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Self-Working or Sleightless DIY Playing Cards Moves ACAAN Stacks Marked & Gaffed Rising & Levitating Manipulation & XCM Svengali Torn and Restored Linking Cards


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Aldo Colombini
The Chosen Few by Aldo Colombini

Ten stunning packet tricks. All these routines are performed with regular cards.


  • A SWITCH IN TIME (Roy Walton): Four red cards and four black cards are switched but always the two packets remain in their original colors.
  • HOF-PACKET (Aldo Colombini): The Hofzinser theme using just the four Kings (or Aces) and a selected card.
  • TRANSMENTAL (Steve Pressley): A thought-of card disappears from a packet and reappears between two cards.
  • OIL, WATER & GUTS (Aldo Colombini): Four red cards are mixed with four black but the colors separate. The procedure is repeated, then they mix and...
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Ricky Kinosa
The Circle Fan by Ricky Kinosa

Most every card man can do a pressure fan and many can do one-handed fans but can you do a circular fan, one that goes around 360 degrees and closes on itself? There are a few methods in circulation. Ricky explains the one developed by Toyozane Sanada. Sanada is a very creative Japanese magician who invented among other things the Sanada gimmick which is very effective for sponge ball work. However, there is no good explanation of how to do the Sanada fan in print. You can find it demonstrated on a number of videos but there is no good explanation that teaches the technique at least not in English. ...

★★★★★ $10
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R. Shane
The Classic Cider Swindle by R. Shane

From the preface of the ebook:

So there we were, we being the usual collection of magical maffickers, that is to say Robert Neale, Larry White, Ed Solomon, Ron Dayton and your humble narrator, in one of our usual email exchanges but which was quite unusual.

You see, Larry had just sent a video of a really neat card rise to all of us. It looked great and we were all commenting about it and speculating on it. This was most unusual since Larry hates card tricks the way most of us hate mustard on chocolate ice cream with pickle topping. Actually, he hates cards tricks more than that and would probably...

★★★★★ $6
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Daniel Madison
The Cold Deck by Daniel Madison

Deck switching: The act of secretly switching one deck for another during play.

The Cold Deck is a collection of deck-switching techniques by Daniel Madison. The ebook teaches six techniques for secretly and invisibly switching the deck in play in thorough detail. It also includes Slaine, a device that holds or feeds the cold deck to the cheat without suspicion.

The following techniques are included in this ebook:

  • Patch
  • Slaine
  • Veil
  • Grit
  • Ott
  • Heat

1st edition 2011, 16 pages.

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Mark Leveridge
The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 1 by Mark Leveridge

For over 30 years Mark Leveridge has gradually been creating a portfolio of card effects and routines where the accent is on practicality and entertainment value. In the first of four projected volumes The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge - Volume 1 offers the reader 15 commercial effects, all of which should be within the capabilities of everyone except the total beginner.

Instead of padding out this ebook with minor technical variations, or with descriptions of esoteric card sleights and moves, Mark has chosen to provide a range of varied, interesting and above all individual tricks...

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Mark Leveridge
The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 2 by Mark Leveridge

The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge - Volume 2 features material for close up, stand up and even children's shows. Here is a run down of the contents:

1-2-3 Jumbo Cards Across - great version of the classic trick for stand up adult shows or children's work. Easy to do.

The Blankety-Blank Pack - a striking blank deck routine that finishes with the entire deck printing backs and faces.

Diary Of A Nobody - a neat variation on the Danson Diary trick which only uses one diary and one deck plus has a twist at the end.

Corrector - a nice use of an old idea using a window envelope...

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Mark Leveridge
The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 3 by Mark Leveridge

The third volume of this quality card magic set features a further 12 of Mark's highly workable card routines. There is a lot of variety offered here, and the standard of the magic is high.

There is magic for close up shows, for mentalism, for parlour shows and also for commercial walkabout work. Here is a run down of the contents:

Aces Under Control - this is a perfect way to produce the four Aces in that it looks skillful yet is easy to do

Co-inci-mental - a you-do-as-I-do card matching effect that cuts out all the unnecessary packet exchanges plus adds a kicker finish


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Mark Leveridge
The Collected Card Magic of Mark Leveridge Volume 4 by Mark Leveridge

The final volume of Mark's Collected Card Magic series builds on the previous three volumes and finishes strongly with 10 excellent varied effects for close up, stand up and mentalism.

Impossible - a really baffling routine in which two selected cards lost in the centre of two separate decks, magically swap places while the packs are still in their boxes. No re-set, this can be done in walkabout or in a close up/parlour show.

The Invisible Deck Routine - Mark's classic take on the well known plot, but in which no real deck is ever used. A spectator selects any card from an 'invisible'...

