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Rachel Colombini & Aldo Colombini
Comedy Mind Reading Act by Rachel Colombini & Aldo Colombini

This is a serious ebook on comedy! A tremendous act that’s one scream of a laugh! Rachel and Aldo have obtained huge success with this comedy act. They performed the act for magic conventions where most of the audiences are composed of magicians, but they found out that the routine goes over great with lay audiences as well. They had so many requests about this act that they finally decided to put it in print. To keep the ebook as complete as possible, they have listed more gags and jokes that you can use.

1st edition 2009; 13 pages.

★★★★ $10
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Dee Christopher
5020 by Dee Christopher

5020 explores the thought of human lie detection.

With shows like "Lie to me" and "The Mentalist" in vogue at the moment, realistic demonstrations of similar abilities are also becoming ever more in demand. Here we have a direct, to the point three phase lie detection effect. You will appear to genuinely have this ability if you so wish.

The performer removes two cards from the deck; upon one’s face he writes “Truth” and the other “Lie.” These cards are to be used in an experiment of psychological lie detection.

The performer holds the cards face-down. The spectators are...

★★★★★ $22
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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 2 by Werner Miller

Here Werner Miller attacks the 4x4 square. (E-Z Square 1 deals with the 5x5 square.). You will learn a new and easy method to construct a 4x4 magic square starting with two or four given numbers.

The real gem in this manuscript is the bonus routine. It is a unique presentation which makes your work simpler and allows you to predict the sum of the square. The effect is as follows:

Take out a soft measuring tape of the kind tailors use (which has centimeters or inches marked on both sides), and a prediction. Give the prediction to a spectator for safekeeping. You will never touch it again. Have two...

★★★★★ $6
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Right Now by Nefesch

Right Now is the name of Nefesch's new manuscript, and includes three mentalism effects, that you can do any time anywhere to convince people that you can really read their minds. These are effects you can peform anytime someone asks you: "READ MY MIND RIGHT NOW."

These are the effects included:

HOT (stands for Heads or Tails)
This is a three steps routine, in which you ask your spectator for a coin (any coin) you ask them to flip it in the air and to cath it in their hands, without letting you see it. You ask them to take a look at the coin, to find out if it is face or tails up, you...

★★★★ $15
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Philemon Vanderbeck
The Supplemental OORT by Philemon Vanderbeck

A continuation of the original volume, The Collected OORT, The Supplemental OORT continues its exploration of the subject of cold reading through 19 more essays by such authors as; Craig Browning, R. Lee Davis, Ian Fabian, Alain Gesbert, Brother Shadow, William Thomas, Philemon Vanderbeck, A. E. Waite, Larry White and Jon Why.

Contents include:

    • Victoria’s Secret
    • The French Method
    • The Path of Roodmas
    • Maternal Bibliomancy
    • Modern Arcana
    • Over The Rainbow
    • The Prolix Spirit Revisited
    • A Wicked Pack of Cards
    • Or Would You Rather Be A Pig?
    • Tricks of the Trade
    • Oneiromancy
    • Lines of Thought ...
★★★ $50
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Alan Rorrison
Dracula Ebook Test: for iPhones by Alan Rorrison

"The easiest and most portable book test to date!" - Erik Jansson

The iPhone has loads of apps designed to do magic in the app store but there is one problem. None of them really are organic. As soon as you performed one of these effects with the phone everyone screams: "Its an app! Very clever but its an app". So here is one of the most organic apps on the market.

You show the spectator an ebook on your phone and run through how it works (scrolling etc,) for them... You let them see that every single page is different before you have a page randomly selected. You hold the phone...

★★★★ $4.50
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iPhone App

Carroll K. Priest
The Blindfold Enigma by Carroll K. Priest

For many years the real secret of X-Ray Vision was closely guarded by a handful of magicians. This ebook gives the full low-down on how to make and apply the blindfold, plus suggested tests and routines, including the famous Blindfold Car Drive and the Marksman Test.

1st edition 1980; original 22 pages; PDF 16 pages.

★★★★★ $7
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Mystic Alexandre
Connectivity by Mystic Alexandre

Four Mentalism effects using playing cards in unique presentations!


Witchcraft was originally an oral tradition; all of its rites and beliefs were passed on by word of mouth, with nothing written down. It was not until the persecution of the Middle Ages, when Witches had to meet in secret and consequently were unable to maintain contact with one another, that any of the rituals were set down in a book called The Book of Shadows, since the Witches had to meet "in the shadows". What I'm about to show you, is a sort of card reading from such a book....

