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John Vincent
The Art of Suggestion And Influence: Practical Applications For Magicians And Mind Readers by John Vincent
"Lifts the lid on all the real secrets of the top TV mind readers." - Steve Crabb, NLP MASTER Trainer
You will learn how to ...
  • Suggest playing cards, images and pictures.
  • Create powerful hypnotic phenomena, without formal hypnosis.
  • Use suggestion and influence with contact muscle reading.
  • Learn failsafe methods for practicing these effects.
  • Become a more persuasive and powerful communicator.
  • Learn how to spot trance states and utilize them in entertainment. And much much more.
"The Art of Suggestion and Influence is a gold mind and must have for any one who wants to make their...


Ken de Courcy
Zodiac Telepathy by Ken de Courcy

This is the perfect two person act to start with, if you have never performed anything like it. The performers only need to memorize 21 items. In the words of George Armstrong:

Here at last is a method for combining the fascination of horoscope readings with the mystery of telepathy, and a method in which the medium, who does all the "talking", has only ten code words and eleven signals to learn for the Telepathy part of the act, and absolutely nothing for the Horoscope readings. Everything is done for her by the innocent but clever piece of apparatus described in these pages.

Any person...

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José Prager
Censored by José Prager

This is a compilation of three of Prager's effects.

  1. The Bite (a way to secretly mark billets)
  2. Peeki (a peek wallet)
  3. Genocidio (a variation on Kenton Knepper's Kolossal Killer avoiding 'the out')

1st edition 2011; 16 pages.

★★★★★ $15
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John Holt
The First Eleven by John Holt
"All the items are varied and interesting and make a good collection of strong, practical card magic"Peter Duffie

"BSBCS is very clever" – Richard Osterlind

"What the hell is an ebook?" – his mum

If you have read Mind Blasters you will have encountered one effect by John Holt. John became gutsy and released his own ebook with a collection of close-up card and mentalism effects. He also describes two moves, an excellent full deck overhand false shuffle and a double lift.
  • False Overhand Shuffle
  • Twirl Double Lift
  • BSBCS: A spectator shuffles a deck, which can be borrowed, the performer turns away...
★★★★ $10
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José Prager
The Bite by José Prager

The Bite is a very useful and subtle principle that allows you to mark billets or cards in a unique and exceedingly clever way. The cool part is that the marking is unknowingly done by the spectators themselves without them knowing what is going on. This is perfect because you can have your back turned to them or even be in another room while they are following your instructions.

This idea is not completely new, but pretty obscure and most likely you will be unfamiliar with it. It was first published by Bob Ostin in his 1974 living and dead test entitled 'Vampire'. Later, Tom Stone published...

★★★★ $10
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Jeff Stone
Tarot Below Zero - Spectral Chill by Jeff Stone


Tarot cards are old, but that doesn't mean they're boring. Tarot cards add an air of mystery and emotion to any performer's arsenal. This ebook will show you a whole new frontier of possibilities with these arcane works of art. Spectral Chill is as much a concept as it is a trick. And the bonus trick, Tarot Below Zero is just one possibility to be found at the tip-of-the-sword in this re-conceived paradigm.

Tarot is all about creating links in the mind of the spectator and Spectral Chill is a system to help do exactly that.

This is a real performer's...
★★★★★ $25
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Dee Christopher
The Knowledge: Methodology for Fraudulent Mind Reading by Dee Christopher

10 ultra-powerful, stream-lined mind-reading and influence demonstrations for the modern performer. Written in an easy to understand format with pictures throughout. Some are new effects from Dee Christopher some are ones taken from his previous publications.


The performer removes two cards from the deck; upon one’s face he writes “Truth” and the other “Lie.” These cards are to be used in an experiment of psychological lie detection. The performer face holds the cards down. The spectators are invited to say a statement about themselves; this can be either truth or a lie....

★★★★ $28
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Teral Garrett
26 Living and Dead Tests by Teral Garrett

A collection of twenty-six of the best Living and Dead Tests. Indispensable to the mentalist and providing a wide variety of routines suitable for performance under every possible condition.

A well performed Living and Dead Test can create intense emotions. Please use these effects responsibly. Many of the effects described can be performed one-on-one, in an intimate close-up setting or for a large audience. Several ingenious methods are described. I find the one of method 26 the most clever one. It would sell like hot cakes as a single effect miracle on a DVD for $39.50. I was even tempted...

