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Self-Working or Sleightless DIY Playing Cards Moves ACAAN Stacks Marked Rising & Levitating Gaffed Manipulation & XCM Svengali Torn and Restored Linking Cards


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Oscar Hugo
Magi Card System by Oscar Hugo

A comprehensive treatise devoted to a brilliant cyclical stack system for professional magicians and mentalists.

This ebook covers the topic in great detail, including ten lessons for learning the system, plus how to use the Magi System to its utmost, including clever false cuts and shuffles that'll hide the fact that a setup is used at all. Also included are mechanical methods that can optionally be combined with the Magi System to make it even better.

The ebook contains a mix of effects that are easy to do and ones that take some skill. All are explained in an easy-to-follow manner,...

★★★★ $15
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Dr. Hans-Christian Solka
Snibbets by Dr. Hans-Christian Solka

An easy-to-calculate version of the Si Stebbins stack.

The name 'Snibbets' (Stebbins reversed) was coined by Rusduck. It denotes a reversed Si Stebbins stack where instead of adding 3 to get to the next card's value one substracts 3. The first to publish a negative step version was Ernest Hammond in The Magic of Tomorrow. While this may seem a rather inconsequential change, it has some advantages over the classic Si Stebbins stack. In this ebook, Dr. Solka takes you through the details of this lesser-known version of Si Stebbins.

1st edition 2022, PDF 19 pages.

★★★★★ $9.90
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Joseph B.
Kpyto by Joseph B.

A new method to learn the identity of three (could be less, and could also be more) truly freely selected cards from a borrowed shuffled deck.

A real weapon that can also be used in other routines. A powerful effect and a fooler not only for layman but also for magicians. The magician is able to reveal the identity of three cards randomly taken by the spectator under impossible conditions. This method is unbelievable and diabolic at the same time. Everything with a borrowed shuffled deck. The magician always looks away.

  • no switch
  • no palm
  • no mirror or shiner
  • no doubles
  • no crimp ...
★★★ $9
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MP4 (video)

Mark Cahill
PCAN: Predicted Card At Number by Mark Cahill

The spectator shuffles the cards, and magi removes one card as an open prediction for all to see. A three-digit number is called by the spectator and the magi deals cards to the table to match each digit, leaving a random card to the side for each number. The three cards placed aside are then added up to the random number they achieve. With the deck now face down, that number is counted down to, and miraculously it reveals the mate to the prediction card initially laid on the table.

No dupes, no gimmicks, no tape, no magnets, no smoke, no mirrors, spectator shuffles, any 3 digits named. ...

★★★★ $5
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Burling Hull
Double Magic with Cards by Burling Hull

Card tricks requiring one or more double-facers.

The 18 tricks were supplied by U. F. Grant. Burling Hull writes:

Once in a decade, comes an array of unique and miraculous card mysteries - and introducing revolutionary magical principles in this branch of mystification. Such are the card feats in this book. Many of the experiments have been viewed by American foremost magical critics, and pronounced "Amazingly Ingenious".


This book includes some amazing deceptions with DOUBLE FACE CARDS (cards with faces printed on both sides) which may be introduced into almost any standard pack (and frequently...

★★★★★ $8
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Mystic Alexandre
Listen and It Will Speak by Mystic Alexandre

A minimalist storytelling mentalism card routine.

"This is a truly thoughtful and beautiful presentation - the sort of thing that really warms my heart. The presentation here is the thing. And what's really nice about it, is that it is easily adaptable to other effects if one so desires. I love it!" - Sudo Nimh

A special competition was underway at a famous monastery and all the monks were quite eager to do well. The Master had pointed out a very special tree that lived in the woods surrounding the monastery grounds and the monks had been asked to write a story about this tree. The winner...

★★★★★ $9
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Sayan G.
S.G. Spread Control by Sayan G.

A utility move that allows you to control a card to the top, to the second, or a few cards down from the top.

I have created this move back in 2010 to control a card to the top of the deck. Over the years I have refined it to this point, now I am confident enough to share it with the magic community. With this move, you can not only control a card to the top but also to the second position or a few cards down from the top. This move is easy to perform without any knuckle-busting exercises.

1st edition 2022, video 22:20.

★★★★★ $5
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MP4 (video)

Charles C. Eastman
Subtle Card Sleights by Charles C. Eastman

Tried and tested card tricks requiring no skill.

  • The Sensitive Touch
  • A New Card Force
  • Locate It
  • Out Of The Pocket
  • The Subtle Exchange
  • Simplified Telephone Mind Reading Card Trick
  • The Turnover Deception
  • The Invisible Card
  • It's Reversed
  • A Unique Card Force
  • Byplay
  • Reel Magic
  • For The Reader Of This Manuscript

1st edition 1932, 3rd edition 1973, 19 pages; PDF 18 pages.

