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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber-Brief Nr. 51-60 by Eckhard Böttcher

Eine Sammlung von zehn Zauber-Briefen der Zauber-Butike. Unter anderem werden vorgestellt:

  • Das DANZ Buch
  • Tablett des Dr. Mabuse
  • Geheimnisvolle Ringetui
  • Herzensbrecher
  • Der fehlende Punkt
  • Parallax
  • Die 7 Schwaben
  • Diamantenparade
  • Etappen-Wanderung
  • Die drei Zappzerapps
  • Computer Cards
  • Die zaubernde Brieftasche
  • Chinesisches Glückstor
  • White Rabbits
  • Magiros Kaffeehaferl
  • Russisches Roulett
  • Gullivers Schildkröten
  • Gedanken-Farbe
  • Saturn-Ball
  • Magiros Münzofix
  • Himber-Brieftasche
  • Handbuch der Magie
  • Seidenraupen-Magazin
240 Seiten
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber-Brief Nr. 41-50 by Eckhard Böttcher

Eine Sammlung von zehn Zauber-Briefen der Zauber-Butike. Unter anderem werden vorgestellt:

  • Zodiak-Ergänzung
  • Würfel und Kordel
  • Daktyloskop
  • Wörter Lotto
  • Als ob's die Geister wären!
  • Der lebende Totenkopf
  • Knopf-Mirakel
  • Yrus Hasen-Wanderung
  • Augentest
  • Jedem das Seine
  • Groundlays
  • Hang Wang z'lang
  • Cola-Geisterröhre
  • Ghost-Silk
  • Das Orakel
  • Psycho Bell
  • Setzt Euch zu meinen Füßen
  • Geome-Trick
  • Teufels CD-Platte
  • Al Danys Duplikator
  • Sexy-Hexy
  • Psychometrix
  • Magier-Abzeichen
240 Seiten
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber-Brief Nr. 31-40 by Eckhard Böttcher

Eine Sammlung von zehn Zauber-Briefen der Zauber-Butike. Unter anderem werden vorgestellt:

  • Der Spiegel der Wahrheit
  • Im Mentalen Salon
  • Ägyptomagie am Tisch
  • Zombie Schwebetechnik
  • Wunder der Jakamimes
  • Magie mit Geldscheinen
  • Kartenverkleinerung
  • Zahlen Chips
  • Chop Cup
  • Breakaway
  • Genie Tube
  • Zebra Silk
  • Mental Litfaßsäule
  • Crescensia, die Kartenspinne
  • Dice Tower
  • Wetten daß ...?
  • Gordischer Knoten
  • Pagode der Rusalka
  • Rund um die Welt
  • Springende Punkt
  • Pin-up Puzzle
  • Neue Königsverwandlung
  • Telesphere
240 Seiten
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber-Brief Nr. 21-30 by Eckhard Böttcher

Eine Sammlung von zehn Zauber-Briefen der Zauber-Butike. Unter anderem werden vorgestellt:

  • Ketten-Schwindel
  • Kellentrick-Prinzip
  • Schallplatten Finale
  • Ergänzungsplatte
  • Mr. Rabbit
  • Hasenfamilie
  • Küß mich!
  • Quadratischer Ring
  • Trauma
  • Bier-Würfel
  • Ihre Glückszahl
  • Card Rings
  • Magiros Geisterring
  • Magischer Aufkleber
  • Das Wunder des Konfuzius
  • Miniatur Sandrahmen
  • Riesen-Fünfer Shell
  • Magic Tresor
  • Gitter Karte
  • Mixtum Compositum
  • Das Tor zur Zukunft
  • Karten-Linial
  • Zersägte Dame
  • Zauber Clowns
240 Seiten
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber-Brief Nr. 11-20 by Eckhard Böttcher

Eine Sammlung von zehn Zauber-Briefen der Zauber-Butike. Unter anderem werden vorgestellt:

  • Entertainment aus der hohlen Hand
  • Fliegende Münzen
  • Jeder Magier hat eine
  • Ultra Card Box
  • Super Schwammbälle
  • Quadro Akt
  • Würfel-Trio
  • Gelöchert
  • Chips-Würfel Kombination
  • Chamäleon-Chips
  • Kubusspiel
  • Zauber-Tisch
  • Zeitkapsel
  • Luxus Sandrahmen
  • Miracle Wallets
  • Schatzkästlein der Zauberkunst
  • Christian Scherer Seminarheft
  • Kartenfresser
  • Politikum
  • Sympathie Würfel
  • Automatic-Domino
  • Aaa-Kelle
  • Universal-Box
  • Fischkonserve
216 Seiten
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber-Brief Nr. 1-10 by Eckhard Böttcher

Eine Sammlung der ersten zehn Zauber-Briefe der Zauber-Butike. Unter anderem werden vorgestellt:

  • Das 4er-Ringspiel
  • China-Stäbe
  • Schüttelstäbchen
  • Pikolinus
  • Zig-Zag Zigarette
  • Soft-Coins
  • Hexenalphabet
  • Teufelsperlen
  • The Working Performers Marked Deck von Ted Lesley
  • Tseng-Tjeng
  • Gemäldediebstahl
  • Ungarischen Seilringe
  • India-Seil
  • Ärmelbukett
  • Magnethypnose
  • Coin Penetration
  • Vorsicht Elefanten
  • Ufo-Würfel
  • Schallplatten-Färbung de lux
  • Surprise Karte
  • Sepa-Ring
  • Fluchtkiste
  • Die Daumenspitze
  • Metall-Daumen
  • Verdrehte Flaschen
  • Klimax-Farbwürfel
  • Mysteriöse Würfel-Box
  • Ufo-Würfel ...
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Jon Racherbaumer
Marlo Without Tears by Jon Racherbaumer

From the Foreword:

MARLO WITHOUT TEARS began as a flip notion five years ago. My original plan was to prepare a salmagundi of previously published material by Marlo that was easy to do; to select methods which stressed subtlety and psychological cunning and required no difficult sleights. There is a neat irony here because such material is not associated with Marlo. The prevailing assumption about Marlovian magic focusses on its difficulties, complexities, and textual protraction. The look of his books are intimidating: pages of explanation, dense detail, allusions to other notes (published...

★★★★★ $20
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Marconick's Original Magic 3 by Marconick
  • Production Of An Ice Pail And Silks
  • Card From Fez
  • Chain Reaction
  • The Vanish Of A Vase Of Flowers
  • Variation Chain Reaction
  • A Waterballet
  • How To Blow A Crease Into A Hat
  • Dog Production
  • Knotted Twice
  • The Floating Sombrero
  • It Is Up The Sleeve
  • Silk Appearance On A Coat Hook
  • Two Silks Change Places
  • Catch A Card On A Rope
  • Close Up With A Borrowed Handkerchief
  • Transformation Chair-Suitcase
  • Silk Production From A Card Fan
  • Silk Production In Knot
  • Coca Cola In A Newspaper
  • Silk Manipulation For Two Hands
  • Silk Return
  • A Gambler's Dream

1st edition 1970, 1st digital edition 2016,...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Nick Conticello
Potpourri 3 by Nick Conticello

A Further Collection of Impromptu, Sleightless, Mathematical Tricks

Nick Conticello is proud to present the third and final installment of the Potpourri series. Herewith is another collection of impromptu, sleightless, mathematical effects with cards. Each book has a theme, and this one is no exception. The entire ebook is devoted to what Nick calls the Australian Shuffle. (You may refer to it as the Down/Under Deal.)

The present work is concerned with three placement concepts. George Sands devised one in the mid-Twentieth Century. Nick published the second in Tarbell 7, and he is releasing...

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Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant
How To Produce A Rabbit by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant

No one can really call himself a magician, unless he can pull a rabbit out of a hat. It is the most expected trick in magic today. Even though few magicians do it; you always have kids asking, "Are you going to pull a rabbit out of a hat?"

Potential clients calling about birthday parties, often ask if you can pull a rabbit out of a hat. Some magician's try to pacify the mothers or children using a mirror box production of a rabbit. Good try, but it is not the same. People want to see a rabbit produced from an empty top hat, or even a borrowed hat. If you can do this; you have a big advantage...

★★★★ $4
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Cameron Francis
Moment's Notice 10 by Cameron Francis
"I love 'Precursor' - That's a really great plot!" - Liam Montier

"I really enjoyed this latest installment in the series! No filler. Strong, doable material!" - John Carey

The Moment's Notice series continues with six more stunning, spectacular, sensational effects. Hard-hitting and easy to do, this might be the best of the series yet.

Divided - An incredible two phase effect that ends in a full deck color separation (You are going to love the concept that makes this possible).

Streamlined Sandwich - Two face up Jacks are cut into the deck. A card is freely selected (for real). It then appears...

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Bob Haskell
The Dalton Boys Card Trick by Bob Haskell

This is a scan of the instructions for Bob Haskell's novel card trick. This trick was featured regularly in old Owen catalogs. If you have a deck of blank-face cards; you can easily make this trick, after reading the instructions.

An effect with the twang of the old west, the Dalton Boys is a clever combination of several magical principles blended together into a mystifying and highly entertaining presentation. The patter in rhyme supplied has an interesting plot, which builds to a logical climax.

EFFECT: Four picture cards (Jacks) representing the infamous Dalton Boys, are each placed...

★★★★★ $2
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Dave Forrest
Read Me by Dave Forrest

Three Spectator as Mind Reader effects

"What a terrific ebook! Ingenious solutions to an under-explored plot. Very clever stuff." - John Bannon

"Read Me is the sweetest little ebook I've read this year. Three clever, fooling 'Spectator As Mindreader' effects! If you don't want to perform AT LEAST one of these tricks, then you don't love card magic as much as you think you do." - Mark Elsdon

"Absolutely brilliant thinking! Prepare to drop some jaws!" - Roddy McGhie

"Three absolute show stoppers with a borrowed, shuffled deck. This isn't just material you will want - it's material that you can't afford...

