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Victor Farelli
John Ramsay's Triple Restoration by Victor Farelli

An original paper tearing trick described in the minutest detail.

Over a decade ago, THE WORLD'S FAIR offered a prize for the best list of really outstanding magical effects. The winner of the competition was Mr. Charles Harrison ("Rajah Khan") who, although he mentioned only nine items ... some of them being big illusions like Sawing Through a Woman and the Substitution Trunk ... included John Ramsay's Paper Tearing Trick in his List. - The World's Fair, 24th December 1938
  • Foreword
  • Rough Outline Of The Effect
  • Requirements
  • The Routine
  • Afterword

1st edition 1949, 21 pages. PDF...

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Label by Sofl

Please note that this video is in Vietnamese. There are some English subtitles, but for the most part you will get the instructions of how to make the gimmick and how to perform with it from the visual contents of the video.

The label changes to another one while it is under the plastic cover of the notebook. This is great for the back to school crowd.

1st edition 2016, length 12 minutes.

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Devin Knight
Life Savers and Dollar Bill Mystery by Devin Knight

If you like the effect of bill in lemon, but not all the mess it creates, then this is for you. It's a borrowed bill to impossible place, with the spectator given multiple choices.

Five sealed rolls of Lifesavers are placed in a candy dish and left in full view of the audience at all times. A dollar bill is then borrowed from any spectator who reads off the serial number of the bill while the performer writes it in full view of the audience on a whiteboard. Whiteboard with the serial number is left in full view so that all may see it at all times. No miscalling of numbers here, as the spectator...

★★★★★ $10
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Lost Pieces 1 by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Ralf teaches four of his famous 'impossible' card designs. Everything is explained in his meticulous way. For each one you will get PDF cutting templates.

  • Linking Cards
  • Half Circle
  • Slider
  • Vortex
1st edition 2019, length 17:13
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Lost Pieces 2 by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Seven 'impossible' cards. Some but not all do require hidden cuts. Ralf teaches you how to best hide the cuts. Everything is explained in his meticulous way. For each one you will get PDF cutting templates.

  • Arrow and Heart
  • And Tell
  • Bended Link
  • Framed Link
  • Initial Cards
  • Tribble Fold
  • Twist Flaps
1st edition 2019, length 26:20
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Stephen Tucker
Lotto Flash Wallet by Stephen Tucker

This is an absolutely incredible transposition of a 'winning' lottery ticket (you say that you had three of the numbers drawn), which is isolated in a wallet and a £10.00 note held in your hands!

Believe it or not it's an even faster transposition than the one you saw the Pendragons do on TV with their 'Metamorphosis' sub-trunk illusion. Best of all it's 100% self-working, but looks like incredible sleight-of-hand or real magic.

  • automatically resets
  • very topical as virtually everyone does the lotto (lottery)
  • you can use any country's lotto ticket and currency
  • comes with Flash Cash...
★★★★ $12
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Mike Kempner
Magnetic Money by Mike Kempner

This effect can only be done one-on-one with a willing spectator, because the spectator has to close their eyes at a crucial moment. If they peek they will see how it is done. It uses an old bar bet type of trick that is done with a bill and a coin and turns it into a magic effect.

How would you like to be able to magnetize currency? Well, now, you can create the illusion of doing so in just one second. With Magnetic Money by mentalist Mike Kempner, you will be able to instantly (in a matter of one second) demonstrate to your spectator that you are able to magnetize currency, and the best...

★★★★ $4
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Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
Masterfoldings by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

Learn to braid two cards together. The four 'impossible' card sculptures consist of two cards each. Take two cards, cut and then braid them together. Ralf takes you step by step through each of the folds. You will also be able to download the templates for the four designs.

1st edition 2018, length 17 min

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MP4 (video)

(Benny) Ben Harris
Messing with NCR Paper by (Benny) Ben Harris

Magic and science mix to create amazing possibilities with this special paper!

NCR paper is the carbonless paper used to make up receipt and invoice books. It allows impressions to be made on several sheets without the use of carbon paper. And, just like the chemically reactive magic that people have created with ATM paper and Frixion pens, NCR paper also has potential for magical use.

