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Who doesn't like to play games? Even more fun than playing is winning. Many of our ebooks will help you play better, win more, learn new strategies and acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation of chess, bridge and several other games.

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Games of Skill and Conjuring by unknown

Instructions for games, magic tricks, model building, giving shows, and more.

  • Games Of Skill
    • Draughts
      • Laws Of The Game
      • Games For Practice
      • Concluding Observations
    • Dominoes
    • Chess
      • The Chess-Board And Chessmen
      • Value And Moves Of The Pieces
      • Laws Of Chess
      • Technical Terms Used In Chess
      • Opening The Game
      • Games For Practice
      • General Observations
      • Conclusion
    • Morrice
    • Fox And Geese
  • Conjuring
    • Legerdemain And Simple Deceptions
    • To Lift A Bottle With A Straw
    • The Tobacco Pipe Jug Stand
    • To Break A Stick Placed On Two Glasses
    • The Bottle Conjuror
    • The Mysterious Wafers
    • Advantageous...
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The Play Room by unknown

This is an interesting book with beautifully weird games, stunts, experiments, puzzles and magic, some of which I have not seen described anywhere else.

  • Play Room Games
    • Blind-Man's-Buff
    • How D'ye Like Your Neighbor?
    • One Old Ox Opening Oysters
    • Magic Music
    • Twirling The Plate
    • How Do You Like It? When Do You Like It? And Where Do You Like It?
    • What Is My Thought Like?
    • Cupid's Coming
    • Cross Questions And Crooked Answers
    • Consequences
    • I Love My Love With An A
    • Proverbs
    • The Emperor Of Morocco
    • Buff
    • The Family Coach
    • Earth, Air, And Water
    • Oranges And Lemons
    • Pigeons Fly
    • Red-Cap And Blue-Cap ...
★★★★ $5
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John Palfreyman
Magic in a Game by John Palfreyman

From the Foreword by Ali Bongo:

So the telephone rings and the client says ... "Can you provide two hours entertainment?" ... "Of course!" ... you say, doing a quick bit of mental arithmetic to double your normal fee. Having confirmed the booking, you make a bee-line for the book-shelf to search for this book. Because this book ... plus a few bits and bobs ... will furnish the wherewithal for that extra hour of entertainment.

Think of the advantages! You need only do one show in an afternoon instead of two ... no mad dash when the first show runs late ... less packing ... less wear and tear on...

★★★★★ $5
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Jonathan H. Green
Gamblers' Tricks With Cards Exposed and Explained by Jonathan H. Green

This is an unusual mix of contents including magic card tricks, card games and how gamblers cheat at those games, other swindles and scams, a section on dice and cheating at dice games, as well as moralizing against the evils of gambling.

Jonathan H. Green was a reformed gambler, who made a career exposing cheating via lectures, presentations and books.

An earlier shorter edition of this book was published under the title Games and Tricks with Cards.

If you are looking for an edited version and somewhat modernized rendition of this book you can find it here.

  • Chapter I
    • Invention Of Cards
    • Mysterious Trick...
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George (Steamboat) Stewart
The Stewart Simplified Method of Mimicry and Parlor Amusement by George (Steamboat) Stewart

If you are an entertainer you will surely appreciate this little book. This original manuscript teaches you how to imitate a wide range of sounds using only your hands and your mouth. It is very difficult to find other books on this subject so this may be your only opportunity to learn this fun and entertaining art.

Although it is not exactly magic, the magician can incorporate one or more ideas within the book in his performance with a comic effect. In the right "hands" this act will be a riot.

The booklet is packed with many imitations to learn. You will be taught to produce the following...

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Eve Lynn
Organized Fun: Adult Audience Participation Fun for Parties, Cruises, Resorts, ... by Eve Lynn

These are ideas that you can use as Social Director, Emcee, Host or Hostess for parties and other group activities. The games are primarily designed for adults, but some can certainly be adopted for children, too.

1st edition 1972, 1st digital edition 2013, 72 pages.

