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Robert A. Nelson & Sir Edwards
Sir Edwards' $100 Horoscope Demonstration Sales Plan by Robert A. Nelson & Sir Edwards

One of the rarest of offerings from the Nelson Enterprises catalog is this horoscope pitch act that sold for the equivalent of $1600 when first introduced. Only the wealthiest of mentalists and psychic operators would have risked this huge sum in 1942, when the plan was first offered. While the steep cover price helped guarantee exclusivity, those who put the plan to use made big money with it. Now you can, too.

In this collection of six books, electronically "bound" together as one, you'll learn Sir Edwards' proven method of selling horoscopes, booklets and lucky pieces to a willing, "off-the-street" audience. Complete...

★★★★★ $100
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Carlos Emesqua
Emesqua on Spirit Magic by Carlos Emesqua

Carlos Emesqua's unique approaches to Spirit Magic. Powerful, realistic and spooky pieces of mystery done in creative new ways.

  • Essay: The fundamental secret for Spirit Magic
  • 1. Fire Match: Learn how to create a self-ignite match, using any borrowed match. (No chemicals, no preparation)
  • 2. Ectoplasm: Make an ectoplasm appear anytime, anywhere (Highly practical)
  • 3. Emesqua Voodoo: An unique and powerful demonstration of voodoo using business cards.
  • 4. Image of the Soul: A paranormal phenomena using a photo and a strange vanish.
  • 5. Emesqua Spirit Writing: Just a few pieces of papers are...
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Geo DeLawrence & Robert A. Nelson
Answers to Questions by Geo DeLawrence & Robert A. Nelson

Reveals the inside secrets for delivering informative, entertaining and sensational answers to audience questions. A "must-have" text for every mentalist and psychic entertainer.

The secret of success in doing a question and answer act lies in the performer's ability to answer the questions intelligently and to the point. The lack of this knowledge - how to answer the questions - has proven to be a major stumbling block to many performers. While not a new book on the subject, therein lies the gold. The authors' understanding of the subject was so complete and basically sound that this book...

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Chris Wasshuber
Birthdate Magic Square by Chris Wasshuber

A spectator populates a row of a 4x4 square with any four numbers. You fill out the remaining 12 squares in seconds to construct a magic square. Does not require any math.

This has become my favorite impromptu magic square effect, because it is easier than a classic magic square - there is literally no math, unless you consider counting up or down by one math - and it produces a stronger effect with spectators. Thus a win-win all around.

The effect: Take any piece of paper, for example the backside of a restaurant receipt, and draw an empty 4x4 square. Then ask a spectator to fill in any...

★★★★★ $19.50
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Devin Knight
The Ultimate Question Reveal by Devin Knight

One of the best ways to secretly know what questions a spectator has sealed inside an envelope.

When I was performing as psychic, Jason Michaels, this was one of my favorite ways to secretly learn information without carbons or center tears. This is one of my most guarded secrets.

The mentalist hands the sitter or spectator a small piece of paper, a pencil and a coin envelope. He requests the person to write on the piece of paper, one or two important questions that he would like answered psychically.

Once the spectator has written the questions, he is told to fold it into a small billet...

★★★★★ $7
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Orko Guha
Decrypted by Orko Guha

Imagine having no props at a gig. Still you can amaze your audience with a powerful mentalism piece empty handed. Impromptu and organic mentalism has fascinated several mentalists for years. Here is a variation to a classic effect of unique number divination in mentalism. The magician borrows a bill from a spectator. The magician has his head turned and he folds the bill into quarters and places the folded bill onto the spectator's hand. With no switches and no delay the magician reveals the unique serial number one by one leaving their spectators amazed.

Powerful performance tips included...

★★★★★ $5.99
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Bob Hummer
Another Dozen Hummers by Bob Hummer

Here are 12 more unique, mind-blowing Bob Hummer stunts for magicians and mentalists. Includes four separate effects and manuscripts, edited into a single compilation.

From the brilliant mind of Bob Hummer comes this tasty second helping of mental and magic effects using cards, coins, a magazine and even an ungimmicked Bible. These offerings were originally sold in manuscript form and are now out of print. Now you can get them all in this updated and corrected compilation. Each of these miracles seems utterly impossible, yet they work every time.


  • Foreword (B. W. McCarron) ...
★★★★ $10
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Mihwonkuoy Refizul
The Book Without Words by Mihwonkuoy Refizul

The real secrets on how to become the greatest magician in the world. Dedicated to the discerning conjurors, the cheaters, the liars, and all other lost souls - whatever age, who want to impress, manipulate, and magish other people for profit, fun, or just entertainment.

Included is a very clever and creative book test, for all of you who require a strong effect to justify the purchase.

The truth is delivered as a satire, which makes it a fun read, but at the same time delivers a profoundly deep and true message.

