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Raymond Doetjes
Fouray Envelope by Raymond Doetjes

The Fouray envelope is a utility device which was born out of the necessity of having a 4-way out and showing it empty. Specially designed for those close-up performances. It has been a well guarded secret for the past 2.5 years now. It's here for the working mentalist who wants 4 outs in one envelope without using himber wallets! So get out the glue and paper-cutter and make as many as you want in less than 15 minutes per envelope.

1st edition 2010; 12 pages

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Raymond Doetjes
Shocked by a Miracle by Raymond Doetjes

An effect from Raymond's former show...

Shocked by a Miracle is a realistic demonstration of voodoo-like powers where one picture gets pierced or scorched and one person is marked out by either her screams or a physical mark.

The ideal effect for hypnotists employing pre-show hypnosis but also just as effective for non-hypnotists.

1st edition 2010; 5 pages (excluding cover and blank).

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Jim Coles
Influence by Jim Coles

You could start this effect like this:

Have you ever known a great salesman? I mean the kind of person who consistently outperforms his colleagues, who’s able to maintain a high level of sales even during economic slumps? Some years ago I became aware of a study of such individuals, and what was especially intriguing is that each seemed to have the innate ability to project his will upon others, to influence prospective customers in such a way that they invariably did what he wanted. I began to wonder if it was possible to hone one’s own influence to such a degree, and I’d like to share...

★★★★★ $6.50
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Paul Voodini
The Magician's Guide to Palm Reading by Paul Voodini

Paul Voodini presents The Magicians' Guide to Palm Reading - a concise guide to reading palms and how to incorporate these skills into your close-up magic and mentalism routines.

When working at wedding receptions, corporate events, and dinner parties, why is it that Paul Voodini always has crowds of spectators around him? Why is it that long after the "regular" magicians have packed away their sponge balls and gone home, the events organisers are stuffing money into Paul's hands and begging him to stay for another hour or two? The answer is simple - palm reading!

By becoming a magician...

★★★★★ $12
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Simon J. Lea
POSTgraphology by Simon J. Lea

POSTgraphology is a graphology based mentalism effect utilizing those sticky yellow memo notes we are all familiar with.

A pack is opened in front of the audience and the whole block is given to one of the spectators. He or she is asked to rip off a chunk of notes for you to use for demonstration purposes and then to give one note to each of the spectators taking part - 5 is the best number of spectators but can be more or less. As this is performed as a demonstration of graphology and not magic you don't point out that there is now no way you could know which spectator would get which note...

★★★★★ $12
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Michael Daniels
Equirock by Michael Daniels

This is a conceptual breakthrough for improving the old and trusted magician's choice or equivoque.

Equirock is a simple technique to force one of three items. As a direct, ONE STEP force, it is almost impossible for the spectator to backtrack and thereby discover the method. Equirock is immensely versatile and can be used to force any kind of object or other item – a word, number, person, card, coin, book … in fact anything at all!

The method can also be easily extended to allow for a force from any number of items, not just three. The only props needed are your hands, a pen...

★★★★ $10
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Dee Christopher
Machine by Dee Christopher

The effect is simple. One spectator is asked to think of a word. A second spectator writes the word. Neither have any clue how it could possibly have happened. Spirit writing? Synchronicity? It's up to YOU to decide how you'd like to explain the incredible experience your participants will have just waltzed through.

Machine will teach you how to construct a simple, yet ingenious gimmick to make this effect clean and direct in method so that you can use the included presentation or put your all into your own.

The MACHINE gimmick could be used on stage, at a table, on the street or anywhere...

★★★★★ $18
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Daniel Madison
Psycho by Daniel Madison

Psycho is an ebook of simple and subtle ideas and performance effects based on psychological suggestion and pseudo-psychological magic, written in 2007 and released in 2010. These notes offer a way of thinking and a refreshing approach to the art of using psychological suggestion as both a tool and an illusion within itself.

Psychological Forces
An insight into the idea of psychological forcing and 'pseudo-psychological suggestion'.

Playing Card Psychological Forces

  • Four of Clubs
  • Jack of Spades
  • Jack of Hearts
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Four of Diamonds

An expose on psychological...

★★★★★ $15
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Michael Paul
Urban Legend by Michael Paul

I've used Urban Legend to close my show for my theatre act, my Monday Night Magic parlor act in New York, and even the close up room at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. To say it's the ultimate showstopper for me is an huge understatement. Now it can be your show stopper too!

