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Charles W. Cameron
Castle Dracula Mentalism by Charles W. Cameron

Here are the secrets of Charles Cameron's stunning Castle Dracula Show. Charles Cameron is well known as the father of modern Bizarre magic. And for years, in a specially-built theatre at the Edinburgh Wax Museum, he and his group produced an amazing show which included brilliant original effects.

The show was honed year after year until each effect was near perfect and here in this work, Charles at last reveals his closely guarded secrets. Every single effect included can be performed exactly as described. Only a handful of props are required for you to emulate the mysteries that fooled...

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Jack Yates
Clue and other Mysteries by Jack Yates

Jack Yates is renowned as a creative innovator as evidenced by his many contributions to magical literature. This work contains nine first-class routines with a mental flavour including Clue which is worth its weight in gold and the P&S System.


  • Monty: Three spectators choose one card each and then exchange them so that no one has his original selection. Despite this you are able to tell each spectator the identity of the card he now holds.
  • Spy Story: A spectator's selected card is revealed when the performer magically decodes a secret message.
  • Choice: A spectator chooses one...
★★★★★ $20
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Aldo Colombini
ESP Card Magic Vol. 10: Howard Adams Part 4 by Aldo Colombini

All these routines are performed with a regular deck of ESP cards and with no sleight of hand whatsoever.


  • ELIMINEIGHT: From a deck you predict the selections of four ESP symbols.
  • COMPUTERA: A spectator selects three cards. You pick three cards under a napkin. These three cards prove to be duplicates of the spectator’s selected cards.
  • PACKETEN ONE: You locate a duplicate of a selected ESP design from a pile covered by a napkin.
  • NO OBJECTS: You predict several symbol cards that spectators select.
  • ESP NAME 6: Using the name of a spectator you will reveal freely selected...
★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
ESP Card Magic Vol. 9: Werner Miller by Aldo Colombini

Werner Miller is one of the most prolific creators with regards to ESP cards. All these routines are self-working with no sleight-of-hand whatsoever.


  • ESP TWIZZLER: A symbol is selected and you find a duplicate in a packet of cards.
  • MEETING ONE’S MATCH: A card is selected. Two packets of cards are dealt at the same time and only two symbols match and they also match the selection.
  • QUAD-CUT VARIATIONS: A beautiful routine (totally impromptu) where you and the spectator find five matching symbols from a shuffled deck.
  • AEOLIS PRELUDE: Using a compass you find five different symbols in...
★★★★ $10
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David Devlin
David's ESP Trick by David Devlin

(not to be confused with David’s E.S.P. Routine)

In effect, the performer lays out five cards, each of which has an ESP symbol on in. All of the cards are different and unprepared. Attention is now drawn to a small coin envelope, which, as the performer explains, contains a duplicate of one of the cards on the table. This is the prediction, and is kept in full view throughout the entire proceedings. A spectator now uses his mind to determine which four of the five cards are eliminated. The spectator makes real and honest decisions throughout the elimination process. The envelope is now opened, and it is found...

★★★★★ $6
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David Devlin
David's ESP Routine by David Devlin

David Devlin, the guy who brought you Coincidence & Fate, gives you a three-phase routine with an E.S.P. deck. And best of all, the entire routine is self-working!

Phase 1: The deck is shown to consist of five different symbols repeated five times. The cards are then mixed and the squared deck is placed face-down in front of a spectator. The mentalist turns his back to the spectator, and tells her to cut the deck wherever she wishes, and to complete the cut. Once that is done she is to take the top card of the deck (the card she freely cut to, no force!), look at it and then hold it behind her back so that...

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Tommaso Guglielmi
Subliminal Influence by Tommaso Guglielmi

Subliminal Influence is a multiple phase routine. You can decide to perfom all the phases in a row or just some of them as single effects. If you perform the entire routine exactly as Tommaso describes, it will take almost 20 minutes of your show. So, you decide.

The following effects take place:

  • Guess a Random Selection: The performer guesses a random card selected by the spectator
  • Gemini Effect part 1: The spectator and the performer select a card. The 2 cards are 2 cards with the same value and color: (AH - AD, 3S-3C, etc. )
  • Perfect ACAAN: A deck of cards inside its box is on the...
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Paul Voodini
3 Coins 4 Your Thoughts by Paul Voodini

3 Coins 4 Your Thoughts is a full, self-contained, multi-phase reading system perfect for any situation - impromptu or in-depth. Utilising just 3 coins (your own or borrowed), you will be able to give wonderful, uplifting readings to both friends and complete strangers. Because this system uses items that everybody carries in their pockets, wallets, or purses (3 coins) its great strength is perhaps in social settings where you may be asked to demonstrate something "weird"! However because this is a fully formed reading system, it is equally ideal for a more in-depth formal reading. This is a...

