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The "Chinese Linking Rings" is a beautiful classic similar to the "Cups and Balls". Many famous performers have shared their interpretation with the magic fraternity and have contributed to the progress in ring handling.

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Nic Rosengrim
Ring in Walnut by Nic Rosengrim

Ring in walnut is an old trick, but here its a new version where a borrowed finger ring disappears and appears in a freely chosen walnut with a twist.

1st edition 2014, 15 pages, photo illustrated.

$10 $5
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Aldo Colombini
Rings and Things by Aldo Colombini

Ten routines with large rings and finger rings. All effects are performed with rings and other props such as silks, ropes, padlocks and pens. They are suitable for close-up and walk-around magic, and most are impromptu and can be performed with borrowed objects.


  • RING ON STICK (Bill Simon): A finger ring escapes from a handkerchief and reappears on a stick or a pen.
  • PICK A FINGER (Ken de Courcy): The perfect opening for a ring routine. You show your hand empty, a spectator picks a finger and on that finger a ring suddenly appears.
  • DIRECT RING/ROPE PENETRATION (Michael Sondermeyer): A ring...
★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Ring and Rope by Aldo Colombini

Ten easy routines with rings and ropes. All the effects are performed with regular props (3 to 5 inch diameter rings, ropes and silks). They are suitable for close-up, walk-around, stage, etc. You may tie several effects together to create a unique routine.


  • RING AND ROPE MOVE (George Hills): A rope and a ring. The ends and the middle are always in view but the ring penetrates the rope.
  • HINDU RING MYSTERY (Eddie Joseph): The perfect follow-up for the previous trick. The ring penetrates the rope and becomes free.
  • THE CHEEKY ROPE AND RING TRICK (Aldo Colombini): A ring is threaded on the...
★★★★ $10
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Michael Close
Ring and Shoelace by Michael Close

Borrow a finger ring and magically thread it onto a shoelace while both ends are held by two spectators. Just as magical as you have put the ring on the shoelace you take it off.

This effect is also taught on Michael Close Signature Effects.

★★★★ $5
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Aldo Colombini
Still Ringing Around (ebook) by Aldo Colombini

Here you have thirteen effects with a ring and a rope, both ordinary. Aldo does not recommend to perform all 13 in a row as it may be too long of a routine, but select the ones you like and create your own sequence.

Ring and rope effects are always popular with any audience. They take little room in your pocket or performing table and are always ready to go. Both routines are also available as a download DVD of the same name: Still Ringing Around (download DVD)

1st edition 2011; 17 pages.

★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Three Ring Concerto by Aldo Colombini

An elegant presentation for a classic! A three ring routine (from a standard set of Linking Rings) using new moves and some old ones, including moves with the rings and a piece of rope that you will love. Aldo perform this with music, but any kind of presentation can be applied. This routine has been Aldo's choice for an encore performance for many years.

★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Aldo Colombini
Still Ringing Around (download DVD) by Aldo Colombini

A new great download DVD with two ring and rope routines.

RINGING AROUND TOO: This routine is comprised of five different effects with a ring and rope.

STILL RINGING: This routine is a series of eight tricks where a ring links and unlinks from an ordinary piece of rope (all different effects from “Ringing Around Too”).

The same routines are also described in an ebook of the same title: Still Ringing Around (ebook)

★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Scott F. Guinn
Symphony for Ring & String by Scott F. Guinn

Scott's finger ring and string routine flows along in a harmonious blend of magic! This is strong, commercial, practical magic with ordinary items. Pure sleight of hand accomplishes the powerful magic, but it's nothing difficult to learn. This is a routine you'll be proud to include in your performing arsenal. A great routine for all skill levels and virtually any close-up performing situation!

A string is held at both ends and the loop is dipped into a purse clasp (coin purse with no bag). When the string is lifted out of the clasp, a ring is dangling from the loop! The ring penetrates off...

★★★ $10
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Scott F. Guinn
Great Scott's Ring and Rope Routine by Scott F. Guinn

Another routine that has helped to earn Scott's reputation, both in the magic community and with lay-audiences. Combining some well known moves with some that will be new to you, this is a multi-phased routine where a solid metal ring magically penetrates on and off an ordinary rope. The penetrations become progressively more clean and amazing, leading up to a killer finale!