★★★★★ $7.95
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D. Angelo Ferri
Giocate! by D. Angelo Ferri

This ebook is a study of the classic Italian card games: Scopa, Quindici, Briscola, and Tresette. The author's interest in playing cards dates back to childhood, his grandparents, his family … they loved to play cards; so does he.

In addition to rules, you will find beginner to advanced playing strategies and Ferri's method for secretly signaling your partner as to what cards you hold. This is based on the system he learned from one of his early influences - the great John Scarne.

In addition to be being one of the greatest manipulator of playing cards and perhaps the greatest card mechanic of...

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John Scarne
Scarne Compilation by John Scarne

Included in this compilation are all 13 issues of the extremely rare John Scarne's Newsletter as well as the ebook Three Card Monte which was not written by Scarne, but he provided all the contents for it.

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John Scarne
Scarne on Cards by John Scarne

How to win at Poker, Gin, Pinochle, Blackjack and many other games.

Scarne on Cards is not only a fundamental reference and rule ebook; it is a dependable guide for anyone who wants to avoid being victimized by cheating and sharp practice, and for anyone who wants to play a better game and thereby improve his chances of winning.

"John Scarne is to games what Dr. Einstein is to advanced physics." - John Lardner, in Newsweek

"John Scarne is the most expert exponent of wonderful card effects and table work that I have ever seen in my life." - Nate Leipzig

"John Scarne's one-man expose...

★★★★★ $12
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John Scarne
Scarne's Encyclopedia of Games by John Scarne

Here is the most complete, most authoritative reference ebook on games available. Just about every game you can think of - in all, more than 1000 games and their variations - is described, together with the latest rules and easy-to-follow instructions. And to add to your enjoyment, here are hundreds of play-to-win tips from John Scarne, the famous authority on games and gambling.

In the more than 600 double-column, oversize pages you will find many old favorites as well as newly invented games including gambling games, variations of solitaire, social games, board games, and parlor games to...

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John Scarne
Scarne's Encyclopedia of Card Games by John Scarne

This encyclopedia is the essential, all-inclusive guide to card playing. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the histories and variations of the world's most popular card games:

  • Draw Poker & Stud Poker
  • Bridge, Whist & Euchre
  • Canasta, Pinochle, Cribbage, Hearts & All-Fours
  • Baccarat, Chemin de Fer, Card Craps, Quince, Black Jack, Faro, Monte & Bezique
  • Solitaire, Old Maid & Others
Plus you will learn many card games for children and families, odds and probabilities of getting the hands you want. There is also a solid chapter on how to detect cheating, a complete glossary...
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John Scarne
Scarne on Teeko by John Scarne

Teeko was the most successful game Scarne invented. There were many Teeko clubs and tournaments in the US and abroad. Even Orson Welles was an avid Teeko player. Despite its initial success and clever game design, Teeko has fallen out of favor and only a small fan community remains and plays Teeko today.

Teeko reminds me on the game 4-in-a-row since winning patterns are four in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally, as well as four pieces in a square. But since pieces can be moved after the initial placement phase, it borrows from checkers and chess. It is also quite similar to the...

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John Scarne
Skarney by John Scarne

From the back cover:

John Scarne, the world's foremost game authority, proudly presents Skarney, his new fantastic card game creation. Skarney is the first really new basic card game concept of this century. It can be played in 30 different ways, each a terrific game in itself. In fact, additional strategy, excitement and flavor are added to each new game played. Skarney is not only a true partnership game, but a true single-handed game that can be played by two to six players, each playing for himself. It has bluff as in Poker, scores like Canasta, and is played like no other game. It has...

★★★★ $12
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John Scarne
Scarney Dice by John Scarne

John Scarne invented many games. None had any lasting success, although many of them a very clever inventions. This is a collection of games with dice.

From the back cover:

Scarney Dice, the fantastic, new dice era, is without a doubt the greatest contribution to dice playing since the invention of dice back in the prehistoric Neanderthal days. There are forty terrific, exciting, new kinds of dice games for home, club, and casion that may be played with the Scarney Dice. Included among this group of fantastic skill and chance games are Scarney Dice, Scarney Poker Dice, Scarney Duplicate...

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Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 products)