★★★★ $7
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Aldo Colombini
ESP Card Magic Vol. 8: Howard Adams Part 3 by Aldo Colombini

All these routines are self-working with no sleight-of-hand whatsoever.


  • DUFOBESP: From a packet of cards two symbols are selected. The matching symbols appear face up in another packet.
  • ESP 15: You reveal symbol cards selected by two spectators totally at random.
  • FOURTEENTOLD: A person selects a symbol. A prediction envelope containing some coins leads to the discovery of a duplicate design.
  • VOGNERIAN: Four matching pairs are found by a spectator from a shuffled deck; plus another selected symbol is revealed at the end of the routine.
  • PENCOIN: Two spectators each end up...
★★★★★ $10
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Devin Knight
Outta Sight by Devin Knight

The Ultimate Tossed-Out Deck That Fools Magicians!

This was one of the most talked about effects from Devin Knight's recent lecture tour. A different handling for the tossed-out deck that fooled many magicians.

What makes this version different? The deck is examined and shuffled by a spectator before the effect begins. The cards are freely shown to be different to the audience. Once the deck is banded, the performer lifts up the various parts of the deck showing the audience DIFFERENT CARDS as he explains how to peek at a card.

The SAME deck is tossed out and three people each peek...

★★★ $7
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Devin Knight
Psychoportation by Devin Knight

Effect: Teleport a borrowed driver's license under near impossible conditions.

Two manila envelopes are shown. Each is just large enough to hold a driver's license. Any spectator comes forward. No stooge or pre-show work. He hands you his driver's license which is placed inside one of the manila envelopes. The performer marks a large 1 on the front of the envelope. This envelope is then placed inside a larger window envelope where it is seen through the clear window. The window envelope is then clipped closed with a paper clip and finally placed inside a clear plastic bag and given to the...

★★★★★ $15
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Dee Christopher
Axiom by Dee Christopher

This new ebook picks up where Belief left off, not only will you learn some incredible effects and techniques, you will also learn some of Dee's thoughts on performance and he'll teach you some of his techniques to improve your performances and make them ten times more powerful.

In this brand new installment, you will learn some brand new, never before published material, the ebook features:

Building Trust & Rapport: Getting over the first hurdle when approaching a new table or group of people, destroy any preconceptions they may have and get them on your side instantly.

Blinded: A propless...

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David Devlin
Word 4 Word by David Devlin

EFFECT: A deck of 52 cards is freely shown. Each card bears a single word. All 52 words are different. The mentalist mixes the cards and hands the deck to a spectator. The mentalist now turns his back to the spectator and puts his hands behind his back. The spectator now makes a random and free choice of one of the words. However, the word is placed sight unseen into the spectator’s pocket. So, even he has no idea which word he has chosen. The deck is returned to the mentalist’s hands. With his back still to the spectator, he instantly calls out a word. The spectator removes the card from...

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Peter Duffie
Mind Blasters USA by Peter Duffie

A new mind-blowing collection of more than 80 mentalism routines from some of America's finest practitioners.

  • Danny Archer
    • Digital Prediction
    • Drawn Again
  • Bruce Bernstein
    • Picture Duplication Done Cold
  • Dr. Bill
    • Crosseyed!
  • Jeffrey Bloom
    • Inception
    • Twisted Brothers
    • Very Superstitious
  • Elliott Bresler
    • The Detective's Peek
  • Craig Browning
    • Spirit Calling
  • Richard Busch
    • Reversal of Fortune
  • Christopher Caldwell
    • Wallet Psychometry
  • Paul Carnazzo
    • Uncrushed
  • Ray Carlyle
    • Money in Balloon
    • No Gimmick Book Test
  • Cameron Francis
    • Back it Up
    • Pinpoint
  • Scott F. Guinn
★★★★ $29.95
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TC Tahoe
TC Tahoe Re-Thinks Vol. 8: His Bizarre Side by TC Tahoe

Re-Thinks is a new series of eBooks from TC Tahoe.

"TC is one of bizarre magics most inventive minds. In this great new book he presents a series of routines which engage the audience in a way that true magical entertainment should. There are some great ideas and unique twists in this book which will be enjoyed by any magical performer that has ventured to the darkside. These are the kinds of ideas you can't wait to try and can visualise yourself doing. This comes highly recommended from me and is a great addition to your library." - Freddie Valentine

"Many thanks for sharing your latest...

