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Blake Vogt
Envelock by Blake Vogt

Make any small object appear inside a sealed and locked envelope. Print template is included.

Your spectator signs the sealed envelope before the routine starts. Perform an effect with any small object and then... as your big finish... ask them to tear open the signed envelope and they will find their object inside. They get to keep everything.

Blake will take you through how to make this incredible utility device, plus a load of really cool routines and ideas. When you purchase Envelock, you will receive a PDF file (download from your lybrary digital shelf) which will allow you to print...

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Devin Knight
The Human Lie Detector by Devin Knight

Real lie detection for mentalists and magicians. Know when someone is lying by holding their wrists.

"This, as Devin says, is for the advanced performer. It is not new, it is not 100%, but for those times that you must, this is the solution. Do not overlook this, and if you know the method, you will be delightfully experimenting. Put this in your arsenal." - Marc Salem
The technique described in this PDF has been one of my closely guarded secrets over the years. I used this constantly when I performed as psychic, Jason Michaels.

This information was first made available to the magic...

★★★★★ $3
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Basil Horwitz
Horwitz Add-A-Number Pad by Basil Horwitz

An amazing utility prop which enables the performer to force any number. Perfect for forcing a phone number or special date.

"The Horwitz Add a Number Pad is, as far as I am concerned, the ultimate of its type." - Graham Jolley
New manufacturing run. This new batch is made with even higher quality leather than earlier batches.

It is based on the principle of the Basil Horwitz Wallet with the hip-pocket sized leather writing pad locking firmly using embedded magnets. This tool allows a range of mentalist effects for large and small audiences. The instruction booklet includes full performance descriptions...

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W. G. Magnuson & Devin Knight
Secrets of Gallery Reading by W. G. Magnuson & Devin Knight
"Gallery Reading is unique, it's unlike any other book on cold readings. I love it! It is organic, real and different. It's not stock, but exploring and seeming comprehensive to the audience. You will use it right away. I did." - Marc Salem
Imagine that you have finished your mental act and then start telling complete strangers, with remarkable accuracy, their secret thoughts, as well as their private and personal affairs from stage. You can point out people who have lost objects or money and apparently help them find them in some cases. This is accomplished without any impression devices,...
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Devin Knight
Psychic Card Revelations by Devin Knight

Effect: Two people each select a card. The performer then shuffles the deck by giving it a riffle shuffle. The spectators take the deck and returned the cards with the deck in their own hands in such a manner that there can be no suspicion of trickery. The two cards are not forced.

The performer now spreads the deck face up on the table so all the faces are in full view. The first card is found by contact mindreading (apparently). The first spectator holds the performer's wrist while he moves his fingers over the face up cards. Suddenly, the performer's finger drops down on a card and it...

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Silas Linden
Epoch by Silas Linden

Silas Linden's Epoch is a new method and fun system to create mindreading anytime, anywhere, 100% propless. You and your participant start to create a mind-to-mind connection, and after some moments of casual conversation, you can know his zodiac sign, his thought of name, playing card (and much more) creating a fantastic moment for him and for the audience.

  • Not language dependent
  • No gimmicks
  • Flexible system
  • Nothing written down
  • No reading required
  • No strings
  • Practical, simple and very fun

1st edition 2019, 6 pages.

★★★★ $17
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Carlos Emesqua
Ibis by Carlos Emesqua

The collected works of Carlos Emesqua, are now available:

Explore a new world of simple possibilities and powerful practical mentalism. Reading techniques, new routines, direct approaches, innovative ways to bend metal, real seances and more.

1st edition 2019, PDF 172 pages.

★★★★ $100
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Eddie Clever
Thought Transcribed by Eddie Clever

From the brilliant mind of Eddie Clever comes this astoundingly direct sealed question reading miracle. Every move has been thoroughly thought out and blended to flow into a smooth sequence.

There have been many methods devised for secretly divining written data on a card within a sealed envelope, but none, we firmly believe, is as baffling or as easy to do as this. Lifted directly from Eddie's routine for private seances, it has been an exclusive favorite of his, the modus operandi never once having been detected.

The envelope used is absolutely unprepared and so is the white card, which...