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Joseph B.
Any Card At Any Value by Joseph B.

This effect has such a subtle method. If you want to destroy your spectator with a killer effect, this is the one. This effect is a mix of impossible location, ACAAN and impossible revelation. Joseph has often used this effect as an opener and always got great reactions. You have all the material at home to construct the deck.

You introduce a deck of cards and instruct a spectator to cut about a third of the deck and place it to the side. The card cut to is remembered by the spectator and also put aside. The spectator shuffles the part cut off and the performer shuffles the remainder of...

★★★★★ $8
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MP4 (video)

Bob Farmer
Hummer's Odyssey by Bob Farmer

If you are interested in mentalism and/or impossible card locations and/or the Sunken Key, you will enjoy this manuscript. If you enjoy fooling other members of the conjuring demi-monde, you will enjoy this manuscript. If you know who Bob Hummer is, you will really enjoy this manuscript.

If you like tricks that involve the Seven Deadly Sins, astrological signs, lucky cards and H.P. Lovecraft, you will enjoy this manuscript.

It's twenty bucks, about what you'd pay for a Starbucks coffee on Rodeo Drive in L.A. Unlike the coffee, you won't need to talk to a sycophantic barista with a Chinese ideogram...

★★★★ $20
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Mystic Alexandre
The Devil's Game by Mystic Alexandre

Two bizarre playing card routines.

In the Devil's Game you tell the story of a guy named Billy who finds himself in hell, he simply can't believe it. Billy just doesn't belong in hell, he lived his life honestly, he was loyal, he was a good guy, did the right things, played by the rules. What the hell is he doing in hell?! So he asks one of the Devil's minions to please take him to the devil, that he urgently needs to speak to him to figure this thing out. The minion takes him to the devil's lavish chambers, and the devil, smoking a cigar, surrounded by beautiful women, quietly hears him...

★★★ $16.66
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Joseph B.
Mental Fooler by Joseph B.

Mental Fooler is a great and direct effect. It looks like you really know how to read the spectator's mind. The most important element is that you can do this with a borrowed shuffled deck. Everything is done with the cards face down. You take a borrowed deck of cards and remove a couple of cards. While you are turned away the spectator first shuffles these cards and then only thinks of one of them. Then you explain to him how to spell a card and move for each character a card from top to bottom. While you are again turned away the spectator spells the thought of card silently. You are able...

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MP4 (video)

Peter Pellikaan
Kings over Queens by Peter Pellikaan

You show a packet of four black kings with blue backs and you place them face-down on the table. You further show four red queens. Waving the queens face-up over the face-down kings suddenly turns them all face-down as well. Another magical gesture and the four red queens are now four black kings. You place the packs together and suddenly the cards magically mix. Finally, you show all cards individually as totally normal except that the backs of the queens have now suddenly turned to red. No additional cards. No double-facers and no double-backers or other gimmicked cards.

1st edition...

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MP4 (video)

Graham Hey
Molecule Madness by Graham Hey

Two cards (2 x Queen of Spades) are shown to a spectator, who is then handed an "invisible card" the 9 of Hearts. The spectator throws the invisible card towards the magician who is going to catch it between the two queens. The spectator does this and the 9 of hearts instantly appears between them! Then, whenever the magician wants, the 9 of hearts vanishes - only to turn up in another location. This is a great self-working effect that gets great reactions.

You'll need to make the gimmick with a couple of things most magicians will already possess. It'll take you just five minutes and...

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Roberto Bombassei & Biagio Fasano
In Your Hands 2 by Roberto Bombassei & Biagio Fasano

10 new card magic effects, semi-automatic and hands-off, thought to be performed at distance, remotely in a video call (like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet...) or just on phone. Some mathematical principles alternate with others less known in card magic, to create easy but amazing new effects that can pleasantly fool all your viewers.

Here are the effects, all executable at a distance:

FIVE CARDS MIRACLE - One card thought of in five, so simple and straightforward that it will fool anyone.

E-SANDWICH - Two special cards will be able to capture the card the spectator is thinking about. ...

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Joseph B.
La Routine Des Rois by Joseph B.

La routine des rois is a mixture of a packet trick and a production of Kings and Aces. You can do it with a normal deck of cards. It is a climax of twists, as you can see from the demo video. You need to know only the Elmsley Count. In any case, I also give you a little tutorial on it. No gaffed cards and no gimmick.

