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Mike Kempner
Verbal Amnesia by Mike Kempner

From the creator of Mathematical Amensia comes its creative counterpart, Verbal Amensia. How would you like to cause any spectator lose the ability to speak? I have studied hypnosis for quite some time, and this is the easiest application of a secret principle that I consistently use with 100% success, and you will be able to do so also immediately after reading this manuscript.

You give a piece of paper to the spectator (not a stooge) on whom you will perform Verbal Amensia with some very simple instructions on it. You have another spectator (again, not a stooge) confirm that what is written on that piece of...

★★★★★ $4.99
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Paul Voodini
Victorian Seance and the Birth of Mentalism by Paul Voodini

Paul Voodini presents Victorian Seance and the Birth of Mentalism, recounting the rise of Spiritualism in the 1800s, the antics, tricks, and techniques of the fraudulent mediums, and how this led directly to the birth of that branch of the magical arts known as 'mentalism.'

This detailed manuscript outlines and explains such techniques and methods as mesmerism and hypnosis, table-tipping, slates, automatic writing, book tests, 'reading' techniques and Q&A, spirit manifestations, the Ouija board, and much, much more. The text also touches on escapology, quick change, and other magical techniques. ...

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Unknown Mentalist
Virtual Add a Number by Unknown Mentalist

Add A Number is a popular effect in the field of mentalism and magic. There are scores of methods for performing this routine. Here is another method which is especially suitable for a virtual show. This method is easy, simple and self working so you can focus more on your presentation. It is also engaging and allows you to involve and interact with multiple virtual audience members. The final impact is tremendous.

The performer asks the audience if they believe in ESP. There will be some who believe and some who do not. The routine is structured in such a manner that both the 'believers'...

★★★★ $12
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Daniel Macaluso
Visions by Daniel Macaluso

This ebook contains hard hitting mentalism for the stage and parlor. A dozen fully routined and thought out effects that have been tested and perfected in real world performances. All the psychology and nuances have been included to provide full impact.

Part 1: “Visions”

  • The Art Show: 5 Masterpieces line the stage. One is selected by participant. The performer’s prediction is shown to match! A colorful and classy addition to any show!
  • Square Gift: Freely chosen spectator comes to stage thinking of a 2 digit number. Their square gift is presented. They then announce their number....
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Scott Xavier
Visions of London: The Blindfold Gospel According to Xavier by Scott Xavier

From the Magic Circle Lecture Series. Visions reveals the basic workings of blindfolds. More then this it reveals 25 amazing stunts to perform with a blindfold on. This is a must have for anyone interested in blindfold routines. Included are some great ideas for Russian roulette and blindfold drives.

1st edition 2012, 13 pages.

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Robert A. Nelson
Visions of Tomorrow by Robert A. Nelson

In this eBook, Bob Nelson reveals his complete "Diviner of Destiny" one-man Question-and-Answer presentation. This is a very, very clever and subtle mindreading act that can be performed solo, or with a volunteer assistant (who need not know the secret).

Can be presented anywhere -- even surrounded by an audience if necessary. Especially suitable for tough situations such as for stores, clubs and outdoor work. Exceptionally fine for stage, platform and cruise shows.

Details to be long remembered: The questions are picked from a semi-opaque basket and held at the performer's fingertips,...

★★★★ $8
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Renzo Grosso
Visual Telepathy by Renzo Grosso

The effects of mentalism on the phone have become, for me, in the last two years, almost an obsession! This effect is a creation of my friend Boyet Vargas, The Four Card Mystery; my version is none other than the "telephone" version, with only the audio connection, it is my modest contribution to the diffusion of Vargas excellent work! The goal is to conduct the entire routine without being able to "eye" the cards in any way; the "forcing" is necessary and must be masked with an appropriate introduction: I have invented two, which I consider effective, which I propose below.

VISUAL TELEPATHY (with ESP cards drawn by...

★★★★★ $8
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Ali Foroutan
Voiceless by Ali Foroutan
"A fascinating, practical new technique for deciphering people's thoughts without them even saying a word. I love it! And all mentalists need to learn it." - Dan Harlan

"What a wonderful entertaining way to perform a horoscope divination. I was captivated by the entire presentation, the principle is wonderful, and I'm looking forward to using it." - Richard Webster

"When I watched Voiceless demonstrated by Ali I was baffled. When I read the book It opened a whole world of possibilities. This is something you want to keep in your arsenal of knowledge and pull it out when you need. Great for virtual or real in...

