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Allan Ackerman
Vanishing Cards Via Biddle by Allan Ackerman

This is an extension to the Biddle Count allowing you to steal several cards from the cards shown.

runtime: 1min 17s

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Alexander de Cova
Vanishing Card Box by Alexander de Cova

A startling transformation. A cased deck is shown. The Jokers are removed and suddenly the entire case is gone and only the cards remain. The gimmick is very easy to make, and the performance couldn't be simpler.

1st edition 2019, length 14 minutes.

★★★★ $12
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Biagio Fasano
Vanishing at the Royal Court by Biagio Fasano

An incredible impromptu effect that uses all court cards in the deck to tell a story dense with mysteries.

This is a packet trick that tells the magical solution to a mystery. An impromptu card effect that, borrowing all the pictures from the deck, uses those to tell the story of a mysterious disappearance at a prestigious dance party reserved for these four aristocratic families.

The illusionist, after shuffling the twelve cards, gives them to cut and complete to a spectator who then, by rolling two dice (even if only imaginary ones) decides the precise moment when the mysterious vanishing...

$10.90 $5.90
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Jamie Daws
Valentine by Jamie Daws

Looking for the perfect romantic card trick? Then check out Valentine!

A card is selected and signed with a heart by your spectator. The card is lost in the deck. The Three of hearts is shown to the spectator and the magician asks her to watch the middle heart very closely. At that moment you visually pluck the middle heart from the three and throw it onto a stack of cards on the table. The Three has visablly turned into a two and the heart now lays on the table! You place the two on the table and turn over the card that the heart has landed on. Its the signed card! At that point you collect...

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David Bui
V.I.P. Very Impossible Possibility by David Bui

Another approach to the “Any Card At Any Number” effect.

Effect: Spectator one thinks of a card but he does not say it out loud. Spectator two thinks of a number and then deals to a card at that number. The card which she finds is Spectator one's selection.

[Note: Uses dual reality, and to prepare for this effect you will require a blank deck of cards.]

1st edition 2007; 10 pages.

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Peter Duffie
Utterly Wild by Peter Duffie

The ultimate ungaffed wild card - use any deck.

The original version of this routine was called Born to be Wild (from Inspirations). Peter has enjoyed performing the original over the years, for lay people AND magicians, but the fact that he couldn't show the last card always bothered him. You were left with a face-to-face double that had to be dropped onto the deck and a triple lift executed to finish. Going back to the deck for a finish is never good! But this has now changed ...

This new version changes that. You are now left with a single court card for a clean and powerful finish. There is also...

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Allan Ackerman
Using Biddle To Count More Or Less by Allan Ackerman

Use the basic Biddle action to count more than the number of cards you have or less than the number of cards you hold in your hands.

runtime: 1min 54s

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Zaw Shinn
Upp by Zaw Shinn

A very visual and sudden spectator card rising to the top effect.

Spectator chooses a card (no force). The card can optionally be signed. It is inserted face-up in the middle of the deck. The performer places the top card by 90 degrees rotated on the top of the deck. He then removes that top card and suddenly the spectator's card rises to the top and is seen face-up on the top of the deck.

The gimmick is easy to make. It requires arts and crafts and some of the usual supplies for card gaffing.

1st edition 2022, video 13:30.

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Allan Ackerman
Up The Ladder by Allan Ackerman

This is a wonderfully visual and deceptive multiple false cut action that can be added to many false shuffles.

runtime: 2min 27s

★★★★★ $3
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Raphaël Czaja
Untraceable by Raphaël Czaja

The descriptions below are purposely very detailed so you have an accurate transcription of what is seen by the spectator. Note that he can genuinely shuffle the deck as he wants (overhand, riffle, hindu, etc). No sleight or secret move from the magician. No marking system. No gaff or any hidden gimmick. Only use a regular deck.

EFFECT #1: While shuffling a deck of cards, you proclaim to have a sixth sense that enables you to feel things around you without the need for seeing, hearing or touching them; like detecting pulse beats from a close distance. To prove it, you invite a spectator to...

★★★★★ $7.95
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Peter Duffie
Untold by Peter Duffie

Fifteen clever tricks with cards.

1st edition, 2002.

SEVEN DOWN: Seven Down was inspired by Ed Marlo's "Magic Seven."

DRAW POKER: This trick came about as a direct result of a conversation with Roy Walton, who had a card problem which he quickly solved and published in OPUS.

FALLING: The following routine is based on Roy Walton's superb "Cascade". Here several Jumbo cards are caused to mutate in a bizarre and visual manner. This was originally called "The Mutant Hand," but I changed the title for this ebook in view of the recently marketed Cascade variation "Mutanz" to avoid confusion with names.


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Paul A. Lelekis
Unseen by Paul A. Lelekis

Four excellent ESP effects with cards - and they're easy to do.

The introduction provides a wealth of information about performance, spectator control...and even jokes. These four effects will fool magicians...just wait until your next club meeting...especially the title effect, UNSEEN!

1) UNSEEN is a devilishly clever effect that will fool anyone. Shuffle a deck of cards (it really is an ordinary deck) and display it, faces outward, for all to see - then shuffle it again. The performer never once looks at the faces of the cards. The spectator makes a free selection and then shuffles the...

★★★★★ $12
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Tony Chapparo
Unmarked by Tony Chapparo

Would you like the ability to go through a deck of cards, any deck of cards, and know the suit and value of each card just by dealing them without seeing the face? Such ability allows you to perform all kind of miracles.

Tony Chapparo describes how to build a gimmick which allows you to do that. This type of gimmick is not new but the particular construction and use is unique and very practical.

