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In Magica Augusta Taurinorum: The Magic of Turin

by Renzo Grosso
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In Magica Augusta Taurinorum: The Magic of Turin by Renzo Grosso

The Magic of Turin is a stage or living room mentalism effect, and if desired - with the appropriate modifications - it can also be proposed over the phone, with only the audio connection.

The proposed solution (for the effect in presence) also allows repetition of the performance, one after the other, since it uses tools and methods that allow this eventuality.

Two spectators are invited onto the stage: one of the two will be the mentalist's collaborator and will have to mentally suggest to the performer the place to direct the other spectator. The other person - in this example, a spectator - will have to follow the mentalist's instructions and express autonomous choices.

  • The spectator will represent a person who is looking for the sorcerer Celsius Galenus.
  • The spectator will be the assistant of the performer: he will receive the ticket chosen at random (but not seen) by the spectator and will have to mentally indicate to the mentalist the final goal to be pursued
  • The mentalist will demonstrate that he receives from the spectator the indications that are telepathically transmitted to him.


  • General Description Of The Effect
  • Equipment
  • Actors
  • The Scene
  • Forces
  • Sequence Of Essential Steps
  • Shipping Containment Strategy
  • Execution
  • Alternative Version To The Phone
  • Materials
  • Attachments

1st edition 2022, PDF 20 pages.
word count: 2285 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text

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