1st edition 2022, video 10:56

★★★★ $9
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MP4 (video)

Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph
F.C.O.C. (Fairmagic's Card on Ceiling) by Ralf (Fairmagic) Rudolph

An interesting evolution of the classic "card to ceiling effect". Two cards are involved.

The first card appears on the ceiling as in the classic card to ceiling effect. A little later, a second card is selected from which a corner is torn off. This card is now suddenly on the ceiling where the first card was before. Alternatively, you could use a wall or a pane of glass.

1st edition 2022, video 38:38.

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MP4 (video)

Paul A. Lelekis
Bro. John Hamman Reimagined by Paul A. Lelekis

This e-book is a fun-filled, hilarious 12-15 minute routine, that one can perform with a borrowed deck.

This routine is composed of four monster routines, spliced together into a very funny event, that crescendos into Mr. Hamman's most prized effect, "The Signed Card". But this version has been brought into the 21st century. Now, when someone hands you a deck of cards and says "Do a trick!" you will now be equipped with a 4-part routine that fully engages your spectators and will crescendo into a truly mind-blowing finale - and it's impromptu.

1) The spectator first picks out any four...

★★★★★ $10
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Fred Roner
You Too Are A Card Magician by Fred Roner

A collection of really nice card tricks that require no sleight-of-hand. Additionally, you will get an informative biographical sketch of Fred Roner written by Richard Hatch.

  • Fred Roner: Card Conjurer, Stage Pickpocket, Painter
  • You have bought this book!
  • The Press and I
  • Guessing of Cards
  • No Title?
  • With dice and matches
  • The three righteous
  • Which card is missing?
  • I knew it!
  • Vanished?

1st German edition 1929, 1st English translation 2022; PDF 20 pages.

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Joseph B.
+++ACAAN by Joseph B.

This is an incredible ACAAN with two completely normal decks of cards. Really powerful and semi-automatic, so easy to do. A very important point is that it only takes 5 seconds to reset.

The spectator has the choice of one of two decks. She thinks of any card (totally free choice). This card is taken out of the deck, signed, returned, and the deck is cut several times. Then the second deck is shuffled and cut. The spectator cuts this deck into four piles which are arranged around the other deck of cards. The spectator has a free choice to either turn face-up two packs, and for the other...

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MP4 (video)

Lewis Ganson
Aces in Deception or "How Right You Are" by Lewis Ganson

An easy and effective multiphase routine with a Svengali deck. A spectator is correct continually in finding a previously selected card which the performer underlines with the punch line "How Right You Are."

From the introduction:

Here is one of those card routines in which the happenings are inexplicable to the uninitiated. The handling of the cards is so natural and each move is performed so deliberately, that trickery appears out of the question, yet a series of effects take place which really are uncanny.

To begin with, I will confess that a Svengali pack is used throughout and...

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Ian Baxter
Ten-Four by Ian Baxter

Australian card man Ian Baxter has nailed it once again! Here is a straightforward, anytime, anywhere mystery that will leave audiences scratching their heads.

No fakes, gaffs or stranger cards are employed. An ordinary deck, borrowed or supplied by you, is the sole requirement. Ten-Four, a radio call sign, means "everything is okay" but in this case, it also spells out what is involved. The four tens end up cavorting from the deck to the table and back again, with a jaw-dropping finish. And there is room for a spot of humour as well.

Acknowledgment must be made to Tom Ogden of Hollywood, California,...

★★★★★ $4
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Biagio Fasano
Contactless Automatic Card At Number: Ebook #5 by Biagio Fasano

This fifth part of my card project (each volume is, in any case, totally independent of the others) includes 3 new original A.C.A.A.N. effects requiring no sleight of hands:

  • Multiverse ACAAN (Parallel Universes in a deck of cards!)
  • Royal AKAAN (the King of "Card at Number"!)
  • IMPROMPTU Lucky ACAAN (Card at Lucky Number, with a borrowed and shuffled deck!)

It's a new series of hands-off self-working card magic effects, that will all happen in your viewer's hands. No particular skill is required, just the ability to instruct and pay attention to what the viewer is doing... In this third...

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Jeff Stone
Two Birds One Stone by Jeff Stone

Bird One - Kingside Castling

Simply put, a spectator's signed king from a packet of four kings vanishes from underneath her hand. As a kicker, the other 3 kings in the packet become blank even though she just saw all four of the kings. There are no switches.

Bird Two - Brainwave: Card 8

This is a variation of Nick Trost's 8 Card Brainwave that does the effect in reverse.

From a packet of 8 cards with 8 different colored backs, the spectator freely (no force) chooses one of them without knowing the values of any of the cards. Yet, the one she freely chose is found to be the only...

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