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James Auer
The Spirit is Willing by James Auer

Well written ebook of mental effects, designed to form a completely routined show. Good variety, suitable for most occasions. Presentation, routining, patter and full instructions for Conundrum in Crystal, Numbers Game, Ultimate Miracle, Spirit is Willing, Extra ESPecial, 6th Columnist, Two for TV, American Tel & Tel-epathy. Plus opening lecture, bibliography. All one man routines.

1st edition 1961; 1st digital edition 2013, 49 pages.

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Scott Creasey
Number 5 by Scott Creasey

Number 5 is the culmination of many years spent searching for a simple to remember, impromptu routine which delivers not only an impossible magical/psychic climax, but also a personal reading which people will remember and talk about.

This routine isn't restricted to close up use. Scott has performed it many times on stage, in cabaret and in a lecture environment using nothing more than a flip chart and a marker pen.

Versatility is something Scott tries to build into every routine he uses as part of his professional repertoire and this routine is no exception, with ideas for multiple readings...

★★★★ $15
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David Numen
Phone Home: Confessions of a Telephone Reader by David Numen

Phone Home is on David's experiences as a telephone reader packed with tips that anyone can use to enhance their readings including a system for generating "Angel Readings" which some would say is worth the price of the ebook alone.

"Great Read…It is way past time for this subject to get back in the reader's domain." - Millard Longman

"Very good thinking on David's part: well done. Angels have been always a popular thing with people as long as I can remember. Doing an angel reading is powerful and memorable and you hardly ever see anyone doing it. David put much thought into this one....

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John Rice
Secrets of the TV Psychics by John Rice

Anyone, armed with the basic knowledge provided in this ebook, can perform exactly the same stunts that TV psychics perform on television. All you need is 90% nerve and 10% knowledge.

  • The Show
  • How Does This All Work?
  • Secrets Of The TV Demonstration
  • The Audience As Spoon Benders
  • Should We Care?

1st edition 1986, 1st digital edition 2013, 11 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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Bob Somerfeld
Mind Reader's Digest by Bob Somerfeld

Ten one man, no preparation mental effects. Includes

  • Ripping!
  • Nickle for Your Thoughts
  • Divine
  • Centear
  • Impromptu
  • Threediction
  • No Smoking
  • That's the Spirit
  • My Word
  • Supelletive
Easy stuff you will put to good use.

1st edition 1951; 1st digital edition 2013, 23 pages.

★★★★ $6.95
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Carroll K. Priest
Test Conditions Second Sight by Carroll K. Priest

The material contained within this ebook was first released to an inner circle of mentalists at a price exceeding one hundred dollars. In 1980 the material was organised in the form of a booklet and offered to mentalists on a world-wide basis. In order to eliminate the merely curious from its readership, the booklet was sold at a high cover price. Despite this fact, the book sold out completely. In 1985 Martin Breese reprinted it and now it is available as ebook for the first time.

When presented properly this "SECOND SIGHT" test will have the impact of an atomic bomb. There is no doubt that...

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Fred Darevil
Tryptik by Fred Darevil

Fred Darevil is a French professional mentalist and magician. Tryptik is a selection of three effects he's been using professionally for several years with success. Originally sold as a printed booklet by Magic Smith, this ebook version has been updated with more photos, new ideas and subtleties.

Larry Becker said about Taxi Gambler: "I like it very much. Your method is very workable. You have created an excellent piece of mentalism for which you have to be congratulated".
ONE ONLY: Talking about feminine intuition, the mentalist gives an opaque envelope to a woman in the audience. There is a card...
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Gerard Zitta
Janus V3 by Gerard Zitta

A practical and easy two-way out system.

Janus V3 is a very simple and practical two-way out system. It is impromptu and everything is examinable before and after. It allows you to leave your business card.

To describe it, we can compare it to another system by Scott Guinn called Assertive positive/negative.

  • The reader must also know another principle by Max Maven (in Videomind Volume 2) but the method and presentation are completely different.
  • It also uses business cards (or jumbo cardboard cards).
  • It can be done anytime with no setup. It is impromptu if you have a 'little something' with you (It is not a gimmick, it...
★★★★ $10
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Terri Rogers
Word of Mind by Terri Rogers

A spectator is handed a theatrical review sheet and is asked to choose one of the hundreds of words that make up the various articles. There is no restriction of choice and the word is not written down. It is merely thought of by the spectator.

When the spectator is ready the mentalist begins to concentrate and slowly, letter by letter, reveals the mentally chosen word. It is that direct. A spectator things of a word and you reveal it. The spectator can choose a different word and you can repeat the effect right away.

Simple to learn, simple to perform, devastating in effect. What more...

