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Unknown Mentalist
Skullptor by Unknown Mentalist

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A participant is asked to imagine buying a lotto (lottery) ticket. She even gets to choose a lotto number. From here on she is asked to imagine a series of special events like winning the lottery, celebrating...

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PDF & softcover

Michael Daniels
Understanding and Using Gilbreath Principle by Michael Daniels

This ebook is a beginner's guide to the famous Gilbreath Principle and its applications in card magic and mentalism. It includes two ESP-type routines:

Fingertip Sensation

The spectator shuffles the deck. The mentalist (who can be blindfold) then uses his fingertips to correctly identify the colour of cards.

Trinities Card Divination

The mentalist correctly divines attributes (colour, suit, value) of playing cards which the spectator has shuffled, dealt, and covered with his hands while the mentalist has turned away.

[Note: This ebook is a revised extract from Michael Daniels' ebook Trinities, plus an additional routine (Fingertip Sensation).

1st edition...

★★★★ $4
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Gerard Zitta
Chair'z by Gerard Zitta

A simple chair test.

A very simple and practical chair test with three participants.

  • It can be performed close-up, at a restaurant or dinner table, a bar, etc., or even on stage or TV
  • Impromptu
  • Easy reset
  • OK for strolling too
This e-book includes the "H-out", a very clever, practical and direct solution for a prediction with two outs on a billet that will look very innocent and casual.

[The basic effect is included in Pocket Mysteries, and in Cool Hot Pocket Mysteries.

Watch Max Maven perform a very similar effect. (Max Maven never published his method thus his method could be different how Gerard does it.):

1st edition 2016, 17 pages....

★★★ $10
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George Ernest Arrowsmith
Magical Mentalia and Magical Originalia by George Ernest Arrowsmith

Magical Mentalia

  • Introduction
  • Psychic Magic
    • Psychometrical Divination
    • The Word That Spells Itself
    • The Library Problem
    • Psychic Photography
    • A Novel Novelty
    • A Word Of Three Letters
    • Psychic Sight
    • A Silent Mental Act
    • The Key Of Knowledge
  • Miscellaneous Tricks
    • Watch The Milk!
    • The Magnetic Wand
    • A Miniature Derby
    • Wringing A Stocking
    • Baby Austin
    • The Penetrative Woman
    • Kill The Brute!
    • The Uncontrollable Doll
    • The Witch At The Stake
    • The Arrowsmith Glass Penetration
    • The Body In The Bath Illusion
Magical Originalia
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • A Letter Embodying Two Magical Ideas ...
★★★★★ $7
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Hardin Jasper Burlingame
How To Read People's Minds by Hardin Jasper Burlingame

From the introduction by B.W. McCarron:

This is not only a fun ebook to read, but it also carries some great lessons in performance mentalism. You'll learn from past masters of the craft, such as Washington Irving Bishop, J. Randall Brown and Paul Alexander Johnstone. You'll find newspaper reports of their exploits, lists of effects, and more.

You're also in for what I think is an unexpected treat: the method behind the "Mindreading Dog" routine that'll leave you with a healthy appreciation for the amount of work necessary to teach man's best friend how to be a canine David Blaine.

This revised...

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Scott Creasey
The Envelopologist by Scott Creasey

The Envelopologist - utility envelope switches for the working Mentalist.

In the early 1990's Roy Johnson introduced me to the Shaxon Flap envelope invented by Alan Shaxon and my love affair with the use of envelopes in mentalism began.

Since then I have produced two books, Envelopology parts 1 & 2, along with a couple of videos The Single White Dwarf and The Empty Multiple Out Envelope where the envelopes are the stars, all of which are available here from

The Envelopologist is an envelope switch technique I now use in place of the Shaxon Flap envelope and uses small manila wage envelopes rather than standard side opening letter envelopes. It is a very...

★★★★★ $25
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MP4 (video)

Wolfgang Riebe
Compelling Mental Magic by Wolfgang Riebe

20 plus perplexing effects for the serious mentalist.

From stage to close-up, this ebook contains numerous original deceptions, as well as complete routines that focus on entertainment, coupled with mystifying magic appeal, while still maintaining ease of performance and handling.

Mind reading and the psychic have fascinated humanity for hundreds of years and in modern times a definite resurgence of mentalism as an art form has occurred. If you are searching for powerful mental magic that is fairly easy to do, on par with the best professional routines out there, plus packs tons of entertainment...

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Dee Christopher
Deeper Still: Deep Shadows Volume 2 by Dee Christopher

Deeper Still carries on the trend from Deep Shadows, introducing many new effects, gimmicks and techniques; laced with advice and unique thinking throughout.

