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Robert A. Nelson
The Men-Tal-O Mystery Act by Robert A. Nelson

Here is one of the cleverest and most convincing acts of its kind ever offered. It completely baffles the audience, as the presentation apparently allows no opportunity for trickery.

Fair note cards and envelopes are distributed to members of the audience, with the request that they write their questions on the cards, sign their name, then seal their query in an envelope. This done, the performer collects the sealed questions, inquires of each spectator their name, and writes their names or initials upon the envelopes for the purpose of identification.

The sealed questions are then collected...

★★★ $8
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Jimmy Ray
Between the Acts by Jimmy Ray

Jimmy Ray, a top-flight pro, reveals nearly two dozen of his favorite effects and routines for close-up and TV workers.

This ebook is often referred to in other books for professional magicians, but has long been unavailable. Now revised and updated, this great work is now available in a convenient digital format. Inside, you'll find beautifully routined magic with coins, cards, dice, and even doves - all clearly explained, along with 25 photographs.

These is commercial magic at its best, suitable for performance on TV, in bars, casinos, night clubs, and corporate events.


★★★★★ $6
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Jochen Zmeck
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 4: Die Daumenspitze by Jochen Zmeck

Die Daumenspitze ist ein Universalinstrument. Lernen Sie vom Meister Zmeck wie sie eingesetzt werden kann. Eine Abhandlung über die Daumenspitze mit vielen noch unbekannten Effekten.

  • Vorwort
  • Grundsätzliches Zur Daumenspitze
  • Die Handhabung Der Daumenspitze
  • Tricks Mit Der Daumenspitze
  • 1. Erscheinen
    • 1.1. Manipulieren
  • 2. Verschwinden
    • 2.1. Eine Zigarette Verschwindet Im Tuch
    • 2.2. Eine Zigarette Verschwindet In Freier Hand
    • 2.3. Ein Tuch Verschwindet - J.Z.-Methode
    • 2.4. Eine Münze Verschwindet
  • 3. Wandern
    • 3.1. Salzwanderung Von Hand Zu Hand
    • 3.2. Eine Tuchwanderung
    • 3.3....
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber Butike Routinensammlung 9 by Eckhard Böttcher

Die folgenden Routinen werden in dieser Sammlung beschrieben:

  • Hungrige Katze
  • Hüte für Verliebte
  • Hyper Vision
  • Ich kauf' Dir einen bunten Luftballon
  • Ihre Glückszahl
  • Illusionarium
  • Immer die rote Karte
  • In memory of my girls
  • India Seil
  • Indischer Würfel
  • Intensives Denken
  • Jagd auf Tauben
  • Jeder kann gewinnen '+'
  • Jeder kann gewinnen!
  • 'Jedermann' Forcierspiel
  • Joros Casino Chips
  • Jumping Silk
  • Juwelen-Box
  • Juwelen-Schränkchen
  • Das J.Z.-Dreiröhrenspiel
  • Kanopen-Geheimnis
  • Karlchen, Max und Peter
  • Karotten-Hasen
  • Karte durch Finger
  • Karten Akrobatik
  • Karten Changierbox
  • Karten Illusionen ...
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber Butike Routinensammlung 8 by Eckhard Böttcher

Die folgenden Routinen werden in dieser Sammlung beschrieben:

  • Glückwunsch-Karte '777'
  • Der goldene Schlüssel
  • Goldener Juwelenstab
  • Goldfisch-Glas
  • Golfball & Tuchdose
  • Golfballdose
  • Gorano-Gläser
  • Gordischer Knoten "Neu"
  • Gordischer Knoten
  • Grabkammer der Pharaonen
  • Great China Computer
  • Great secret
  • Great Silktube
  • Die große Chance
  • Großvaters Mentaluhr
  • Gruppensex bei Mümmelmanns
  • Gullivers Schildkröten
  • Happy Birthday Tuch
  • Harris EntSPrechung
  • Häschenburg
  • Häschentuch
  • Hase & Zylinderhut
  • Hase und Zylinderhüte
  • Hasen an der Leine
  • Hasenfamilie
  • Hasenwanderung "Klassik"
  • Heinzelmännchens...
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber Butike Routinensammlung 7 by Eckhard Böttcher