  • About the Author
  • Part One
    • Introduction
    • The Basic Principles
    • The...
★★★★ $6.66
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Chandu & George Armstrong
Chandu's Psychoanalysis by Chandu & George Armstrong

The original ad:

Here is an entirely new idea in mentalism. Several spectators think of various objects. The performer psycho analyses them and divines the objects being thought of.

  • Positively No Force
  • Any Object Thought Of
  • No Chance Of Failure
  • Performer Is Right Every Time
  • No Skill Required - Just The Ability To Talk
  • Complete With Introductory Lecture and Full Routine That Will Hold The Audience Spellbound

George Armstrong's introduction:

A short while ago, through the introduction of my good friend Monty Wynne (of the Montagues, the two well-known mentalists of Bournemouth),...

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Devin Knight & Al Mann
Non-Verbal Transmission by Devin Knight & Al Mann

Imagine the performer going to a corner in any room, turning his back so he can’t see what is going on and having someone just point to a card from a deck spread face up on a table. With no verbal communication from his assistant, the performer then reveals the card.

He does this without seeing the deck and without the aid of secret electronics. The performer can be closely watched and nothing will be found to be amiss. This is a real fooler done under test conditions and will fool many magicians.

Full Effect: The mentalist or medium goes to a corner of the room and turns his back. He...

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Clettis Musson
35 Weird and Psychic Effects by Clettis Musson

Here's a collection of 35 mental and spirit mysteries worthy of performance by any psychic entertainer.

For the performer looking to present something beyond the normal, these (actually 36) effects are ones that you'll find yourself using anywhere people gather. And if you're called upon to provide seance-worthy demonstrations, the effects described in this ebook to make you a medium to be reckoned with. Inside you'll find mental magic with cards, cigarettes, silks and billets, as well as plenty of reputation-makers for the "dark" spirit seance room.

Here's a sampling of the contents: ...

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Stanley Collins
Nonpareil Book Mystery: A Holiday in Morocco by Stanley Collins

This is a digital reproduction of a progressive anagram based book test. It includes a handwritten letter by Stanley Collins to a Will, the instructions, and the force book titled A Holiday in Morocco by S. Martin.

Effect: Spectator chooses three cards from a deck of cards. The first card determines the page, the second the line number, and the third the word. Spectator looks up the word in A Holiday in Morroco book. You are able to determine the chosen word letter by letter. Stanley Collins uses an alphabet deck to reveal each letter.

1st edition ~1920; PDF 21 pages.

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Burling Hull
Last Word Blindfold Methods by Burling Hull

Over $500 of professional mentalists' blindfold secrets are divulged in this insider's publication. The use of a blindfold adds a flair of mystery and showmanship to any mental or psychic presentation. It lends a dramatic touch that makes the audience sit up and pay attention. An astounding twelve different blindfolds are revealed -fourteen methods in all, making this one of the most complete compendiums on this subject ever to be assembled.

Explained are methods used by stage mentalists, club entertainers, psychic "office" workers and phony mediums to present "eyeless vision", "seeing with...

★★★★★ $8
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Len Belcher
Below the Threshold by Len Belcher

Talk of 'subliminal' advertising is always fashionable. Presented in the manner suggested this is an outstanding mental effect, great for your show, for impromptu use and to present for the members of the press, newspaper offices, etc., for publicity purposes.

The effect is the following...

A spectator is asked to draw a design or write a word on a small card and this is placed out of sight. The performer stands well away from the spectator while the drawing is being made and patters to the effect that what the spectator draws is suggested to him by some subconscious impulse in the beginning,...

★★★★★ $5
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Guy Bavli
Bending Minds Bending Metal (all 3 volumes) by Guy Bavli

Guy Bavli has followed Uri Geller as Israel's magician and mentalist who specializes in metal bending. Guy is a full-time professional, constantly performing on television both in the United States and abroad. Guy is also a three-time winner of the Israeli Gold Cup Award for "Best Magician."

These DVDs have originally been released by A1-Magical Media and are now being made available as downloads.

★★★★★ $60
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MP4 (video)

Guy Bavli
Bending Minds Bending Metal Volume 3 by Guy Bavli
  • Bending a Large Nail - Mind power demonstration.
  • Bending a Small Nail - Very devious method.
  • Shrinking Spoon - Visibly cause a spoon to shrink.
  • Spoon through Table - With the handle visible, a spoon penetrates the table top.
  • Stopping a Watch/Time of the Future - A borrowed watch is caused to stop working; then, under a spectator's hand, the time mysteriously moves forward several hours.
  • Headline Prediction - Perform a mental miracle using the day's newspaper.
  • The Perfect Clipboard - Guy's ultimate routine for the popular marketed clipboards. Just like real mindreading.
1st edition...
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MP4 (video)

