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Basil Horwitz
The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Volume 2 by Basil Horwitz

Seven more incredible demonstrations of the paranormal that will entertain and perplex the most demanding audience.

When Martin Breese met Basil many, many years ago he saw him demonstrating his brilliant Poker Deal. He dealt cards to himself and to a spectator and then put a £50 note on the table and if Basil could beat the spectator he kept the money and if he lost he would lose £50. This is repeated over and over again with new hands being dealt and the spectator having more and more choice yet the magician never loses any of the money at all. The final part of the routine allows the...

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Basil Horwitz
The Mental Magick of Basil Horwitz Volume 1 by Basil Horwitz

The (e)book was created from the recordings on Basil Horwitz made by Martin Breese. The book received rave reviews from every magical magazine around the world and is now for the first time available as ebook.

The opening chapter by Basil Horwitz details a method of linking a show with charity and using it to make a big income for the charity and a big income for the performer. During Basil's lifetime he was also involved in investment and finance. He used to perform for charity and demonstrated mental miracles that stunned his audience. When each member of the audience left the show Basil ended up with the name, address...

★★★★ $15
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Paul Voodini
The Jack the Ripper Seance by Paul Voodini

Paul Voodini presents the world famous Jack the Ripper Séance! This detailed manuscript provides the mystery performer with all the information required to stage a frighteningly good evening of murderous séance theatre, exactly as the Great Voodini has been presenting to the paying public in London’s famous Covent Garden theatre land! No pipe dreams here! This manuscript is the result of performing for paying members of the public!

With the express intention of establishing spirit communication with Jack the Ripper and his unfortunate victims, your guests will be taken on a heart-stopping...

★★★★ $25
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Derek L. Renfro
Thanatology by Derek L. Renfro

Thanatology - the study of death. From Greek mythology Thanatos - the god of death. The brother of Hypnos.

A book of effects revolving around death and spirits. Divided into three parts, each containing material successfully performed by the author:

  • Part One: Living and Dead; The Test; Three approaches to the classic L&D test.
  • Part Two: Lights go out, Haunts come up! Four effects to be performed in the dark. Great for seance and spirit theater.
  • Part Three: A Cocktail of Spirits. Four more effects to be performed any time the mood strikes.
Two bonuses formerly available from...
★★★★ $15
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Don Theo III
Broken by Don Theo III

This is the launching point of the journey. Don fuses the essence of powerful theatre with mystery entertainment to open your eyes and ears to a new way to approach your performances.

"Most mentalists know Don Theo knocked it out of the ballpark with his introductory book Teardrop. However, Theo's 'Broken' makes his first treatise now seem like a bunt. 'Broken' is a beautiful, artistic work that forces the actor in each mentalist to rise to the surface and make some very necessary waves within our art." - Mick Ayres

The star of the show, this jawdropping three phase routine...

★★★★★ $23
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Jens O. Jahn
ESP Signs by Jens O. Jahn

You get professionally designed ESP symbols:

  • Circle
  • Cross
  • Wave
  • Square
  • Star (in two sizes)
One star version is geometrically the same size as the other symbols. Due to its shape it looks a bit smaller than the other symbols. The second star design is 20% larger to better match the overal appearance of the other symbols.

The files are vector files (SVG format). This means you can blow them up as much as you want without loosing resolution - great for jumbo or giant cards. Each symbol is available in 10 color background combinations. They are:

  • black on white background
  • blue on...
★★★★★ $15
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Barry Ray
Deceptive Diary by Barry Ray

Barry could say this has taken 25 years in the making. And it would be true! In the latter part of the 1980’s, Barry created Deceptive Diary, and in 1990, he marketed this effect. It was the first diary trick to use only one diary…having a selection of over 40 cards! Before that, the diary trick either used two or four (sometimes six) diaries, forcing anything from two up to eight cards. But the major dilemma with Deceptive Diary was that it required mental gymnastics to work out the value of the card for any given date.

To offset this Barry created Easy Diary. But every now and again, he would...

★★★★ $12
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Bob Cassidy & Michael Weber
Artful Mentalism: Séance by Bob Cassidy & Michael Weber

Bob Cassidy, one of the most respected and influential mentalists of our time, turns his attention to the topic of the seance and will show you just how simple it is to perform! In fact, most everything you need is contained within this ebook. Plus you get a recorded teleseminar that Michael Weber hosts where Bob talks about seances. On top of this you get the exclusive post-seminar notes and a copy of Behind the scenes with the mediums as PDF.