★★★★★ $10
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ESP Cards with Bicycle Back Marked by

You will receive four sets of 5 ESP cards (circle, cross, three wavy lines, square, star), a total of 20 cards. Two sets have a red Bicycle back and the other two sets have a blue Bicycle back. These cards were manufactured by USPCC on their standard air-cushion cardboard.

All cards are marked on the back in an easy-to-read way. A short glimpse is all you need to know which symbol it is. The Bicycle back design wonderfully camouflages the markings if you do not know where to look. These cards match regular Bicycle cards allowing combinations of effects with ESP symbols and standard card symbols. ...

★★★★★ $8.50
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Alain Nu
Animalogic by Alain Nu


A spectator is asked to think of an animal of virtually any kind. After concentrating on both its name and its image, the thought-of animal can be immediately revealed.

  • easy to do
  • no set-up
  • no difficult moves

What you get with the PDF only version

You receive an instructional PDF that explains the secret, performance, tips and the history of the concept. You will also receive the design files in SVG (vector graphic format) and PDF to print out the necessary cards yourself. Please note that you will not receive any cards in the mail. You will have to print and cut the...

★★★★ $5
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PDF & softcover

Scott Xavier
PK Sense by Scott Xavier

The ability to read a thought from the mind of a spectator is just the beginning. Imagine being able to transmit a thought from one spectator to another. Not only a thought, but also the thought of all five senses. Taste, smell, sight, touch, and hearing can all be transmitted by the mentalist/magician using psychokinesis, hypnosis, or what ever presentation you see fit! This is a collaborative work from mentalist Scott Xavier and magician Mark Bond.

1st edition 2011; 17 pages

★★★★ $11.95
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Mark Lewis
Confessions of a Cold Reader by Mark Lewis

This recording includes a radio interview with Mark Lewis where he demonstrates his palm and cold-reading methods. After that Mark describes how he got into cold reading, the most important resources he used, and his opinions on various questions related to cold reading, such as giving advice, moral and ethical issues. Mark extensively credits and recommends Richard Webster's work.

runtime 1h 11min

★★★★★ $12
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Stefan Olschewski
Mes(s)merize by Stefan Olschewski
"Brilliant and clever indeed. Shades of Clearly Predictable and Casino Royale. I'm sure many of us old-timers have incorporated various facets of this gem in our work, but this gentleman has forged a total masterpiece. If I were still in the saddle I would put this puppy to work. It could be used as an opener, however it's a little long winded. As a closer I think it would truly be a standing ovation masterwork of mentalism. I'll keep it close to the vest." - Larry Becker
This is much more than just a mental effect. Mes(s)merize by Stefan Olschewski is a brand-new application of an ingenious principle...
★★★★★ $20
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Bill Dekel
MindCraft: Visions by Bill Dekel
  • MindJack – Mentally glance at thought of numbers or words. Without writing or fishing of any sort.
  • Notes – Ideas on MindJacking, and theory galore.
  • Book Test – More impromptu MindJacking with words.
  • Other Languages – German, French, Spanish, and Italian modifications of MindJack.
  • The Fairer – A one or two choice number force. Designed for use with the Fair.
  • Cold Reading Justification – My personal terms with Cold Reading.
  • Under Thin Ice – On Thin Ice expanded.
  • Personality Profiling – A dash of cold reading, mind reading, and Q&A? I think yes.
  • Through the Looking Glass...
★★★★ $19.99
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Larry Becker
Clearly Predictable by Larry Becker

This is one of the slickest and cleanest prediction effects I know.

A spectator gets a sealed envelope to keep, circles one classified ad in a newspaper, and removes a bill from her wallet and signs it with her initials. Another spectator completely fairly selects a card from a spectator shuffled pack. Despite all of these fair and clean selections the mentalist has predicted all of them. The selected card is printed on the newspaper, and the prediction envelope holds the serial number of the bill and a copy of the classified which was freely selected by the spectator.

Some preparatory...

★★★★★ $7
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MP4 (video)

Dave Forrest
Pretext: make impossible predictions by Dave Forrest

PRETEXT is a multi-layered deception that will allow you to easily make the most incredible predictions. In the effect included in this 18 minute instant video download you produce a folded billet from inside your wallet that accurately predicts a persons name and a card that they freely named. You'll soon realise the depth of the PRETEXT system as it allows you to accurately predict practically anything during the course of a simple card trick in a way that appears so fair you won't believe it. This is the type of prediction that simply cannot be backtracked - your audiences will be left stunned...

★★★★★ $7
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MP4 + Flash Video

Dave Forrest
Positive Thinking by Dave Forrest

Inspired by an effect by Max Maven. If you like these type of effects also make sure to check out Assertive Positive Negative by Scott F. Guinn.

