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Benedykt Krajdener
Her Majesty the Magic of Cards by Benedykt Krajdener

This work is something special, something completely unique. It is the product of a several decades long love affair of Benedykt Krajdener and the pasteboards. If you are truly in love you will sometimes do things that for an outsider appear as irrational, unbelievable, or outright insane. I am sure Benedykt is not insane, but finding and memorizing about 2700 words for every possible pair of cards from a deck of 52 might be considered irrational or perhaps unbelievable. Yes, love can do that to a grown man.

But before you assume this book is simply a list of those 2700 words, or that you...

★★★★ $35
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Brick Tilley
Monkeyshines by Brick Tilley

Stretching a handkerchief - taught to Blackstone, Sr. by Milbourne Christopher. A simple but effective book test. A simplified version of Albert Goshman's Cards Through the Newspaper. Card to Pocket. A false cut. Phantom Diminishing Cards.

1st digital edition 2012, 14 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Brick Tilley
Look Out, Cleveland by Brick Tilley

A one-card production sequence from the John Mulholland collection found among the rubble in Al Flosso's shop in the 1970s. A find the lady card sequence seen on the Tonight Show. The expanding envelope. A card trick made popular by Karl Germain.

1st digital edition 2012, 15 pages.

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Christian Scherer
Der Glücklose Würfelspieler: Eine Dice-Stacking Routine by Christian Scherer

Alles, was Sie schon immer über das Dice Stacking (Auftürmen von Würfeln mit Hilfe eines Bechers) wissen wollten: Material, Grund­tech­nik, verschie­dene Stacks, das Abbauen der aufgetürm­ten Würfel, das Stehlen, La­dun­gen, das Verschwindenlassen der Würfel – nichts wird ausgelassen. Zudem wird eine äusserst unter­haltende Dice-Stacking-Routine erklärt. Im Rahmen einer span­nenden Geschichte wird auf unter­hal­tende Weise der Wettstreit zwi­schen dem Zau­ber­künst­ler und einem Falsch­spieler präsen­tiert. Würfel er­scheinen, ver­schwin­den, wandern, färben...

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Christian Scherer
Sensitive Finger: Eine Kartenroutine mit Verbundenen Augen by Christian Scherer

Christian Scherers Version von Al Korans Blindfold Card Act. Bei dieser mit echt verbunden Augen vorgeführten, aus fünf Effek­ten be­ste­henden Kartenroutine demonstriert der Künstler, dass er über ausseror­dentli­che Fähigkeiten verfügt: Er ist in der Lage, mit verbundenen Augen Finge­rabdrücke auf einer Spiel­karte zu erta­sten, die Gehirnströme eines Zuschau­ers zu spüren, durch auf ihn übertragenen persönlichen Magne­tis­mus eine gewählte Spielkarte aus dem Spiel herauszuziehen, eine zu­fällig durch Würfeln be­stimmte Karte zu erfühlen und im von Zuschauern ge­mischten Spiel bei Karten...

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Christian Scherer
Abgezockt! Eine Falschspiel­demonstration by Christian Scherer

In der Literatur beschriebene Kunststücke werden zu einer rund 30 Minuten dauernden Falschspieldemonstration verwoben, die jederzeit mit jedem beliebigen Spiel ohne Vorbereitung ausgeführt werden kann! Dennoch wer­den die Zuschauer über­zeugt sein, dass der Vorführende der grösste Falschspielex­perte ist, den sie je gesehen haben. Es werden verschiedene Möglich­keiten demonstriert, wie ein Falschspieler sich die be­sten Karten teilen kann und ein Spiel selbst dann gewinnt, wenn der Zuschauer die Kar­ten zuvor gemischt hat. Anhand einer Ge­schichte zeigt der Vorführende, was naiven...

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Carl Andrews
Magic from Maui by Carl Andrews

Very well done strolling, walk-around, or restaurant magic. The effects are clear and have a strong impact, and most don't require any difficult moves. The first third of the book provides some general discussion of getting restaurant work and how to promote yourself. Beautiful illustrations have been drawn by Tony Dunn.

1st edition 2003 by The Cairn Press, 96 pages; 1st digital edition 2012, 92 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Further Foreword
  3. Carl's Comments
  4. Introduction
  5. Magical Beginnings
  6. Work
  7. More Opportunities
  8. Booking Agents
  9. Promotion
  10. Advice On Strolling
  11. Material
  12. Approaching...
★★★★★ $19.50
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Felix Schellenberg
The Mati Envelope by Felix Schellenberg
"This is an extremely clever envelope. Indeed, it is a peek envelope, but so very different from what most are used for. As the blurb states, there are no switches and everything is in plain sight the whole time. This extraordinarily useful peek envelope is highly recommended for all working mentalists." - Jheff

"This book is great, beautifully laid out and a real joy to read. An excellent treatment of an excellent principle!! - Dave Forrest (UK)

"Very clever concept..." - Pablo Amira (Chile)

"In a word: brilliant!" - Jan Forster (Germany)

"Elegant and compelling!" - Dr. Todd Landman (UK)

"I'm impressed - a...