★★★★ $10
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Rob Chapman
Burn the Witch by Rob Chapman

In the Burn the Witch not only will you find four great effects that are inspired by witchcraft, but you will see the creative fusion of approaches to magick that makes Rob one of the most exciting mystery entertainers in the UK. Ideas, technique and inspiration drawing on sleight of hand, mentalism and hypnotism.


  • Protection against Witchcraft
  • The Face at the Grave
  • The Scented Flower
  • The Witches Mark

1st edition 2013, 36 pages.

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Paul Hallas
Mindful Mentalism Volume 1 by Paul Hallas

A compilation of over twenty mental routines from U.K. sources, some well known names among them.

  • Stranded (Arthur Setterington and Paul Hallas)
  • Book Test Prompter (Eddie Burke)
  • Roger’s E.S.P. Prediction (Roger Curzon)
  • Blind Faith (Peter Duffie)
  • Symbolic Harmony (Ron and Nancy Spencer)
  • One For Ken (Barry Stevenson)
  • The Predictograph (Terry Liversidge)
  • Lucifer’s Lotto (Dan O'Donoghue)
  • Premon-notion (Jack Jansen)
  • A Letter From Australia (Peter Kane)
  • Con Text (Lewis Jones)
  • A Calculated Experiment (Paul Hallas)
  • Blind Date (Jim Cuthbert)
  • Zenner PK (Paul Hallas)
  • Another Cyclic Prediction (Paul Flory)
  • Eazy Peezy Book Test...
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Dee Christopher
Deadly Subtleties by Dee Christopher

This publication is slightly different to a lot of his previous work in that rather than creating new methods for effects, he's honed in on the psychological side of things and is offering some of his favorite techniques to bring effects that you already perform to the next level.

Deadly Subtleties is a collection of subtleties that you can apply to your work to create:

  • Better accuracy during mind reading
  • Fairer conditions when revealing peeked information
  • More realistic blindfold demonstrations
  • More believability in psychokinetic demonstrations
While these ideas are simple in nature,...
★★★★★ $15
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Kevin Wade
IX by Kevin Wade

The name of this ebook partially comes from the fact you will learn nine amazing routines involving mentalism. You will also discover a method that possesses unique possibilities. It is the power of this system that creates the magic behind each routine and thus the true reason for the title IX.

I. Corporate Thoughts - Out of a list of 100 major companies a spectator makes a selection. A free thought is developed based upon the company chosen. In an astonishing display of ESP you are able to draw a design that is directly related to their very thoughts!

II. 52 Thoughts - A super strong...

★★★★★ $10
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Mark Piazza
PANsylvania 4 by Mark Piazza

Issue 4 of this short-lived publication featuring magical bizarre effects, reviews and an original short story of fiction.


  • Beneath The Toadstool (introduction of issue)
  • Pine Needles and Dirt (Tips, Reviews & Observations)

  • K-9 Nibbles by Kotah (Ron Dayton): "Scooby Snacks", the Cartoon Network and some magic.
  • When You've Gotta Go by Kotah (Ron Dayton): As time ticks away, you may discover that you are the next to go.
  • Jumped Rope by DeNomolos (Ed Solomon): A.K.A. The Viagra Rope Trick.
  • Stooges! Unite! by Mark Piazza (also in [;p=319 ShudderShadow Mansion]): Will you be paging Moe, Larry and Curly? Sointenly! ...
★★★★★ $5
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Mark Piazza
PANsylvania 3 by Mark Piazza

Issue 3 of this short-lived publication featuring magical bizarre effects, reviews and an original short story of fiction.


  • Beneath The Toadstool (introduction of issue)
  • Pine Needles and Dirt (Tips, Reviews & Observations)

  • Dead Man Walking by EvilDan (Dan Terelmes): A questionable prison warden offers freedom to his inmates (includes additional props).
  • Stainless Steel, So Cold and Strange by Kotah (Ron Dayton): An effect about re-animation based on a true story . . . by a mortician.
  • Having Writ by Shane: Cross-dimensional stalking by the “Shadowpeople”.
  • The Ghost of ye Mage...
★★★★★ $5
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Mark Piazza
PANsylvania 2 by Mark Piazza

Issue 2 of this short-lived publication featuring magical bizarre effects, reviews and an original short story of fiction.


  • Beneath The Toadstool (introduction of issue)
  • Pine Needles and Dirt (Tips, Reviews & Observations)

  • Restored by Ed Solomon: A torn and restored effect (in comic book form) that tugs at the heartstrings.
  • The Echo of Dead Voices by Kotah (Ron Dayton): What happens when magic becomes magick via a sea shell.
  • Simon and The Ozone by Mark Piazza (also in ShudderShadow Mansion): How the molecules of physical objects turn ghost-like.
  • Squeal of Fortune by Shane: A game show routine with...
★★★★★ $5
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Mark Piazza
PANsylvania 1 by Mark Piazza

Issue 1 of this short-lived publication featuring magical bizarre effects, reviews and an original short story of fiction.


