1st edition 2012, 8 pages.
word count: 2347 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Feras Alkharboush (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 23 March, 2013

Trimpromptu is a collection of 3 effects that you probably won't perform, but has ideas that you're likely to enjoy. The first effect contains an idea to use the Cut Deeper force for 2 selections, forcing one and glimpsing the other. The effect is a sucker trick, you seemingly fail to find a selection but you show you're holding the correct one (Dunbury Delusion style), and then *mentally* divine the other selection. 2 phases with different plots not connected to each other in any way. I won't perform it but the Cut Deeper force idea is worth exploring.

The 2nd effect is a reverse Oil and Water ending with a separation (i.e actual Oil and Water). Nothing special here though it does look hectic. You openly displace some cards while they're face down after *displaying* them face up, which isn't as clean as you might wish. For the O&W phase, you *display* the whole packet twice, face up then face down, to get the desired result. Lots of better methods exist for reverse and normal O&W.

The last effect is the worst. A procedural way to find a selection with the theme of memorizing a freely shuffled deck, a theme that's not even done well. You actually have the spectator cut the deck AFTER you have *memorized* the deck. Total nonsense. I actually had to re-read the trick several times to make sure I didn't miss on anything, since this does not resemble a card-memorization routine, at all.

The only thing I got from this is the Cut Deeper force idea. Not sure if it's worth 5 bucks.

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