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Allan Ackerman
3-Sided Card by Allan Ackerman

This is a patter line used by Paul LePaul. It can be used in combination with a glide, second deal or double lift. Allan uses here a mechanical second.

runtime: 47s

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Allan Ackerman
Larry Jenning's Maestro's Poker Deal by Allan Ackerman

This is a beautiful Larry Jenning routine where hand progressively gets better and better starting from a simple pair all the way to a straight flush.

runtime: 9min 32s

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Allan Ackerman
Card in Wallet by Allan Ackerman

The 'card to wallet' effect is one of those all-time classic magic effects. It is probably the best application for palming. A spectator freely selects a card, signs it, shuffles the pack, and magically the chosen and signed card ends up in a zippered compartment in your wallet.

runtime: 2min 49s

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Allan Ackerman
Card Under Drink by Allan Ackerman

The 'card under drink' plot was made famous by Heba Haba Al (Al Andrucci) in the 1960s. Ever since it has been a favorite of bar magicians all over the world. Here Allan teaches a version that uses a misdirective idea by John Bannon. The effect is clear and devastating. A chosen card unexpectedly ends up under a drink (glass, can, etc.).

runtime: 2min 11s

★★★★ $4
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Allan Ackerman
Ace Assembly by Allan Ackerman

Spectator cuts the deck into four piles of approximately the same size. Performer puts one ace on each pile, assembles the piles and without any funny business the aces end up at the very top of the assembled pile.

This is an application of the Benzais cop.

runtime: 59s

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Allan Ackerman
Stop! by Allan Ackerman

Spectator chooses a card, remembers it, and the card is lost in the deck. Then the performer places cards one by one on the table until the spectator says: "Stop!". Magically the spectator has stopped exactly at his chosen card.

This version of the Stop trick uses the Benzais Cop to achieve the effect.

runtime: 1min 49s

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Allan Ackerman
Benzais Oil & Water by Allan Ackerman

The performer hands 6 cards to a spectator who arranges the cards in red-black alternating order. The performer openly counts those six cards to the table. Once the cards are ribbon spread on the table the colors have, like oil and water, separated.

This is a very clean sequence that can be added to most oil & water routines or performed stand-alone. The oil & water effect is an Ed Marlo creation. This version uses the Benzais cop to achieve the effect.

runtime: 1min 28s...

★★★★ $4
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Allan Ackerman
Cards Across by Allan Ackerman

This is a routine Allan Ackerman developed in the early 1970s where he tried to achieve the cards across effect with as little motion as possible. He also added a visual card vanish. Later Paul Harris took this routine and turned it into his famous Sleeper routine.

A spectator picks a card. A second spectator cuts off a small portion of the deck, counts the cards, and puts the counted cards in a safe place. The performer then attempts to magically add as many cards to the second spectator's pack as the value of the card the first spectator chose.

★★★★★ $4
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Allan Ackerman
Travelers by Allan Ackerman

This is the classic travelers plot from Dai Vernon, based on a handling by Jon Racherbaumer with some changes by Allan Ackerman. The four aces are lost in the deck at four different locations. You then pull out one ace from your right jacket pocket, another ace from your breast pocket, the third one from your left jacket pocket and the fourth one is left in your hand while the rest of the packet has magically traveled to your jacket pocket.

runtime: 2min 40s...

★★★★ $4
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MP4 (video)

Allan Ackerman
Marlo's Repeater Card to Pocket by Allan Ackerman

A card is chosen and signed and lost in the deck. The card travels repeatedly to the performers pocket in ever cleaner and more unbelievable fashion.

runtime: 4min 12s

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MP4 (video)

Peter Duffie
Applications by Peter Duffie

These are almost all effects based upon magic that can be performed without faked or gaffed cards.

