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Sultan Orazaly
Hallucination by Sultan Orazaly

Visual and practical effects are rarely combined into one trick. Hallucination is a very practical and visual trick. Imagine you draw 4 points on a playing card, after which you shake the deck and they line up, and that’s not all, you shake the deck again and the points completely disappear.

1st edition 2020, length 6:27.

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Zaw Shinn
Z Change by Zaw Shinn

The Spectator chooses any card from the deck. The magician rips off the corner of that card. One hand wave, and the corner changes color. The magician throws the corner on to the card, the card is restored and the whole card changes color. And that’s not the end. The magician places the card on the deck and the entire deck changes color. Four effects in one trick. (Supplies may have to be purchased in order to perform this effect.)

1st edition 2020, video 17 min.

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Reinhold Woda
Kartenkunst für Alle by Reinhold Woda

Aus dem Geleitwort bei Manfred Keck:

Die Auswahl der Kunststücke aus der Fülle des literarischen Materials ist sichtlich darauf angelegt, bei aller Einfachheit nur künstlerisch hochwertige Experimente aufzunehmen. An diesen muß auch der Fachmann seine Freude haben.

Die Reihenfolge der Kunststücke ist so angeordnet, daß je fünf Kunststücke ein kleines Programm bilden. Damit will der Verfasser einem oft beobachteten Fehler entgegenwirken, nämlich dem wahllosen Vorführen. Dies ist erfahrungsgemäß genau so verfehlt wie das Zuviel, und man hüte sich, mehr als fünf oder sechs Kunststücke...

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Reinhold Woda
Für Jeden Etwas by Reinhold Woda
  • Die Sympathie der Karten
  • Das dreifache Problem
  • Der Taschendieb
  • Ein Buchstabierkunststück
  • Die magische Karte
  • Die unfehlbare Prophezeiung
  • Ein guter Wurf
  • Raten Sie!
  • Und wieder - die Asse
  • Ein Zufall

Erstausgabe ~1939, PDF 20 Seiten

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Harry Stanley
More Tricks of the Television Stars by Harry Stanley

From the Foreword:

The present book describes the methods of many wonderful effects, explained in detail by famous exponents of magic, and has been compiled to enable keen students of the art to extend their repertoires and become more skilled in their demonstrations.

A previous book in this series found instant success and increased the knowledge of many potential artists, and this book is now offered in response to a consequent demand for more good tricks.

The student will, therefore, find between these covers new tricks suitable for his work and, with a little patience and practice,...

★★★★★ $12
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Jon Racherbaumer
Trix Fixes by Jon Racherbaumer
    • Copycat Cards
    • Rashomonian Universal Card
    • Counting a Conclave
    • Mine Finds Yours
    • A Narrow Margin
    • Bubkus Divination
    • No-Frills Invisible Toss
    • Changling Sandwich
    • Another Challenge
    • Easy O. Henry
    • Recliner Mind Reader
    • Either-Oracle
1st edition 2020, PDF 39 pages.
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Laurie Ireland
Ireland's Year Book 1934 by Laurie Ireland

This was Laurie Ireland's first Year Book. Many more would follow. From the introduction:

One of the greatest delights of a magician-mechanic is the invention of a new trick, or a new gimmick, or a new move. On the ensuing pages are the results of hours and hours of experimental work. Everything herein described has been actually built and proved to be practical.

  • Introduction
  • Ireland's Rubber Band Thumb Tie Method
  • A Tip On Tongueing A Cigarette
  • Goofy Deck
  • Troublewit Idea For Children
  • Here There And Everywhere Card Routine
  • More Golf Ball Moves
  • Cups And Balls Moves And Ideas
  • New...
★★★★★ $10
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Robert A. Nelson
Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection 6 by Robert A. Nelson

Psychic entertainers, here are six more mentalism treasures for your collection, from the Nelson Enterprises vault. Volume 6 contains six compelling mental magic manuscripts from Robert A. Nelson, William W. Larsen, and R. W. Hull. All were featured in the famous Nelson Enterprises catalog, and have been edited and updated for a new generation of performers and audiences. Here's what's included:

Unique Memory Test - Several spectators shake dice or select cards from a deck. After all have done so, the psychic tells each one the number of cards selected or total of the dice. (NE Cat. #64)

The Abnormal Lift - Three...

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Various Authors
Gold: When it has to be Performance Gold by Various Authors

This is a fundraiser ebook. 100% of the proceeds of this ebook will go to Kennard Chandler and his wife Bean to help them in their personal and financial struggles.

A Who's Who of mentalism has contributed routines from their performing repertoire to make this fundraiser ebook worth your money and time. Not only is it a worthy cause to help support a member of our community, but it is also a great ebook to read, including some routines that were never published before. In other words, it is material you can only learn from this ebook.

