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Scott Xavier
The Pain Proof Man by Scott Xavier

Having traveled nearly 2 years with a side show while first developing his show, Scott Xavier worked as a magician and a pain proof man. In this video you will find two unique demonstrations of his pain proof act.

You will learn:

  • How to slam a mouse and/or rat trap against your tongue and survive unscathed...
  • How Samurais can take a scalpel sharp samurai sword, grip it, and pull the sword against their flesh and not get injured!
These effects are for adults only and extremely dangerous!

1st edition 2013, runtime 16 minutes.

★★★★★ $9.95
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MP4 (video)

Scott Xavier
Out Cold by Scott Xavier

Ever wanted to make money as a psychic reader? Want to spice up your mentalism by adding depth with accurate cold readings?

Scott Xavier presents a basic course which teaches the secrets of psychic cold reading, numerology, and palmistry. You find out how to present readings from an actual professional psychic reader. Also included are the unique venues where Scott performs his skills to make extra money when times are tough.

1st edition 2013, runtime 34 minutes.

★★★★ $14.95
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Devin Knight
Publicity Secrets 3: The Ultimate Headline Prediction by Devin Knight

This effect will get you more publicity than any other headline prediction. It has many features that you cannot do with other headline predictions. THIS NEW METHOD INVOLVES NO SWITCHING OF THE HEADLINE PREDICTION SLIP. There is only one headline prediction slip and it is signed by the VIP! Best of all, no gimmicks are used.

This method involves so many people and has so much hoopla, it will almost ensure you front page coverage in most local papers. This headline prediction will have you on the 6 o'clock and 11 o'clock television news. It will also be discussed on local radio stations;...

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Stefan Olschewski
Crazy Prediction Deluxe by Stefan Olschewski

One of the first effects by Stefan Olschewski that were released to the magic market – finally available for instant download.

An easy, small mental effect to take with you wherever you go. Entertaining and just a little bit different.

You show an envelope to the audience containing one single card as your prediction. A spectator is asked to keep the envelope. A second spectator chooses one card from a packet of ten. The funny thing is: all card faces are all the same, showing, for example, the 8 of Hearts. When the envelope is opened, the card inside also is the 8 of Hearts, of course. ...

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Scott Xavier
Tre by Scott Xavier

Tre - a unique video featuring three easily constructed mentalism effects that will fit any show.

Pocket Impressions - a pocket sized impression device. Create predictions or mind reading with a pocket sized anytime anywhere impression device. Taught is the Epic mental Epic which is Xavier's mental epic effect.

Russian roulette - learn to create a spiked Russian roulette using a lazy Susan costing under $20 in props.

Tie Loops - Learn to tie elastic invisible loops any time anywhere. The easiest method around.

1st edition 2013, runtime 33 minutes.

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Ken de Courcy
The Receptive Shroud by Ken de Courcy

An unusual presentation detailing probably the easiest system for the two-person mind-reading act yet produced.


A clip-board is tossed into the audience. Under its elastic band is a pencil. The performer asks the person who catches it to pass the board to anyone in the row behind him. That person then writes anything he likes in the top space - a name, a date, a phone number, a question - anything. He then passes the board to someone behind him, who does the same thing, then the board is passed again.

When six people have written their thoughts, the board is returned to the...

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Dee Christopher
Linguistic Bending by Dee Christopher

Linguistic Bending will take your metal bending to the next level.

Dee Christopher has been studying metal bending for many years and crafted his own fluid and signature style. This ambitious treatise attacks a subject that is scarcely touched by psychokinetic performers; the use of verbal deception, dual reality and linguistics within metal bending acts.

You will learn several new techniques, the full work on the Syn ploy including variations and some incredible concepts and ploys to build into your performances.

  • The basics - An overview of popular and lesser known bends and physical...
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Cathy Shadows & Paul Voodini
The Secret Garden by Cathy Shadows & Paul Voodini

Paul Voodini presents Cathy Shadows' Secret Garden, the final PDF in the Cathy Shadows series.

For the serious student and the experienced reader, comes the Secret Garden. This is a fascinating and unique reading technique whereby the sitter is taken on a guided visualization of a beautiful garden. Within the walls of this garden lay the answers to the sitter's most deeply held questions - what did the past mean, what is happening to me now, and how will the future develop?

It is entirely possible to present this reading technique both in an esoteric/psychic manner or as a character analysis...

