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Alan Rorrison
Trick Tac by Alan Rorrison

Three sweet effects that pack small but play big.

Trick Tac is a simple routine in nature that packs a big punch. You introduce a packet of tictacs, then you ask the spectator to pour some of the mints out into their open hand but restrict how many they take from your view. What ever they do, they MUST NOT allow you to see in their hand. The spectator keeps this in mind and keeps every single tictac they have taken in a tight fist. However, you are able to tell them EXACTLY how many they have in there down to the last mint!

  • No gimmicks are used what so ever.
  • Get the right answer 100%...
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Scott Xavier
Phoenix Peek by Scott Xavier

Arising from the ashes of many countless peeks and tears is the astonishing billet peek known as the "Phoenix". This peek was too large for just a DVD or a casual manuscript, so instead "Phoenix" has grown into this complete course on peeking, methodology, justifications, ethics, etc…

The "ash" that the "Phoenix" has risen from has got to be Scott's quest for a perfect billet peek that would replace the "classic" center tear. There have been a few peeks that have come before. But each peek has its strong and weak points. Perhaps you like this one best.

The Obsidian Oblique peek...

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Daniel Madison
Madness Volume 1 by Daniel Madison

22 minutes video - 19 page PDF ebook - 8 powerful effects

This is best described as 'contact juggling with cards' - incredible. You will learn cuts, tosses, slides, as well as some magical effects such as transformations and transpositions. Great music by Daniel himself. Very gritty, powerful material for the hard core card handler.

Many of the 'pure magicians' might not like this. It is essentially all flourishes. But it is wonderfully acrobatic. I love this kind of manipulation. It is one direction modern card magic is going to follow. If you want to learn something impressive, something...

★★★★★ $22
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Kevin Parker
From Nothing by Kevin Parker

An apple visually materializes and can be handed out to keep. See video below for a demo. Spectator is offered a gift or fruit but hands the bag back because it's empty. Magician takes bag and points inside saying "Just look closer right there" and the spectator watches through the see-through bag as an apple materializes in the magician's hand. It is then handed to them to keep. This has been performed many times at the request of magicians, they fall in love with it and so do the spectators. They see you produce natural objects from nothing, miraculously.

★★★ $17
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Cameron Francis
Duped by Cameron Francis

Looking for a killer card effect that's practical, that instantly resets and can be done completely in the hands without a table? Then Duped is the trick you've been searching for!


A card is selected, noted and lost in the pack. We'll say this card is the Eight of Clubs. The magician then pulls out a packet of four cards. He turns over the top card, a Two of Hearts, and slips it into the middle of the packet. It instantly rises to the top. This is repeated two more times. The magician says, "When I do this, people assume that I use duplicates. Well, they're right." All the cards...

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Luca Volpe
Horus by Luca Volpe

Horus contains some of Luca Volpe's best kept secrets from his professional repertoire. Mixing a blend of clever thinking and easy to do methods, which creates stunning effects. Each routine is audience tested and contains everything you need to perform the effects, from the script to plenty of bonus tips.

No complicated props to build or expensive items to buy, but just pure mentalism that is suitable for stage and intimate performances. Also included is a special graphic design which allows you to perform one of the effects that Luca Volpe has never revealed... until now!

  • THE "HORUS"...
★★★★★ $25
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Mark Leveridge
Lecture Collection by Mark Leveridge

Three of Mark's previously published lecture books in one convenient download:

  • The Mark Leveridge Lecture Experience
  • Solutions
  • The Serial Thriller Lecture Book

The Mark Leveridge Lecture Experience

In this 82 page ebook there are some tremendous practical close up and mental items using cards, coins, rings, matches, envelopes and bank notes, with virtually no specialist equipment required. By using a subtle blend of good routining and some sleight of hand, many interesting and novel effects are created for you to use.

Some of Mark's best work is here - items such as 'It Pays To...

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David Numen
The Sentir Tear by David Numen

"This is brilliant" - Bob Cassidy

David Numen describes his thoughtfully engineered center tear variation. He uses many photos to communicate the subtleties clearly.

As an application for his center tear David describes a Living and Dead Test.

And as a bonus he teaches you a wonderful book test. In terms of what the audience will see and recall this is pretty much similar to the Canasta Book Test in effect but quite different in method. A page number and a line number are chosen freely by two spectators - both choices unknown to the performer. A third spectator is asked to select a book (or they...