Dee has scoured his notebooks to put together another collection of his favourite material - This is direct, and solid material. Every method is real, there are no 'pipe dream effects' or methods that could fail. As a professional, you need reliable material that's been through the trenches. This is your next stop to collect that gold.


The Beast: The Broken Wings note pad was (and still is) a tool that you could base a whole show around - It's...

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Julien Losa
True Detective by Julien Losa

True Detective is a liar/truth-teller type routine, based on an old game that everyone knows. (This effect is based on an effect by Leo Boudreau called: "Lie to me".) The plot makes sense, you can do it 'impromptu' with an image 'found' on Google Images. this is a winner!

Comes with additional ideas (close up and stage) and complete script.

First published in french in 2015. 1st English edition 2016, 21 pages.

★★★★★ $25
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Gerard Zitta
Patterns by Gerard Zitta

The following effects are practical, commercial, use classic techniques or principles with new ideas, and, most importantly, are "connection-makers". They are impromptu, for closeup, strolling, and parlor, and do not take much pocket space. Most are very fast, require nothing else than the provided images, tables, list, etc. sometimes with business cards and a pen.

MASCOT: Your spectator has to find your "mascot" among a list. Very easy, and entertaining. In 30 seconds, you will fool everybody, except 4WD addicts!

MONTH PSYCHO: "Month psycho" is another method to guess a birth month....

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Devin Knight
Psychic Money Sense by Devin Knight

Designed for an intimate close up show, this experiment apparently shows that a spectator has an excellent psychic sense as he achieves an impossible outcome using three pay envelopes and some ordinary coins.

Apparently give a spectator psychic intuition. The magician shows three small coin envelopes. On the front of each envelope is attached a different coin. One envelope has a penny attached to the front, another has a nickel, and finally the last envelope has a dime. The magician says he has made a written prediction and points to it. It is on the table in full view. The coins on the envelopes...

★★★★★ $7
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Unknown Mentalist
Kolossal Knockout by Unknown Mentalist

Thank you all for taking Kolossal Kisser and Kolossal Kicker right to the top of the hotlist here.

Here is the third and final part of this Kolossal series. Here the odds are an almost impossible looking 1 to 200. Or so it seems. A participant randomly and freely names any country on this planet and you know there are about 200 of them. The performer's prediction initially seems to miss but then again rises to an unexpected climax. All the hard work is done for you here and you just have to print and perform.

  • In Kolossal Kisser, the choice was from about 50-60 options like playing cards or years of birth.
  • In Kolossal...
★★★★ $12
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Gerard Zitta
3-Doors Monty by Gerard Zitta

Here is another close-up (or parlor) version of the Monty Hall problem. It can be a standalone effect, or a premise, or a follow-up to other versions ( "V1" , "V2" , "V3", "Transaction" ), again with a completely different method. It helps to demonstrate that a player should always switch, but in a very baffling way. In the first phase, you show that the spectator should switch the two doors in order to win. But in a second identical phase, they will always loose.

  • Not a "puzzle", no logic involved. (Actually, a real mystery that looks completely illogical, mind-blowing and disturbing.) ...
★★★★ $10
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Paul Valentine
Fortune: a fortune cookie effect by Paul Valentine

Spectator is presented with a number of Fortune Cookies and is asked to select anyone they like, they can sign and date the cookie packaging. A deck of cards are mixed, then the spectator is asked to generate a random number by rolling 2 dice.

A number is settled on and they're asked to count down that many cards from the deck to a randomly selected card. The performer asks the spectator to open the Fortune Cookie and encourages them to read aloud the paper fortune inside, they turn over their selected card and it is found that both the paper fortune and card are a perfect match! Leaving...

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Unknown Mentalist
Kolossal Kicker by Unknown Mentalist

The amazing principle of Kolossal Kisser is taken to a whole new level in this Kolossal Kicker. An already fantastic principle is further expanded into an unconventional and totally unexplored territory with immense possibilities. There are significant additions to the basic method which add many layers of deception and make the routines all the more baffling and entertaining.

Kolossal Kicker contains the following four routines.

Routine One - WORDS

Right in the beginning the performer keeps in full view his prediction in a sealed envelope. A participant is given a list of about 80-90 words in which...

★★★★ $18
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Modern Mentalism by Giochidimagia

Secrets, principles, tricks and psychology for the modern mentalist

For the modern mentalist finally a complete treatise on the methods of mentalism that speaks to you. The ebook aims to practice, the way in which achieve the effects. In this ebook you can find the principles used in mentalism, forcing, multiple outputs, the choice of magic, the technique of step ahead of the viewer, the dual reality that the subliminal suggestions. You will learn the effects of the great mentalists, touch a person at a distance (3 methods), revealing the pin of a credit card or the phone of a friend and...