Die folgenden Routinen werden in dieser Sammlung beschrieben:

  • Geheimnisvolle Kästchen
  • Geheimnisvolle Würfelkarten
  • Geheimnisvolles Ess-Stäbchen
  • Geheimnisvolles Hellsehen
  • Geheimnisvolles Kästchen
  • Geheimnisvolles Ringetui
  • Gehirn-Computer
  • Gehorsame Tücher
  • Geist im Taschentuch
  • Geist in der Schraube
  • Geister Fotorahmen
  • Geister Münze
  • Geister Tafeln
  • Geister-Bilderrahmen
  • Geisterglas NEU
  • Geisterglas
  • Die Geisterglocke
  • Geisterröhre für alle
  • Geisterstaub
  • Geisteruhr
  • Geldkarten
  • Geldschein Druck
  • Geldscheingefängnis
  • Geldscheinkarten
  • "Geller"-Effekt
  • Gelöchert
  • Gemäldediebstahl...
★★★★★ $19.90
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Robert A. Nelson
Sensational Answers by Robert A. Nelson

Add punch, excitement and interest to your stage presentation with Sensational Answers. The truly outstanding mentalist must add a few outstanding and long-remembered situations in every program to give it balance, create dramatic tension and palpable relief.

The run-of-the-mill questions and answers rightfully constitute the bulk of every psychic entertainer's program, but it is the out-of-the-ordinary, the daring and sensational situations that are the ones your audience remembers and talks about. For a dynamic, sensational program, you must use dynamic and sensational material.


★★★★ $8
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B. W. McCarron
Finding Your Destiny with Numerology Pitch Book by B. W. McCarron

Sell this pitch book at your performances to double your performance income!*

If you're not selling "back of room" books and merchandise at every show, you're leaving money on the table — money that should be in your wallet. All the pros are doing it. Now you can, too. And it costs so little to get started.

This package enables you to become an instant author, with full reprint rights for printed copies of the Finding Your Destiny with Numerology book. Charge as little or as much per copy as you want: it's up to you. Your audiences will flock to the sales table to buy this easy to read...

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David Devlin
The Boston Tea Party by David Devlin

This is David Devlin's pet coin box routine.

EFFECT: This routine employs four half dollars along with a copper English Penny, and a coin box. The coins are dumped out of the box onto the table. The coins may be examined by the spectators. The performer reaches into his pocket and brings out a copper English Penny, which may also be examined. The copper coin is placed aside for a moment while the performer places the silver coins in a vertical row on his right hand side. The copper coin is placed into the box, and the lid is placed on top. A silver coin is placed into the left hand. A snap...

★★★★ $10
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Unknown Mentalist
Mind Spark 4: Mummy Mystery Multiplied by Unknown Mentalist

The popular Mummy Mystery is a great effect based on a fantastic method. And most of us had it and still have it. But, for such a great principle, the routine gets over too quickly. So here are some ideas to add more phases to it. Of course, you can use these only if you own Mummy Mystery - so ensure you have one before buying this ebook.

Phase One - The performer reads the mind of a participant.

Phase Two - The performer reads the mind of a second participant within the same process.

Phase Three - The performer successfully conducts a 'group telepathy' experiment.

Phase Four - The...

★★★★★ $12
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Wesley James
Pasteboard Perpensions by Wesley James

Once in a great while an intelligent and thought-provoking work is released to the magic fraternity. On those rare occasions, the craft is moved closer to the attainment of ultimate perfection. It exhorts those who read it to more profound thought. This is such a book and we are honored to bring it to you.

Pasteboard Perpensions was the first major offering from Wesley James, a name that has long been respected among the underground. His book is not fluff, rehash or re-workings of existing handlings. Every one of the twenty-five plus items in this book adds something new, significantly improved,...

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Devin Knight
Secrets of Floating Mediums by Devin Knight

Have you wondered how the old-time mediums and even some of the current day crop of mediums levitated in the air? Devin Knight reveals some of the deep dark secrets in this PDF.