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Peter Duffie
The Magic of Fred Robinson by Peter Duffie

Now available as a PDF ready for immediate download.

"Peter Duffie's The Magic Of Fred Robinson is a wonderful book containing a gold-mine of ideas, subtleties and secrets from one of magic's finest exponents and thinkers. ... The Magic Of Fred Robinson is an excellent book full of wonderful ideas, useful sleights, and powerful effects. More than that, it's a great read and takes me back to the feeling I had when I first read Vernon's Inner Secrets books." - R. Paul Wilson from his 2009 review in Genii.

"I state without fear of exaggerating that Fred was one of the all-time greats; especially with cards." - Dai Vernon

"Card magic and techniques...

★★★★★ $69
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Mark Leveridge
British Close-Up Magic Symposium: All nine Symposium books by Mark Leveridge

This ebook contains over 100 routines, effects, ideas and essays from a wide range of top international close up performers, all of whom either lectured or performed at one of the nine Symposiums during its 16 year run.

The list of 69 contributors reads like a Who's Who of close up past and present. Here are the names to drool over....

Jon Allen, Michael Ammar, Paul Andrews, Mike Austin, John Bannon, Steve Bedwell, Stuart Bowie, Sean Carpenter, Janet Clare, Aldo Colombini, Alistair Cook, Rob Cox, Roger Crosthwaite, Roger Curzon, Lee Davis, Dusty, Nicholas Einhorn, Keith Fields, Kevin Gallagher, Dan Garrett, Paul Gordon, Roberto Giobbi, Brian Glover, Paul Hallas, Pit Hartling, Ken Hawes,...

★★★★★ $49
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John Wilkins
Mercury: Or the Secret and Swift Messenger by John Wilkins

"Showing how a man may with privacy and speed communicate his thoughts to a friend at any distance."

This is one of the first published works on cryptography, secret inks, signalling and secret codes - methods later used in thought reading acts. It is therefore not only of interest to cryptographers and historians of cryptography, but also to people who study silent codes and other related methods in mentalism.

[Toole-Stott 731]

[Please note that this is not a simple scan of an old book. This old book has been typed in and digitized with the utmost care, using an appropriate font with the correct glyphs to make this look exactly as the original. Literally hundreds of hours have been spent to restore and digitize this wonderful work. This sets a new standard for the preservation of very old books.]

1st edition 1641; 2nd edition 1694; PDF based on 2nd edition, 192 pages....

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Kevin Parker
Veneficus by Kevin Parker

Secret techniques devised by Kevin Parker for remote viewing, reading a person's mind, and inducing false memory.

  • Spectator's mental card to spectator's pocket.
  • Remote viewing with a photo
  • False memory
All three effects heavily rely on exactly what you say and how you handle your spectators. These effects can fail if you do not have a strong spectator control and judgment, but in the right hands these can be miracles.

1st edition 2009; 11 pages.

★★★★ $9.95
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Chris Wasshuber
Knight's Tour: With Free Choice of Start and End by Chris Wasshuber
"I will sum up your Knight's Tour routine as follows, IT IS BRILLIANT!" - David Burmeister
In the late 1980s I developed a method for the Knight's Tour which allows a spectator a truly free choice for the starting square and ending square of opposite color (same color start and end is mathematically impossible).

This manuscript describes in detail this method. The method attempts to minimize memorization and teaches you a system to derive a proper complete tour on the spot. The method is so flexible that you can find several different tours for one pair of start and end points. Of course,...

★★★★★ $25
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Timothy Hyde
Magazine Memory: The Secret Notebooks of Mr. Hyde Volume 2 by Timothy Hyde

The Magazine Memory effect is a highly entertaining, high energy, astounding feat of mental prowess that audiences love. It has been a feature effect for many high profile performers, yet little has been written about the effect until now.

Timothy Hyde has used the routine to close his show for many years. Performing on luxury cruise ships, corporate events and at theatre shows around the world he has explored the routine in great depth.

In the classic form of the effect, pages from a current issue magazine or newspaper are distributed into the audience. Audience members randomly call...