★★★★★ $22.50
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Unknown Mentalist
Kolossal Kisser by Unknown Mentalist

Effect as perceived by the audience: The performer gives a single envelope containing a single playing card as a prediction to a member of the audience. Then another random member of the audience is asked to freely name any playing card. Any one from among 52 cards which the spectator does. The performer's prediction is then proved to be correct, that too in a stunning manner.

Presentation Options: Several interesting presentational approaches are described, one of which deals with the losing participant giving a kiss to the performer. After handing over the prediction envelope to the audience...

★★★★★ $18
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Devin Knight
The Improved Ghost Writes by Devin Knight

The best method for spirt writing ever conceived! Using two ungimmicked slates, the performer very cleanly and slowly shows all four sides by marking the numbers from 1 to 4 on each side, in the upper corner, in a different color. (An original Devin Knight idea.) There is no doubt that all four sides have been shown to be blank due to different colored numbers marked on each side of the slates.

The performer put the two slates together and has a spectator hold two corners, while he holds the other two corners. The sound of chalk writing is heard to come from between the slates. When the slates...

★★★★★ $6
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Unknown Mentalist
Karma Kosmic Kalender by Unknown Mentalist

A pocket diary with random playing cards written against each date is tossed out to 8 participants in the audience, one after the other. 4 of those participants declare their dates of birth but either tell a complete lie or complete truth or half truth or half lie about their respective assigned playing cards. But the performer accurately divines their cards in spite of all the half truths or lies.

Now the other 4 participants are asked NOT to divulge either their dates of birth or their respective assigned playing cards. And yet, very impossibly, the performer accurately reveals all their...

★★★★★ $18
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Scott Creasey
P.I.N by Scott Creasey

Ask a volunteer to guess your PIN by naming any four-digit number and then prove beyond a doubt they got it right. In this 20 min video Scott shares the routine and handling he has been using for years in order to enable a volunteer to guess the PIN for his American Express Card, Visa Card, or any other card. If you prefer, you can of course have them guess the PIN for your phone.

A low-tech no nonsense, no electronics, non-magnetic and App free approach to a PIN number revelation, using business cards and a pen. Set up in seconds, resets in seconds and great for table hopping.

★★★★★ $15
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MP4 (video)

Robert A. Nelson & B. W. McCarron
Phantom Mindreader by Robert A. Nelson & B. W. McCarron

The answer to the mentalist's dreams! Available once again is Nelson's perfect, undetectable means of immediately securing full knowledge of written questions and detail. Spectator simply writes a question, seals it in an ordinary envelope and retains it. At no time does the mentalist so much as touch the writing or sealed envelope. Yet, in a flash, the mentalist has full knowledge of the written data.

Nelson's Phantom Mindreader does the work for you. It truly is a 'Phantom'; as it is never seen by the audience. It delivers the message to the mentalist in seconds in a most natural, unsuspicious...

★★★ $7
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Cedric Taylor
Sovereign by Cedric Taylor

From the creator of Omniscient and Fly on the Wall, comes a system of presentations that will allow any performer to:

  • hypnotize your participants
  • read your participants minds
  • make your participant hallucinate and seemingly change their realities
  • show the audience one image and show the participant the same image and both the participant and the audience members see different things
  • show the audience a blank canvas and show the participant the same canvas and they swear they see many things. In fact, they are 100% correct when they admit what they see, as they DO NOT PLAY ALONG.
  • implant thoughts and predict outcomes ...
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Fraser Parker
Seeing Signs by Fraser Parker

Seeing Signs is Fraser's ground breaking solution to the prop-less star sign divination plot, as featured in Peter Turner's PDF course vol. 9: Zodiac Divinations.

Yes, Fraser has done it again. He's applied his ingenious thought process and approach to prop-less mentalism to create one of the most elegant, beautifully streamlined versions of the star sign divination plot - to date.

NO anagrams. NO focusing on specific letters. NO jumping through letters of the alphabet. NO re-frame. NO eye accessing cues. NO maths. NO cards.

This is a classic of mentalism updated for prop-less use and is fully mechanical...

★★★★★ $13
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TC Tahoe
The Elimination Principle by TC Tahoe

A hands off Bank Night Routine, and so much more.

The Elimination Principle is the method behind TC Tahoe's "The Color Game", a simple and direct, Bank Night routine.

This manuscript also includes a Safe Smash and Stab type effect. And one of TC's favorite routines for opening a show called, On the House.

Simple, direct magic, that can work for a small group or a thousand. Play for laughs or are a serious mental piece.

1st edition 2016, 14 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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