The author established it's use back in 1989 with an excited fax to Jeff Busby. (This document is included from the Harris archives.)

Ben then teaches two routines with the special paper. The first involves...

★★★★★ $8.95
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Shawn Evans
Mimic Money Methods: The Magic of Bill Gaffing by Shawn Evans

This one-of-a-kind ebook reveals the various methods for gaffing Mimic Bills to create unique magical effects --- transformations, restorations, transportations and mentalist tricks.

Just as the card worker can create card miracles by secretly having one duplicate card in the deck, the close-up performer can create magic wonders by employing a matching dollar bill (as verified by the serial numbers).

Terms: Mimic Money is a set of two bills consisting of a slave bill that is gaffed to match the serial numbers on a master bill in order to create magical effects.

This ebook contains...

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Alan Rorrison
Misleading Mislead by Alan Rorrison

The best pen through bill routine you will find!
(If you are interested only in the first penetration phase you can also buy it separately with Real Pen-Etration for much less. You might also want to check out the same effect achieved with different sleights: Driven by Cameron Francis.)

In late 2003 / early 2004 Misleading Mislead stormed into the magic community and quickly gained its self critical acclaim. However the full routine had been trimmed down from a two phase routine to a one phase trick by the company who produced it. Alan was very unhappy about this as all the hard work and tested moves that took...

★★★★★ $14
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MP4 (video)

Ken de Courcy
Mistress of Pentertain by Ken de Courcy

Fiddling with figures.

More along the lines of Pentertain and Son of Pentertain. The fact that there is so much material here is due to the efforts of Geoffrey Lamb, Ralph Erlewine, Dr. Bernard Juby, R. C. Buff, Peter Rees and, in particular, Leslie May who sent in pages of figure oddities.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword
  • The Power of the Pentagram
  • The Seven Dwarfs
  • The Charlie Chronicles
  • A Sanguinary Rise
  • In the Good Old Days
  • Tricky Crosswords
  • Discount Coffee
  • The Alternative Prediction
  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Three-Way Prediction
  • F.T. Publicity
  • Medical Magic
  • Forbidden Fruit
  • Grandfather's Gimmick
  • 1089 and...
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Wolfgang Riebe
Money in Champagne Bottle and Orange by Wolfgang Riebe

The magician borrows two regular money bills from two random spectators. These are torn in half and each spectator receives one half of their bill. The remaining two halves are vanished by the magician. One half reappears in an orange and the serial number matches the one bill of the one spectator exactly.

The magician struggles to reappear the second half bill and offers the remaining spectator a bottle of champagne of similar value as a consolation prize. However, the magician requests the spectator to pop open the champagne and pour him/herself a drink. When the bottle is popped, a half...

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Jean Hugard
Money Magic by Jean Hugard

The manipulation of money is fascinating to everyone and probably always will be. Bills are common, pack small, and easy to borrow. This booklet describes in detail all the important moves, gimmicks and tricks with paper money. Great effects are taught, spanning the impromptu situation to the prepared performance from close-up to parlor or stage. This is a great book with very practical and strong effects.

1st edition, 1937 Max Holden, New York; 62 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Chapter 1: Preliminary Preparation
  3. Chapter 2: Sleights, Switches
  4. Chapter 3: Vanishes
  5. Chapter 4: Impromptu Tricks with...
★★★★ $6
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Money Wanted by MAG

This video is in Vietnamese with an interpreter translating the instructions to English.

The signed selected card is lost in the deck. You take the bill and throw the bill onto the deck, visually the bill disappears. You go through the deck to find the selected card which has fused with the bill. You can then give the card to the spectator for examination.

1st edition 2016, length 18min

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Will Blyth
More Paper Magic by Will Blyth

A collection of entertaining and amusing models, toys, conjuring tricks, etc., in which paper is the only or principal material required.

Excerpt from the Preface:

The art of simple paper folding gives pleasure not only to the young, but even to old stagers, who become interested and sometimes enthusiastic in the making-up of paper items, learnt at school, but long forgotten. Mr. Oswald Williams, the famous illusionist, was kind enough to express to the author his appreciation of Paper Magic, and testified to the pleasure he had received in making up the various paper folds described therein, some...

