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Dr. John D. Bain
Tricks with the Double Lift by Dr. John D. Bain

The Double Lift is a powerful move but it is also easy to do it wrong, meaning not deceptively. In this ebook, the author will show several ways to learn and effectively perform this sleight and how to perform a variety of card tricks using this technique.

  • Introduction
  • Choosing a Deck of Cards
  • The Grip
  • Methods for Performing the Double Lift
  • Some Card Tricks Using the Double Lift
    • Several color changes including the Scrub Board Change
    • Four Card Assembly
    • Wrong, Wrong Again
    • Name Your Card

1st edition 2015, PDF 46 pages.

★★★ $2.99
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Donald Holmes
Tricks with Prepared Cards by Donald Holmes

Here are 19 clever and entertaining card magic miracles that can be performed with prepared cards. Explained are several amazing principles involving prepared cards, with ingenious ideas for their use. Also included, with special permission, are several creations by Ford B. Rogers, which were published in this book for the first time.

Here's what's included:

  • Foreword
  • "Incomprehensibility" (Rogers)
  • The Key Card (Two Methods)
  • Forcing a Card (with the Key Card) A Feat of Apparent Mindreading
  • The "Reversed Card" Principle
  • The Prediction
  • The "Self-Shifting" Pack (Two Methods)
  • The Card...
★★★★ $4
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Professor Hoffmann
Tricks with Cards: A Complete Manual of Card Conjuring by Professor Hoffmann

A complete manual of card conjuring. This is not identical to the card sections in Hoffmann's other books such as Modern Magic etc. But this book has been released in sections under the titles Card Tricks With Apparatus and Card Tricks Without Apparatus since 1893. It appears Hoffmann was not too happy about breaking it up into parts.

    • To Make the Pass
    • To Make the Pass with both Hands
    • Single-handed Pass, No. 1
    • Single-handed Pass, No. 2
    • Single-handed Pass, No. 3
    • To Force a Card
    • To Force a Person to Think...
★★★★★ $15
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Tricks with a One Way Deck by Ulysses Frederick Grant

The ever creative and prolific Grant collected in this ebook 21 card tricks all based on the 'one-way' principle. Grant starts out with examples of decks which are one-way, how to setup everything, and how to handle the cards correctly.

1st edition 1935; original 23 pages; PDF 13 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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Aldo Colombini
Tricks and Treats by Aldo Colombini

All these routines are performed with a regular deck of cards. Special guest appearance of Cameron Francis

  • BACK TO THE FUTURE (Aldo Colombini): Five double-backed cards reveal a Royal Flush.
  • H2OILED (Aldo Colombini): Another unique Oil & Water routine in three phases.
  • PENNY PLAIN (Karl Fulves): A spectator chooses where the selection ends up.
  • THE JACKS COME BACK AGAIN (Nick Trost): The two black Jacks always separate from the red ones. At the end the four Jacks change into Aces.
  • LIBRA (Richard Vollmer): A nice routine where you find the selected card and, as a climax, the three mates of it.
  • ROYAL TWIST (Didier Dupré):...
★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Jean Hugard & Fred Braue
Tricks and Sleights: Miracle Methods No. 4 by Jean Hugard & Fred Braue

Twenty-one original and impressive card effects plus eleven new, practical, useful, simple sleights by these two masters of the art of card magic.

Paul Fleming wrote:

This latest number in the Hugard and Braue Miracle Methods series might well have been called Tricks and Sleights with Cards, for it deals wholly with this most popular branch of magic. It is uniform in format with the first three volumes of Miracle Methods, and is bound in soft boards. It is a booklet of 32 pages, six of which are used to explain eleven card sleights and the remainder to teach twenty tricks with cards. There are twenty...

★★★★ $4
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Professor Miller
Tricks and Diversions with Cards by Professor Miller

Interesting here are not only the many card tricks described but also a section on crooked gambling at the very end.

[Note that pages 11-14 are missing in our original from which this digital edition has been prepared.]

  • Instructions For Amateurs
  • How To Make The Pass
  • Forcing A Card
  • The "Long Card"
  • The Divining Card
  • Deceptive Shuffles
  • To Smuggle A Card
  • To Slip A Card
  • To Carry Away A Card
  • To Place A Card
  • The Ten Duplicate Cards—To Reveal A Person’s Thoughts
  • The Changeable Ace
  • The Convertible Aces
  • The Metamorphosed Cards
  • The Gathering Of The Clans
  • To Tell The Number Of Cards By The Weight
  • To Make A Card Pass From One Hand Into The Other
  • The Card Hit Upon By Guess
  • Ups...
★★★★ $10
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David Britland
Trick Card Trickery by David Britland

Clever tricks with standard gaffed cards such as double backers, blank faced, etc.