Introducing Urban Legend ... straight from the working repetoire of Michael Paul.

You know the classic razor blade trick: The magician swallows a number of ultra-sharp razor blades, and regurgitates them tied together on a length of string. Now, check out Urban Legend ... do the classic razor blade routine without...

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Michael Paul
3 by Michael Paul

Not just one, but three “packs small, plays big” routines that have been audience tested in the real world. Each of these power-house effects is loaded with personality and entertainment. Also, each effect is fully polished and ready to go right into your act. Also included is a brief, but important essay on the art of mentalism and entertainment that just might change the way you look at your show. This is stand up mentalism with an edge. This is 3.

Cutting Edge

Cleanly rub a double sided razor blade through the skin of your neck, and re-produce it from your teeth! Wonderful for...

★★★★ $25
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Simon J. Lea
Rock Paper Scissors by Simon J. Lea
  • Play to win - beat your opponent every time!
  • Play to lose - lose every single time!
  • Match them - whatever your opponent chooses, you choose the same!
  • All done REAL TIME like a regular game of Rock, Paper, Scissors!
  • No stooges
  • No dual reality
  • No set up
  • No pre-show work
  • Easy to learn
If you've ever seen a performance of Rock, Paper, Scissors as a mentalism effect then you know what a crowd-pleaser it is. Bring on the first guy, beat him. Bring on the second guy, beat him, too. Ask the crowd if they want you to win or lose, if they want you to lose, then play again and lose. You...
★★★★ $23
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Walt Lees
A Magical Interlude with Walt Lees by Walt Lees

This recording contains excellent card effects with every detail carefully explained. The highlight is perhaps Walt's own Astrology/Mentalism routines actually used professionally by him for a number of years.

Originally released in the Martin Breese Magicassette series.

runtime 1 hour 20 minutes

★★★★ $14
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Christopher Caldwell
Blockbuster Prediction by Christopher Caldwell

The mentalist places a rental video tape (or DVD) as prediction on the table. A spectator chooses a good movie from a movie guide that lists nearly 20,000 movies. It turns out that the prediction is spot on.

runtime 11min 15s

★★★★ $4
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MP4 (video)

Ted Lesley
Minimax Lecture by Ted Lesley

Ted Lesley's philosophy on magic has always been: A minimum amount of effort for a maximum amount of effect! Thus the title Minimax Lecture.

  • A Rising Card Idea
  • Mental Routines with the TL Faked Envelope
  • Black Mental Marvel
  • Another Mind Reading Idea
  • Ted Serios Outdone
  • The Fastest Card Trick in the World
  • My Adventures with the Himber Ring
  • My Encore

13 pages

★★★★★ $10
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Ted Lesley
The Cards Never Lie! by Ted Lesley


Devised by Ted Lesley in association with Ken de Courcy this may be the first close-up Tarot and Zodiac act. Not a single effect but an entire act.

Merely describing the effects does not do justice to the routine however we'll do our best...Telling spectators that cards and numbers play a part in their lives, the performer tells them that his diary contains a list of 'lucky' cards and numbers, a different combination of card and number is set against each date.

A lady is asked to think of her birthday and is shown a pack of cards bearing Zodiac signs. Upon...

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Michael Paul
ABK by Michael Paul

Poltergeist Coins: Coins bend inside of a heavy glass vase held by a spectator... then, all of a sudden; the vase begins to move across the table as he tries to hold it in place! No magnets or threads required, and you can do this while on the complete other side of the room! This is a dream routine for meetings with media.

Un-Dead Head: A spooky looking doll's head scares the hell out of everyone when it leaps off the table at a spectator! Not in the mood to give unsuspecting spectators heart attacks? No problems... use the same gimmick to gracefully float a rose.

Silver Lining: Take...

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Rachel Colombini
The Book of Book Tests 2 by Rachel Colombini


  • MAGAZINE TEST (Someeran)
  • FORCED SIGNAL (Rachel Colombini)
  • ASTRO BOOK TEST (Rex Taylor)
  • NEWSPAPER MIRACLE (Arthur Carter)
  • BOOK - BELL - CANDLE (Floyd Shotts)
  • THE ROVI BOOK TEST (Ivor Parry)
  • PAGE 98 - 14TH LINE (Werner Miller)
  • THE TURN-OVER BOOK TEST (Stephen Tucker)
  • THE S.R.R. BOOK TEST (Arthur Setterington)
  • SIX-SELECTION (Paul Daniels)
  • DIRECT BOOK TEST (Arthur Carter)
★★★★★ $10
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(Benny) Ben Harris
Starman by (Benny) Ben Harris

This is a stand-alone version from the book, Run Silent, Run Deep. Complete with full assembly instructions and full performance instructions. Simply print out the glorious color templates to create your own STAR DECK.

