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Devin Knight
Running Cut Force by Devin Knight

A superior force where a spectator stops the magician anywhere during a running cut. Yet, that card is forced without any sleights or slip cuts.

One of the cleanest card forces ever created. Perfect for the mentalist looking for a natural force that doesn't scream card trick. Imagine showing a regular deck of cards and repeatedly cutting them until someone tells you to stop. You very cleanly deal off the card you were stopped at and believe it or not that card was forced! Once you stop you can ask the person if he wants you to cut again. If the person says, "Yes," you cut the deck again and...

★★★★ $4
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Fred Kaps
Kaps on Kards by Fred Kaps

Sixteen moves and card bits by Fred Kaps on video and also explained briefly in text.

  1. A Flourish and a Pass
  2. Square-Up Pass
  3. Lap Dissolve
  4. Shuffle Turnover
  5. Snap-Out False Cut
  6. Spin Flourish False Cut
  7. Crimped Packet False Cut
  8. Swivel Palm
  9. Hugard Top Palm
  10. Goblet Reach Palm
  11. Bottom Glimpse
  12. Snap Change ("Single" Card)
  13. Snap Change (On Face of Deck)
  14. Fadeaway Card Change
  15. Aces Up!
  16. Cutting to Aces
[Note: The video is silent (no audio track).]

Similar product from Fred Kaps but on coins is: Kaps on Coins.

PDF 6 pages, video length 15 minutes

★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Sleights and Subtleties 4 by Aldo Colombini

These are detailed explanations of sleights and subtleties with cards used in many tricks and routines. They come with tips, history, applications, etc.


  • KISS COUNT (Boris Wild)
  • AN OPTICAL CONTROL (Alain Choquette)
  • INZANI FORCE (Remo Inzani)
  • EASY DOUBLE LIFT (Aldo Colombini)
  • THE ELMSLEY SWITCH (Alex Elmsley)
  • CHRIST FORCE (Henry Christ)
  • OVER COUNT (J. K. Hartman)
  • KARDYRO-BIDDLE MOVE (Elmer Biddle-Tony Kardyro)
  • DOWNS CHANGE (T. Nelson Downs)
  • HAMMAN SWITCH (Bro. John Hamman)
  • AN UNDER-DOWN FORCE (Werner Miller)
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Jean Fare
Card Tricks French Style by Jean Fare

As a purser for a French airline flying from his home base in Tahiti, to Sydney to Los Angeles, our author, Jean Fare, keeps up on everything in card and close up magic. He gets to the Magic Castle just often enough to keep from missing anything. Several times a year he uses his airline privileges to get back to Paris to make sure "French Style" in magic is moving right ahead.

You will enjoy Jean's ebook. He has carefully described his own handling on a number of excellent tricks. They include:

  • Thru
  • New Bland Thought Handling
  • Variation of a Palm
  • Logical Sandwich
  • Delayed Jump
  • Cased...
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Tom Batchelor
Canadian Card Control by Tom Batchelor

Canada has many great magicians and Tom Batchelor, the Card Artist, is one of the leading constructive card men among them.

He calls this, "An investigation into card controls, locations, discoveries, revelations."

Contents include:

  • Unfinished Shuffle Control
  • Fan Control
  • Slip Cut Control Pass
  • Glimpse of a Peek
  • Fan Shot
  • Transfer Force
  • The Search
  • Turnover Surprise
  • It's About Time
  • Second Discovery of America
  • The Card Prayer
  • On the Cut
  • Card Finders
  • The Shakedown
  • Revolving Revelation
  • Without a Shuffle
  • Cut of Deal
  • Folded Card
  • Strangers in our Midst
  • Thru Thick and Thin ...
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Aldo Colombini
Sleights and Subtleties 3 by Aldo Colombini

These are detailed explanations of sleights and subtleties with cards used in many tricks and routines. They come with tips, history, applications, etc.


  • GEMINI COUNT (Bro. John Hamman)
  • FLUSTERED (Eddy Taytelbaum)
  • VARIATION ELMSLEY (Jonathan Townsend)
  • ROLLING FLUSHTRATION (Keith Bloomfield)
  • HABACK COUNT (Max Maven)
  • SPIRIT COUNT (Gene Castillon)
  • CUT FORCE (Robin Robertson)
  • CATO (Bob Hummer)
  • BLOW AWAY CHANGE (J.K. Hartman)
  • FALSE CUT (Jean Pierre Vallarino)
  • CROSS COUNT FORCE (J.K. Hartman)
  • RIFFLE FORCE (Arthur Finley)
★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Sleights and Subtleties 2 by Aldo Colombini

These are detailed explanations of sleights and subtleties with cards used in many tricks and routines. They come with tips, history, applications, etc.