★★★★★ $16
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Crispin Sartwell
The Color Change: the arcane art of transfiguration with playing cards by Crispin Sartwell

"This is the best compilation of Color Changes to date. I know this because I've been collecting color changes for the last ten years myself. I applaud his research and thoroughness. It is well organized and coherent." - Jon Racherbaumer

"Crispin Sartwell has produced a well-written treatment of color changes that is the first of its kind. An important contribution to the art of magic and a must-have resource for every card handler." - Jerry Cestkowski (The Flourishman)

"As a professional magician for 36 years, I have been constantly told that my simply done but highly effective color change done at the outset of the one stage card...

★★★★ $30
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Eddie Joseph & Paul Gordon
The Complete Dumbfounders with Cards by Eddie Joseph & Paul Gordon

This is a reproduction of Dumbfounders with Cards and More Dumbfounders with Cards two often overlooked booklets by Eddie Joseph on math based card effects. Some principles predate ideas rediscovered by Edward Marlo and Stewart James. (The ebook has been prepared by Paul Gordon.)

The writing of Joseph is somewhat terse and hard to read, but the effects and principles are great. This ebook includes some comments by Peter Duffie and Roger Crosthwaite.

  • Dumbfounders with Cards
    • The Tobba Mystery
    • Who Knows The Card?
    • Incredulously True
    • Two Secret Thoughts
    • Memory Phenomenal
    • Over the Wire
    • The Mystic Queen
    • One-Eye Joe
    • The Expert Cuts
    • Can You See Your...
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Ralph W. Hull & Paul Gordon
The Complete Eye-Openers by Ralph W. Hull & Paul Gordon

Comprising Eye-Openers and More Eye-Openers plus R. W. Hull's Supreme Mental Discernment.

Paul Fleming wrote about More Eye-Openers:

The late Ralph W. Hull was a tireless originator in the field of magic, and was particularly active in devising amazing mysteries with playing cards. The Tuned Deck, which he described as "my most cherished trick," was accorded nineteen pages in the monumental work, Greater Magic. Other Ralph W. Hull specialties have appeared in the form of pamphlets, one of which is the subject of this review.

John Northern Hilliard wrote a foreword to More Eye Openers, in which he...

★★★★★ $10
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T. Page Wright
The Complete Page Wright Manuscript by T. Page Wright

In the late twenties Larsen & Wright (William Larsen, Sr. and T. Page Wright) were prominent names in magic. They produced a flood of contributions to magic magazines, over one hundred in The Sphinx alone in 1927-28 (so many in fact that The Sphinx felt compelled to publish much of it under a variety of pseudonyms). But in addition there were the Larsen & Wright publications, a large series of printed books and manuscripts offering a mass of original material not appearing in the periodicals.

When T. Page Wright died tragically in 1930, he left behind the finished manuscript for a mooted book. Incredibly,...

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Jeff Stone
The Coolest Ace Trick in the World by Jeff Stone

The Story: The era of the "greasers" was coming to an end. They had all gone by the way side; they had all moved to the wicked city of Hoyletown. But there were a few who wouldn't stand for the death of the greatest era of Bicycle Village's history. The time had come for the last remaining greasers to work a miracle. The notorious Gang of Aces had taken all they could stand. Now is the time to show the world who we are. This is our deck and we're not gonna take it anymore. We'll show them. We will use whatever means necessary to keep the story alive. We will use magic, sorcery and trickery; it...

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Alec Pendle
The Cosmic Connection / The Cosmic Deck by Alec Pendle


You show two packs of cards. One red and one blue backed. You ask a spectator to touch one of the packs. The pack is offered to the spectator and she is asked to put the pack of cards in a pocket. Taking the pack of cards with the blue backs you fan them face and back to show that the cards are normal. You shuffle the cards, cut and complete the cut. The cards are spread face down on the table and you ask a spectator to run his fingers backwards and forwards across the cards...using his hand rather like a pendulum. At any moment he chooses you ask him to touch the back of one of the...

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Stefan Olschewski
The Count's Count by Stefan Olschewski

Do you have the perfect brain? Now you do!

Just take out a deck of cards and a pen. Let them shuffle the cards. Then have them call out random digits and proceed to write them on the backs of the cards until you have marked about 30 or 40 cards (or even the whole deck). Fan the cards in front of you for only 5-10 seconds to remember the sequence. Hand the cards to the spectator who called out the final number. You are ready to go:

At lightning speed, and blindfolded, you run through the numbers on the backs of the cards in the exact order they have been called out! Each time you are right,...

★★★★★ $10
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Lewis Ganson
The Crabtree Connection by Lewis Ganson

Torn playing cards link together. It is a variation of Cardboard Connection by Paul Harris utilizing an alternate gaff. Photos and detailed description by Lewis Ganson. It also includes Jim Cozzens instructions for preparing the linked cards set.