1st edition 1993; original 60 pages; PDF 48 pages; illustrated

  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Centre Forward
  4. Jointly Does It
  5. The Auld Curse
  6. I Give Up!
  7. Boxed - In
  8. Mind Games
  9. An Odin Sequel
  10. Women
  11. Palmed Addition Utility Sleight
  12. A Turn - Up For The Book
  13. A Curious Incident
  14. Collusion
  15. Rising Crime
  16. Audience Participation
  17. Fireside Aces
  18. The Scottish Assembly
  19. Once Again
  20. Duffie On Keyboards
  21. A Change In Mood
  22. Glasnost
  23. Guardian Angels
★★★★ $15
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Dariel Fitzkee
Jumbo Card Manipulation by Dariel Fitzkee

In this ebook Dariel Fitzkee translates a range of moves and sleights from regular sized cards to jumbo sized cards. You will be surprised how many moves can actually be done with jumbo cards.

1st edition 1929, PDF 31 pages; illustrated

  1. Contents
  2. Preface
  3. Giant Cards
  4. My Own Pass
  5. My Own Pass
  6. The Pack
  7. A Stripper Principle
  8. An Added Feature
  9. Two Reversing Ideas
  10. Handling The Giant Cards
  11. Shuffling Giant Cards
  12. The Riffle Shuffle
  13. A Reversing Principal
  14. Riffle Shuffle
  15. Springing The Cards
  16. Other Flourishes
  17. The Snap
  18. Other Sleights
  19. Another Pass
  20. The Screened Vanish
  21. To Regain Card
  22. The...
★★★★ $8
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Peter Duffie & Jerry Sadowitz
Alternative Card Magic by Peter Duffie & Jerry Sadowitz

This work has become a classic among card magicians. Alternative Card Magic was the first book for Peter Duffie and Jerry Sadowitz, two creative card men. Jeff Busby called it "the card magic book of the decade".

In the foreword Roy Walton writes:

I have known Peter and Jerry since they first became interested in conjuring and have been amazed at their rapid progress in the art of conjuring with cards. Their work shows considerable originality, combined with ingenious methods and an acute awareness of what makes a good audience trick. Studying their tricks will give you pleasure - performing them will give...

★★★★★ $15
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Alan Rorrison
HypnoMSN by Alan Rorrison

This is incredible. Technology enabled magic at its best. You will read this and say: "No way, impossible, how can that be?" This effect creates the illusion that you hypnotize someone to forget their MSN live password! They will not be able to login until you want them to - while they sit at their computer potentially half way around the world from you. No gimmicks no kidding. You will control if they can login or not. It's the effect that has secured Alan more bookings via online communication than any other effect.


You offer a small display of hypnotism over Windows Live. You...

★★★★ $25
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Peter Duffie
Cluster Bomb by Peter Duffie

Cluster Bomb is a new card effect that hits spectators hard. Watch the demo below. The routine is fully explained in a 25 minute video presentation that you can download to your computer.

Note that only three blanks are used and nothing is added or palmed away. This is not self-working but only basic card skills are required. There are no assumptions of knowledge - everything is explained.

A simple gimmick is required and you will see Peter make one on the video in one minute.

Video Content:

  • Performance
  • Getting Started
  • Introductory Phase
  • Mid-phase
  • End Phase
  • Credits


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Ray Hengeveld
Instantly Healed: Torn & Restored Card by Ray Hengeveld

Tear off a corner of a signed card and restore it instantly. This is a very visual torn and restored card effect. There is no unnecessary folding of the card or other funny business.

Ray teaches you in detail how the gimmick has to be constructed. You probably do not have all the materials lying around on your table, but all components are readily available.

You will learn five ways to perform this restoration effect. Can be adopted to business cards.

1st edition 2009; 18 pages.

★★★★★ $10
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Audley V. Walsh
Sponge Ball Manipulation by Audley V. Walsh

Audley Walsh teaches you two wonderful routines including script ("The big bad wolf and the three little pigs" and "Time marches onward") plus a set of sponge ball moves. He uses a bell which he and the spectator ring several times during the routine. This is a very interesting idea for misdirection as well as camouflaging moves and palms.

The moves you will learn are

  • finger palm or finger pinch
  • finger pinch with two sponge balls
  • pick up
  • ring the bell
  • thimble move
  • sleeving
  • lapeling

1st edition 1936 8 pages; revised and enlarged 1940; original 12 pages; PDF 17 pages.