  • MIRAGE COUNT (Larry West)
  • CUT-DEEPER FORCE (Ed Balducci)
  • DIMINISHING COUNT (Daryl-Maddison-Biet)
  • HAMMAN COUNT (Bro. John Hamman)
  • THE LAUGHING COUNT (Aldo Colombini)
  • CRISS-CROSS FORCE (Max Holden)
  • BACK SPREAD (anon)
  • BRAUE ADDITION (Fred Braue)
  • RUMBA COUNT (Jean-Pierre Vallarino)
★★★★★ $10
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Aldo Colombini
Sleights and Subtleties 1 by Aldo Colombini

These are detailed explanations of sleights and subtleties with cards used in many tricks and routines. They come with tips, history, applications, etc.


★★★★ $10
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Edward Marlo
Miracle Card Changes: Revolutionary Card Technique - Chapter 1 by Edward Marlo

Revolutionary card technique, chapter one:

Table of Contents

  1. Miracle Change No. 1
  2. - Method No. 1
  3. - Method No. 2
  4. - Method No. 3
  5. - Method No. 4
  6. - A Variation With Effect
  7. Miracle Change No. 2
  8. Miracle Change No. 3
  9. A Multiple Effect
  10. Follow The Ace
  11. Climax Sleeving

1st edition 1954, 24 pages; PDF 26 pages.

★★★★★ $7.95
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Russell T. Barnhart
The Master Palm by Russell T. Barnhart

During his Princeton years, Russell worked in a nightclub doing close-up magic, and he has frequently entertained in that medium in his busy New York life since. He knows the value of a card trick that "entertains" and this is what he focuses on in Master Palm. Careful, concise thinking written up in clear language helps you to learn the 17 sleights and 15 tricks more easily.

1st edition 1975; PDF 58 pages, photo illustrated.

Table of Contents


    Part One



  4. (1) Right hand Side-Slip Steal
  5. (2) Spread Replacement ...
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Russell T. Barnhart
Two Second Deals by Russell T. Barnhart

This ebook is for the advanced student of cards. Russel T. Barnhart teaches two second deals. One he calls the 'Thumb Second' and the other the 'Little Finger Second'. Both are described with words and photos.

1st edition 1974, 16 pages; 1st digital edition 2012, 12 pages.

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Jon Racherbaumer
Finessed Controls by Jon Racherbaumer

Controlling a card to the top or to the bottom is the most fundamental technique in card magic. Every card magician should have at least one good method to do that. Consequently many authors use the phrase "control card to the top/bottom with your preferred method" and leave the rest to the reader assuming that everyone already has his or her preferred method. While you might have your favorite method, the search for better ones never stops.

In this ebook Jon Racherbaumer describers several - as he calls them 'finessed' methods - to control a card to the top or to the bottom. You should find...

★★★★★ $20
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Jon Racherbaumer
Centric Doubles by Jon Racherbaumer

This is a detailed and thoroughly researched work on double lifts taken from the center of the deck, or so called center double lifts.

A double lift is one of the hardest moves to do well and at the same time one of the most practical and useful moves in magic. One strategy to make a double lift more deceptive is to take two cards from the center rather than from the top of the deck. The downside of this strategy is that the utility of the move is reduced. Nevertheless, for the expert card handler it is worthwhile to study these types of double lifts and acquire one or two versions for one's...

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Ian Baxter
The Turnstile Pass by Ian Baxter

It was none other than Channing Pollock who stepped forward with this keen endorsement of Ian Baxter's The Turnstile Pass: "Beautifully written and detailed. Yes, I recommend it! And - I just love your self-deprecating humor." A smooth card pass that enunciates the importance of using a distractive move to cover the mechanics. Three first rate effects are included as well.

The Turnstile Pass is Ian Baxter's variation of a Hermann style pass that does not require a turnover of the packet, as is typically the case with Hermann type passes. As a bonus you will get three routines using this pass: ...

★★★★★ $7
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Daniel Madison
The Cold Deck by Daniel Madison

Deck switching: The act of secretly switching one deck for another during play.

The Cold Deck is a collection of deck-switching techniques by Daniel Madison. The ebook teaches six techniques for secretly and invisibly switching the deck in play in thorough detail. It also includes Slaine, a device that holds or feeds the cold deck to the cheat without suspicion.