Effect: You place a folded business card - a prediction - on the table in full view. Your spectator is asked to imagine three coins. They are then asked to select one of the coins, toss it in the air and catch it, calling heads or tails. Let's imagine they call tails! You open your prediction - inside you have accurately predicted both the denomination of the coin they imagined and whether it would land heads or tails!

Inspired by Max Maven's effect 'Positive/Negative', this is the ultimate...

★★★★ $7
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MP4 + Flash Video

Musical Influences by Nefesch

This ebook will teach you several mentalism effects, all of them related with music. Here is Nefesch in his own words:

Let me tell you a REAL story:

I received a call from a producer who asked me to meet him for an interview to discuss the chance of me being the OPENER for some MUSIC concert tours that would take place in Greece. So I went to the appointment he had several questions, he asked me to perform which I did, and he was truly impressed, after that he told me: "ok, I want you, but the last word on whether or not we will hire you is on the singers hands". So he gave me another...

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Bob Cassidy
The Messing Effect by Bob Cassidy

Wolf Messing (1899 -1974) is often said to have been the most talented mind reader in the world. A native of Poland, Messing moved to Russia just prior to the outbreak of World War II. His decision to emigrate followed a performance, during which he predicted that Germany would be defeated and Hitler would die if Poland were invaded. Hitler, a devout believer in psychic phenomena, showed his appreciation for Messing's psychic gifts by placing a bounty of 200,000 marks on his head. After the war he worked for many years as a performer, and it has been suggested that he was one of Josef Stalin's...

★★★★★ $50
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Bob Cassidy
The Wadcutter Catch by Bob Cassidy

Warning: Performing a Bullet Catch or Russian Roulette type of effect is extremely dangerous. Several people have died attempting such stunts. If you use any information from this ebook you are voluntarily and free willingly taking on any liability and risks to your, your helper's and your audience's well being.

It is one thing to read about such stunts. It is entirely different to actually do them. If you want our advice: Don't do them!

Bob Cassidy is a professional performer who has practiced and performed these type of effects and stunts for many years. In this ebook he shares his advice...

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Bob Cassidy
The Messenger Disks by Bob Cassidy
  • How to give readings with the disks.
  • Effect: The two “Owl” disks are shown and their meaning explained. The mentalist next exhibits the “Hand” disk with the darkened edge and the sticker on the back. The spectator is asked to write a number, a short word, or a small picture on the back of the “hand” disk (on the sticker). This is done while the performer’s back is turned. The “hand” disk is turned face down, hiding the writing, and the disk is sandwiched between the face-up owls. (The darkened edged of the “hand” disk subtly proves that the “hand” disk remains...
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Bill Dekel
MindCraft: Perceptions by Bill Dekel

A collection of effects that deal directly with thoughts. Only three of them need anything tangible, and only one requires writing; the rest can be performed naked. Combat with your thoughts, divine birthdays, scam bar mates, use two different cold reading presentations, make your spectator see words they never saw, verbally force cards in seconds, psychologically force thoughts, bend the wills of an audience; let your spectator read your mind, another spectators mind, or even speak life into being.

  • Part 1: Hacking the Mind
    • Thought Dueling: Duel a spectator with your thoughts, and get...
★★★★ $19.99
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Bob Cassidy
The Bottle of Truth by Bob Cassidy

You will learn how to prepare and gimmick two different kinds of bottles which allow wonderful lie detector and murder mystery effects or which can be used as adjunct in a one on one 'psychic reading.' With typical Cassidy genius one bottle allows you to glimpse colored marbles dropped in and the other bottle allows you to force a certain color of marble dispensed from the bottle. This opens the possibility for many routines. Bob describes two.

1st edition 2002; 4 pages plus video

★★★★★ $15
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Bob Cassidy
Pseudo-Mentally Yours by Bob Cassidy

This was Bob Cassidy's first publication and appeared in 1977 as the second supplement to Invocation. You will find a great photo of a very young Bob Cassidy from 1973. The ebook is a reflection of who Bob was way back then. It contains the seeds of the ideas that gradually evolved into the act he presents today. A real treat for all Cassidy fans and anybody interested in mentalism.

1st edition 1977; 22 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Presidential Portraits
  2. The 35mm Die Can Test
  3. A 35mm Triple Test
  4. The Telepathic Diary
  5. Beating The Book Test
  6. A Brief Diversion
  7. An Experiment With Time
  8. Ultimate...
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