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Ben Berger
Highlight Magic by Ben Berger

Highlight Magic contains top flight routines for close-up, parlor, and stage. While not every effect requires some knowledge of sleights, some require mid-level skill. Nelson Hahne did the pen and ink illustrations, and as usual, his work is top notch, too.


  • Foreword.
  • From the Publisher. Introductory comments from John Snyder, Jr., magic dealer and past president of the IBM.
  • THE SPIRIT OF THE COBRA. Three cards selected and returned to deck are tossed into a lidless box. Patter about a Cobra and a card peeps over the edge of the box and rises. Other cards are seen to be surprisingly...
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TC Tahoe
Emoticon: An Emotional Design Duplication by TC Tahoe

A simple effective design duplication. Simple in execution (no memory work) and simple and topical for your audience to follow.

"I would recommend TC's EmotiCon to anyone!" - Paul Daniels

1st edition 2016, 20 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Michael Daniels
Mostly Perfect / Perfectly Possible: Combo by Michael Daniels

Two ebooks on instant magic square effects for one low price.

★★★★★ $8
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Michael Daniels
Perfectly Possible by Michael Daniels

In this sequel to his 2011 ebook Mostly Perfect, Michael Daniels presents a new 'Instant Magic Square' method that makes the effect even easier to perform.


Performer instantly creates a 4x4 Magic Square for any total freely chosen by the spectator. The total can be obtained from the magic square in at least 36 different ways.

  • Completely impromptu. No set-up, gimmicks, or cribs.
  • New, improved method - minimal memory and the simplest of calculations.
  • Suitable for close-up or stage performances.
  • Produces elegant magic squares.
  • Can be immediately repeated for different totals.
  • Includes a...
★★★★★ $6
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Ferry Gerats
The Gerats Principle by Ferry Gerats

The principle facilitates in determining the position and identity of the matching of cards in two decks, which have been randomized by the cutting of each deck. The principle works in conjunction with a memorized stack. A presentation is given where you don't have to commit a stack to memory.

The Gerats Principle enables you to perform the following effect:

Two decks are on the table. After two spectators have each cut one of the decks to their heart's content, the magician is able, without handling the cards, to tell whether there will be a matching of cards (ie: 2♥/2♥)) at a certain...

★★★★ $15
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C. Golo Naito
The Creative Tables by C. Golo Naito

The Creative Tables is a 30 day training workbook, which will make you start thinking about your magic in a new way by generating new ideas.

Do you want to be more creative with your magic? The way to push your magic to the next level is not by buying the latest effect, but by becoming an idea machine. Anybody can buy an effect and perform it like everybody else. But to make the effect really your own, you have to give it something more. This is exactly what this ebook will help you accomplish. The Creative Tables is a 30 day training workbook, which will make you start thinking about your...

★★★ $0
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Karrell Fox
Final Edition by Karrell Fox

The ultimate in a torn and restored newspaper because here the torn pieces really vanish. Audience gets the restored sheet!

Karrell Fox is a real pro, veteran of years of shows of all kinds - nobody can match him in experience. When he develops a trick, its good.

Effect: Magician displays a double page from a full size daily newspaper. This is then folded and torn several times until the packet of torn newspaper is about four inches square. The magician then shakes the packet of torn pieces into a completely restored double page and the torn pieces have vanished. The restored sheet is...

★★★★ $9.95
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Brick Tilley
Elegant Scarecrows by Brick Tilley

Four Oriental Mysteries using water in ways that will set you apart from other magicians.

  • The Water Act (Bundar Boat Fountain, Hindu street trick from Bombay, 1907; see video below)
  • Spouting Water Bowl
  • Water Bowls
  • Chinese Water Cups (see below for a demo)

1st edition 2016, 4 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Brick Tilley
China's Song by Brick Tilley

This is China's version of the Three Shell Game or the Three Card Monte Game. It is played with three sticks held between the fingers of one hand. One stick has a little string tied to it. The task for the spectator is to identify the stick with the string. As you can imagine this is a crooked game and the performer decides when he lets you win. This game was brought by Ching Ling Foo to America in 1899.

1st edition 2016, 4 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Devin Knight
Instantaneous Hypnotic Test Revealed by Devin Knight

You don’t have to be a real hypnotist to do this effect! Any magician or mentalist can apparently hypnotize anyone 100% of the time, even hardened skeptics. The famous stage magician, John Calvert, used this effect regularly in his big touring magic show.

I touched upon this effect briefly in my Annotated Secret Professional Pseudo-Hypnotic Methods; however, I did not go into the amount of detail contained within this release. This is the most detailed information about this effect ever released. This secret was released by Del-Ardo, Joseph Ovette and Nelson Enterprises. I have taken the best information from all these releases and made them...

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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #9: Serendipity Deck by Larry Brodahl

Imagine being able to control coincidence. Where the time and location of two events determines the outcome of the events. This script and full instructions explains how.

Imagine being able to control coincidence. Where the time and location of two events determines the outcome of the events. Now you can!

The magician removes a BLUE backed card from his pocket as he talks about coincidence, and how coincidence is decided by two factors: physical proximity and time. He has someone sit on the card. He then removes a RED backed deck from his pocket, and spreads the cards out front and back...

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