  • Beneath The Toadstool (introduction of issue)
  • Pine Needles and Dirt (Tips, Reviews & Observations)

  • Re-Leaf by Larry White: A dead leaf is re-attached to a plant & comes back to life.
  • The Writing on the Wall by Kotah (Ron Dayton): An array of effects culminating into the revelation of a priest's horrible secret.
  • Aging Your Props by Brother Shadow: How to turn a plain white paper into a priceless antique.
  • Witchology 101 by Mark Piazza (also in ShudderShadow Mansion): A prediction effect...
★★★★★ $5
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Scott Creasey
Envelopology Part 2 by Scott Creasey

In this second part of two ebooks exploring the science of envelopes in magic and mentalism, Scott introduces three more brand new tried and tested routines utilizing nothing more than some envelopes, a glue stick, and a pair of scissors.

For the sake of clarity the clear photographic manufacturing instructions for two of the gaffed envelopes which appeared in Envelopology Part One are reproduced here for the benefit of those who don't own the first ebook, along with an extra gaffed envelope and manufacturing instructions for a variation of Scott's very own Shaxonless flap, this variation is being shared here...

★★★★ $15
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Gerard Zitta
PK Mysteries by Gerard Zitta

Three unusual gimmicks for PK mysteries.


This is Gerard's take on the classic bending spoon effect, but just between two fingers: the spoon visually melts. You will need to buy something you won't find in magic stores. (It will cost you just a few dollars.)


A borrowed beer mat is torn and folded in half by a spectator. The performer writes "ALCOHOL BREATH ANALYZER" on it. The beer mat will bend when approaching a pint of beer or a glass of wine but not with a glass of water for instance! Very versatile method that can be very useful and bring something...

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Andy Cannon
Doodleology (Non-mental) by Andy Cannon

As we explore the meanings of doodles and drawings, Doodleology is the perfect ebook for someone who is interested in the way people think and would like to be able to define a person's personality based solely on their drawings and doodles.

The ebook is complete with in depth explanations of the different types and styles of doodles, mini articles, examples and sample doodle readings and ideas to profit from doodle reading.

By the time you've done reading you'll understand how to read people's drawing and doodles, how to apply the flow to create a seamless structured reading and more. ...

★★★★★ $8
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Tony Shiels
Bizarre: Surreal Sorcery by Tony Shiels

Psientific Pseudo Psi, Mountebankery, Monstrosities and Horrors. Weird tricks for the magickal story-teller.

1st edition 1988, 87 pages; 1st digital edition 2012, PDF 62 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  3. Around The World In 80 Seconds

  5. Dreams And Destiny
  6. Automatism
  7. Le Jeu De Marseille


  10. Black Christmas
  11. Casting The Runes
  12. Over-Familiarity
  13. Tools Of The Trade
  14. The Knowledge

  16. The Witch's Web
  17. Psyche's Revenge
  18. The Irish Factotum ...
★★★★★ $15
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The Precursor Notes by Kannon

A compilation of select pet effects and touches. These notes are a precursor to Kannon's upcoming physical book "Nothing To See Here" and include some select pieces of his work, to introduce himself.

For readers and those wishing to make their performances more emotional and personal: You'll find the highly praised "Happy Place" script, a way of forming deep rapport and connection with your participants and people you share your mentalism with.

"I LIKE IT! and you can quote me on that" - Bill Montana

His "Coin Oracle", you haven't seen anyone use anything like this, it's highly...

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Biagio Fasano & Michael Daniels
Jiggery Pokery by Biagio Fasano & Michael Daniels

Jiggery Pokery is a self-working three-phase Texas Hold 'em routine for mentalists and card workers and develops a principle by Ben Harris which he published as Psi Poker. This ebook is fully endorsed by Ben Harris

"This is great. I am thrilled. BRILLIANT." - Ben Harris

"A great self-working audience-participation routine. I like this ebook very much." - Peter Duffie

"Interesting and clever" – Gianfranco Preverino

"I appreciated your work (particularly the first part about the Prediction effect which looks excellent) … not only and simply for the work itself but for the passion I found in it. Only with research can...

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Chris Wardle & Paul Hallas
Beyond Svengali: applying the svengali principle to mentalism by Chris Wardle & Paul Hallas

Here, Chris Wardle explores the use of long and short cards (Svengali Deck style) for mental magic presentations. Whilst initially he gives some background to the Svengali deck and how to make and handle one, some routines use variants on the deck and several don't use playing cards at all. There are thirteen routines from Chris plus some additional commentary and a bonus routine from publisher Paul Hallas. Chances are after reading this you'll not think of the Svengali deck in the same way again.

Since the appearance of this booklet (his third) Chris authored Magic For Everyone (2006) and...

★★★★★ $12
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