You'll learn:

  • a 12-step outline for conducting a successful seance
  • the first rule of all effective seances
  • how to do a seance without communicating...
★★★★ $29.90
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Light and Easy by Nefesch

In this manuscript you will learn two effects, one of them is Nefesch's CAN effect in which he makes a volunteer loose his weight. They can feel it, they can feel themselves becoming lighter and lighter till they weigh less than a feather. You can prove to the audience that your spectator has indeed lost his weight. As a hypnotherapist this routine has been Nefesch's bussiness card to his customers who want to take hypnotherapy sessions to loose some weight. In adition Nefesch is including an almost impromptu newspaper test, and a way to combine both effects to mark your reputation as a mentalist,...

★★★★★ $9.98
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Luke Jermay
The Extended Tossed Out Deck by Luke Jermay

From the introduction:

The Tossed Out Deck is an extremely popular and possibly the best neo-classical plot in mentalism. Over the last 15 years, this effect has made its way into the performance repertoire of many mentalists and magicians the world over, seeing a huge surge in popularity, likely due to the number of high profile performers’ personalized versions of the effect, such as Max Maven, Ted Lesley, and Docc Hilford.

I, myself, have used the Tossed Out Deck effect to open many stand-up performances, and feel it is genuinely one of the best opening routines for a performance. It packs...

★★★★★ $35
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Teleshock 2.0 by Nefesch
"This has so many applications that are endless and priceless and simple. I love his thinking as I am a big fan of his work. Keep them coming." - Neal Scryer

"Now I know why your family got scared by you." - Paolo Cavalli

Let's say you are visiting the home of friends or relatives. You tell them that you would like to demonstrate a powerful telekinesis skill that you have been developing.

You begin by asking the home owner to turn on their television, and tune to any random channel. You then suggest that what they thought was a "random decision" (what channel to tune to) may not have...

★★★★★ $16.95
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Rachel Colombini
The Book of Book Tests by Rachel Colombini

A unique and popular subject like the Book Test is analyzed here in 20 routines by such great contributors as: Ian Adair, Howard Adams, Len Belcher, Tan Hock Chuan, Rachel Colombini, Tom Craven, Maurice Fogel, Karrell Fox, Karl Fulves, Richard Himber, Arthur Setterington, Walter Sleight and Nick Trost.

In the standard effect (sometimes done as a prediction) a spectator opens a book to a page and concentrates on a word (or three words or a full line). The mentalist, standing some distance away, is able to reveal the word the spectator is thinking of. Of course, as per many classics, variations abound and Rachel has tried to keep this variety...

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Dee Christopher
Anate Extended by Dee Christopher

Anate Extended represents a milestone in the development of this technique, which was first published in Anate. Since the original release, this has become an incredibly popular tool, much more so than we ever imagined it would.

Anate Extended is a supplement to the original ebook which contains lots more outs, applications, strengthening techniques, practice techniques, and routines from Titanas, Lloyd Barnes, Chris Lafferty, Steven Dylan Palmer and of course Dee himself!

Effects List:

Broken Watch - DC and Titanas

 The magician proves that he knew the outcome of a 1 in 10 choice...

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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 17: Mental Phenomena by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content
  2. The One Man Crystal Reading Act
  3. How To Answer Questions
  4. The Crystal Gazing Act
  5. The Living and the Dead
  6. The Magic Mirror
  7. The Human Calendar
  8. The Hindu Pulse stopping
  9. X-Ray Eyes
  10. Long Distance Thought Transmission

1st edition 1931; 22 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Rupert Howard
Rupert Howard Magic Course: Lesson 18: Spiritualistic Tricks by Rupert Howard

Table of Contents

  1. Content

    Spiritualistic Tricks

  2. Introduction
  3. The Dark Seance (Method 1)
  4. The Dark Seance (Method 2)

    Slate Effects

  5. A Trick With the Flap Slate
  6. With Two Slates
  7. The Tied Slates
  8. The Flap Slate Minus Corner
  9. With Unprepared Slates

    Mental Phenomena

  10. The Giant Memory
  11. The Lightning Calculator

1st edition 1931; 18 pages.

★★★★★ $4
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Larry Becker
It's About Time! by Larry Becker

The performer states that for thousands of years, devices have been invented and used to measure and keep track of time. The first time measuring obelisks and water clocks were introduced in Mesopotamia and Egypt as early as 2000 BC. Tonight, he continues, we're going to explore both time and its relation to man's ability to project images telepathically.

Removing a small packet of blank cards, the performer explains they will be used to focus on an hour and a timekeeping device that will be thought of by a member of the audience. A volunteer is randomly selected to assist in the demonstration....