1st edition 2007; 6 pages

★★★★ $5
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Norm Osborn & Edward Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer
Unlimited 3.0 by Norm Osborn & Edward Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer

This manuscript explores in detail the possibilities of the 'Double Count'. As the title implies, the possibilities seem unlimited. After reading this PDF you will surely come up with your own variations and takes on the effects presented. The Double Count in its basic form is to show five cards absolutely cleanly as six. One of the five cards is a double facer.

1st edition 1953, 2nd edition 1983, 3rd edition 2002, 48 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. The Card Goes Home (Norm Osborn)
  2. Improved Double Count (Edward Marlo)
  3. Effect One
  4. Effect Two
  5. Effect Three
  6. Effect Four
  7. Effect Five
  8. Effect...
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Allan Ackerman
Unit Second Deal by Allan Ackerman

This is a magician's fooler second deal developed by Ed Marlo. It allows you to deal 5th, 4th, 3rd, and seconds flawlessly.

runtime: 2min 7s

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Howard P. Albright
Unique "Thought Card" Discovery by Howard P. Albright

You reveal a freely thought card.

EFFECT: Spectator freely selects several cards from his own shuffled deck and thinks of one. Those are returned and mixed in the pack. By means of "tuned thought-waves" the performer discovers the very card spectator is thinking of and, either names it dramatically, or causes it to obey his command in a distinctly "unique" manner. A real mental mystery.


  • No advance preparation
  • The card is really only thought
  • Free choice without any force
  • Cards can be borrowed
  • Very subtle method…you will love it.

PDF 5 pages

★★★★★ $4
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David Gemmell
Unfinished by David Gemmell

A small collection of ideas and variations with the pasteboards.

Its been a while since David Gemmell has put anything out. His life has taken a strange turn for the better, and other interests have held his attention for quite some time now. What follows is a small and possibly incomplete collection of ideas and variations on classic themes that have held him captive for many years and these are the latest handling’s that he uses.

No pictures this time, just words, ideas, pathways, and references where possible.

1st edition 2011; 29 pages.

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Cameron Francis
Unfathomable by Cameron Francis

"Unfathomable is an absolute killer! Rock on, Cameron. Rock on!" -- Jamie Daws

An incredible, super easy, completely examinable prediction effect that fits in your wallet!


The magician removes a packet of playing cards and two face down business cards. He shows the playing cards to be a mix of red and black spot cards and then gives the packet a shuffle. Saying that there are two predictions on the business cards, the magician places one in front of the spectator and one in front of himself. During an extremely fair procedure, the spectator divides the cards between the magician and...

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Michael Daniels
Understanding and Using Gilbreath Principle by Michael Daniels

This ebook is a beginner's guide to the famous Gilbreath Principle and its applications in card magic and mentalism. It includes two ESP-type routines:

Fingertip Sensation

The spectator shuffles the deck. The mentalist (who can be blindfold) then uses his fingertips to correctly identify the colour of cards.

Trinities Card Divination

The mentalist correctly divines attributes (colour, suit, value) of playing cards which the spectator has shuffled, dealt, and covered with his hands while the mentalist has turned away.

[Note: This ebook is a revised extract from Michael Daniels' ebook Trinities, plus an additional routine (Fingertip Sensation).

1st edition...

★★★★ $4
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Sheldon Waldman
Underhanded Sorcery by Sheldon Waldman

This is number four of the Paul Diamond "Gems of Magic Book" series.

Being a treatise on sleight of hand and including a fabulous "Eye-popping opener".

  • Introduction
  • The Close-Up Change
  • The Flick Change
  • The Turn Down Change
  • Using The Table Changes The Double And Triple Transposition
  • Room At The Top (An Ambitious Card Routine)
  • An Eye Popping Opening Routine
  • The Revolving Color Change
  • Triple You Do As I Do (Impromptu)
  • The Dunbury Delusion Outdone
  • A Variation In Handling
  • The Excedrin Headache
  • The Instantaneous Steal
  • The 21st Stunner
  • The 22nd Stunner
  • Impromptu Psychometry
  • The Expansion...
★★★★★ $10
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Arie Vilner
Underhanded Delivery by Arie Vilner

Arie Vilner is a true master of the pasteboards. His creations have baffled the best minds in magic. Here you can learn his unique techniques and routines.

From the Foreword written by Ken Krenzel:

Presentation and method are inseparable, intertwined ingredients in creating entreating, magical magic. Magic is a most unique performing art which, optimally, evokes astonishment, wonder, and an experience of impenetrable mystery.

Presentation style may range from serious to comedic. Berglas and Tamariz succeed in equally mystifying and entertaining their audiences.

Arie Vilner is an...

★★★★★ $19.50
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Dave Arch
Under the Spell by Dave Arch

Many magicians are familiar with Jim Steinmeyer's most excellent Nine Card Trick. However, not as many are aware of the precursor that used an entire (or nearly full) deck to have various audience members spell personal information and still find the selected card!

My favorite place to use this routine is when sitting at a table when the deck can be passed around the table with up to six different people participating in the process of selecting, losing and then finding the card. Follow the instructions, and the magic works itself.

1st edition 2018, 2 pages.

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Peter Duffie
Under Switch by Peter Duffie

This move is a bit like an upside down top switch. It exchanges the bottom card for the card in your hand. (Also part of Move Mastery 2.)

runtime: 6min 2s

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Joseph B.
Uncutted by Joseph B.

Uncutted is a three-phase routine with a totally unexpected ending. The spectator can make free choices but many coincidences will happen. A deck cut in half literally. The spectator will always magically find the corresponding card in the other half. A long series of unexpected coincidences. A very fun routine.

  • You have all the material at home to construct your deck
  • You will use a normal deck
  • No force
  • No sleight of hand
  • Detailed instructions

1st edition 2022, video 27:25.

★★★★★ $6
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