★★★★★ $50
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Vulcan: spoon bending by Romanos

The ability to bend metal by just using the power of the mind has fascinated people since the early 1970's when the Israeli psychic, Uri Geller, demonstrated his amazing abilities.

This download DVD teaches you how to bend metal, anywhere you choose, leaving your audience astonished by this fantastic paranormal experience.

You will learn an entire spoon bending routine involving interaction with spectators who will see spoons bend in their own hands! Romanos has been using this routine for a number of years; on stage, in close up situations and even on TV programmes. You will also learn...

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MP4 (video)

Unknown Mentalist
Wallet Brain Knewmerology by Unknown Mentalist

If you own Sensory Brain Knewmerology or buy along with this, you can get this ebook for half price.

Just 3 cards for you to carry in your wallet or pocket. One mystic card, one emotional card and one funny card. All are business card size. All are pre-written (or pre-printed if you so wish.) And you are ready to perform anytime, anywhere to anyone.

You can, at a moment's notice, entertain a single person or a small group by involving up to 6 participants.

Completely self working. Instant repeatable with different outcomes. Nothing to reset. Easy to perform. No stooges. No sleights. No preshow.

The main routine...

★★★★★ $9
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Sean Waters
Wanderer by Sean Waters

In Sean's latest, he shares his timely "Second Dimensional Psychometry", which is both relevant and logical. In Wanderer, Waters also shares his finest double thought-of card routine, "Cortex", which features Sean's trademark layered methods. He also shares his delightful "Temperature" routine which makes use of ideas you know, but in a way you wish you had thought of; he promises. "Ad Infinitum" provides an organic and appealing answer for revealing an unseen psychometric item. Maybe you are on the same path and will find this material a suitable companion.

"Sean's new book is in the same...
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Christopher Bolter
Warrior: 2013 Lecture Notes by Christopher Bolter

Chris' new set of lecture notes includes material to be used in the real world for real people. Warrior is a manuscript including 8 killer effects designed for mentalists and magicians alike.

As a bonus for purchasing "Warrior" you will get Chris' brand new set of close up mentalism notes Phone Box Mentalist for free! Which includes another 6 incredibly fun and easy mentalism routines.


Three Card Opener – a quick opening card effect with a great kicker ending.

Gilbreath Revisited – an impossible experiment in patterns is explored in this fun card routine.

The Tossed Deck – the hoy...

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Louis Lam
Watch Me Closely by Louis Lam

Here is a baker's dozen mentalism demonstrations and card effects that you'll be pleased to perform. The effects in this rare classic, by the author of Be Deceived, are a mix of close-up and club/stage routines that will find favor with most every magician or psychic entertainer.

One effect in particular, Key-ology, includes three different methods for the Seven Keys to Baldpate premise originated by Ted Annemann. What makes these methods worthy of note is that they all work with an ungimmicked lock. If you've wanted to add this effect to your act, but find the high prices that dealers charge for the special lock...

★★★★★ $6
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José Prager
Watch-ing by José Prager
"Jose has created something wonderful here; using a mixture of subtleties to achieve a clean, realiable piece of mentalism that your audience will remember for a long time!" - Peter Turner

"Jose has melded a neo-classic and classic method and has created a routine which opens the door to manipulating people's memory about what actually happened (and when). This is a great example of a logical disconnect and a subtle presentation that maximizes the effect of both principles. A worker!" - Sean Waters

"So simple and devious! Jose has taken two common concepts, and blended them into an extremely baffling...

★★★★ $15
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Devin Knight
Weather Your Way by Devin Knight

One of the most visual and comical mental effects you will find. Invite three people to help you. These are not stooges and there has been no pre-show work.

Mentalist states that the two most talked about things among strangers are the weather and sports. They go hand-in-hand, as the weather often affects sports. You then show a CD prediction and place it in a CD player. You say this contains a prediction that will hopefully match a weather forecast the spectators will form at random.

You ask the first person to name one of his favorite sports. Assume he says: Golf. This is written on...

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Mark Elsdon
Whacked: a book test for the working performer by Mark Elsdon

Designed for the serious working performer, 'Whacked!' is a 10 minute mind-reading routine which revolves around Dave Gorman's best-selling comedy book Googlewhack Adventure. If you've no idea what that is, you can bring yourself up to speed by heading over to

This second edition manuscript gives full details of Mark's script and psychological approach – which is one of the things that lifts Whacked head and shoulders above so many other book-tests. The presentation has been honed over many, many performances for a wide variety of audiences, which ensures that the routine...

