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Paul Voodini
The Magician's Guide to the Tarot by Paul Voodini

From the man who brought you the Magician's Guide to Palm Reading, comes the Magician's Guide to the Tarot!

The Tarot has long fascinated both magicians and the general public. With its entrancing artwork and air of mystery, these cards are the perfect tool for magicians and mentalists. However many magicians and mentalists can find it difficult to incorporate the Tarot into their close-up sets. Learning what each card means and then delivering a 'reading' can seem a daunting task. With 78 cards in a full deck, many can be worried that it is impossible to remember what each card means. And when it comes to using the Tarot...

★★★★★ $16
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Aldo Colombini
ESP Card Magic Vol. 19: Werner Miller Part 3 by Aldo Colombini

Werner Miller is certainly one of the most prolific creators with regards to ESP cards. All these routines are self-working with no sleight-of-hand whatsoever.


  • IN MEDIO: You reveal a freely selected symbol in a very dramatic way.
  • ESP ROLL: You flip and roll cards on each other until one card is face up and it matches a freely selected one.
  • NEIGHBORLY HELP: After a spectator freely picks an ESP card, he eliminates all but one card and it matches the selection.
  • ESPECIAL COUNTDOWN: A matching symbol routine using a freely selected number by a spectator.
  • ESP SANDWICH: Two cards trap a symbol...
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Dr. Herman Pinetti
Second Sight Secrets and Mechanical Magic by Dr. Herman Pinetti

This is a curious old magic book explaining the spirit cabinet, dancing handkerchief, a method to levitate a human, a method to let a table float. The bulk of the book focuses on second sight acts - how questions from the audience can be answered. Several methods are being outlined. At the very end a few parlor tricks are described.

1st edition 1905, 1st digital edition 2013, 27 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. CHAPTER I: Cabinet Tricks
  3. CHAPTER II: Table Lifting
  4. - The Obedient Handkerchief
  5. CHAPTER III: The Floating Girl
  6. CHAPTER IV: Second Sight And Kindred Phenomena
  7. Closing Remarks ...
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Bruce Bernstein
Separation Anxiety by Bruce Bernstein
"Elegant. The trick of the year." - Barrie Richardson

"Bruce Bernstein, who has an honored place in my book, as one of the premier Sultans of Swindle, was selling a new trick, "Separation Anxiety," which sounded--like a lot of Bruce's stuff--completely impossible. So I figured--like a lot of Bruce's stuff--the method would be in the upper echelons of deviousness--and I just had to know how it worked. This is about as clean and fast an "Out of this World" effect as you can get. Bruce also provides a second phase, different from the first, which in effect is different enough to be interesting,...

★★★★★ $24.95
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David Devlin
The Haunted by David Devlin

David Devlin has always loved all things scary and bizarre. As a 4 year old, he can remember watching monster movies with his father on Saturday Afternoons. Starting at the age of 5, he created "Spook Alleys" in his parents' bonus room. Every Halloween he dressed as something terrifying, and watched Bela Lugosi as Dracula, and Boris Karloff as Frankenstein. Even the music David listens to is seen by some people as "spooky". It only seemed natural that as David began really looking deeply at the presentation of magic that he would be drawn to the creepy and the bizarre.

If you are looking...

★★★★ $15
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Terry G. Smith
Force This by Terry G. Smith

Terry wanted to be able to show a packet of cards, shuffle them and have someone just look at one and then he reproduces it. He didn't want to use marked cards or some sort of stack, but he wanted it to be sure fire. As a result he came up with Force This.

While the method is not new, it is known as the Siamese Svengali Pack (see for example Encyclopedia of Card Tricks or Greater Magic), the way Terry uses it in combination with business cards and a paper clip makes this a very practical and innocent looking method.

1st edition 2013, 5 pages.

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Scott Creasey
UNO-IT by Scott Creasey

In his guise as mentalist, mind reader and psychic entertainer, Scott is always on the lookout for routines that use innocent looking, common and recognizable props, which can be adapted for use in stage and close up environments.

In the following pages you will find a number of real world routines using UNO cards. Available from most toy stores and regularly advertised on TV, if you perform any kind of mentalism, you will find them perfect as a substitute for playing cards or ESP cards.

All the routines in this ebook have been tried, tested and refined over years of performance. As well...

★★★★ $22.50
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David Devlin
State of the Union by David Devlin

EFFECT: The performer hands an envelope to a spectator to hold. The performer then removes a deck of cards from its case. The cards are not playing cards, however. In this deck, each card bears the name of a state in the United States. The performer thumbs through the deck allowing the spectators to see that all of the cards are different (when I do this, I even tell them that in order to have a full, 52-card deck, I have added Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico). The deck is then divided into 4 approximately equal piles. A spectator now selects one of those piles to use in the experiment, and...