★★★★ $25
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Pseudo Ipnosi Animale by unknown

I metodi per ipnotizzare apparentemente un animale, qualunque animale, sono stati tenuti SEGRETI per lungo tempo.

Ora questi segreti sono resi disponibili ad un ristretto numero di persone. Le informazioni contenute in questo volumetto infatti ti insegneranno ad ipnotizzare in maniera apparente : conigli, rospi, rane, maiali, galline, galli, crostacei, aragoste, gamberi, porcellini d'india, camaleonti, lucertole, oche, rettili, serpenti , coccodrilli e animali di grossa taglia.

Ovviamente l'ipnosi non c'entra niente, ma ti verranno spiegati metodi , "trucchi”, per porre in un apparente...

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Brick Tilley
Little Cheats by Brick Tilley

Five effects suitable for performing on a pool table, a clever "camera" give-away item, and an extremely difficult to solve puzzle give-away item. For one of the pool effects you don't need to have any pool playing skill.

  • Tom Poolery
    • First Stunt: CrazyBallz
    • Second Stunt: Make a Wish
    • Third Stunt: Two-Dollar Trick Shot
    • Fourth Stunt: Varner's Closer
  • Pool's Best-Kept Secret
  • Instant Camera
  • Square Me Puzzle

1st digital edition 2012, 12 pages.

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Brick Tilley
Close Up Magic by Brick Tilley

Three updated effects from Ottokar Fischer's Illustrated Magic, double card to wallet, and a unique false cut ... and more.

  • The Fischer Series
  • - The Miniature Silk Handkerchief
  • - A Snobbish Coin
  • - Four Englishmen
  • Silver to Copper
  • Double Card to Wallet
  • The Lost Cut
  • Katie's Favorite

1st digital edition 2012, 16 pages.

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Lewis Ganson
The Art of Close-Up Magic Volume 2 by Lewis Ganson

The second volume continues with more than 60 outstanding close-up routines from the best names in magic.

1st edition 1967, 300 pages; PDF 184 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword

    Chapter 1: Destroyed & Restored

  2. Cut & Restored Silk
  3. Yarn Trick
  4. Ten Shilling Note Trick
  5. Torn & Restored Cigarette Paper
  6. Bennett's Boner
  7. Note In Cigarette

    Chapter 2: Three Rings For Dai Vernon

    Chapter 3: Mainly Mental

  8. Seven Colours Of Wisdom
  9. Elizabeth Arden
  10. The Taste Tells
  11. Mollusca Mental
  12. Idento
  13. Noted Number
  14. Pseudo Psychometry
  15. Transversale
  16. Licensed Telepathy

    Chapter 4: Novel Necromancy

  17. Miniature...
★★★ $25
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Lewis Ganson
The Art of Close-Up Magic Volume 1 by Lewis Ganson

Probably the greatest collection of close-up tricks ever assembled. And no card tricks are included in this first volume. It is so important not only because of its size (see the humongous table of contents below) and quality, but because the author has gone beyond the mere explanations of tricks and routines. The opening chapter, 'The Presentation of Close-Up Magic', embraces the whole approach to close-up performance. Includes hundreds of illustrations by Dennis Patten.

1st edition 1967, 344 pages; PDF 254 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword

    Chapter One: The Presentation Of Close-Up...

★★★★★ $25
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Dani DaOrtiz
Libertad de Expresion by Dani DaOrtiz

Segundo monográfico de Dani DaOrtiz. Libertad de expresión es un estudio sobre el forzaje psicológico y la sicología en el forzaje. A través de casi 140 páginas de información, Dani se desnuda artísitica y mentalmente, ofreciendo todas sus armas psicológicas y colocándolas al alcance de todos.

  • Estrategias, sutilezas, técnicas psicológicas...
  • Fuerza números, cartas (sin barajas), situaciones, decisiones...
  • Estudio sobre el forzaje clásico (psicológico).
  • La séptima.
  • Trabjando con grupitos.
  • Forzajes verbales y numéricos.
  • Forzaje del mago.
  • Engaño por percepción visual. ...
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Aldo Colombini
Dazed by Aldo Colombini

The effect was created by Peter Duffie. An effect which must give the impression that you are a fantastic card expert. Two cards are placed face up on the table. You now show four misprinted cards that have backs on both sides - except for one, which has a back and a blank face. You now add the first card to the packet and suddenly all the cards print with faces of the selection! You repeat this with the second card to cause all the cards to print to duplicates of this card! Finally you pick up the card with the blank face. "This," you state, "is an eraser!" You now prove this to be so because, suddenly,...

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Aldo Colombini
Cordially Yours by Aldo Colombini

This is an unusual trick and one that creates mystery and surprise. It can also be customized according to the venues and type of shows. You show four double-blank cards. You place a colored sticker on one card and the sticker appears on every card. Then, three stickers disappear from the cards and all the stickers are on one card!

You will need four double blank cards (blank on both sides) and some stickers.

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MP4 (video)

Devin Knight
Blindsight 2 by Devin Knight


The performer shows an 8.5 x 11 inch chart that has the names of four different colors printed on it in different color inks. He says he will attempt to confuse a participant's mind. A participant is asked to quickly call out the color of the ink that each word is printed in. Despite his best efforts, he invariably miscalls some of the colors. For example, if the ink is blue, he may say it is red. This is all very amusing to the audience as he cannot seem to say all the colors correctly!