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Scott Xavier
PK Touch Up: an expose of psychic touch by Scott Xavier

Scott Xavier created a new method for PK Touch using an old forgotten principal.


The mentalist speaks of a psychic connection between people when they're hypnotized. The mentalist gets two spectators on stage and hypnotizes them. Then he just makes a mime like a tap two feet above each volunteers arm. Even though their eyes are closed, they both feel the touch, that was never made. The mentalist simply thinks of a touch, and they respond.

Next the mentalist taps the spectator on the left. Both volunteers feel it. Then he taps the spectator on the right, the spectator on the...

★★★★★ $28.95
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MP4 (video)

Peter Stammers
Picometry by Peter Stammers

Make money in reading a person's drawing.

There are many methods known as projective techniques. A wide range of materials can be used to stimulate projective responses. The five main types of response are: Associations to words or ink spots, Construction of stories, Arranging or choosing visual or verbal alternatives, and expression through drawings.

Peter Stammers explains in this ebook how you can perform a reading using a drawing. It is a simplified version of the "House Tree Person" analysis method and is not a system for "any" drawing. This is a unique and scientifically based method....

★★★★★ $20
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Lee Earle
Deja-Vu-Ing by Lee Earle

Before the show you mail or give a spectator an envelope for safe keeping. At the show the spectator opens the envelope to find another smaller envelope inside. In this smaller envelope are three little pieces of paper. On these pieces of paper the performer recorded three dreams a few days earlier. The performer's dreams match the front page of today's newspaper as well as two spectator's thoughts.

runtime: 24min 44s

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MP4 (video)

Mark Strivings
The Dakota Miracle by Mark Strivings

A spectator is asked to take out a $1 Bill. The performer divines the city the bill was printed in and the serial number.

runtime: 15min 31s

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MP4 (video)

Paul Voodini
Murder Most Foul by Paul Voodini

A collection of two horrific and murderous routines, ideal for a wind-swept night of parlour entertainment.

Psychic Cluedo (Psychic Clue).

Become a psychic detective. Utilising a well-known board game, the mystery entertainer takes his guests on a journey of psychic discovery. A murder has been committed. One of your guests knows who it is, where the murder took place, and the weapon that was used to commit the foul act. Can any of your guests work it out using their own as yet untapped psychic powers? While your guests discuss notes, you enter a trance like state and emerge from the psychic...

★★★★★ $8.50
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Mentalism Unleashed by unknown

The modern secrets of mentalism have been kept locked away to a select few. That is until now. Unlike other bibles of mentalism that came before, you will learn modern 21st century techniques for all the great effects of mentalism.

Easy to learn with full color photos and embedded Quicktime video clips! There's no fluff in this manuscript. It was written by a collaboration of mind reading experts.

You'll learn to:

  • Melt coins into liquid metal in a spectators hand
  • Learn the basics of bending metal and learn a new twist that looks truly psychic (with video) ...
★★★★★ $24.95
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Paul Voodini
The Paranormal Entertainer by Paul Voodini

The art of the ungimmicked seance! Could this be the holy grail of bizarre magic and seance theatre?

This detailed manuscript teaches the mentalist and bizarre magician how to run completely ungimmicked evenings of paranormal entertainment. It covers introductions and establishing the right atmosphere, opening routines to involve the guests and put them in an expectant mood, ouija board and/or glass moving session, and finally the actual seance! An enthralling, wondrous, and terrifying evening for all your guests - and all done without a single gimmick! That's right - no billet switches,...

★★★★★ $25
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Eddie Joseph
Intuitional Sight by Eddie Joseph

From the introduction:

The method of blindfolding here in revealed for the first time is in advance of any thing of a similar nature attempted before and what is more important it is far more convincing. It has "scores of times" thrown my audience into a state of complete "DUMBFOUNDEDNESS" and confused several witnessing magicians who are already familiar with blindfold work.

1st edition 1938; 16 pages.

Table of Contents

  • Table of Contents
    • "The Construction of the Blindfold"
    • The Cotton and...
★★★★★ $5
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(Benny) Ben Harris
PSI Stealth by (Benny) Ben Harris

Four subtle stunners that put the "PSI Sharpie pen" to stealth use. Includes the amazing Phone Call To Houdini.