★★★★★ $30
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Kevin Parker
Passing Thru by Kevin Parker

Borrow a coin and show a normal empty glass bottle, then visually pass the coin through the base of the bottle. They don't just see the coin 'appear' in the bottle; they see it 'melt' right through. Then you shake the bottle to conclude the coin is indeed inside the bottle, then give it out as a souvenir. You can even do this with a borrowed bottle. This is Kevin Parker's Passing Thru.

  • Normal Bottle
  • Normal Coin
  • No Slits/Cuts in Bottle
  • Everything Examinable
This is an incredibly visual effect and has to be seen to be believed. Check out the demo video below. And the fact that you end...
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MP4 (video)

George Armstrong
The Magic Wand Volume 46 (1957) by George Armstrong

Numbers 253-256

228 pages

  1. Vol. 46, Part One, Number 253, [1957] [48 numbered & 8 unnumbered cover & advertising pages]
  2. editorial comments - George Armstrong
    • Farewell to an Old Friend
    • Magic and Television and News
  3. The Three Shell Game - series by Eddie Joseph
    • Routines
      • The Regular Routine
      • The Riler
      • The Boomerang
  4. The Card Tricks of Gerry Lee - series by Gerard de Bodt
    • The Four Fours Trick
  5. Back-Palm Coin Switch - Mark Weston
  6. Salutations to Robert-Houdin: His Life, Magic, and Automata - series by S. H. Sharpe
    • Section Two - Robert-Houdin, The Arch-Conjurer
      • Robert-Houdin's...
★★★★★ $4
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George Armstrong
The Magic Wand Volume 45 (1956) by George Armstrong

Numbers 249-252

173 pages

  1. Vol. 45, Number 249, March, 1956 [48 numbered & 8 unnumbered cover & advertising pages]
  2. Extra photo plate page 1 - Winners of the George Johnson "Magic Wand" Trophy
  3. Foreword - George Armstrong
    • The Kalanag Revue
    • The Sorcar Controversy
  4. My Magic - series by Bridger Lewis
    • Rope Through Stick
    • Rope Through Leg
    • Silk Transpo
  5. The Three Shell Game - series by Eddie Joseph
    • The Twin Principle
    • Preparing the Outfit
    • Defining the Principle
  6. The Card Tricks of Jerry [sic] Lee - series by Gerard de Bodt
    • Four Aces and Four Kings
  7. Magic for the Concert Platform Magician - series...
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George Armstrong
The Magic Wand Volume 44 (1955) by George Armstrong

Numbers 245-248

285 pages

  1. Vol. 44, Number 245, March, 1955 [48 numbered & 8 unnumbered cover & advertising pages]
  2. Foreword - George Armstrong
  3. The Zodiac Deck - Vivian St. John
    • A Card Vocabulary
    • Making the Zodiac Deck
    • Any Card Called For
    • The Colour Change Deck
      • To Show the Spot Cards Mixed
      • To Show the Spots All Black
      • To Show the Spots All Red
      • To Show the Backs All Red
      • To Show the Backs All Blue
      • To Show the Backs All Blue with Spots All Black
      • To Show the Backs All Red with Spots All Red
    • The Routine
      • The Brainwave Deck
      • Colour Change Routine
      • Any Card Called...
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George Armstrong
The Magic Wand Volume 43 (1954) by George Armstrong

Numbers 241-244

236 pages

  1. Extra photo plate page 1 - The George Johnson "Magic Wand" Trophy
  2. Vol. 43, Number 241, March, 1954 [48 numbered & 16 unnumbered cover, advertising & Index pages]
  3. Foreword - George Armstrong
    • The George Johnson "Magic Wand" Trophy
  4. The Merlini Card System - series by Jim Merlini - continued from V-42
    • "Name O'Card"
      • The Break Cards
      • The Spelling Cards
      • Special Spellers
    • Variations on a Theme
      • Divined by Spelling
      • The Card is Known
      • Behind the Back
  5. For Sleight-of-Hand Enthusiasts - New Four Coin Production - E. Brian MacCarthy
  6. The Conjurer's Table Cover...
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George Armstrong
The Magic Wand Volume 42 (1953) by George Armstrong