★★★★★ $14
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Alexander de Cova
Forte-X by Alexander de Cova

You bring out a couple of blank cards. Now you cleanly write three predictions and put these three cards onto the table. Next you show a red-backed pack of cards. The cards are spread face-up on the table. Three spectators are invited to each freely push one card out of the spread. There is absolutely no force involved and all 52 cards are present!

Without any false moves you turn around your three predictions cards - you have successfully predicted all three chosen cards!

1st edition 2005, 11 pages.

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Alexander de Cova
Symbolicus by Alexander de Cova

You display a big envelope with a prediction. Two spectators assist you with this experiment. You display now a transparent clipboard with a single sheet of paper on it. On this paper are printed 25 different abstract symbols in a numbered grid. You ask one spectator to think of any uneven number from 1 to 25 (including 1 and 25). The other spectator thinks of an even number. These numbers are only thought of! Now each of the spectators looks at the clipboard and remembers the symbol corresponding to his number. Again the spectators never name aloud their symbols and you don't ask a single...

★★★ $10
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The Sticky Head Game by Nathaniel

Do you know the"Sticky Head Game"? It is an amusing party game also known as "forehead detective", "the name game", or simply "the post-it on your forehead game". It follows simply rules. Instruct each participant to take a sticky note and secretly write down the name of any famous person, alive or dead. Request that each person turn to the participant on her right and place her sticky note onto that person's forehead. It is very important that the person wearing the note remain in the dark about whose name is now adhering to her forehead. All participants will see the names stuck onto everyone...

★★★★★ $10
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Mark Piazza
Emily v2 by Mark Piazza

A series of effects to attempt to make spiritual contact with an unfortunate little girl.

After releasing his controversial Memories of Emily séance a few years ago, Mark Piazza has always thought about re-writing it and 'toning it down' somewhat as it was too graphic for some.

While attempting to do so, Mark ended up creating a whole different Emily séance!

Simply titled, Emily v2 (version 2), it is another fictional séance about an abducted little girl.

Once again, Mark has put together a series of different effects tied together in a different way so that 90% of the script...

★★★★ $17
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David Britland
Consumer Control by David Britland

Five ESP cards are laid out on the table. Point to one and push it aside. Point to another and push it aside. Discard two more until just one is left. Do you think I could have predicted that card in advance?

A duplicate set of ESP cards has been on view throughout. They are all face down except one. It's your card. Not only that, but it has a completely different colored back from the rest!

Consumer Control is simple, easy and direct. No counts, moves or sleight of hand. A baffling demonstration of psychological persuasion.

[Note: This ebook does not come with the specially prepared cards. One set of ESP cards is regular. The other set is prepared with rough and smooth but in a very special way. If you have a roughing spray or stick you will be able to make your own cards. You will need ESP cards with two different backs. You will also need two double backers that match the two different backs and two envelopes.]

1st edition 2001, 1st digital edition 2013, 9 pages....

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S. W. Reilly
Hellstromism by S. W. Reilly

This is one of the best ebooks on contact mind reading. It is short, but holds everything you need to know on the subject. Written by S. W. Reilly. This ebook is based on Axel Hellstrom's use of Contact Mind Reading. A great ebook to get you started.

Also features two performance reports on Hellstromism. One performance was given by Professor Newmann, the other by George Jason.

1st digital edition 2013, 13 pages.

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Dr. Bill Cushman
Dr. Bill's Bend by Dr. Bill Cushman

As seen on Steve Cohen's 2 hour feature television special, "LOST MAGIC DECODED" aired on The History Channel, October 18th, 2012!

"I chose to perform "Dr. Bill's Bend" on my television special because I needed a pendulum routine with a distinct ending. My studio audience loved this routine, and so did I. Perhaps I should add it to my live shows at the Waldorf-Astoria? It's that strong." - Steve Cohen, The Millionaires' Magician

Imagine using a simple pendulum made from a piece of ribbon and a key (these can all be borrowed) to teach an entire audience to focus their mental powers...

★★★★★ $25
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Dr. Bill Cushman
The Dr's Billet Tear by Dr. Bill Cushman

"I use my own Perfected Center Tear all the time. But I have to tell you this; I use a piece of paper from my pad. When I saw how clean Bill's version looked with a business card, I had to learn it too. It is smart to have a variety of methods at your disposal. Dr. Bill's Billet Tear is top notch and as good as it gets. If it means anything from a guy who has been ripping paper up for most of his life, take my advice and get this!" - Richard Osterlind

What should you look for in a Center Tear? As little as possible! On that note:

"Here's a word I think describes the pinnacle of...