★★★★★ $7
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John Wade
How to Compere & Radio Magic by John Wade

John Wade is an experienced full time professional well-known in the UK to TV viewers. He gives all the little known hints and tips on radio magic and how to compere.

"John Wade's discussion of doing magic on radio was excellent. I strongly recommend it." - Magic Sound

"I can assure readers that this is a tape that can prevent a lot of headaches for those interested in playing the MC role (Master of Ceremonies)." - Sid Lorraine

John Wade, a member of the Inner Magic Circle, is a popular and amusing lecturer at home and abroad, speaking about the history of magic, magicians, and The Magic Circle,...
★★★★★ $14
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David Malek
The Instant Memory System by David Malek

Starting from the latest brain research and the latest insights of how our mind functions, combining those with years of professional experience and understanding of people, David Malek has distilled a recipe to memorization that is both simple to learn and effective to use.

Obviously David Malek has anchored his method in techniques known for a long time, but with his keen insight and understanding of the human mind, David has fashioned a truly practical method for those who think such memory systems are either way too hard to learn or not effective.

Developing memory fitness is a skill...

★★★★ $9.95
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WAV (audio)

Bob Cassidy
The Heathen Devices by Bob Cassidy

Bob Cassidy teaches a three part routine where each part's method cancels the other to leave the audience without a clue to how this is possible. One of the methods used is an adaptation of a Royal Heath idea. Thus the name of this ebook. The methods are very general and can be adopted to many personalized and customized routines.

"I believe that The Heathen Devices are my greatest contribution to close-up mentalism." - Bob Cassidy

Here are just a few of the limitless applications made possible by the Heathen techniques and devices:

A spectator is handed several dice - anywhere from...

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Berthold Lang
Circus Gestern Heute by Berthold Lang

This is the journal of the Circus Museum in Vienna, Austria. It covers all the circus arts from clowning to juggling and from animal acts to acrobats. It also features a good amount of magic. It is written in German and has a lot of wonderful articles about circus history. The many photos and reproductions makes this journal even of interest to non-German speakers.

It appeared from January 1981 until July 2002, a total of 40 issues and 1248 pages.

Some of the artists featured on its covers are Enrico Rastelli, Arthur Strohschneider, Karli Rebernigg, Elfi Althoff-Jacobi, Flavio Togni, Anita...

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(on CDROM)

Cameron Francis
Moment's Notice: Five Impromptu Card Effects by Cameron Francis

Cameron Francis presents five 100% completely impromptu card effects. This is commercial, easy card magic. No set-ups and no extra props. All you need is a deck, two hands, an interested spectator and you are set to amaze! Here's what you'll find beyond the cover:

Elevation: Four phases of sandwich/elevator/twisting/transpo madness that will make you look like a sleight of hand god. But it's all oh, so easy to do! (See the demo video below.)

Spin Cycle: Twisting the Aces meets Hofzinser with a powerful in-the-spectator's-hands ending!

Emergency! A super convincing in the hands Triumph...

★★★★★ $12
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Ken Brooke
Visions of Ken Brooke by Ken Brooke

On this download DVD are countless Ken Brooke movies showing him demonstrating and performing some of his classic routines together with many effects from Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio in London ... but best of all ...

Patrick Page has provided a remarkable and informative live sound commentary for this fabulous video compilation.

Martin Breese acquired the copyright to all of the Unique Magic Studio material some years ago. Amongst the many Unique Studio items were a number of silent movies and many of these featured the amazing magic of the amazing Ken Brooke – one of the most loved British magicians of...

★★★★★ $30
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MP4 (video)

Dee Christopher
Pieces at 3am by Dee Christopher

Techniques and effects for the modern mentalist.

"Dee has outdone himself with this one. It is literally filled to the brim with practical working material. One of the best mentalism ebooks I've read in a long time." - Matt Mello

  • Esoteric - Impromptu Wallet Peek:
    A number is thought of by a spectator and written upon a business card. This card is slid face down into the magician's wallet and the wallet closed so that there is no way for the magician to see what is written.

    The magician hones in on the spectator's thoughts and commits to what he thinks by writing it on a business...

★★★★★ $20
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