Colin Evans achieved a lot of notoriety for his ability to levitate in the air, claiming the spirits lifted him up. Even today his photos are on the internet and many people believe he was a real medium and that these photos prove levitation. You will learn the real secrets in the PDF on how he pulled it off. An eye-opener.

Douglas Home was a world-renown medium who is still controversial to this day. In this PDF,...

★★★★ $6
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Devin Knight
Natural Facelift for Entertainers by Devin Knight

This is not an ebook of magic tricks, but rather a book of tricks of the trade that will make you look younger and more professional on stage. The same techniques used by Hollywood stars. It is not my normal book on magic, but still, is one of the most important PDFs I have written.

Youth sells. I will say it again, youth sells. As performers get older, they often find that their bookings diminish and that they lose gigs to younger performers. These younger performers may not be more talented, but they are younger and often preferred just because they are younger or younger looking. I know...

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Chris Wasshuber
Best of Magazines by Chris Wasshuber

Note: If you email us your three absolute favorite articles found in any magic magazine or journal before you purchase this ebook, you will get this ebook for free. We will need from you for each article the title of the article, the author, the journal title, year, month, volume, issue, page, and a short explanation why you like that article so much.

From the introduction:

Anybody who has done a good amount of reading in magic literature will have noticed that some of the biggest gems are hidden in magic magazines and journals. There is a good reason for that. Books typically focus on...

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Ralf Wichmann-Braco
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 3: Psychokinesis by Ralf Wichmann-Braco

Magnethypnose und deren Andwendung. Braco schildert hier eine ganze Reihe von Effekten, die mit diesem Hilfsmittel möglich sind.

  • Vorwort
  • Zubehör Und Technik
  • Magnethypnose
  • Tips Und Anregungen
  • Routinenvorschläge
  • Die Wünschelrute
  • Der Restaurierte Löffel
  • Münzen - Fühlen
  • Bewegende Gegenstände
  • Kunststücke mit dem Magneten
  • Literaturhinweise

Erstausgabe 1982; erste digitale Ausgabe 2017, 31 Seiten.

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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber Butike Routinensammlung 6 by Eckhard Böttcher

Die folgenden Routinen werden in dieser Sammlung beschrieben:

  • Fischkonserve
  • Flaggen Schal
  • Flammender Kartentraum
  • Flammenwunder
  • Flappy
  • Flaschengeist
  • Flaschenpost
  • Flaschenwanderung & -vermehrung
  • Flaschenwanderung
  • 'Flick' Verwandlungsrahmen
  • Fliegende Münzen
  • Fliegende Würfel
  • Fliegender Chip
  • Houdinis Flucht
  • Fliegendes Karo As mit Riesenkarten
  • Fliegendes Karo As
  • Fliegen-Zirkus
  • Flip Flop Punkte-Zauber
  • Flower Power
  • Flowerdream
  • Flucht der Sklaven
  • Fluchtkiste
  • Fluidum
  • Folgsame Chips
  • Forcier Kreisel
  • Forcier-Automat
  • Frau Lots Gürtelband
  • Fremdes Häschen
  • Frühstücks-Maschine ...
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber Butike Routinensammlung 5 by Eckhard Böttcher

Die folgenden Routinen werden in dieser Sammlung beschrieben:

  • ESP Syndrome
  • ESP Universal-Spiel
  • ESP-Chromatic
  • ESP-Illusion
  • Etappen-Wanderung
  • Euro Beamerdose
  • Euro Spektakel
  • Euro-Geldscheingefängnis
  • Euro-Schlüssel-Mysterium
  • Euro-Wunder
  • Euro-Zauber-Druckerei
  • Excalibur
  • Falsche Vorhersage
  • Falschspieler-Trick
  • Die Faltmünze
  • Famose Würfelbox
  • Famoses Teufelstuch
  • Fang mich, wenn Du kannst!
  • Fantasta fantastisch
  • Fantastica
  • Fantastische Farbvorhersage
  • Farb Rhapsody
  • Farbchip-Voraussage
  • Färbe und verschwindende Kerze
  • Färbe-Eierbeutel
  • Färbe-Feuerzeug
  • Färbe-Kästchen
  • Färbe-Kristall-Würfel ...
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Grant's Volume One by Ulysses Frederick Grant

65 tricks, gags, tips and ideas with money, cards, wands, cigarettes, watches, rings and more.