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Bao Ninh
N-Change by Bao Ninh

Please note that this video is in Vietnamese with English subtitles.

Borrow a bill and change it to another bill. You instantly hand out the bill for examination. Bills need to be the same size.

1st edition 2016, length 10 min.

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MP4 (video)

Gene Anderson
Newspaper Trick by Gene Anderson

Gene Anderson's Torn and Restored Newspaper (Photo Version). This famous and sensational trick has brought tremendous applause and standing ovations everywhere Gene shows it. This is just like having personal instruction through a series of photos of Gene in action. The photos will teach you quickly and easily how to do this really great trick. Ebook contains photos, line sketches and text.

1st digital edition 2014, 16 pages.

★★★★ $9.95
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Dave Arch
Paper Folding Formula by Dave Arch

Although this principle has been used to create multiple routines, the formula for creating those routines has not been widely revealed. In its generic form, a piece of paper with multiple pictures, letters, numbers, or words is folded in half multiple times widthwise or lengthwise as determined by the volunteer. After the spectator cuts around the perimeter of the folded packet to form a stack of individual squares, some will be face up in the stack and some face down. As unbelievable as it seems, due to the formula, the magician has complete control over which pieces end up in the face up...

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Devin Knight & Sid Lorraine
Paper Folding Giveaways For Magicians by Devin Knight & Sid Lorraine

Sid Lorraine was a master at creating these giveaways. These all involve a picture or words that change to a different picture or words as you fold the paper. Each paper fold has an amusing and novel story. At the end, you leave the paper with the spectator with a plug for your magic show. Your name, website and phone number is rubberstamped on the back. These were originally released through the Abbott Magic Company back in the 50s. Devin Knight has received permission to release these again to the magic world and introduce a new generation of magicians to the genius of Sid Lorraine.


★★★ $9.95
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Devin Knight
Paper Folding Stories for Magicians by Devin Knight

Clever paper-folding stories have always been popular with magicians. Such well-known magicians as Gene Anderson, Jay Marshall, Karrell Fox, Tommy Windsor and others have all featured paper-folding stories in their acts.

Devin Knight has always loved clever paper-folding effects. In this ebook, he has compiled four of his favorite paper-folding effects. He learned all four of these when he was a child and has used them for his entire performing career.

"Even though I'm a mentalist, I am a sucker for origami and puzzle effects. Devin has compiled a great collection of storytelling magic, using nothing more than...
★★★★ $9.95
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Percy Abbott
Paper Magic by Percy Abbott

If you already have Bag-o-Trix you have this book. Although Percy Abbott put his name on the book, UF Grant said many of the ideas were his. This dispute later resulted in UF Grant leaving the Abbott company. There are over forty of the most unusual, unique and amazing new tricks that can be worked with paper. This is a new and untouched field. Paper tricks are easy to carry and are most effective. A few of the outstanding effects are:

  • The performer makes a paper fir tree - and then actually climbs it
  • A cabinet is made from paper - shown empty - and a girl crashes through it from apparently nowhere
  • A paper bag escape...
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Will Blyth
Paper Magic by Will Blyth

Tricks and amusements with a sheet of paper.

From the foreword:

Paper is one of the easiest materials to obtain, and to those who are interested in finding a useful means of utilizing some of the household accumulations, the present volume will undoubtedly appeal. It will be noticed that the book has been divided into two parts, and the first portion, dealing with Toys, Models, Puzzles, etc. made entirely from paper, will be found to provide a fascinating and at the same time, inexpensive form of amusement for the younger members of the home circle. The second section deals with some effective...

★★★★★ $8
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Dave Arch
Paper Paradox by Dave Arch

Have you ever seen the paper puzzle where you try and find a hidden message or picture without tearing or ripping the folded paper? If not, you can see it here:

You'll be taken step-by-step in this instructional video as you learn to make The Paper Paradox (without any complicated origami folds) for your own fun (and/or marketing). You'll also receive an MSWord template for customizing to your own message (download from the digital shelf). Prospects sure keep this puzzle longer and show it to more people than any business card.

1st edition 2018, length 6 min 30 s.

★★★★★ $7
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MP4 (video)

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