★★★★★ $20
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David Devlin
Coincidence and Fate by David Devlin

To significantly improve on an effect by Max Maven is a hard thing to do for anybody. But David has achieved this feat here with his Coincidence and Fate. One could even say that he has "out-maxed Maven!" - Chris Wasshuber

A shuffled ESP deck is placed on the table. A spectator rolls a pair of dice until satisfied. Using the total on the dice, the spectator deals down into the deck, and places the card at that number off to the side unseen. The deck is reassembled, and a second spectator repeats the process. When the two randomly selected cards are turned over, they match. The performer explains...

★★★★ $10
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Devin Knight
Far Sight by Devin Knight

One of Devin Knight's most guarded secrets from his professional act is now being made available.

A truly long distance, hands-off mental card effect that seems totally impossible. An effect that not only baffles lay people but many magicians as well.

Performer invites anyone to help. He says he will try to subliminally force that person to choose a certain card. Magician proceeds to deal 10 cards face up on a table. He points out that most of these cards could be psychological choices. For example, one card may be the only club on the table. Another card may be the only odd value, another...

★★★★ $5
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Devin Knight
Excalibur Forcing Deck by Devin Knight

One of the best forcing decks in the world, designed to fool both lay people and magicians alike.

Make impossible card predictions with Devin Knight's Excalibur Deck. Mail a VIP a registered letter and never touch it again. Have him bring it to the show. Show the deck of cards to be different and hand them to any spectator (no stooge). Have him deal the cards face down on the table, while holding the deck in his hands. He stops anywhere during the deal and sets the card aside. Magician tells him to check the cards before and after in the deck. This allows the participant to see if he had...

★★★★ $5
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Aaro Sorva
Diagonal Peek Wallet by Aaro Sorva

Aaro has created a unique peek wallet that you can make yourself starting from a pretty standard leather wallet. Aaro's solution is new and in particular different to well known wallets including the Outlaw-effects Magnum 3M Filter Peek Wallet, Cornelius Thought Transmitter and Stealth Assassin Wallet.

The ebook describes in words and photos how to gimmick your wallet. It also explains handling and in particular how to peek. It does not include any routines. We assume you know what to do with this kind of gimmick. The basic effect that is possible with it is as follows:

Any information...

★★★★★ $5
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José Prager
Cliff by José Prager

Cliff is a new use for an old gimmick. In that sense it is a groundbreaking new concept in the art of PK magic. The gimmick, virtually invisible to the naked eye, can be with you at all times, and is applicable to a nearly limitless amount of objects. You can easily perform Cliff in the midst of a large crowd, as there are no threads, blowing, or vibrations involved in the effect. Your body never comes in contact with the object. You can even hand out the item for examination.

Cliff is a dramatic, stunningly visual addition to your repertoire and a new development in the world of PK magic.

★★★★★ $9.95
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MP4 (video)

Devin Knight
Foresight by Devin Knight

Foresight is now available as a PDF at a great savings. You get full directions and a PDF of the chart. Just print the chart off your computer on cardstock and you are set to boggle minds.

A killer effect that starts out like a comedy routine but packs a wallop at the end.


The magician holds up an envelope and says it contains a prediction. He askes a spectator to name any playing card. Performer says the named card is in the envelope. He removes an 8.5 x 11 inch picture that has the whole deck spread out. The performer says: "Look, there is your card right there."

The audience...

★★★★★ $18
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Jim Coles
Anomalous Notes by Jim Coles

Here you will find an ESP Card trick, three PK tricks, one trick with a regular deck, and a book test.

  • An ESP Cards Effect
  • Mini-Miraculous
  • A Numbered Affair
  • Misdirection Washer Bend
  • Raw Metal
  • A Subtle Dime Bend

1st edition 2012, 12 pages.

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Scott Cram
Day One by Scott Cram

The classic "Day For Any Date" feat has been updated!

Day One is a new approach to appearing as a human calendar. You ask for the year and month of the spectator's birthday, and instantly create that month's calendar for them on the back of your business card.

Day One is designed to be simple to learn, as well as quick and impressive to perform.

The role of math and mnemonics has been greatly simplified and minimized, and you don't need any previous experience with other mnemonic systems. Entire centuries are covered with less than a third of the mnemonics required by other approaches....

★★★★ $9.99
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Devin Knight
Random Thoughts by Devin Knight

The performer says prior to the show, he jotted down some "Random Thoughts" and place them inside an envelope. He shows the audience this envelope and places it in full view before the effect begins. Any spectator is invited to help. No stooges or pre-show work.

The participant is then shown an ungimmicked sheet of newspaper. The performer then tears that newspaper sheet in half four times resulting in a stack of torn papers. This stack is placed on a table. The spectator then counts down into the packet, using a number that was arrived at by throwing a pair of ungimmicked dice. The number...

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