★★★★★ $35
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Dee Christopher
Plastic: close-up psychometry by Dee Christopher

Plastic allows you to perform the classic feat of psychometry in the close up arena with an up to date presentation and a hook that will resonate with every person you meet. The effect plays exactly as follows:

You walk up to a table and place down an unopened packet of pay envelopes. After introducing yourself and meeting the characters that make up your audience for the next 7-10 minutes, you explain that you will turn away and each spectator on the table (or any two or three if you prefer) is to take any of the envelopes and place one of their credit cards inside.

They may then seal...

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George Marchese
Master Mental System by George Marchese

From the introduction:

I like to read old magic books. Many times you can find real treasure within their pages. When I found the following old and anonymous manuscript I was simply stunned! It outlined a complete two people first class mental act. The "no words" code used is really easy and useful. It permits to transmit very detailed infos to the "medium", as you will see reading the manuscript. This manuscript was published about a century ago and I think that the mental routine that it contains should be known to modern generations of magic enthusiasts. So here it is...I hope you like...

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Devin Knight
Blindsight: the original by Devin Knight

One of the most talked about effects at the 2006 Mindvention. It virtually fooled anyone who saw it. Since then over 5000 copies of Blindsight have been sold world-wide. It has become a classic of mentalism and used by some of the biggest names in mentalism. In fact, one performer was able to book a $10,000 gig by performing this one trick alone for the decision maker! Yes, Blindsight is that good.

This routine is now available in a Do-It-Yourself PDF and can be easily made up in a few minutes.


Performer patters that Blindsight is the apparent ability to see colors and shapes...

★★★★ $7
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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 6 by Werner Miller

This will most likely be Werner Miller's last installment in his E-Z Square series. In this ebook he revisits several of the routines he published before, but finds ways to simplify them further or structure them in a cleaner and clearer way. He does that with a Birthday Square, a routine involving a measuring tape, and magic squares using cards.

As a bonus Werner includes several magic square puzzles.

1st edition 2013; 15 pages.

★★★★★ $6
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Gerard Zitta
Fair Mysteries by Gerard Zitta

Short warm up mentalism effects. Anytime, anywhere, practical, easy, direct and impromptu.

Some of the simple ideas presented in this ebook can also be used as safety nets in your existing routines.

W(h)i(t)ch hand?
A classic: A spectator hides a coin in one of his fists and the performer shows which hand.

  • Impromptu – no gimmicks, no electronics
  • Versatile - presentation can vary
  • Anytime, anywhere, anybody
  • Simple and direct
F(l)air play
Here is a nice little effect and method that can be used to give away your business card and will leave a good impression on your spectator....
★★★★ $25
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Christopher Bolter
The R.B.M.T. - ridiculously ballsy magazine test by Christopher Bolter

What Happens:

The mentalist displays four or five current popular magazines. They are handed out and freely examined. One is chosen by an audience member and he or she is asked to peruse the magazine. Next they are asked to decide on a page with lots of text, they do so and proceed to remove the page from the magazine. This is repeated with the other magazines until there are four or five random pages from each magazine.

Next the audience member's with their respective pages are instructed to turn them landscape and tear them in half. Place the two pieces together and repeat, and repeat...

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Paul Hallas
Mindful Mentalism Volume 2 by Paul Hallas

This time Paul casts his net further afield with contributions from several countries.

  • Introduction and Foreword
  • Hunter's Birthday Billets
  • Runes and Billet
  • Stepping Stones
  • Money Clip
  • The HH Cabaret Card Divination
  • Astral Journey
  • Doing Time
  • Ronaldo's SpecWriteR
  • Back To The Future
  • Happy and Sad
  • Surprising Mail
  • Your Choice, My Bet
  • The 3-Phase Routine
  • Colour In Mind
  • Think Of Any Card Supplement
  • Still Thinking Of A Gray Elephant
  • Dot's Quite Good
  • 52 Different Objects
  • With Thanks To Vernon and Derman
  • Dining Table Deception
  • If
  • Psychic Cafe
  • Colour Sense
  • Sunset
  • Karmic Connection ...
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Atlas Brookings
The Prodigal by Atlas Brookings

"Seriously, this is underpriced...A vast amount of theory and applicable content is squeezed into this... After I get it all integrated, this is going straight into my naked repertoire... This has a huge amount of information to digest, but it's 100% workable, and Atlas has brought many, many new ways to work with this to the table. I think that many don't use this principle simply because a work this all encompassing has never before been written on the topic. This really fills a previously gaping hole in mentalism and opens up many doors. This is incredibly underpriced in my opinion. I...

★★★★★ $40
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