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David Devlin
Time Out by David Devlin

EFFECT: The performer jots down a prediction on a small piece of paper, folds it into quarters, and drops it into a coffee cup. A spectator is now asked to name a time. She says, "7:35". She now reaches into the coffee cup, and removes the slip of paper, opens it up, and reads the time. Of course, it is 7:35.

  • No one-ahead
  • The spectator does not write anything down
  • No nail-writers
  • No math or spelling type force
  • 99% impromptu
This effect, in part, involves a new psychological force that is original with David Devlin. The great part of this effect is that this becomes a demonstration...
★★★★ $10
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Terry G. Smith
The Psychic Antenna by Terry G. Smith

This routine allows you to have a spectator think of ANYTHING, have them write it down, and you will be able to determine what it is and end up clean. All you need to carry with you is a few blank cards, a pen and most importantly, a paper clip, as it will be..... The PSYCHIC ANTENNA.

Everything in this routine is natural and logical with no "funny" moves and focuses on everything except the method.

The routine relies on sleight-of-hand of moderate difficulty. The moves are motivated and blend into the normal action and movement of the routine.

1st edition 2013, 10 pages, photo illustrated....

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Devin Knight
Blindsight Outdone by Devin Knight

A version that fools those who know the original. A spectator correctly guesses the colors sealed in four envelopes. No gimmick markers.

NOTE: Do not confuse this with the original Blindsight. This 100% new method will fool those who have the original trick.

The performer shows four manila envelopes. There is nothing written on the envelopes, nor are they secretly marked. He shows them freely on both sides and points out the envelopes are opaque. The performer hands the envelopes to a participant; saying inside each envelope is a different colored card: Green, red, blue, and yellow. The performer...

★★★★★ $15
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Andy Cannon
Psych Five by Andy Cannon

Engaging, interactive and a little bit cheeky

This is Andy's multiple phased, business card routine. Like every other piece in this collection it allows for ample byplay, and a fun competitiveness and out guessing theme between you and the participant. Perhaps the coolest part about this is the psychology that allows you to do it "gimmick" free with near 100% accuracy. Although the 100% accurate version is thrown in. This is pure psychological fun.

TERASBOS bit o' business
You'll need to be familiar with the Rick Maue Classic, this simple verbiage puts the odds in your favour...

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Richard Mark
Mindbending Meltdown by Richard Mark

Richard Mark teaches advanced techniques for the experienced psychic entertainer. Learn the innermost thoughts and concerns of others with nothing written and without props of any kind. The real work on pre-show techniques.

1st edition 1992, 1st digital edition 2013, 34 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Crystal Clear
  3. The Singular Dwarf
  4. O What Clams Eat
  5. Clams Casino
  6. No/Know Croiset
  7. A Swiftian Delight
  8. Hyper Smith
  9. Psychometric Fourth Dimension
  10. No Stull
  11. A Real Trip
  12. Pre-Show Work: An Analysis
  13. The Ghostly Hand
  14. Just Good Fortune
  15. Presentation
  16. Postscript
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Scott Xavier
The Pain Proof Man by Scott Xavier

Having traveled nearly 2 years with a side show while first developing his show, Scott Xavier worked as a magician and a pain proof man. In this video you will find two unique demonstrations of his pain proof act.

You will learn:

  • How to slam a mouse and/or rat trap against your tongue and survive unscathed...
  • How Samurais can take a scalpel sharp samurai sword, grip it, and pull the sword against their flesh and not get injured!
These effects are for adults only and extremely dangerous!

1st edition 2013, runtime 16 minutes.

★★★★★ $9.95
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MP4 (video)

Scott Xavier
Out Cold by Scott Xavier

Ever wanted to make money as a psychic reader? Want to spice up your mentalism by adding depth with accurate cold readings?

Scott Xavier presents a basic course which teaches the secrets of psychic cold reading, numerology, and palmistry. You find out how to present readings from an actual professional psychic reader. Also included are the unique venues where Scott performs his skills to make extra money when times are tough.

1st edition 2013, runtime 34 minutes.

★★★★ $14.95
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MP4 (video)

Devin Knight
Publicity Secrets 3: The Ultimate Headline Prediction by Devin Knight

This effect will get you more publicity than any other headline prediction. It has many features that you cannot do with other headline predictions. THIS NEW METHOD INVOLVES NO SWITCHING OF THE HEADLINE PREDICTION SLIP. There is only one headline prediction slip and it is signed by the VIP! Best of all, no gimmicks are used.

