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Robert A. Nelson
The Horoscope Pitch by Robert A. Nelson

Here's a complete selling plan for the Horoscope Pitch, where the income can run to thousands of dollars per week!

Learn how to enter this very profitable business. Detailed information on the full presentation - what is needed - what to sell, including descriptions of the best and most profitable horoscopes - where to work - how to book, terms and profit possibilities.

The investment is small and the profit potentials are tremendous. Work parks, resorts, fairs, stores, exhibitions, theatres - indoors or out of doors - in fact, wherever people gather. This is a great venture for the man...

★★★★★ $15
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Devin Knight
So You Want To Do A Magic Lecture Tour by Devin Knight

The first PDF of its kind; written by one of the world's foremost expert on doing magic lecture tours. Devin Knight has done multiple lecture tours and hundreds of magic lectures from coast to coast in America.

He shows you step-by-step how to book a magic lecture tour. He shows you how to book magic clubs, magic shops and conventions. If you are a talented magician and want to make a name for yourself, then Devin reveals the inside secrets. He tells you what they will pay you and all the details you need to know. How long should your lecture be and what do you need to bring with you? All...

★★★★★ $20
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Eckhard Böttcher
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 2: Das gezeichnete Spiel by Eckhard Böttcher

In diesem Manuskript finden Sie eine Reihe hervorragender Routinen von Ted Lesley, Manfred Bacia, Rudolf Braunmüller u.a. für ein gezeichnetes Spiel.

  • Vorwort
  • Grundgedanken
  • "Do As I Do"
  • Ein Joker Macht's Möglich
  • Perfekte Harmonie
  • Der Zweifache Gedanke
  • Zwei Zufallstreffer
  • Ein Unmögliches Kartenfinden
  • Der Zuschauer Als Hellseher
  • Unglaubliche Übereinstimmung
  • Massenhellsehen
  • Photostattsche Reflexe
  • Mentalwunder
  • Ein Brief Von Punx
  • Mnemorieren

Erstausgabe 1982; erste digitale Ausgabe 2017, 21 Seiten.

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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber Butike Routinensammlung 4 by Eckhard Böttcher

Die folgenden Routinen werden in dieser Sammlung beschrieben:

  • Computer-Karten-Rätsel
  • Conradi Röhre
  • Crescensia, die Kartenspinne
  • Daktyloskop
  • Degen-Kabinett
  • Delphin-Röhre
  • Denkste!
  • Diabolicus
  • Diabolus-Kassette
  • Diamantenparade
  • Dice Mystery
  • Dice Tower
  • Diminishing Returns
  • Dinobaby
  • Dinosaurier
  • Doppel-Bluff
  • Doppel-Klimax-Kugelschreiber
  • Doppelt Gemoppelt
  • Doppelte Tuchfärbung
  • Double face special
  • Dr. Bill's Unmöglicher Stop-Trick
  • Drachen-Fächer
  • Drachen-Färbe-Spiel
  • Der Drachentöter
  • Die drei Luzifers
  • Die dritte Dimension
  • Dur.An.Ki
  • Durchsichtige Karte
  • Eierbeutel-Henne ...
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber Butike Routinensammlung 3 by Eckhard Böttcher

Die folgenden Routinen werden in dieser Sammlung beschrieben:

  • Changierbeutel hoch 3
  • Changierbeutel 'Klassik'
  • Changierbeutel 'Zipper'
  • China Computer 'neu'
  • China Computer
  • China Silber Mysterium
  • China Tunnel
  • China-Blitz
  • China-Münzen-Mysterium
  • China-Münzen-Produktion
  • Chinamünzen-Spektakel
  • Chinamünzen-Spektakel
  • China-Spike
  • Chinastäbe de luxe
  • China-Stäbe
  • China-Tower
  • Chinawürfel Mysterium
  • Chinese Ling
  • Chinesische Glücksröhrchen
  • Chinesische Münzenwanderung
  • Chinesische Reisschalen
  • Chinesische Riesenmünze
  • Chinesische Salzvermehrung
  • Chinesische Wunderringe
  • Chinesisches...
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David Britland
Tearing a Lady in Two (German) by David Britland