Numbers 237-240

231 pages

  1. Vol. 42, Number 237, March, 1953 [48 numbered & 8 unnumbered cover & advertising pages]
  2. Extra photo plate page - The George Johnson "Magic Wand" Trophy
  3. Foreword - by the editor
    • comments about the new format
    • The George Johnson "Magic Wand" Trophy
  4. Excelsior - article by George Johnson
  5. The Merlini Card System - series by Jim Merlini
    • Foreword
    • The Counting Down Principle
      • Card of the Zodiac
    • The Key Card Principle - I. The Merlini Key Card
      • Using the Merlini "Key"
      • Normal Location
      • Shuffling Off and Glimpsing
      • The Force
      • Discarding the Key
      • Convocational...
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George Armstrong
The Magic Wand Volume 41 (1952) by George Armstrong

Numbers 233-236

237 pages

  1. Vol. 41, Number 233, March, 1952 [48 numbered & 14 unnumbered cover, advertising & Vol. XL Index pages]
  2. The King is Dead - Long Live the Queen
  3. Quarterly Notes - by the editor
    • Apparatus Trick Competition
      • First Prize - Monkey Trap - Luigi Ruggeri
      • Second Prize - Chinese Tea Caddy - Arthur F. G. Carter
      • Third Prize - Flash Ribbon Restoration - Tom Sellers
    • Keeping the Record Straight
    • In Father's Footsteps?
  4. An Experiment with Time - Arthur F. G. Carter
  5. The Repeating Fire-Bowl - Will Dexter
  6. Where Was It? - A. C. Newitt
  7. Cord Through Fingers - Luigi Ruggeri (Italy)
  8. Card--Glass and Hat - John...
★★★★★ $4
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George Armstrong
The Magic Wand Volume 40 (1951) by George Armstrong

Numbers 229-232

235 pages

  1. Vol. 40, Number 229, March, 1951 [48 numbered & 12 unnumbered cover, advertising pages & Vol. XXXIX Index pages]
  2. Quarterly Notes - by the editor
    • Thank You
    • So Here We Are
    • Looking Back
  3. Apparatus Trick Competition
    1. Penetrating Pack - R. W. Edwards
    2. "Flash" Ribbon Restoration - Tom Sellers
    3. The Smoked Card - Johnny Geddes
  4. Patter in Rhyme - A. C. Newitt
    • For the "All Backs" Effect - Dai Vernon
    • Routine to Accompany "All Backs" Patter in Rhyme
  5. Hickory Clock - E. Subkleve (Transvaal)
  6. Magically Yours - series by Verrall Wass
    1. Nofors Card in Cigarette
    2. The Spectator Predicts
    3. Purely Co-incidental ...
★★★★ $4
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George Armstrong
The Magic Wand Volume 39 (1950) by George Armstrong

Numbers 225-228

226 pages

  1. Vol. 39, Number 225, March, 1950 [48 numbered & 12 unnumbered cover, advertising pages & Vol. XXXVIII Index pages]
  2. Quarterly Notes - by the editor
    • The Piddingtons
    • The Birthday Volume
    • The Competitions
    • N.A.M.S.
    • Roundabout
  3. The 'Perfection' Card Rise - John Blunt
  4. Pulse-Beat Mentalism - article by Roy Cowl
  5. Do You Know? - quiz
  6. Miranda Dives - Billie Francis
  7. Sellers Magic - series by Tom Sellers
    • The Ballot Box Colour Force
    • The Rising Cigarette
  8. The Paper Napkins - Percy Bee
  9. The Ring on String Loop - A. C. Newitt
  10. Answers - to the quiz on page 7
  11. Three Tricks - John K. Bays
    • 1. - Super Silk Penetration ...
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George Armstrong
The Magic Wand Volume 38 (1949) by George Armstrong

Numbers 221-224

245 pages

  1. Vol. 38, Number 221, March, 1949 [48 numbered & 16 unnumbered cover, advertising & Vol. XXXVIII Index pages]
  2. Quarterly Notes - by the editor
    • A Thank You
    • Time for Action
    • Where Does Our Money Go?
  3. The Roundabout - series by Claude Chandler
    • A Pleating Tip
    • Statistics
  4. Mainly for Mentalists - series by Arthur F. G. Carter
    • The Psychic Ace Prediction
  5. Bottle Baffle! - Wilfred H. Tyler
  6. Transposition Extraordinaire - Paul Sleight (Belgium)
    • The (Biseautee) Direct Palm
  7. Lighting a "Spent" Match - Victor Farelli
    • Effect as Seen by the Audience
    • Origin of the Devices Employed
    • Preparation ...
★★★★★ $4
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