★★★★★ $6
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Devin Knight
Mental Foursome by Devin Knight

Here is another ebook that gives you four amazing mental effects direct from Devin Knight's repertoire. These are effects not in any previous Devin Knight PDFs. These effects can be used close-up or on stage. Here is what you get:

CHALLENGE CARD TEST: A spectator selects a card sight unseen and initials the back of it. He returns it to the deck while the performer shuffles it. Neither the performer nor spectator sees the card. The deck is spread face up and the spectator slides one card out of the spread. It proves to be the card he signed on the back. Stunning!


★★★ $10
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Devin Knight & Al Mann
Unwritten Thought by Devin Knight & Al Mann

A participant thinks of two words with opposite meanings. The performer tells him to decide upon one word and to forget the other. He settles on a word in his mind after deciding from several thousand possibilities. He does not look at a list of words, but freely decides on a word in his mind. He is not to tell the performer the final word or write it, just concentrate on it. The performer picks up a piece of cardboard and with no fishing or questions; writes a word and shows it to the participant and audience. Let's assume the performer wrote: 'Beautiful'. The performer says, "Does that define...

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Burling Hull
The World's Best Psychic Book Tests by Burling Hull

Book tests comprise some of the most stunning effects in the mentalist's arsenal. Here, completely explained, are many of the cleverest, most transparent mental demonstrations ever assembled.

Selling for the equivalent of over $50 in today's buying power when it was first released, this manuscript contains some of the most jealously guarded secrets ever developed for apparently reading the minds of your spectators in a clear, convincing manner.

Not just bare bones descriptions, Hull provides complete patter and the thought behind the workings for several outstanding tests using books...

★★★★ $12
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Dave Arch
Pre-Printed Equivoque by Dave Arch

Would you use the proven and classic technique of equivoque (aka. magician's choice) more often if you could simply read your pre-printed script as an integral part of your performance, show the script to your participants, and ultimately give them a copy so they could even try it again later?

With an official looking and intriguingly customizable 1940's Compatibility Quiz from the popular Life Magazine, all of the above works just as stated. By carrying the script on your smartphone, you'll be ready to perform this classic piece of mentalism with any six objects anytime and anywhere.


★★★★★ $25
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MP4 (video)

J. G. Thompson Jr.
Extra Sensory Perfection by J. G. Thompson Jr.

Here's a complete four-phase routine using a deck of ESP cards.

Do you know the true facts about the ESP deck? J. G. Thompson, Jr. has thoroughly analyzed the deck and come up with some most amazing discoveries which he has blended into the first completely routined demonstration with a standard deck of Rhine E. S. P. cards.

Now you can prove your mastery over extra sensory perception (ESP) and demonstrate to your audience that you are a mentalist by using an ESP testing deck - a scientifically approved accessory. You go through a series of experiments such as Rhine has only hoped to...

★★★★★ $8
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Paul Voodini
Ten Steps to Tarot Mastery by Paul Voodini

Available now - Voodini's Ten Steps to Tarot Mastery. In ten simple steps, this PDF will take you from a nervous beginner to an experienced Tarot card reader, and more than that - you will be able to go out and deliver readings after the very first chapter.

This manuscript is close to eighty pages long, and gives you all the information, technique, and confidence you need to become a truly first rate Tarot card reader. Written in Paul Voodini's usual engaging and entertaining manner, this PDF is aimed at the mentalism and magic community, so you know you're getting real world advice and knowledge...

★★★★★ $65
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Debjit Chaudhuri
The Social Prediction by Debjit Chaudhuri

The Social Prediction has fooled the best minds in mentalism and now Debjit has finally decided to share it with the magic community. The video and PDF covers two revolutionary impromptu techniques to predict anything weeks in advance.

Imagine asking someone to think of anything, they open your Facebook profile from their phone and they see that you had already predicted it months ago.

The effects can be performed live or over phone calls, messages, Skype and radio. They can also be used to predict the winners of the World Cup or any event on social media. And it's the best way to promote...

★★★★★ $9.95
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William W. Larsen
Thayer's Comedy Crystal Gazing Act by William W. Larsen

Here's the perfect "one man" comedy mentalism act that's great for those occasions when you aren't able to perform your regular show. Or add it as a feature to your regular act.

Don't confuse this with the old "two person" comedy mindreading act. This hilarious routine can be performed by you, alone, without assistants, stage hands or stooges. Using a crystal ball, a jumbo electric light bulb, or even a swirly-painted bowling ball, you cause a laugh riot by apparently answering questions which have been merely "thought of" by your audience. There's no mystery to it. All you need is this clever...