EFFEKT: Obwohl man diesen Effekt mit Spielkarten vorführen kann, ist es aus technischen und wohl auch aus Gründen des "Verkaufs" besser, zwei Geschäftskarten oder Blanko-Visitenkarten zu verwenden. Bei der Vorführung erwähnen Sie die großen Illusionen, die heutzutage im Fernsehen vorgeführt werden. Und obwohl Sie nicht alle Vorrichtungen mitgebracht haben, wird sicher eine der anwesenden jungen Damen sich gern auf der Tischplatte durchsägen lassen. Auf eine entsprechende Bemerkung ihrerseits sollten Sie schon eine Reaktion bekommen. Und Sie sollten auch in der Lage sein, ein wenig daraus...

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David Britland
La Femme Coupée by David Britland


Bien que vous puissiez utiliser cet effet avec des cartes à jouer, il est techniquement, et probablement commercialement meilleur d'utiliser des cartes de visite soit à votre nom, soit vierges. Durant votre spectacle vous introduisez le thème des grandes illusions qui sont maintenant pratiquées à la télévision. Bien que vous n'ayez pas ammené tous vos accessoires avec vous, une jeune femme de l'assistance serait peut-être honorée d'être sciée en deux sur la table. Ceci devrait vous obtenir quelques réactions et vous devriez pouvoir développer un petit jeu autour des réactions...

★★★★ $6
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Brian T. Lees
Abraca-Poof September 2017 by Brian T. Lees
  • Front/Back Magic Wand
  • Calling all Old/Outdated Laptops
  • Conventions
  • Fundraiser Host Coach
  • One Step Ahead
  • Social Media
  • Do Not Break Faith
  • Cash, Check or Debit Card
  • Feedback

1st edition 2017, 10 pages.

★★★ $0
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Wesley James
Pedesis by Wesley James

A Treatise on the E.G. Brown 12-card Thought-of card Transportation

"One of the Strongest card effects you can ever perform."

"You can expect to hear audible gasps."

"...the roomful...sat speechless."

Wesley James rarely releases all his work on one plot in a single monograph. His writings typically address multiple effects and routines, and discussion of diverse subjects. Like Out of Sight Discernment, Pedesis is an exception. It is an effect Wesley has been performing for nearly fifty years, always to stunned reactions from many hundreds of audiences.

"A card at a purely thought-of position vanishes...

★★★★ $30
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Horace Goldin
Mysterious Tricks by Horace Goldin
  • Introduction
  • A Few Hints
  • Hearing With The Teeth
  • To Cause A Coin To Vanish
  • The Vanishing Ring
  • Another Ring Trick
  • The Penetrating Pennies
  • The Vanishing Handkerchief
  • A Thought-Reading Trick
  • More Thought-Reading
  • The Vanishing Cigarette
  • A Hole In The Sleeve
  • The Four Coins
  • String Magic
  • The Latest Disappearing Sixpence
  • Three Hypnotic Tricks
  • The Candle And Flag Trick
  • Keda
  • "Figaro," Monday, 21st, 1930
  • Your Future Foretold

1st edition 1930, 34 pages; PDF 36 pages.

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Devin Knight
How To Escape From Any Handcuffs by Devin Knight

Every magician should know how to escape from any pair of regulation handcuffs at any time. You can even challenge people to bring cuffs from home to your show and yet, you escape. You can challenge any police department and yet escape from their cuffs.

Imagine you could do this without carrying lots of picks, keys, shims and without years of practice and study! Imagine you could do this for less than a dollar! Well, it's true. In this PDF you will learn two easy ways to escape from any cuffs within a few minutes. A secret source gives you everything you need for less than a dollar. This...

★★★★ $15
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Larry Brodahl
Scripted #13: The Dictionary Trick by Larry Brodahl

An easy-to-make and easy to perform version of a book reading test. You can not only tell them the word they're thinking of, but you can even tell them how many characters are in the word - and it's all easy. No forcing.

One of the more difficult tasks facing magicians is coming up with scripts - of any sort. And explaining why someone is picking a word from a dictionary so that you can read their mind is - at best - difficult.

Well, the author of How To Write A Script used his methodology to write a script that successfully explains - and conceals the secret - to perform the dictionary test. He even explains...