Excerpt from the introduction:

You will find that the effects obtained through the use of fake cards can be quite incredible when some sleight-of-hand or subtlety is also used. False counts play a large part in the effects.

  • Introduction
  • The Elmsley Count
  • The Jordan Count
  • The Experimental Elmsley Count
  • Instant Printing
  • Supersonic Joker
  • An Oddity!
  • Turncoat
  • ’simpossible
  • Notes

1st edition 1978, 16 pages; PDF 20 pages.

★★★★ $10
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Zaw Shinn
Triangle Theory by Zaw Shinn

Created by Zaw Shinn and taught by Mario Tarasini. This visual ink moving effect is easy to do and it looks just like CGI. No fancy or fragile set up is required and the material to make the gimmick can easily be found. Zaw likes to thank Martin Lewis, Alan Rorrison, Rizki Nanda, and many more for inspiring him to create Triangle Theory.

1st edition 2020, video 24 min 12s.

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MP4 (video)

Nick Conticello
Tri-Unison by Nick Conticello

Three predictions! Two methods! One sensational effect!

Effect: The performer removes three cards from a shuffled deck and leaves them in a face down pile on the table. He explains that these cards are mates of cards that will be selected by two spectators and himself. The two spectators choose numbers freely and the cards at those positions are placed into a separate stack on the table. The magician offers the audience a choice of two different numbers for his cards. Whichever is chosen, the performer counts to that card and places it on top of the first two selections. A spectator turns...

★★★ $6
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Scott F. Guinn
Tri-Optical Illusion by Scott F. Guinn

A triple open prediction.

Tri-Optical Illusion combines Paul Curry's "Open Prediction" plot with John Scarne's "Triple Coincidence," without all the dealing, shuffling, and cutting found in its progenitors. It is also stupid-easy without sacrificing a powerful impact. It does require some gimmicked cards. But if you have been doing card magic for any length of time, you almost certainly already have what you need. (If you don't, all the necessary items can be purchased from your favorite dealer for about $13.)

Those who learn and perform this will find it to be a powerful and amazing routine that is a welcome...

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Scott F. Guinn
Treasure Valley Twist by Scott F. Guinn

4 cards turn face up one at a time, then all at once, and then magically... each of the four cards has a different back!

This is a powerful, professional routine that builds to a mind-blowing climax. Written in Scott's crystal clear, conversational style, this is a 12-page manuscript with 15 photos.

Level: Easy

"Because I live and perform in the same market as Scott, I have a rule not to perform his material. With 'Treasure Valley Twist', I break that rule! It's that good!" - Darrin Cook (Raymonde Crow)

1st edition 2009; 12 pages.

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Scott F. Guinn
Traveling Thru Idaho by Scott F. Guinn

Dai Vernon's "The Travelers" plot has always been one of Scott's favorites. In this eBook, Scott has compiled several of his streamlined handlings for this plot. All of them are very easy to do, and one of them is almost self-working!

In addition, Scott has included "A Visit to Boise," a routine inspired by Larry Jennings' "The Visitor" that makes a great follow-up to "The Idaho Travelers" (the first routine in the book). This book ends with "Sun Valley Serenade," Scott's super-easy handling of Jack Carpenter's "Multiplex Reset."

5 routines, 50 pages, with 52 photos

Level: Intermediate

"Idaho Travelers" is a GREAT routine...

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Allan Ackerman
Travelers by Allan Ackerman

This is the classic travelers plot from Dai Vernon, based on a handling by Jon Racherbaumer with some changes by Allan Ackerman. The four aces are lost in the deck at four different locations. You then pull out one ace from your right jacket pocket, another ace from your breast pocket, the third one from your left jacket pocket and the fourth one is left in your hand while the rest of the packet has magically traveled to your jacket pocket.

runtime: 2min 40s...

★★★★ $4
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MP4 (video)

Renzo Grosso
Travel Notes: moves, shuffles and math by Renzo Grosso

The effects of "remote" mentalism (with the performer blindfolded, in another room, or, even, on the phone, with only the audio connection) generally use mathematical principles. Often, with a little pack of cards (or billets) real miracles can be performed: if the cards are to be shuffled by the spectator, it is necessary that the shuffle appears as random as possible, even if it must necessarily be a mathematical one.

With this publication I have addressed some well-known moves, used in different ways, alone or in conjunction with other shuffles or other principles; once the principle...