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Dave Arch
What's My Sign by Dave Arch

Dave Arch writes:

I loved Ray Grismer's "What's Your Sign?" However, I never performed it often enough to commit the process to memory and I didn't like the fact that I could only do it once in a group without the method becoming apparent. So I commissioned a graphic artist (with Ray Grismer's permission) to create a mystical looking chart that could be made as small (wallet-size) or as large (poster) as I want. Not only have I hidden the method in the poster but also hidden two methods in the poster so I can repeat it (such as in the case of a couple) without repeating the method and making...

★★★★ $5
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Unknown Mentalist
Why A Magic Square Should Not Be A Magic Square by Unknown Mentalist

The owners of Square Thrills can get this ebook for half price.

This is not about construction of a magic square. This is about presenting and representing a magic square in such a manner that the audience cannot uncover your secrets by doing a simple search on the internet, which is what is happening to most of the magic square routines these days.

5 solutions for alternative presentations/representations for a magic square are provided along with some bonus ideas.

A novel and self working routine is included which uses the magic square principles in a clever and unconventional manner but does not...

★★★★★ $18
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Simon Caine
Winnebago: an experiment in remote viewing by Simon Caine
"A wonderful presentation! This is going directly into our act, highly recommended. So good, I hope no-one else buys it!" - R Lee Davis (
In 1978, the US military commissioned Project Stargate, a team of researchers and scientists with one goal in mind: creating a psychic spy capable of seeing through someone else's eyes. They failed. You won't.

Winnebago is a stunning 'moment-maker' routine that uses nothing more than a regular, ungimmicked deck of playing cards: one participant takes any freely chosen card into another room, only looking at it when they are totally alone...

★★★★★ $15
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Robert A. Nelson
With the Eyes of Dr. Reese by Robert A. Nelson

Here is a miraculous, "test conditions" billet reading method that is both fiendishly clever and imminently practical. Leave it to the fertile brain of Bob Nelson to develop a billet test as good as this!

The sitter writes any question on a slip of paper and folds it tightly. She drops this into a glass tumbler. Sitter then takes her own handkerchief and places same over mouth of glass. A rubber band is used to snap around the edge of glass, holding the handkerchief in place.

The glass, containing the spectator's billet, is left standing on a table throughout the test. The performer picks...

★★★★★ $6
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Within the Dark Circle by unknown

This hard-to-find text on trumpet mediumship and fraudulent spiritism is now updated and better than ever.

Audiences enjoy seeing the psychic entertainer reveal the inside secrets of fraudulent mediums. And now, thanks to this rare old manuscript, you can. We love the title, for it really sets the mood, as the manifestations described take place in the dark, around the séance table. This is just the ticket for hosting a regular series of entertaining séances at your home, or that of your client.

And that's not all. Only in this edition is revealed a modern-day source for obtaining a...

★★★★★ $15
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Ken Muller
Witness Projection Program by Ken Muller

A collection of mentalism-type demonstrations based on the framing of the treatment of witnesses in a courtroom setting, and the premises of influence, empathy, clairvoyance and telepathy.

Any similarity to actual practices and techniques of practicing attorneys at law or assistants is coincidental and grounded in mirth. These effects and scripts are for the legal system of the USA and may need modifications for congruency (or sanity) for the systems of other nations.

Truth Test

A defense attorney sometimes has too many witnesses willing to testify. Their eagerness to help often clouds...

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Sean Waters
Wonders by Sean Waters
"The Panacea Process is a brilliant concept" - Thomas Heine of Paralabs

"It is AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, DECEPTIVE, PERFECT! The best investment I have made." - Jose Prager, creator and author (comment regarding The Panacea Process)

"There are a very few people out there who I've come to trust to deliver 'the good stuff' and by that I mean, 'stuff I can use'. If you're familiar with Sean's ebooks you already know he's a thoughtful, knowledgeable guy, who not only shares great ideas but understands (and credits) where these ideas come from. I can say without hesitation that the Panacea Process was totally...

★★★★★ $51
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David Devlin
Word 4 Word by David Devlin

EFFECT: A deck of 52 cards is freely shown. Each card bears a single word. All 52 words are different. The mentalist mixes the cards and hands the deck to a spectator. The mentalist now turns his back to the spectator and puts his hands behind his back. The spectator now makes a random and free choice of one of the words. However, the word is placed sight unseen into the spectator’s pocket. So, even he has no idea which word he has chosen. The deck is returned to the mentalist’s hands. With his back still to the spectator, he instantly calls out a word. The spectator removes the card from...

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