1st edition 1981, 16 pages; PDF 17 pages.

★★★★★ $7
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Brick Tilley
The Dark Ride: Deck Switch by Brick Tilley

This is the deck switch from the train car poker game scene in the movie The Sting, executed by John Scarne, renowned gambling expert. It is straight forward and within the range of anyone willing to devote the time necessary to master it. Add it to your skill set. You will receive a PDF and a video (download from your digital shelf).

Here is the clip from The Sting where the switch is executed.

1st edition 2019, PDF 4 pages, video 17s.

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Mystic Alexandre
The Devil's Game by Mystic Alexandre

Two bizarre playing card routines.

In the Devil's Game you tell the story of a guy named Billy who finds himself in hell, he simply can't believe it. Billy just doesn't belong in hell, he lived his life honestly, he was loyal, he was a good guy, did the right things, played by the rules. What the hell is he doing in hell?! So he asks one of the Devil's minions to please take him to the devil, that he urgently needs to speak to him to figure this thing out. The minion takes him to the devil's lavish chambers, and the devil, smoking a cigar, surrounded by beautiful women, quietly hears him...

★★★ $16.66
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Jules Lenier & B. W. McCarron
The Dirty Dealer by Jules Lenier & B. W. McCarron

An entertaining close-up effect where you attempt to teach the spectator how to "dirty deal", but always goes wrong when the spectator tries. It gets funnier and funnier, ending with a surprise climax.

Audiences enjoy tricks with a gambling theme. If the effect also combines comedy and mystery, then you have a triple threat combination that's sure to be remembered.

The performer explains how he sent away for a mail order course in dealing cards. He offers to teach a spectator how to do it, offering a money-back guarantee. The spectator can't seem to follow directions, even though the performer...

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Jacob Taub
The Doc and His Deck by Jacob Taub

This ebook's purpose is to teach something about the art of close-up card magic; not just to describe some card effects. Each chapter consists of three parts:

  1. the text
  2. captioned drawings
  3. a summary of moves and sleights
The sleights are comparatively few but basic, nevertheless 340 illustrations are used to illuminate them. Legends have been added to the drawings which was an innovation in magic textbooks. Also the text is liberally and ubiquitously sprinkled with illustration references. While the emphasis is on digital dexterity, presentation, patter, and misdirection receive their share...
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Paul A. Lelekis
The Drawing Room by Paul A. Lelekis

6 beautiful effects that are stronger than The Hulk!

When I was a kid, I purchased magic books from the 1800s by Prof. Hoffman, Herrmann, Jean Robert-Houdin, and a host of other magicians who I've never heard of before ... these books were old, with very yellowed, brittle pages, with artwork that was quite intricate and very Victorian.

But what stood out most to me, were how many times these books would mention performing in, or retiring to "the drawing room" ... this term really intrigued me.

These stellar effects within, will "spark" those magical times in your lives that have lasted us for so many years.

Effects: ...

★★★★★ $12
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Peter Duffie
The Duffie Diary by Peter Duffie

This is a very commercial, practical, and effective diary effect. (Works with any diary.)

You begin by shuffling a deck and placing it on the table. You never touch the deck again. You now give the spectator your pocket diary which he may examine before placing it in his pocket. You never touch the diary again.

The spectator will now create a random date. He cuts the deck – this is a free cut – and turns over the card cut to. The value of this card will represent the month. This can truly be any value. He counts the cards that he cut – this will represent the day. This can truly...

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Warner Perry
The Emerald Mystery by Warner Perry

An incredible Nate Leipzig card effect, now redesigned with subtlety, instead of knuckle-busting sleight of hand. A deck of cards is genuinely shuffled. The spectator then chooses a suit and removes the corresponding thirteen cards from the deck. The performer chooses another suit and likewise removes his thirteen cards. The spectator places the top card of his packet on the bottom of his packet; the magician duplicates this procedure. The spectator places his next card face down on the table. The magician does likewise. The spectator then alternately places cards on the bottom of his packet...

★★★ $4
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Abhinav Bothra
The Empirical ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra

Love it or hate it but most of the numerous versions of ACAAN out there end up in the same ball park -- look what I can do or I manipulated your choices without your knowledge or simply as a coincidence. The Empirical ACAAN drifts from all of that, here is an ACAAN that makes people connect to each other. An ACAAN that is not about you but about the audience with virtually no sleight involved.

What’s great is that 70% of the times you'll have a hands-off / clean ACAAN and for the rest 30% you have to do something logical which is covered by the presentation to make it look like a hands-off...

★★★★ $9.95
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