Guy Bavli
Bending Minds Bending Metal Volume 2 by Guy Bavli
  • Incredibly Clean - An easy mental masterpiece with cards.
  • Question Mark Mystery - A matching pair of cards is located by a spectator using only the power of the mind.
  • Fan Vision - A thought-of card, the performer names it.
  • The Perfect Prediction - The ultimate book test, near-impossible conditions.
  • Impromptu Card Stab - A card is selected and lost; cards are tossed into the air and the selection is impaled on a knife.
  • The Lottery Prediction - Six spectators correctly pick the winning lottery numbers.
1st edition 2004, length 82 min.
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MP4 (video)

Guy Bavli
Bending Minds Bending Metal Volume 1 by Guy Bavli
  • Spoons from Card Case - Produce spoons from your card case - how do they fit?
  • Bending a Spoon in a Spectator's Hand - Bend metal with your mind.
  • Bag Bend - A complete act involving members of the audience; spoons bend and break.
  • Melting a Spoon in a Spectator's Hand - A spoon melts and breaks while in a spectator's hand.
  • Miracle with a Fork - One of the tines on a fork bends, unbends and then breaks.
  • Energy Hand - By simply waving your hand over a spoon, it bends.
  • Perfect Key Bending - A borrowed and signed key is bent using only the power of your mind.
  • Haunted Spoon - The ultimate haunted...
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MP4 (video)

Devin Knight
Extraordinary by Devin Knight

A super baffling book test that can be done with books in any language.

The effect is that the mentalist shows a copy of a recent ungimmicked New York Times bestseller and hands this to any spectator (no stooge). Another person, (again, no stooge) decides on the page to be used. The first spectator secretly underlines with a pencil a word on the page, closes the book and retains it.

Without touching the book or asking a single question, the mentalist circles the identical word in an ungimmicked dictionary and hands it to a member of the audience for verification. The dictionary is handed...

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Scott Xavier
Rubik's CU3ED by Scott Xavier

A light and heavy Rubiks cube effect.

Have you ever wanted to perform a light heavy chest but didn't want to spend huge sums of money on a tacky magic prop? CU3ED is a carry everywhere method for making it impossible to lift a Rubik's cube from your outstretched palm. You in essence steal the strength of your spectator. This is an ideal set up for a Rubik's cube solving or matching effect. It gives credibility and a method as this magic is occurring. I use it in every show. You get a brief PDF and a several videos teaching the methodology. This the ultimate street hypnosis that uses pseudo-hypnosis...

★★★★ $9.50
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Lester Watts & B. W. McCarron
Collected Mental Mysteries by Lester Watts & B. W. McCarron

Here's a rare book of 16 mental effects, brought back to life for a new generation of performers and audiences. The tests in this unusual book run from mediumistic effects where the spirits do the work, to design duplication tests to billet reading to two-person mental mysteries.

Experienced psychic entertainers will find novelty in the methods used to perform the various effects. They will definitely capture your attention and get you thinking. Each of the effects is examined in detail with an "afterthoughts" section that provides alternate performance ideas, substitute methods and new material...

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Orville Wayne Meyer
Mindreading Supreme by Orville Wayne Meyer

[Note: Also included in More Miracles in Mentalism.

Now you can perform apparent acts of "Hellstromism" or muscle reading, similar to how a world-famous psychic entertainer finds his paycheck after every performance.

True muscle reading is a phenomenal ability, in the hands of a master showman. Yet this skill takes months to fully master. Now, with the release of this fine routine, Meyer reveals the method behind his supreme mental test. Each of several audience members decides on an experiment or "test" (of the kind usually associated with contact mindreading) for the mentalist to attempt. The mentalist, while blindfolded, asks one of...

★★★★★ $3
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Fraser Parker
Opus by Fraser Parker
"Fraser Parker is one of the finest thinkers in contemporary mentalism. If you are interested in practical, impressive effects based on subtlety and often breathtaking ingenuity, you will love his work." - Ian Rowland​
Limited to only 200 copies. Contains over 8 hours of video, including thoughts on prop-less as well as a two-part interview with Fraser.

Opus is a "master-class" from Fraser released in video format, detailing his unique approach towards creating believable mind reading. In this video project, he outlines his use of words to create shifts in perception, in order...

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Anthem Flint
Psychic Symphonies by Anthem Flint

What are you chasing? When you look at your show, are you leaving an indelible impression on your audience or just impressing them? Finally after years of waiting, Anthem Flint releases his personal routines that accomplish both.

Anthem is known for his Empowertainment and ability to remind audiences of their own inner power. This ebook will show you how to achieve this for your audiences and leave them smiling. But there is more than just motivational magic ... inside you'll find the inner secrets of ...

The Second Sight Act: how to develop, practice, and perform this act with a partner....

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