The performer says that if the participant is having trouble correctly naming colors that...

★★★★ $12
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Chris Stolz
Effects of Beauty and the Beast by Chris Stolz

This is the first volume in Chris Stolz's Theatre Illusions series. This series is meant to provide theatre productions with solutions to those special effects so often called for in the story or script. These can be illusions, special theatre props, transformations and much more. Each ebook in the series focuses on a different popular show. In this first installment, Chris focuses on the magical props and effects for Beauty and the Beast.

Audiences are always prepared to suspend their disbelief. It's when they don't have to that you have something truly special.

Beauty and the Beast is...

★★★★★ $17
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Aldo Colombini
Barocco by Aldo Colombini

Un nuevo e-book de Aldo Colombini.

Un concierto compuesto por 28 temas cartomágicos que supondrán un deleite para tus ojos, para tus manos y para tus oídos. Como siempre, cartomagia efectiva, visual, sencilla y práctica.

Made in Aldo Colombini.

28 efectos cartomágicos a un click de ratón. ¿Te lo vas a perder?


  • Obertura
  • Allegro
  • Fuga
  • Andante
  • Aria
  • Tocata
  • Sarabanda
  • Pastoral
  • Minueto
  • Vivace
  • Concerto
  • Presto
  • Cantabile
  • Grave
  • Staccato
  • Affettuoso
  • Maestoso
  • Capriccio
  • Spiritoso
  • Moderato
  • Adagio
  • Largo
  • Divertimento
  • Scherzo
  • Sinfonia
  • Gavotta
  • Fantasia
  • Spiccato ...
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Stanton Carlisle
Mentalismo Deluxe by Stanton Carlisle

Ecco finalmente la prima opera di Carlisle in Italiano . Carlisle ha scritto diversi libri di ottimo mentalismo e questo non è da meno. Lo stesso titolo mostra che si tratta di ottimi effetti. Il libro inizia con la descrizione di una duplicazione di un disegno liberamente scelto. Prosegue con una stupenda versione del gioco delle 7 chiavi ( con sei chiavi) di cui Carlisle dice : "Finora abbiamo attentamente salvaguardato questo metodo poiché non richiede attrezzature truccate, gimmick di sorta o manipolazioni. ...". Il libro prosegue con una effetto in cui il mentalista indovina oggetti...

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Graham Hey
Killer One Liners To Create A Big Buzz by Graham Hey

The best of his first three books, plus over 100 bonus gags!

Graham Hey has been a comedy writer and performer for almost twenty years, writing for a variety of TV stars in the UK, and for many stand-up comedians, magicians and mentalists. Between 1994 and 1999 he had his own comedy section in a UK national newspaper, writing four pages of topical gags each week for Express Newspapers. In total, over 8000 orignal gags were published, and used widely in the UK by comedians and performers. He has been contracted to the BBC and Talkback TV as a comedy writer. His most recent work has been writing...

★★★★ $15
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Stephen Ablett
The Money Project by Stephen Ablett

This download DVD features six full routines, all about Money.

One Coin Routine (Gimmick)
A coin is produced, then two more. Two of the coins vanish, upon which the last coin turns into a Jumbo with a kicker ending.

One Coin Routine (Impromptu)
An anytime, anywhere one-coin routine including productions, transpositions, vanishes, penetrations and with numerous endings to choose from.

Three Coins Routine
Three coins are produced, followed by a three-fly routine, a coin swallowing routine of which they all vanish and then has several different endings.

Shopping Spree
Five banknotes...

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MP4 (video)

Jon Racherbaumer
Antics and Interludes: Contextual Card Cozenage by Jon Racherbaumer

Classic Racherbaumer. I had to use the dictionary twice just to make it past the title :-) If you don't learn any card magic you will certainly expand your vocabulary. But I am sure you will learn a good amount of very thoughtful pieces.

From the introduction:

Can we then agree that Card Antics consist of novel actions, cute bits, and amusing maneuvers? This is what happens when cards jump, rise, change, multiply, disappear, reappear, penetrate, spin, and so forth. Aren't Card Antics meant to provoke delight and bewilder?

To explore ways to convert, tweak, and redeem "pasteboard antics"...

★★★★ $15
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Paul Voodini
Ninja Mind-Reading Secrets of the Cold War Psychic Spies by Paul Voodini

Ninja Mind-Reading Secrets of the Cold War Psychic Spies is a 56 page PDF comprising of routines, ideas and thoughts. The reader is taken on a journey from the Victorian London of Scotland Yard to the CIA & Soviet psychic spy initiatives to the Psychic Shadowlands of the Shinobi Ninja. The reader is also introduced to a variety of real life psychic spies and the adventures they undertook!

The ebook is broken down into three parts: Scotland Yard, the CIA, and the Ninja. The book features the following routines: The Hangman's Noose*, The Baker Street Tarot, Past Life Pendulum, Unknown Caller*,...

★★★★★ $25
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