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Some of the biggest treasures can be found in old magazines and journals. Most tricks are first published in a magazine and then later appear in books. If you want to read about the roots of effects or get a feeling of how it was to be a magician in former times, or if you just can't get enough to read, magazines are the best resource. Many famous magicians of the likes of Dai Vernon, Nate Leipzig or Ted Annemann left their early traces in journals. Few pleasures compare to reading old conjuring journals. The ones I can offer you here are some of the best magic magazines of all time. And comics - what can I say - they have to be seen to be appreciated.

If old magazines are not for you and you rather want to read a current up-to-date magic magazine then check out Magicseen. It has a great mix of interviews, effects, reviews, and news.

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Charles Thorton Jordan
The Sign of Exceptional Magic by Charles Thorton Jordan

This periodical was released by Ted Annemann. The plan was to publish some 350 original tricks by Charles T. Jordan that Jordan had released earlier either as single tricks or in booklets. Here is Annemann in his own words:

With this issue starts a series of magical secrets conceived by that genius of subtle sorcery, Mr. Charles T. Jordan. In years to come, the completed set will prove to be a bonanza of information second to none in the annals of magical literature. Its hundreds of practical-plus conceptions will ever be turned to, and the time will never come when a study of its pages will not disclose...

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Clarke Crandall
Clarke the Senator Crandall Comments by Clarke Crandall

This periodical was published from June 1974 to August 1975, a total of 7 issues, with the last issue published posthumously.

  • Issue 1
    • It's a Mystery to Me
    • An Open Letter to an Open-Headed Senator
    • The Lyron
    • No Guarantee
  • Issue 2
    • Castle Comments
    • Comments by the readers of Comments
    • Obits
    • Get Off His Back
    • The Elliphunt
    • Backpage Comments
  • Issue 3
    • Castle Comments
    • The Bulletin Board
    • Kuda Bux proves reporters wrong
    • Magicians assemble for Victoria "Seance"
    • I make it a Rule not to Discuss either Politics or Religion
    • Implant Aids Men Stricken by Impotency
    • Comments by the readers...
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Max Sterling
The Magical World by Max Sterling

This periodical ran from November 1910 until May 1911 and was edited by Max Sterling. Volume one contained 26 issues and volume two ended the series with No. 3 - a total of more than 470 pages.

Volume 1, Number 1 (November 2nd, 1910)

  • Announcements
  • Between Ourselves
  • What Others Are Doing - Oswald Williams
  • Practical Magic - Levitation of a Card
  • For Beginners - A Japanese Floral Fan-cy
  • Impromptu Tricks - The Impossible Die
  • Cards - Simple Effect
  • Whereabouts This Week
  • Among the Dealers
  • Magical Societies: Northern Magical Society; Order of the Magi
  • Reviews
  • Questions and Answers ...
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James McKnight
The Modern Magician by James McKnight

This periodical ran from October 1932 to April 1934 and saw 8 numbers published. Complete files are uncommon. In this digital form, it can be enjoyed by a much wider group of readers.

Volume 1, Number 1, October 1932

  • Editorial
  • How to Stick a Hatpin through the tongues without injury
  • I Witnessed Betty Jane's Act. By an Observer
  • The Meeting Place. Conducted by George Linnhauser.
  • Doc. Distel effect. Card Stabbing Supreme
  • Reviews: The Vanishing Goat, by Frank Lane

Volume 1, Number 2, November 1932

  • Editorial
  • A New Pass. J. Burnes
  • A New Box Escape.
  • Wrinkle. By Kolar
  • The Autobiography...
★★★★★ $19.50
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Chris Wasshuber
Best of Magazines by Chris Wasshuber

Note: If you email us your three absolute favorite articles found in any magic magazine or journal before you purchase this ebook, you will get this ebook for free. We will need from you for each article the title of the article, the author, the journal title, year, month, volume, issue, page, and a short explanation why you like that article so much.

From the introduction:

Anybody who has done a good amount of reading in magic literature will have noticed that some of the biggest gems are hidden in magic magazines and journals. There is a good reason for that. Books typically focus on...

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George Marchese
L'Illusionista by George Marchese

L'ILLUSIONISTA 1890-91 prima serie completa

IL progetto che vi presentiamo ha, tra l'altro lo scopo di conservare e trasmettere opere classiche della Prestigiazione che altrimenti andrebbero perdute. E' con gioia quindi che vi presentiamo la digitalizzazione della prima serie di quella che fu la prima rivista di Prestigiazione pubblicata nel nostro paese!


Pubblicata a Genova dall' agosto 1890 all'aprile 1891. Come esso stesso si definisce: " Periodico mensile di Prestidigitazione unico in Italia che si occupi esclusivamente di tale materia". Il periodico fu edito...

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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products)