The ring and rope are completely unprepared and may be examined. The ring is never just put on or taken off the rope--it goes on magically, and then it comes off magically. It is also modular, so you can do the whole...

★★★★★ $10
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(Benny) Ben Harris
Slink by (Benny) Ben Harris

Use any Russian Wedding Band (for example search 'Russian Wedding Ring' on Amazon)

Slink is a sleight of hand Linking Finger Ring Routine that is easily constructed by modifying any Russian Wedding Band. You can find these at your local markets or trinket store. This type of ring has three bands, linked together. You need to purchase one of them. It is suggested you start with the cheapest unit you can find, and then once familiar with the handling, you can purchase a heavier set in silver or gold.

In effect, you display two silver rings. These are held at the fingertips, and then with...

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Tony Chapparo
Airborne by Tony Chapparo

This is a very visual finger ring vanish and reappearance enabled by a simple gimmick which you can build yourself cheaply and quickly.

Show your ring on your finger. Pull the ring clearly and cleanly off from your finger - poof - the ring is back on your finger where it belongs.

1st edition 2009; 6 pages.

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Daryl Easton
Ring, Rope and Wand by Daryl Easton

This is a wonderfully visual and very simple routine. No gimmicks required. One simple move does the trick.

All you need is a wand, stick or pencil, a piece of rope and a borrowed finger ring. You ask two spectators to assist you. Rope, ring and wand are examined. Then the ring is fairly and openly put on the center of the rope. The magician covers the ring with his hand, each spectator holds with one hand an end of the rope and with the other hand an end of the wand. The ring magically jumps from the rope onto the wand. Voila!

Simple to perform and suitable for the beginner.


★★★★★ $6
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Barry Ray
Barry's Ring 'n' Rope Routine by Barry Ray

This is Barry Ray's working routine. It is a three phase routine, with three addional moves, and it can be perform surrounded.

1st edition 2009; 27 pages; 42 photos.

★★★★ $20
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Mike Caveney
Impromptu Linking Coat Hangers by Mike Caveney

Mike finally releases one of his true pet routines. Imagine linking and unlinking two borrowed and unprepared coat hangers. You can have the coat hangers examined both before and after the routine.

The gimmick is easy to make, invisible, and straight forward to deploy and clean up.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 2000.

runtime: 10min 12s

★★★ $6
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Gregory Wilson
Florida Keys by Gregory Wilson

Two borrowed keys link and unlink from a key ring.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 1998.

runtime: 5 min 47 s

★★★★★ $6
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MP4 (video)

Dariel Fitzkee
Linking Ring Manipulation by Dariel Fitzkee

This is an important work on linking rings. It includes Fitzkee's "The Oriental Rings" routine.

34 pages

  1. Contents
  2. Preface
  3. The Old Routine
  4. Methods Of Gaining Possession Of Concealed Key Ring
  5. The Box Method
  6. The Japanese Basket
  7. The Newspaper
  8. The Table
  9. The Handkerchief
  10. Other Concealments
  11. Body Concealment
  12. The Oriental Rings
  13. The Apparatus
  14. Preparation
  15. The Presentation
  16. The Wrist Count
  17. The Drop Count
  18. The Single Ring Count
  19. An Exchange
  20. A Namreh Solid Ring Move
  21. The Clash Link
  22. Key Steal
  23. Laurant's Clash
  24. Triple Chain Substitution
  25. To Remove The Center From The Triple Chain
  26. The...
★★★★★ $7
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Lewis Ganson & Aldo Colombini
Rings Supreme Teach-In by Lewis Ganson & Aldo Colombini

This is a wonderful three ring routine developed by Aldo Colombini studying performances by Dai Vernon and Rink, Jay Marshall, Duraty and others. Aldo mixed these influences with his own unique creativity to develop one of the best three ring routines ever developed.

This was part of the famous Ganson Teach-In series originally published by Supreme Magic Inc. Rights are now owned by Martin Breese whom we thank for the kind permission to reproduce this booklet.

[Get the full collection of all 17 Teach-Ins at a huge discount.