  • Introduction by Chandler
  • "Hey Rube!"
  • Act One: Make...
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Tom Sellers
Condensed Conjuring by Tom Sellers
  • The Shooting Pellet
  • Easy Ropes And Rings
  • A Different Ring Release
  • The Milk Goes Down
  • Silks From Confetti
  • Oriental Cut And Restored
  • The T.S. Safety Rice Bowls
  • Think Of A Card
  • A Good Prediction
  • A Novel Colour Change
  • A Different Pass
  • A False Count
  • Matching The Colours
  • Telepathy Simplified
  • Graphology Supreme
  • A Different Stretching Rope
  • Giant Match Trick
  • An Easily Worked "Stung" Trick
  • Sun And Moon
  • Bottle, Glass And Discs

1st edition 1941, 16 pages; PDF 18 pages.

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Tom Sellers
Sellers Secrets by Tom Sellers

From the Preface:

Herewith you will find twenty-one effects after the style of those in TRICKS THAT WORK. Variety is the spice of life - I have tried to provide variety with the sincere hope that you will at least get one or two items that will be to your liking.

  • Preface
  • The Torn And Restored Paper
  • Glido - The Thimble That Glides
  • The Vanishing Cigarette
  • The Cut Tape And Match Box
  • Another Cut Ribbon Effect
  • A Deceptive Card Trick
  • The Twin Aces
  • An Easy Spelling Trick
  • The Psychic Tissues
  • Rollo
  • The Phantom Domino
  • The Phantom Ring
  • An Advertisement Trick
  • A Numeral Mystery
  • A Surprise Slate Trick ...
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Mario Tarasini
Multiplying Holes by Mario Tarasini

There are different tricks which use a hole in a card. Mario Tarasini presents one of the smartest and simplest methods to perform this effect. Just punch one hole on the selected card and the hole will multiply. The best part is that after the trick the card can be given to the spectator.

1st edition 2020, length 6:40.

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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof November 2020 by Brian T. Lees
  • What do you charge?
  • Market to Market
  • Exercise Creativity
  • Thanksgiving
  • Body Language
  • Emergency 20 Minutes
  • What Makes Magic Work
  • Invoice Donated Shows/Services
  • Entertainment Factor

1st edition 2020, 10 pages.

★★★ $0
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Harapan Ong
Spellcheck by Harapan Ong

What if I told you that there was an amazing card trick hidden in plain sight ... printed on the box of your favourite deck of cards? Henry Christ's "Tally-Ho!" is a unique and fun spelling trick like no other. By spelling the words found on a Tally-Ho card box in an order determined by the spectator, you are able to produce the four Nines - matching the "No. 9" printed on the box.

In this ebook, I will be teaching Roy Walton's variation of "Tally-Ho!" (permission granted by Roy Walton), along with my presentation for the trick. I will then present to you methods to perform this simple and self-working...

★★★★★ $12.99
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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 95 (November 2020) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

Vol. 16, No. 5, November 2020; 60 pages
Cover: Rafael

  1. The Team
  2. Editor's comments
  3. What's Inside This Issue
  4. Rafael's Room of Wonders - cover article/interview by Graham Hey
  5. Web of Deceit 2020 - re: online magic suppliers - Mark Leveridge
    1. Alakazam
    2. Illusioncraft
    3. Magic Box
    4. RSVP Magic
    5. Merchant of Magic
    6. Read My Mind
    7. Vanishing Inc Magic
    8. Merlins of Wakefield
    9. Saturn Magic
    10. Practical Magic
    11. Mission Magic
    12. Propdog
  6. In The Phonebox with Jordana Spiro
  7. Hiam Goldenberg - Toronto's Master Mentalist - interview by Graham Hey
  8. The Dealer's Booth - Neo Magic
  9. Get...
★★★★★ $5
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Sultan Orazaly
M.O.Balance by Sultan Orazaly

Balancing objects is part of visual magic. Many magicians try to make it clean and beautiful. M.O.Balance is a new approach to the effect of balance. Three very visual and simple effects.

Hand Balance: You make a card stand flat on your hand.

Angle Balance: The corner of a card balances on your index finger.

Balancing Cigarette: A very crazy and brain-breaking trick. You balance a card, and also balance a cigarette on the card.

After the trick, all items are handed out for examination.

1st edition 2020, length 9 min.

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MP4 (video)

Hans Trixer
Conjuring Trix and Jardine Ellis Ring Effex by Hans Trixer

From the Foreword by Peter Warlock:

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I write this foreword to my friend Hans Trixer's book on 'ring' magic, for in it the reader is presented with a number of most effective tricks, all of which are free from the suggestion of special apparatus. Every effect shows a naturalness of handling that comes from the mind of a natural magician.