★★★★ $7
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Luca Volpe
The Ultimate Chair Test Routine Act by Luca Volpe

This manuscript contains Luca Volpe's best stage routine, but pay attention as it is NOT just a simple chair prediction routine, this is a COMPLETE ACT of 8 minutes that will leave your audience blown away!

A multi-phase routine with an incredible crescendo of random sequence predictions.

We will not describe the effect here as it is so well conceived and well structured that you need to read the manuscript to believe it. The only thing that we will say is that you don't use N.W. or anything like that, the envelopes genuinely have the numbers printed on them and it involves a method so...

★★★★★ $40
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Rachel Colombini & Aldo Colombini
Comedy Mind Reading Act by Rachel Colombini & Aldo Colombini

This is a serious ebook on comedy! A tremendous act that’s one scream of a laugh! Rachel and Aldo have obtained huge success with this comedy act. They performed the act for magic conventions where most of the audiences are composed of magicians, but they found out that the routine goes over great with lay audiences as well. They had so many requests about this act that they finally decided to put it in print. To keep the ebook as complete as possible, they have listed more gags and jokes that you can use.

1st edition 2009; 13 pages.

★★★★ $10
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Dee Christopher
5020 by Dee Christopher

5020 explores the thought of human lie detection.

With shows like "Lie to me" and "The Mentalist" in vogue at the moment, realistic demonstrations of similar abilities are also becoming ever more in demand. Here we have a direct, to the point three phase lie detection effect. You will appear to genuinely have this ability if you so wish.

The performer removes two cards from the deck; upon one’s face he writes “Truth” and the other “Lie.” These cards are to be used in an experiment of psychological lie detection.

The performer holds the cards face-down. The spectators are...

★★★★★ $22
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Werner Miller
E-Z Square 2 by Werner Miller

Here Werner Miller attacks the 4x4 square. (E-Z Square 1 deals with the 5x5 square.). You will learn a new and easy method to construct a 4x4 magic square starting with two or four given numbers.

The real gem in this manuscript is the bonus routine. It is a unique presentation which makes your work simpler and allows you to predict the sum of the square. The effect is as follows:

Take out a soft measuring tape of the kind tailors use (which has centimeters or inches marked on both sides), and a prediction. Give the prediction to a spectator for safekeeping. You will never touch it again. Have two...

★★★★★ $6
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Right Now by Nefesch

Right Now is the name of Nefesch's new manuscript, and includes three mentalism effects, that you can do any time anywhere to convince people that you can really read their minds. These are effects you can peform anytime someone asks you: "READ MY MIND RIGHT NOW."

These are the effects included:

HOT (stands for Heads or Tails)
This is a three steps routine, in which you ask your spectator for a coin (any coin) you ask them to flip it in the air and to cath it in their hands, without letting you see it. You ask them to take a look at the coin, to find out if it is face or tails up, you...

★★★★ $15
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Philemon Vanderbeck
The Supplemental OORT by Philemon Vanderbeck

A continuation of the original volume, The Collected OORT, The Supplemental OORT continues its exploration of the subject of cold reading through 19 more essays by such authors as; Craig Browning, R. Lee Davis, Ian Fabian, Alain Gesbert, Brother Shadow, William Thomas, Philemon Vanderbeck, A. E. Waite, Larry White and Jon Why.

Contents include:

    • Victoria’s Secret
    • The French Method
    • The Path of Roodmas
    • Maternal Bibliomancy
    • Modern Arcana
    • Over The Rainbow
    • The Prolix Spirit Revisited
    • A Wicked Pack of Cards
    • Or Would You Rather Be A Pig?
    • Tricks of the Trade
    • Oneiromancy
    • Lines of Thought ...
★★★ $50
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Alan Rorrison
Dracula Ebook Test: for iPhones by Alan Rorrison

"The easiest and most portable book test to date!" - Erik Jansson

The iPhone has loads of apps designed to do magic in the app store but there is one problem. None of them really are organic. As soon as you performed one of these effects with the phone everyone screams: "Its an app! Very clever but its an app". So here is one of the most organic apps on the market.

You show the spectator an ebook on your phone and run through how it works (scrolling etc,) for them... You let them see that every single page is different before you have a page randomly selected. You hold the phone...

★★★★ $4.50
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iPhone App

Carroll K. Priest
The Blindfold Enigma by Carroll K. Priest

For many years the real secret of X-Ray Vision was closely guarded by a handful of magicians. This ebook gives the full low-down on how to make and apply the blindfold, plus suggested tests and routines, including the famous Blindfold Car Drive and the Marksman Test.

1st edition 1980; original 22 pages; PDF 16 pages.

★★★★★ $7
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