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Sam Dalal
Mentalismo Sonoro by Sam Dalal

Un principio unico nel mentalismo che ti permetterà di fare cose impossibili. Grazie a queste informazioni introvabili in Italiano e di difficile reperibilità anche nella lingua originale , potrai avere tra le mani questo capolavoro di ingegno che ti metterà in grado di fare cose apparentemente impossibili.


Si può riuscire bendati a indovinare il numero scritto da una persona non complice, mentre si è con le spalle voltate e non si vede veramente nulla ? Si può riuscire a riprodurre un disegno liberamente scelto o una parola mentre si è bendati genuinamente...

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La Sedia Elettrica e la Moneta Bollente by unknown

Uno spettatore viene chiamato a sedersi su una sedia . Dopo un po’ sobbalza dalla sedia come se fosse stato colpito da una scossa elettrica. La cosa si ripete varie volte durante il corso della presentazione...un bambino viene chiamato a tenere una moneta che l'esecutore può tenere tranquillamente in mano ma lui non ci riesce, perchè nelle sue mani la moneta diventa bollente e la deve ripetutamente gettare a terra...poi...

Questa è una breve descrizione degli effetti che si possono eseguire , senza spesa e in poco tempo, conoscendo questo segreto gelosamente custodito e ora spiegato...

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Vin Carey
5 Cose Impossibili by Vin Carey

La Serie "Super Segreti Sigillati", è nata per fornirvi materiale poco conosciuto e di difficile reperibilità. Il terzo numero di questa serie è assolutamente incredibile e originale e, sotto diversi aspetti davvero unico.

Se cerchi qualche cosa del genere per il tuo numero, allora sei nel posto giusto!

Per farti rendere conto di cosa si tratta ecco ti un estratto del volumetto :

"Questo libretto è scritto per colmare un apparente vuoto nel campo delle novità magiche che sembra essere stato totalmente trascurato.

Nella presentazione dinnanzi al pubblico, ottiene un notevole...

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Aldo Colombini
Twist and Waltz by Aldo Colombini

Effect created by Raphael Czaja. A novel piece of magic which will bring you a new 'twist' on a classic theme! Four cards are selected and placed on the table. You show four face-down cards and one at a time one card turns over and it reveals one of the selected cards. At the end, each chosen card is revealed. Then you reveal that the four cards have backs on both sides!

Requires three double-backed cards and two double-faced cards.

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Cameron Francis
Twists and Turns by Cameron Francis

This effect is straightforward and powerful. A most unusual routine. A gem of intimate close-up magic. A card is selected from a deck of cards, say it is the 5-of-Spades. A packet of three Jokers is introduced. The 5-of-Spades is placed among the Jokers whereupon it instantly turns face down. It is replaced and turns face up. You then draw an X on the back of the 5-of-Spades which is placed face down in the packet. The cards are counted and now the 5-of-Spades is face up with an X on its face. The X visibly disappears off the face of the 5-of-Spades and now all the Jokers have an X on their...

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Shawn Evans
Mimic Money Methods: The Magic of Bill Gaffing by Shawn Evans

This one-of-a-kind ebook reveals the various methods for gaffing Mimic Bills to create unique magical effects --- transformations, restorations, transportations and mentalist tricks.

Just as the card worker can create card miracles by secretly having one duplicate card in the deck, the close-up performer can create magic wonders by employing a matching dollar bill (as verified by the serial numbers).

Terms: Mimic Money is a set of two bills consisting of a slave bill that is gaffed to match the serial numbers on a master bill in order to create magical effects.

This ebook contains...

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Gerard Zitta
Cool Mysteries 1 by Gerard Zitta

9 Hands off effects you can do completely naked

Elimination: A card prediction without cards

The bills trip mystery

  • "Happy Hour"
  • "Money transfer"
Hands off my Lady!
  • 3 card monte
  • 4 card monte
  • 5 card monte
  • all hands off
Guess my card: The Performer thinks of a card and the Spectator(s) guess it, as well as its position in a virtual (or real) deck of cards.

Take my order: Imagine you are performing in a restaurant, you approach a table.
"I am your waiter. Are you ready to order?"
"Actually my name is …, I am a Performer"
"You are the waiter and I am the customer!...

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J. G. Thompson Jr.
Centermental by J. G. Thompson Jr.

The origin of the center tear is unclear. Some say it was used by mediums for a long time before magicians found out about it. Theodore Annemann was the one who made it popular among mentalists. Others believe that Martin Sunshine invented it, who passed it on to Theodore H. Arnold who shared it with Annemann. Either way, the principle is one of the most powerful at the disposal of mentalists.