Hans, through his many contributions to magazines is already well known to magicians in this and other countries. His penchant is for the smaller type of magic, and amongst the group in Holland which devotes much of its time to...

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Hans Trixer
Trixer's Tricky Tape Recorder and other Fables by Hans Trixer
  • Card In Glass
  • Paper Balls And Hat
  • 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Cards To Pockets
  • The Hindu Thread Trick
  • Electro Chemical Stop
  • Take A Card!
  • The Talking Skull
1st edition 1970, 8 pages; PDF 18 pages.
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Will L. Lindhorst
Dick Daring's New Bag of Tricks by Will L. Lindhorst

This work was sponsored by the Quaker Oats Company and includes ads for their Puffed Wheat and Puffed Rice products.

  • How to Tear Paper Napkin After It Is Twisted
  • Mysterious Trick With Paper
  • Trick of Unsmashable Match Box
  • Here Is a Number Trick With Which to Baffle Your Friends
  • How to Remove Dime Under Glass Without Touching Either
  • How to Invert Glass of Water Without Spilling It
  • How to Fill Glass Twice Without Emptying First Contents
  • Tells How to Blow Candle Out Through Bottle
  • Here's How You Can Add Five Matches to Six and Make Nine
  • Three Matches Can Be Lifted With One
  • How You Can...
★★★★★ $7
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William W. Larsen & B. W. McCarron
79 Tricks and Ideas for the Holidays by William W. Larsen & B. W. McCarron

Do you want those extra dates between Thanksgiving and Christmas? Then update and transform your act with one or more of these sparkling suggestions for timely holiday magic. Let your agent or webmaster know that you've added something special to your act for the holiday season and watch those bookings roll in.

If you're interested in earning those extra dollars, this updated ebook is for you. With 79 ideas for tricks and extra seasonal revenue with Christmas ornaments, Santa Claus, candles, holly wreathes, mistletoe, holly berries, tinsel garlands, gift-wrapped presents, etc.

But don't...

★★★★ $8
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Mario Tarasini
Teleportation by Mario Tarasini

The spectator picks a card and signs it. Magician splits the deck in two piles. Then he puts the card in one pile and it magically appears in the other.

  • completely impromptu
  • works with a borrowed deck
  • no sticky stuff
  • no magnets
  • no threads
  • works even with a card from a different deck
  • any deck, a sharpie and your hands

1st edition 2020, length 6:43.

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MP4 (video)

Magic Gareth
The Balloon Party Extraordinaire by Magic Gareth

This ebook is for the parent, the teacher, the entertainer, the artist. It will give you the ability to use balloons, not just as a standard decoration, but as a piece of entertainment for all ages. This ebook will turn you into the 'balloon party extraordinaire' you always dreamed you could be.

It is 100 pages of games, magic tricks and jokes all together in this single downloadable PDF.

  • Introduction
    • Disclaimers
    • Balloons: In A Nutshell
    • Balloons: Not Just For Kids!
    • Balloon Colour
    • Shapes And Sizes
    • How To Tie A Balloon
    • The Party Venue
    • Outside?
    • Floor Markings
    • Prizes?
    • To Eliminate...
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Tom Sellers
Card Tricks That Work by Tom Sellers

From the Foreword:

Sometimes the most simple tricks are the most effective. The card tricks here described are all simple in principle. I trust you will find them entertaining and effective.

  • Foreword
  • A New Jumping Card Trick
  • Steps
  • A Card From Pocket Trick
  • Card Divination
  • On The Top
  • A Trick With The Si Stebbins Pack
  • The Persistent Joker
  • An Excellent Card Change
  • The Laughable Rising Card
  • Lift A Few
  • Unique Card Prediction
  • Finding A Selected Card At Any Number Called For
  • A Two Person Telepathy Effect
  • Named Card And Slates
  • The Paired Card
  • A Practical Prediction
  • Unique Control...
★★★★★ $5
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Tom Sellers
Tricks That Work by Tom Sellers

From the Foreword:

In presenting this booklet to the magical fraternity, my aim has been to only include tricks that are really practicable. Some of the effects are not entirely new, but the methods used have been evolved by myself. I have endeavoured to explain each trick in as simple a manner as possible, and to select tricks which really work.

  • Foreword
  • Escapo
  • Match Divination
  • The Dissolving Ring
  • A Production Box Idea
  • A Novel Egg Trick
  • The Magnetised Cards
  • The Smoke Vase
  • A Vanishing Wand
  • Living Or Dead?
  • Vibrato
  • A New Reversed Card Effect
  • A Baffling Card Prediction
  • Card...
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