The following techniques are included in this ebook:

  • Patch
  • Slaine
  • Veil
  • Grit
  • Ott
  • Heat

1st edition 2011, 16 pages.

★★★★ $12
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Edward Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer & Steve Reynolds
Burn: Surviving Riffle Forces by Edward Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer & Steve Reynolds

The five techniques explained in this treatise are directly or tangentially inspired by Ed Marlo’s An Updated Force (1987).

Techniques taught are:

  • An Updated Force (Ed Marlo)
  • Piffle Force (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Balm-Applied Riffle Force (Steve Reynolds)
  • Drop-Block Riffle Force (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Slip-Less Clip Force (Jon Racherbaumer)

1st edition 2009; 20 pages photo illustrated

★★★★ $10
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Lee Asher
Losing Control by Lee Asher

Losing Control is a move that allows you to easily bring a selection to the top.

"So simple, yet so brilliant!" - Dave K.

How long have you been practicing a move like the classic pass? It's been over twenty years, and Lee is still working on his! One day he will master it, but until then, the Losing Control is his preferred way to control a card to the top.

This clever maneuver gives you the ability to have a card selected, plainly and cleanly placed back into the middle of the deck and yet have the card secretly remain on the top of the pack.

The Losing Control technique does...

★★★★ $19.95
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Crispin Sartwell
The Color Change: the arcane art of transfiguration with playing cards by Crispin Sartwell

"This is the best compilation of Color Changes to date. I know this because I've been collecting color changes for the last ten years myself. I applaud his research and thoroughness. It is well organized and coherent." - Jon Racherbaumer

"Crispin Sartwell has produced a well-written treatment of color changes that is the first of its kind. An important contribution to the art of magic and a must-have resource for every card handler." - Jerry Cestkowski (The Flourishman)

"As a professional magician for 36 years, I have been constantly told that my simply done but highly effective color change done at the outset of the one stage card...

★★★★ $30
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Shawn Evans
Real-World Card Control Magic: The Locators (Mnemonic Module of Moves) by Shawn Evans

This ebook explains in detail the true, tried and tested card control methods (basic moves & gaffs) that professional magicians use in real performance situations --- "the real stuff, not the fluff".

While performing for the big money and a regular audience, professionals don’t leave much to chance. The working conditions, whether it’s an inside or outside environment, may cause sweaty hands (too hot & humid), stiff fingers (too cold) or dry hands (overly warm). These conditions are anticipated by simplifying a routine for real-world applications / preventions, such as the use of gaff...

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Jon Racherbaumer
Muscle Moves: A Crash-Course in Powerful Cardmanship by Jon Racherbaumer

[Note: Despite all the rumors the cover does not show Jon in his younger years.]

This is an ebook about moves, card moves to be precise. If you are already familiar with the basics of card magic then you will find here a lot of advanced moves and concepts to significantly improve your magic. If you are an experienced veteran of card magic you will probably still find some moves you are unfamiliar with. It is also a great reference ebook to have in case you run one day into any of these moves. The moves are described in text and photos with references and sources in the usually meticulous Racherbaumer style.

  • Adding To Vernon (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • The Altman Trap (Art...
★★★★★ $15
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Jon Racherbaumer
Lipstick Traces by Jon Racherbaumer

Racherbaumer thinks that the greatest sleight of the 20th-century is the Double Lift Turnover. If we consider the scores of different ways to lift, turn, toss, propel, flip, rotate, and spin two cards as one—not to mention ways of getting ready, gripping, insuring alignment, and unloading, then this is certainly a pretty valid move to pick as the most important sleight. At the minimum Racherbaumer has me convinced.

In this ebook Jon collects ways to finesse the move and also traces its historical development. I am pretty sure you are using probably several times a double lift turnover somewhere...

★★★★★ $5
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Steven Youell
Zarrow Shuffle by Steven Youell

The Zarrow Shuffle is a full deck false shuffle. Steven does it without the usual slip-cut.

runtime 2min 37s

★★★★★ $3
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Steven Youell
Touch Force by Steven Youell

The Touch Force is an old idea that can be traced back to Hofzinser. It is described in many books among them The Royal Road to Card Magic.

runtime 5min 29s

★★★★★ $3
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Steven Youell
Top Change by Steven Youell

The top change allows you to exchange a card held in one hand with the top card of the deck held in your other hand.

runtime 5min 20s

★★★★★ $3
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MP4 (video)

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