This effect DOES NOT require the use of Silent Running (although it can be enhanced with it). So, you do not need SR, or RSRD. This is completely self-contained. The clever deck does ALL the work for you.

It's a lovely effect where your spectator predicts an amazing moment in human history. That is, the moment of FIRST CONTACT with alien beings. Your audience member will predict the year, the month and the...

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Scott F. Guinn
Guinn Gone Mental by Scott F. Guinn

In this, his sixteenth magic ebook, popular author Scott F. Guinn shares a baker's dozen of his favorite mind magic effects. Clairvoyance, predictions, intuition, second sight, and other plots await you within this work.

Nine of the effects were published in Scott's previous (now out of print) ebooks, but these have been updated and expanded:

  • CLAIRVOYANT JOKER: The mentally selected card is the only non-Joker
  • BLIND-SIGHTED: Divine a mentally selected number & card
  • A STRONG IMPRESSION: You predict the card a spectator will name (no force)
  • FOR REAL PREDICTION: A strong and easy take...
★★★★ $20
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Mat L’Anoire
Nevermind by Mat L’Anoire

"When I first read 'Scribble' I had a huge smile on my face for the entire time I was reading it. I've just spent the past half an hour trying it out and an even bigger smile appeared! So cleverly constructed, it's a creation of genius!" - Iain Moran

Mat's 'Invisible Deck with a regular deck' opener. A cased deck of cards is placed on the table. A spectator names any card - a completely free choice. The deck is removed from the case and the named card is shown to have been impossibly predicted ahead of time.

Mat's 'take everywhere' coin effect. Four different...

★★★★★ $12
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Peter Duffie
Plots & Ploys by Peter Duffie

A New Collection of Card Magic & Mentalism.

Return to Ipcress:
A handling variation for Jerry Sadowitz’s Ipcress.

Fragmented Thoughts:
You place a sealed envelope on the table or give it to someone for safe-keeping. This envelope contains your prediction. You now bring out four pieces of playing cards: one full-size card, one three-quarter card, one half card and one quarter card. These are placed in a row on the table and mixed. A spectator now picks one of the four pieces. Let’s say he chooses the three-quarter card. The envelope is opened, and the missing quarter is tipped out. Everything can...

★★★★ $16.50
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Scott F. Guinn
Assertive Positive Negative by Scott F. Guinn

A new and improved version of this effect is Positive Increases. The original version will remain available at a reduced price.

Impromptu mentalism with nothing but a pen and your business card! Based on an effect by the remarkable Max Maven.

You write something on the back of your business card and set it aside. You give your participant three imaginary coins. She chooses one and then flips it into the air. She tells you whether it landed heads or tails up. You turn over your card, revealing that you wrote which coin she would choose and its orientation.

This ebook has been rewritten in much more depth,...

★★★★ $4
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Michael Paul
First Impression(s) by Michael Paul

This is the piece that Kenton Knepper called "Brilliant". Alain Nu and Luke Jermay both gave this the thumbs up. Craig Browning flipped over it. But what exactly is it?

This is not a magic trick. This is real mind control. Yes, seriously.

First Impression(s) was written for anyone that uses business cards to promote their magic or mentalism business. First Impression(s) will teach you a special way of designing your card that will influence others to show it to every one they know. This is not a "Magic trick" as you would typically think of it.

This is the business card layout, powerful cold/warm reading script, and influence...

★★★ $20
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Martin Adams
Use Your Thumper by Martin Adams

In this manuscript you will find a solution how you can achieve effects that use a thumper without a thumper. You don't have to buy expensive mentalism devices to make it possible. There are two handlings and four effects in this manuscript. Thought of card routine, Which Hand and Kurutsuke type of effects are all possible and included in the PDF. You don't need to buy anything because you probably already own the gimmick. This ebook will give you the power that a hundreds of dollars device can give you.

Routines included:

Thought of Card:
The performer asks the spectator to think of...

★★★★★ $20
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