Here is a collection of professional ideas and approaches with the PSI Sharpie Pen. If you are in agreement with the author that the advertised effect of making the pen spin 360 degrees is possibly "a bit over the top" then you'll love the subtle approaches here.

Harris teaches effects from his professional mentalism A-list. Learn to use the PSI Sharpie without appearing to use the pen! Also learn how to apparently transfer the PSI Sharpie powers to another sharpie! Use your...

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David Gemmell
Readers Notes: card and coin readings for entertainment by David Gemmell

This ebook is aimed at giving psychic readings for entertainment using normal playing cards or coins which can be borrowed. We begin with a simple but effective card reading system that can be used in a very short time to give quite insightful readings. You are led through various advanced techniques which provide even greater depth and meaning for the client.

The coin readings mostly follow an impromptu approach to the point of borrowing the coins used for the reading. This of course provides an almost perfect hook. We finish with an impromptu method for the I-Ching which once mastered (in...

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Martin Adams
Travel by Martin Adams

Anytime - Anywhere - In The Mind - On the Streets

"Travel is a technically a very simple effect, you can go out and perform it pretty much straight away, it's strength is in this simplicity, it's an IDEAL opener for any mentalist or magician" - Dee Christopher

You introduce a laminated card that is covered in easily recognizable places from the world. Places like the Eiffel Tower, Niagara Falls or Stonehenge.

You ask a spectator to do an imaginary trip to any of the nine famous sites depicted. You ask them to imagine themselves to be there. You then slowly reveal their thought of place.


★★★★ $17.50
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Martin Adams
Nexus by Martin Adams


Imagine an effect which gives you an opportunity to give a 100% accurate reading on your spectator. The spectator is asked to think of one of seven emotional words. The performer gives a highly accurate reading and as a bonus the performer reveals the thought of word as well.


Harmless is a Russian Roulette type of effect. The spectator is asked to examine six cards, each one has the word 'Click' on one side and 'Bang' on the other. Six envelopes are examined and any card is placed into any envelope as the performer explains that each card represents a bullet and...

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Jack Dutton
Horror Show Pro by Jack Dutton

This is the same as Horror Show except here, you get a license to reuse, sell (or even give-away) your very own version of Horror Show.

We reconfigure the program just for you! The program screens feature your name, company, logo and/or weblink. The Horror Show Guidance booklet will also be reconfigured to display your contact details (or whatever you wish).

Well, we could stop there... but, no, there's more: Horror Show Pro also includes custom artwork and templates (with your details emblazoned on them) so you can burn the program to CD to sell or give-away. Why would anyone want a business card?...

★★★★★ $26
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Jack Dutton
Horror Show by Jack Dutton

Now you can take your spectators on a tour of horror-ful amazement.

Your guest selects a horror movie title (one of nearly 200)...then answers three questions designed to probe deep into their psyche.

The program then correctly identifies the movie title they originally chose!

With a few fun surprises along the way, and the fact that it can be performed wherever you can lay your hands on a computer; this is a unique effect!

Here's the low-down:

  • The choice of movie title is completely free;
  • No suspicious keyboard work;
  • No 'assistant' needed (hidden or otherwise);
  • Can be repeated;...
★★★★ $4
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Raphaël Czaja
Easy Simple Prediction by Raphaël Czaja


The magician spreads a packet of five cards (from Ace to 5 of mixed suits) face up and a spectator thinks of one of them. The magician squares the packet, telling the spectator that among these cards, there is one card with a different back. The spectator says the name of his card out loud. For example, the 3 of Diamonds. The magician shows that any of the other cards could have been thought of and he deals the selected card on the table. He turns the remaining cards face down and clearly shows only Bicycle backs. The spectator turns over his card revealing the only Tally-Ho backed...

★★★★★ $8 $5
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Dee Christopher
SYN by Dee Christopher

Since Uri Geller began bending spoons back in the 70's, this metal bending skill has fascinated all magicians and mentalists as well as captivating any audiences that bear witness to it.

Two coins are picked from a handful of change and held at finger tips, the spectator selects one and holds that in their hand, the performer begins to concentrate and gently wave the coin he is left with.

It begins to bend.

While the coin in plain sight is bending, the participant claims to feel the coin in their hand bending in synchronicity.

The hand is opened to reveal the newly bent coin...

★★★★★ $15
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