1st edition 1978; original 23 pages; PDF 28 pages.

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Requirements
  4. Performance ...
★★★★ $9.50
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D. Angelo Ferri
Slydini's Linking Pins by D. Angelo Ferri

I have studied a linking pin routine myself many years ago. It wasn't this Slydini routine, but the effect is very strong because safety-pins are familiar to everyone. And if you can do something magical with a common object then you have a miracle at your hands. Now you can learn a routine which the master of misdirection devised himself.

Dennis writes:

Slydini taught me his Linking Pins Routine sometime in the late 1970's. For several Thanksgiving's, during that period of time, Slydini arranged for several of his students, including myself, to perform at the Windows on the World Restaurant,...

★★★★ $5.95
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D. Angelo Ferri
Slydini's Linking Rings by D. Angelo Ferri

Slydini's Linking Ring Routine is a show stopper. Layman love it and magicians schooled in the Linking Rings are puzzled by it. It is everything a stage routine should be, entertaining and mystifying. This 91 page manuscript includes over 100 instructional photos and careful descriptions of each phase of the routine. Slydini's Rings are not 'quiet'. This is a classic conception. The rings are linked and then all the rings are handed out for inspection. An impromptu assistant is invited on stage and a very entertaining interaction between the magician and his impromptu assistant takes place. The assistant...

★★★★★ $19.95
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L. C. Collier
A Three Ring Routine by L. C. Collier

This is a beautiful three ring routine with patter, featuring a new deceptive "Gap Spin" move.

1st edition 2003; 14 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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L. C. Collier
Big Ring on String by L. C. Collier

A parlor sized ring with a stage sized routine.

This is a compact ring and string routine which uses some of the most visual moves one can do with these props. For many years I have performed a very similar routine. I used a red cotton ribbon instead of the standard white rope, because a ribbon lies flat on the ring and is wider than a rope allowing for some sequences a stronger illusion.

1st edition 2003; 10 pages.

★★★★ $5
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Alan Rorrison
Pulled by Alan Rorrison

The Linking Rings effect is a classic of magic and for good reason: a direct and simple method coupled with the visual aspect of the props have made this a strong hold in most magicians' working arsenals.

So what is wrong with the original that a new one needs to be brought forth? Well, here are a few small points to take into consideration:

  • The old rings are too big for any real world worker
  • They are too expensive in most cases
  • Large rings simply look like a magic prop
  • The routine rarely has any motivation
  • People simply get bored of the routine
Pulled solves all these points and...
★★★★★ $16
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MP4 (video)

Lewis Ganson & Dai Vernon
Symphony of the Rings by Lewis Ganson & Dai Vernon

Lewis Ganson expertly and with care to minute details explains the famous six ring routine devised by Dai Vernon. Vernon first performed the entire routine in front of Ganson's cine camera. By studying the film in slow motion, they were able to determine the most suitable photographs to take with a still camera to illustrate the text.

Many considered the best and most beautiful routine for the Chinese Linking Rings. You can see Vernon perform this routine in Dai Vernon in Britain 1958.

1st edition 1958, PDF 31 pages.

  1. Introduction
  3. The Rings
  4. Arranging the Rings
  5. Performance
  6. 1....
★★★★★ $9.50
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Lewis Ganson
Three Chinese Rings Teach-In by Lewis Ganson

Rex Taylor's routine plus linking and unlinking moves plus Aldo Colombini's moves. Photographed and written by Lewis Ganson. This was part of the famous Ganson Teach-In series originally published by Supreme Magic Inc. Rights are now owned by Martin Breese whom we thank for the kind permission to reproduce this booklet.

[Get the full collection of all 17 Teach-Ins at a huge discount.

1st edition 1977; originally 20 pages; PDF 23 pages.

  1. Contents
  2. Foreword
  3. The Twisting Move
  4. Linking Two Rings
  5. Spinning the Rings
  6. Unlinking Two Rings
  7. Three Ring Routine
  8. - Introduction
  9. - Requirements
  10. - Set-Up
  11. - Routine
  12. Aldo Colombini's Linking Ring Moves
  13. - Two...
★★★★★ $9.50
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