  • Greetings
  • Comedy Ice Cream Cone
  • A Comedy Wand
  • The Leaky Wand
  • Another Pen Idea
  • The Vanishing Pen
  • Magical Extraction
  • Sucker Laugh
  • The Egg Cup
  • An Old Timer
  • Grant's Repeat Watch Idea
  • A Timely Trick
  • Cigarette Pull Idea
  • W. R. Williston Idea
  • The Greatest Miracle Of All
  • The Matchless Match Trick
  • A Long Time
  • The Comedy Watch Chain
  • Tips On Tips
  • E. E. Hammil's Tip
  • Gene Gloye Gag
  • Pardon Me
  • An Eye Popper
  • Bowl Of Water Production
  • A Tip By Swabi
  • A Gag By Swabi
  • Snake And Can Trick
  • Sure...
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Super Magical Secrets by Ulysses Frederick Grant
  • Introduction
  • Foreword
  • Mecca
  • Hindoo Rope And Rising Card
  • Grant’s Super Rope Trick
  • Pearls Of Persia
  • Magic Hand And Mystic Rings
  • Grant’s Super Die Box
  • A Bedtime Story
  • Sambo The Human Hen
  • Mah Jong Mystery Sticks
  • Super Prediction
  • Vanishing Die And Appearing Girl
  • Dr. Jeykell And Mr. Hyde

PDF 20 pages

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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Pick Of The Crop by Ulysses Frederick Grant

The best simple methods for the following 12 great effects:

  • No. 1 - To Vanish or Transport A Live Dove Through Space while Surrounded, Without Special Boxes, Bags or Body Work
  • No. 2 - To Predict, In Black Crayon On Large Cardboard, The Names Of Three FREELY SELECTED cards
  • No. 3 - To Cause A Person's Fingers To Slowly Draw Together, Without Touching Them Or Their Fingers
  • No. 4 - To Predict In Bold Letters On A Large Card The Word A Person Will Select In Any Magazine
  • No. 5 - To Create The Effect Of Little Invisible Men From Outer Space Dancing On A Sheet Of Paper. Close-up Or Stage
  • No....
★★★★ $6
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
The Medium's Scrapbook by Ulysses Frederick Grant

This ebook includes a wealth of spirit and mental material. Imagine having friends stop in your home or office and being able to cause a buzzer to answer questions, a clock to stop by gazing at it, an alarm clock to ring at your will, a closet door to open at your command, all without expensive electric eyes and gadgets of that type but with simple inexpensive methods.

  • The Fall Of Buddha
  • The Whispering Rajah
  • The Idol Tells
  • Private Ballot Box
  • The Obedient Door
  • The Third Person Tells
  • New Spirit Buzzer
  • Stop The Clock
  • Fortune Telling Alarm Clock
  • The Spirit Grasp
  • Phantom Matches
  • Pocket...
★★★★ $8
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Donald Holmes
Donald Holmes Catalog 6 by Donald Holmes

Donald Holmes was a magic dealer and author from Kansas City, Missouri. This is a very nice illustrated supplementary catalog starting at item number 601 all the way to 664.

1st edition 1924, 36 pages.

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Dick Merryman
Round about our Coal-Fire or Christmas Entertainments by Dick Merryman

Most interesting for magicians is that the book contained a chapter on magic history, which covers mainly past magicians.

1st edition 1730, PDF 59 pages.

★★★★★ $3
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Devin Knight & Al Mann
Secrets of the Non-Liftable Person by Devin Knight & Al Mann

Learn the secrets behind having the ability that no one can lift you, be you man or woman. A strong man attempts to lift you off the floor and easily does so. A few minutes later he is unable to lift you! An amazing, yet easy to do feat. No gimmicks, just know how. This feat has been featured on TV and in side shows. You get four different methods. Two were used by Al Mann who taught them to Devin Knight and are little known. You also get the Resista Girl method that was sold by dealers many years ago.

Many mediums used these methods during séances to show that spirits prevent them from...

★★★ $2
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