This ebook describes in detail the various phases from the steal, to reading the center as well as other applications and tips.

PDF 11 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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Lost N Found by Nefesch

Lost N Found is a very easy way to make any object (small to medium size) appear out of thin air in a one to one situation.

It uses a very easy set up, that your spectator will never be aware of. At the end of your performance your spectator will have no idea where the object came from. As a bonus it includes an impromptu handling.

If you are a stage performer: Lost N Found can also be performed on stage as a comedy routine instead of a one to one routine. The one spectator on the stage will be fooled, the rest of the audience will be entertained.

"If you want a PERFECT and FLAWLESS...
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Paul A. Lelekis
Maximum Impact by Paul A. Lelekis

This is an ebook of 29 big effects suitable for close-up and table-hopping that Paul performs. Included is a glossary of many card sleights, card controls, forces and crimps, and also included is a section of many performing tips.

This ebook includes magic with cards, packet tricks, sponge balls, money, coins, string, thumb tips and mentalism. The included Sponge Ball routine was taught to Paul by his dear friend of many years, the late Joe LaMonica, who was a featured performer at Forks Hotel. The routine is Eddie Fechter's creation and (as Jerry Mentzer told Paul) the ONLY routine of Fechter's...

★★★★★ $22
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Dee Christopher
The Beast: Broken Wings 2 by Dee Christopher

Dee Christopher's best selling device just got even more devilish.

  • Peek Information
  • Switch billets or cards inside or OUTSIDE the pad
  • Invisibly steal billets or other items out of spectator's hands
  • Built in, expandable indexing system
  • Automatic Writing without special pens
  • Forcing
  • Mental Epic
  • Predictions
All of this and more in an innocent looking notepad that will cost you next to nothing to put together. When you build your pad you'll have many refills already there to last you over a hundred performances.

The Beast contains several well thought out features and various handlings...

★★★★ $30
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Dee Christopher
Lecture 2012 by Dee Christopher

In September 2012, Dee Christopher lectured for over 300 magicians at the LADs convention in the UK. He taught several of his signature effects, alongside material that the magic world had never seen before.

The unpublished material, including his chair test and the the "Kill Scene" effect from his working stage repertoire created much buzz at the event and since.

This package contains a no frills video version of Dee's full hour long lecture, alongside a 40 page PDF with easy to read step by step instructions for each effect taught.

The effects and routines taught are as follows: ...

★★★★ $15
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Edward Marlo
Miracle Card Changes: Revolutionary Card Technique - Chapter 1 by Edward Marlo

Revolutionary card technique, chapter one:

Table of Contents

  1. Miracle Change No. 1
  2. - Method No. 1
  3. - Method No. 2
  4. - Method No. 3
  5. - Method No. 4
  6. - A Variation With Effect
  7. Miracle Change No. 2
  8. Miracle Change No. 3
  9. A Multiple Effect
  10. Follow The Ace
  11. Climax Sleeving

1st edition 1954, 24 pages; PDF 26 pages.

★★★★★ $7.95
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Russell T. Barnhart
The Master Palm by Russell T. Barnhart

During his Princeton years, Russell worked in a nightclub doing close-up magic, and he has frequently entertained in that medium in his busy New York life since. He knows the value of a card trick that "entertains" and this is what he focuses on in Master Palm. Careful, concise thinking written up in clear language helps you to learn the 17 sleights and 15 tricks more easily.

1st edition 1975; PDF 58 pages, photo illustrated.

Table of Contents


    Part One



  4. (1) Right hand Side-Slip Steal
  5. (2) Spread Replacement ...
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Cameron Francis
Nothing Is As It Seems by Cameron Francis

The magician shows a packet of four cards, say three blue-backed Three of Hearts and one red-backed Joker. The Joker is placed in the magician's pocket but keeps jumping back into the packet several times. For the final kicker, all of the cards turn blank. Totally examinable. Easy to do.

Requires four blank faced cards.

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Cameron Francis
Nothing but the Truth by Cameron Francis

A great presentation for the standard Lie Detector theme where you reveal, using four cards, if the spectator tells the truth or lies and at the end the four cards change into four duplicates of the selections. You will love it! Can be done in any language.

Requires blank faced cards.

★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

TC Tahoe
Riding the Rainbow by TC Tahoe

An ebook of color based readings.