★★★★ $6
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Devin Knight
Secret of Crying Blood Tears by Devin Knight

One of the most amazing demonstrations of stigmata you will ever see. Imagine crying tears of blood at will. You could start a religious cult with this secret! 100% safe as no chemicals or drops are put into your eyes.

This little-known secret used by mediums and spiritualist ministers is completely revealed in this PDF. At some spiritualist summer camps, mediums will use this trick to apparently cry blood while giving a reading from a dead loved one. At spiritualist churches some ministers will cry blood tears while giving messages.

Psychic Jason Michaels used this trick to cry blood...

★★★ $4
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Robert A. Nelson
Nelson Enterprises Manuscript Collection 2 by Robert A. Nelson

Here are six more, hard-to-find Nelson Enterprises manuscripts for mentalists and magicians.

This collection contains the following Nelson manuscripts, updated and edited for a new generation of performers:

Pulse Test and Blood Control — The psychic entertainer demonstrates how he is able to start and stop his pulse by using mind control. Nelson claimed this method fooled doctors. (NE Cat. #171)

Long Distance Telepathy — The performer has a psychic friend who reveals a freely selected card by telephone. And, to fool the wise ones, the psychic's name and phone number are placed,...

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William W. Larsen & B. W. McCarron
A Spook Show in Your Parlor by William W. Larsen & B. W. McCarron

Host your own entertaining séance or year-round haunted house with these frightfully spooky stunts.

Not just for Halloween, you'll be the life of the party any time with more than a devil's dozen effects and stunts that take place around the séance table or darkened room. They won't break the (blood) bank, either.

Newly revised, with over 20 pages of added content, including new methods, attractions and ideas to make yours the most talked-about event in your city or town. Don't just perform magic . . . live it in your own house of spooks and ghosts.

Here's a partial look at the contents: ...

★★★★★ $10
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David Devlin
Kill Bill by David Devlin

A self-working mental routine.

Three envelopes are introduced; the contents of which are unknown for the moment. The envelopes are laid out in a row according to the direction of a spectator. Once the envelopes are in place, the audience is told that each envelope contains money; two bills per envelope. The envelopes are opened, but only one of the bills is removed from each, which are the placed below its envelope. The audience is told that the other bills are going to be left in the envelopes and are going to be used later as predictions.

A spectator is told to pick two of the bills and...

★★★★ $8
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Dave Arch
Tic Tac Toe Top Secret by Dave Arch

Imagine challenging an entire room of people to simultaneous games of Tic Tac Toe (aka. Noughts and Crosses). Everyone plays against you at the same time, and you boldly state that you will not lose one game in the room. You could even be blindfolded. True to your word you don't lose one of the games.

Although you won't always win (some will be a draw), you won't ever lose when you apply this fool-proof system known to very few.

This is not a gag but rather a proven system for pulling off a demonstration of just what's possible when you commit yourself to consistently work a proven plan. ...

★★★★ $5
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Within the Dark Circle by unknown

This hard-to-find text on trumpet mediumship and fraudulent spiritism is now updated and better than ever.

Audiences enjoy seeing the psychic entertainer reveal the inside secrets of fraudulent mediums. And now, thanks to this rare old manuscript, you can. We love the title, for it really sets the mood, as the manifestations described take place in the dark, around the séance table. This is just the ticket for hosting a regular series of entertaining séances at your home, or that of your client.

And that's not all. Only in this edition is revealed a modern-day source for obtaining a...

★★★★★ $15
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Devin Knight
Undetectable Stooges by Devin Knight

This is a fascinating PDF that should be in every magician’s reference library. This contains new material never revealed before by Devin Knight. Imagine that you can create effects so impossible, that the only solution that an audience could have is that the person is a stooge.

Imagine, that you point out to an audience, that the effect you are about to try appears so impossible, that you will take some measures to ensure that the people who come on stage are completely at random, not stooges or confederates and beyond your control. Yet, meeting these conditions, the people who come on...

★★★★ $6
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Dave Arch
Zingo Bingo by Dave Arch

With thanks to Leo Behnke for the initial concept from his book Corporate Presentations and his permission to share it here, this has proven itself an energy producing closer for many of my corporate shows over the past twenty-five years.

The magician proposes a fun game of Bingo to close his program, and Bingo cards are distributed to everyone in the audience. As the magician hosts the game - drawing and calling the numbers, audience members begin to cross out squares on their Bingo sheets with each person crossing out different squares from those around them. Due to the fact that there are sixteen completely different...

★★★★★ $20
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