This method involves so many people and has so much hoopla, it will almost ensure you front page coverage in most local papers. This headline prediction will have you on the 6 o'clock and 11 o'clock television news. It will also be discussed on local radio stations;...

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Stefan Olschewski
Crazy Prediction Deluxe by Stefan Olschewski

One of the first effects by Stefan Olschewski that were released to the magic market – finally available for instant download.

An easy, small mental effect to take with you wherever you go. Entertaining and just a little bit different.

You show an envelope to the audience containing one single card as your prediction. A spectator is asked to keep the envelope. A second spectator chooses one card from a packet of ten. The funny thing is: all card faces are all the same, showing, for example, the 8 of Hearts. When the envelope is opened, the card inside also is the 8 of Hearts, of course. ...

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Scott Xavier
Tre by Scott Xavier

Tre - a unique video featuring three easily constructed mentalism effects that will fit any show.

Pocket Impressions - a pocket sized impression device. Create predictions or mind reading with a pocket sized anytime anywhere impression device. Taught is the Epic mental Epic which is Xavier's mental epic effect.

Russian roulette - learn to create a spiked Russian roulette using a lazy Susan costing under $20 in props.

Tie Loops - Learn to tie elastic invisible loops any time anywhere. The easiest method around.

1st edition 2013, runtime 33 minutes.

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MP4 (video)

Ken de Courcy
The Receptive Shroud by Ken de Courcy

An unusual presentation detailing probably the easiest system for the two-person mind-reading act yet produced.


A clip-board is tossed into the audience. Under its elastic band is a pencil. The performer asks the person who catches it to pass the board to anyone in the row behind him. That person then writes anything he likes in the top space - a name, a date, a phone number, a question - anything. He then passes the board to someone behind him, who does the same thing, then the board is passed again.

When six people have written their thoughts, the board is returned to the...

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Dee Christopher
Linguistic Bending by Dee Christopher

Linguistic Bending will take your metal bending to the next level.

Dee Christopher has been studying metal bending for many years and crafted his own fluid and signature style. This ambitious treatise attacks a subject that is scarcely touched by psychokinetic performers; the use of verbal deception, dual reality and linguistics within metal bending acts.

You will learn several new techniques, the full work on the Syn ploy including variations and some incredible concepts and ploys to build into your performances.

  • The basics - An overview of popular and lesser known bends and physical...
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Cathy Shadows & Paul Voodini
The Secret Garden by Cathy Shadows & Paul Voodini

Paul Voodini presents Cathy Shadows' Secret Garden, the final PDF in the Cathy Shadows series.

For the serious student and the experienced reader, comes the Secret Garden. This is a fascinating and unique reading technique whereby the sitter is taken on a guided visualization of a beautiful garden. Within the walls of this garden lay the answers to the sitter's most deeply held questions - what did the past mean, what is happening to me now, and how will the future develop?

It is entirely possible to present this reading technique both in an esoteric/psychic manner or as a character analysis...

★★★★★ $14
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Alexander de Cova
Forte-X by Alexander de Cova

You bring out a couple of blank cards. Now you cleanly write three predictions and put these three cards onto the table. Next you show a red-backed pack of cards. The cards are spread face-up on the table. Three spectators are invited to each freely push one card out of the spread. There is absolutely no force involved and all 52 cards are present!

Without any false moves you turn around your three predictions cards - you have successfully predicted all three chosen cards!

1st edition 2005, 11 pages.

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Alexander de Cova
Symbolicus by Alexander de Cova

You display a big envelope with a prediction. Two spectators assist you with this experiment. You display now a transparent clipboard with a single sheet of paper on it. On this paper are printed 25 different abstract symbols in a numbered grid. You ask one spectator to think of any uneven number from 1 to 25 (including 1 and 25). The other spectator thinks of an even number. These numbers are only thought of! Now each of the spectators looks at the clipboard and remembers the symbol corresponding to his number. Again the spectators never name aloud their symbols and you don't ask a single...

★★★ $10
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The Sticky Head Game by Nathaniel

Do you know the"Sticky Head Game"? It is an amusing party game also known as "forehead detective", "the name game", or simply "the post-it on your forehead game". It follows simply rules. Instruct each participant to take a sticky note and secretly write down the name of any famous person, alive or dead. Request that each person turn to the participant on her right and place her sticky note onto that person's forehead. It is very important that the person wearing the note remain in the dark about whose name is now adhering to her forehead. All participants will see the names stuck onto everyone...

★★★★★ $10
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