"I love this book! It has many different styles of color readings. There are many variations here to fit everyone's venue. TC has done his homework on this one, he gets into details on color like no other book. This book is a gem, I love it. Riding The Rainbow contains material that will remain in your arsenal for the rest of your life." - Neal Scrye

"Like a kid in a candy store" is how I felt when I read TC Tahoe's "Riding the Rainbow." It is a delightful book on the subject of readings using color, but it goes much further than that. Going well beyond...

★★★★★ $40
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Val Andrews
Simplicity, Audacity and Bluff by Val Andrews

This could very well be Val Andrew's most important work. He describes with several great examples and historical effects, how one can entertain and amaze employing nothing but simple audacious ruses or outright bluffs. If there is a showman in you, you will love these effects and ideas. If you rather rely on your bottom deal and classic pass, then you will probably not be able to appreciate the value of this information.

  • Taking advantage of the situation
  • The uses of a "magician" as an assistant
  • On the use of "stooges"
  • Giving the cue...
  • A bluff-pass
  • Two bluff card rises
  • Bluff wand vanishes ...
★★★★ $10
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S. W. Reilly & Val Andrews & Oscar Paulson
No Skill Comedy Mind Reading by S. W. Reilly & Val Andrews & Oscar Paulson

Here's something you will put to immediate use, and continue to use it for fun and/or money. Presented by any two people, without any special scenery, costumes, props or conditions. Read the ebook, and you are ready to start. Great for clubs, lodges, fun nights, schools, Scouts, Senior Citizens, P.T.A., you name it. Very funny act with lots of built in laughs. (You can show a friend how to do it in minutes, so you don't need a regular assistant. Great for married couples.)

This is a compilation of three sources

  • Abba Dabba, The Mystic by S. W. Reilly
  • Lines for Mentalists by Val Andrews ...
★★★★ $6.95
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(Benny) Ben Harris
Precog by (Benny) Ben Harris

Ben Harris combines old school methodology with digital magic in a way that opens up a lot of presentational possibilities. The manuscript is complete with artwork to easily print out the QR code cards required. Here's the effect:

A small packet of about a dozen cards is introduced. These are "Pre-Cog Test Cards" that the performer had acquired at a recent "Minds in Progress" seminar.

One card is white with Pre-Cog test instructions printed on both sides along with a SINGLE QR CODE. The performer explains that this code can be scanned to reveal the outcome of a precognitive test. The performer...

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Devin Knight
Mental Color Projection by Devin Knight

The magician or mentalist invites a participant up and shows him a packet of cards that contains more than 20 colors. One color is written on each card. The participant selects a card and keeps the color written on it a secret. The performer says that not only will he read his mind and determine the color, but he will also project the thought-of color into anyone's mind that the first participant chooses from the audience. The participant then points to anyone in the audience and that person comes forward.

The performer stares into the second participant's eyes and says he will try to project...

★★★★★ $8
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Ian Baxter
Three Jacks Bettered by Ian Baxter

Jon Racherbaumer steps forward with a very keen Introduction to this Baxter treatment of the classic Three Jacks Deal. “…celebrate and perform Baxter’s latest, evolutionary entry.” It has been around since 1928, but this version guides it well into the 21st century.

Ian Baxter has accomplished something remarkable. He has taken a wonderful classic self-working effect, that has been described and worked on by such luminaries as Walter Gibson, John Scarne, Rufus Steele, Harry Lorayne, Ed Marlo and made it even better, more direct, less dealing procedures while preserving the effect, the sleight-less feature as well as adding an additional climax....

★★★★ $6
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Scott Creasey
Envelopology Part 1 by Scott Creasey

The first part of two ebooks exploring the science of envelopes in magic and mentalism.

Inspired by and dedicated to the memory of Alan Shaxon

Over a 20 year period Scott has modified, adapted and developed the humble envelope into a utility tool that should be part of any mentalist or magicians arsenal.

In Envelopolgoy Part 1, Scott provides clear photographic manufacturing instructions which will enable you with nothing more than some envelopes, a glue stick, and a pair of scissors, to manufacture four utility devices, which will spark your imagination.

Also included are full descriptions...

★★★★ $15
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Devin Knight & Al Mann
Autobend Silverware by Devin Knight & Al Mann

This effect is finally available as a Do-It-Yourself PDF. The retail version with the spoons sells for $29.00. However with this PDF you can make up all the spoons you want to for about $1.00 each. Here are the details.

Al Mann and Devin Knight were some of the early originators of self bending spoon techniques. This is the REAL work on self-bending spoons developed jointly by Al Mann and Devin Knight during the mid 80s.

You get the exact method used by Devin in newspaper office through out the years to garner front page publicity. Show two spoons, one in each hand. The spectator is given...

★★★★★ $8
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