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Rus Andrews
Trauma by Rus Andrews

"The is a stroller / workers dream!! I love the spectators choice of card appearing where the previously blank card was put in their own pocket!! All the displays and moves are justified, there is no counting cards just for the sake of counting cards etc. Rus has stripped back the effect, so it couldn't be any more simple and yet so strong at the same time!! Magic Tao have done another fantastic job on the production of the DVD too. Keep up the good work Rus, I wish you all the best with your other current releases." - Matt Wainwright

Trauma is a blank card effect with a crazy, twist...

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MP4 (video)

David Devlin
Trapped by David Devlin

The effect is pretty simple and straight forward. A card is selected. In fact, the spectator can change his mind and select a different card! The spectator then signs the card across its face. The card is then folded into quarters with the face side out, so that both the identity of the card and the signature can be seen throughout the performance. An empty mason jar with its lid firmly in place is shown. The card is now slapped against the bottom of the jar, and instantly and visibly the card penetrates the jar, and is now trapped inside! The spectators can clearly see that it is in fact the...

★★★★★ $10
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Dave Forrest
Trap-ease by Dave Forrest

The ultra visual, highly impossible yet super easy sandwich effect!

Effect: A pair of cards are removed from the deck, let's say the two Jokers for example. A card is freely selected and signed across the face before being lost back into the deck. The two Jokers are shown front and back, there are only two cards and they do not go near the deck. With a little flick, a face down card appears in between them. The card is removed and shown to be the signed selection. It really is as straight forward as that!

  • no palming
  • two handlings included
  • gimmick is easy to construct - takes roughly...
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Raphaël Czaja
Transprint by Raphaël Czaja

Raphael's routine is a great effect and it should immediately score a big hit! - Aldo Colombini

A spectator chooses a card from a deck, for example the Jack of Hearts. The magician now shows a packet with four blank-faced cards and normal backs. The spectator freely chooses and signs two stickers of different shapes and colors and puts one on the face and one on the back of his card. From now, he keeps this card on the table under his hand. One by one, three of the blank cards change into a Jack of Hearts. For the climax, the magician makes a transposition between the faces of the last blank card and...
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Ben Howard
Transfix: cards through case by Ben Howard

This is a 'cards through case' effect, but completely different than older versions. This effect takes a classic stage illusion and puts it in the spectator's hands.

Four random cards are selected by the spectator. The four cards are placed inside a card case and given to the spectator to hold at their fingertips.

Three of the four cards are removed, leaving the final card inside of the card case. The remaining three cards are then pushed through the side of the card case and the selected card.

This can be viewed from all angles whilst the spectator is holding the case.

The three...

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John Blunt & Lewis Ganson
Transcornered by John Blunt & Lewis Ganson

The reputation-making card routine with which John Blunt won the Premier Award of the London Society of Magicians for the best magical effect. Reviewing the effect, Claude Chandler wrote: "An original version of the Torn & Restored Card plus transposition etc. It is so original as to almost entirely conceal this fact. It gives us a series of new, interesting and baffling surprises, beautifully-routined. The cleverly worked-out methods make for clean presentation. Not the least of its merits and one that is valuable for close-up performance, is the fact that all evidence is disposed of and the...

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Peter Duffie
Trance Fusion by Peter Duffie

The two Jokers are removed from the deck. Two cards are then selected. One by one the selections are placed between the Jokers and are then stretched to twice their length.

Now, both cards are placed between the Jokers after which they fuse into one examinable two-faced card that can be given to the spectator as a keepsake.

Finally the other cards are tossed onto the table and are seen to have become totally blank!

Based on brilliant ideas by Peter Kane, Richard Kaufman, David Arthur & Gene Maze, this is a killer. Watch the demo below.

Please keep in mind that you are getting a set of video files as instructions....

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MP4 (video)

Paul Green
Tradeshow Transposition by Paul Green

A working pro teaches you his most sought-after tradeshow stopper. Two spectators choose a card, they are lost in the deck. The performer places two cards into each spectator's hand. He thinks they are the correct selections but they are not. Magically they transform in the correct selections.

Mark explains how it is done but does not show the details of the moves he uses. You will need to be able to control a card to the top and be able to perform a double lift. That is all you need.

Recorded live at the Convention at the Capital 1999.

runtime: 4min 23s

★★★★ $6
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MP4 (video)

Madison Hagler
Tractor by Madison Hagler

For years magicians have wanted to make a signed card vanish from a deck of cards and appear elsewhere. The best way to do this is by stealing the selected card from the deck. But how? This is a question many magicians have tried to answer. There are various ways, and each have there pros and cons. Tractor is an outstanding solution to this age old dilemma that makes the 'steal' appear impossible. You will be stealing the card from a cased deck!

Tractor is a utility tool which is extremely easy and fast to make. (We are talking 1 minute, tops!) You just need 2 items to make the gimmick and...

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