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Robert A. Nelson
The Ghost Book of Dark Secrets by Robert A. Nelson

If you've wanted to present a Midnight Theatre Ghost Show - a Spirit Seance - Haunt a House - or scare the Yell out of your friends at a Ghost Party, The Ghost Book of Dark Secrets tell you how!

Revealed - completely - the strange and weird manifestations that transpire in darkness during the midnight spook shows and in private seance rooms. Ghosts by night stimulate the imagination - a sense of unease reigns as darkness falls - a thousand chills and thrills await. Go behind the scenes and learn how to duplicate these spine-chilling demonstrations for profit - or fun!

  • The Theatre Midnight...
★★★★ $12
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Ward the Wizard
Wiles of a Wizard by Ward the Wizard

One of New York's busiest magic and psychic entertainers reveals the best of his audience-tested effects in this fascinating ebook.

This is not just a book for magicians. Several outstanding mentalism demonstrations are also included. These are effects that work and will get you repeat dates! This popular performer explains the effects and methods, just as if he was providing you with personal instruction. Ed Mishell's pen and ink illustrations distill the methods even further, ensuring that the workings of these audience-pleasing miracles are easy to understand and perform.

Here's what's...

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Surp'Rise by Sandeep

Imagine borrowing a ring and causing it to rise all the way and stand by itself in your hand. Now imagine doing it without using any threads, magnets, elastics, rubber-bands and electronics. With Surp'Rise you can achieve this. You literally "Breath Life Into the Ring".

Here is What happens:

Borrow a ring and place it in your hand. Tell that you are going to breath life into it. Now blow on it and cause it to rise all the way until it stands.

Consider this:

  • No threads, magnets, rubbers, elastics or electronics
  • Everything is under your complete control.
  • Everything is examinable. ...
★★★★★ $10
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MP4 (video)

Eckhard Böttcher
Magisches Spezialthema Nr. 1: Das 4er-Ringspiel by Eckhard Böttcher

Detailierte Schritt für Schritt Beschreibung mit mehr als 70 Illustrationen. Diese Routine wird stumm zu Musik vorgeführt.

Dieses Manuskript enthält eine komplette Routine für das 4er-Ringspiel. Es besteht aus zwei Einzelringen, einem verschließbaren Schlüsselring und einem normalen Schlüsselring.

Erstausgabe 1981; erste digitale Ausgabe 2017, 46 Seiten.

★★★★ $10
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber Butike Routinensammlung 2 by Eckhard Böttcher

Die folgenden Routinen werden in dieser Sammlung beschrieben:

  • Bank Night "verkehrt"
  • Becher und Poker-Chips
  • Das Becherspiel
  • Bermuda Dreieck
  • Der besiegte Zufall
  • Bester Kartentrick
  • Besuch im Zoo
  • Bewegliches Loch
  • Bicycle Chop Karte
  • Bicycle Springfächer
  • Bier-Würfel
  • Big Card Case
  • Bilder-Computer
  • Billscape
  • Blauer Kristall
  • Blendo Beutel
  • Blendo Plus
  • Blitz-Drucker
  • Blitz Restauration
  • Blitzerscheinen einer Rose
  • Blitztransfer
  • Blitz-Tuchvergrößerung
  • Blitzverkettung
  • Blitz-Verwandlungskarte
  • Blitzwürfel
  • Blitz Kartenvorhersage-Tuch
  • Blumen Kerze
  • Blumenmirakel
  • Blumenschirm ...
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Eckhard Böttcher
Zauber Butike Routinensammlung 1 by Eckhard Böttcher

Die folgenden Routinen werden in dieser Sammlung beschrieben:

  • 2 Pence & 2 Euro
  • 2 x weißer Kater
  • 3 Fragezeichen
  • 3 kleine Becherlein...
  • 3-Fache Münzenverwandlung
  • 3-Punkte-Test
  • 4-As-Automat
  • 5 Seile-Trick
  • 5-DM-Produktion Non Stop
  • 6-Geldschein-Trick
  • Die 7 Schwaben
  • 100%ig
  • 220V-Spektakel
  • Aaa-Kellen
  • Abbrechkiste
  • Above Suspicion
  • Adairäs springende Rose
  • Affenschaukel 'super'
  • Agenten ABC
  • Ägyptische Finsternis
  • Akrobaten Clowns
  • Al Danys Duplikator
  • Aladin-Dose
  • Allround Card Etui
  • Alptraum des Professors
  • Amore
  • Amüsanter Gedächtnis-Test
  • Amüsantes Zahlenrätsel
  • Die 'Andere'...
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Jack Chanin
J. C. Coin Routines: Handle With Gloves by Jack Chanin
  • May I Have A Word With You Please?
  • Books by Jack Chanin
  • CHAPTER 1: J. C. Streamlined Palming Coins
  • CHAPTER 2: Working With Gloves
  • CHAPTER 3: Tips
  • CHAPTER 4: Sleeving
  • CHAPTER 5: J. C. Palm
  • CHAPTER 6: Requirements
  • CHAPTER 7: Between The Fingers
  • CHAPTER 8: Gone With The Flame
  • CHAPTER 9: 6 from 11 - ?
  • CHAPTER 10: J. C. Favorite
  • CHAPTER 11: Knuckles
  • CHAPTER 12: J. C. Master Production and Vanish
  • CHAPTER 13: An Old Trick Dressed Up
  • CHAPTER 14: Just A Production
  • CHAPTER 15: Short and Sweet
  • CHAPTER 16: Coin Migration

1st edition 1941, 31 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, 26 pages....

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Arnold Furst
Hypnosis for Salesmen by Arnold Furst

... a must for every salesman who wishes to succeed in a "hard-sell" field.

  • How to make the customer buy compulsively
  • How to develop a sincere selling personality
  • Correlating the selling arts with hypnosis
  • How you may find your true capabilities
  • Learn by simple step-by-step methods
  • How to establish a feeling of rapport
  • The importance of making every sale
  • The power of positive suggestion
  • Leaving the buyer with no choice
  • How to use "motivation buying"
  • Overcoming bad habits
Why Was This Book Written?

Two reasons:

  1. To help you become a better salesman.
  2. To instruct you regarding...
★★★★ $10
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Robert A. Nelson
The Mentalist's Manual by Robert A. Nelson

Do you want to be a professional mentalist? This authoritative textbook shows how to enter this interesting and highly profitable profession. This ebook literally takes the reader by the hand, and step by step, outlines the correct procedure - from start to finish. Just as if you hired Nelson to consult with you on how to break into the psychic entertainment business.

Covered in detail are: How to begin - the necessary requisites - suitable names and titles - the lecture - routines - publicity and a hundred and one time-proven facts that are so necessary for success. Not only does Nelson...

★★★★ $6
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Richard W. G. Van Ray
Modern Miracles in Magic by Richard W. G. Van Ray

No matter if you're an amateur, semi-pro, or make your living from magic, there's gold in this ebook for performers of every ilk. Seventeen effects in all are included, ranging from card tricks to mental tests, to geek magic (such as you'd find in a carnival sideshow) and even a full-fledged illusion!

In the "Hammered Nails" effect, members of the audience are invited to drive several spikes or large nails into a trio of wooden boards with a sledgehammer. One of the boards is selected, and the performer - with his bare hands - pulls out the spike. This is "geek" magic at its best and an effect...

★★★★★ $8
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Frank Bonville
The Little Secrets by Frank Bonville

A great book on the tricks of the trade of professional gamblers, how they cheat and get an advantage in the game. From the introduction:

It has been my fortune, or misfortune, whichever you wish to term it, to have traveled a good deal and to have observed not a little. I have engaged in more than one business; it pleased my fancy, and can say, with a pardonable pride, that I have met with some degree of success. During the past few years of my life I have studied human nature in all its phases, from its lowest forms in the gutter, in the slums, in the gilded dens of vice, in the gambling...

★★★★ $9
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Unknown Mentalist
Dark Corners by Unknown Mentalist

Effect as seen by the participant. From among hundreds of words, a participant chooses a single word silently in her mind. It is a totally free choice and there is no force of any kind. After a simple and quick process of visualization by the participant, the performer is able to divine the exact word accurately without pumping. Nothing is spoken or written down by the participant.

This routine can be repeated instantly for the same participant or can be performed for multiple participants simultaneously. The principle behind the basic method is a very novel one and can find many other applications. ...

★★★★★ $18
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