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Charles Thorton Jordan
The Four Full Hands by Charles Thorton Jordan

This booklet is actually two booklets in one: Four Full Hands of Card Tricks and Four Full Hands of Down to the Minute Magical Effects. These were originally printed in 1921 and 1922 on large sheets 25 x 19 inches. Later in 1947 LLoyd E. Jones reprinted this material.

1st edition, 1921, Charles T. Jordan; reprint, 1947, Lloyd E. Jones, Oakland; 40 pages.

  1. Foreword
  2. Hand No. 1
  3. Impromptu Card Tricks
  4. 1. The Master Stop Trick
  5. 2. Improved Satan's Phrophecy
  6. 3. The Vanishing Pair
  7. 4. The Four-To-One Detection
  8. 5. The Assistance Card Trick
  9. Hand No. 2
  10. An Impromptu Routine
  11. 1. The Inseparable...
★★★★★ $4
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Charles Thorton Jordan
Ten New Sleight of Hand Card Tricks by Charles Thorton Jordan

This is number two of Jordan's Ten New Tricks Series. It has contributions by T. Nelson Downs and Louis C. Haley.

1st edition, 1920, Penngrove, California; 23 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. The Amazing Aces.
  3. Transposition Extraordinary. T. Nelson Downs.
  4. The Straight-Jacket Reversed Card. Louis C. Haley.
  5. The Triple Escape.
  6. Reverse English on the X-Ray.
  7. The Stabbed Pair.
  8. The Brain Twister.
  9. The Winged Cards.
  10. The Spelling Fool!
  11. The Suits Unscrambled.
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Charles Thorton Jordan
Ten New Prepared Card Tricks by Charles Thorton Jordan

This is number four of Jordan's Ten New Tricks Series. At one time Jordan prepared and sold faked cards and routines that went along with them. When he stopped doing this he decided to select the ten best faked card tricks and collect them in this booklet. You get the description of how to prepare the faked cards yourself as well as the routines.

1st edition, 1920, Penngrove, California; 24 pages.

  1. Preface.
  2. The Spirit Aces.
  3. The Spook Card.
  4. The Demon Color Change.
  5. A Unique Reverse.
  6. Divino.
  7. Joker Monte.
  8. Pedro Monte.
  9. Speaking of Pink Elephants.
  10. The Contrary Clock.
  11. Transcendental Vision. ...
★★★★ $3
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Charles Thorton Jordan
Ten New Impromptu Card Tricks by Charles Thorton Jordan

This is number one of Jordan's Ten New Tricks Series. It assumes you are familiar with some basic sleights like the Pass and the Palm.

1st edition, 1920, Charles T. Jordan; 24 pages.

  1. Preface
  2. 1. Satan's Prophecy
  3. 2. The Spirit Mathematician
  4. 3. Co-incidentally
  5. 4. The Pinochle Ace Trick
  6. 5. The Vanishing Card
  7. 6. The Reversed Court Card
  8. 7. The New Pack Detection
  9. 8. The Life Saver
  10. 9. The Impromptu Arranged Pack
  11. 10. The Five Guesses
★★★★ $3
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Clever Card Tricks by Maxwell

A little booklet with 12 great card tricks. And the price - a steal!

1st edition, 1934, Max Holden; 12 pages.

  1. Sleight of Foot
  2. The Voice Betrays
  3. The Puzzler Card Trick
  4. Card in Pocket
  5. The Obliging Card
  6. The Joker Tells
  7. Cards Behind Back
  8. Mind Control
  9. A Clever Spelling Trick
  10. Another Spelling Trick
  11. The Reversed Card
  12. Mental Forecast
  13. Advertisement
★★★★ $1.50
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Professor Hoffmann
Herrman's Tricks with Cards by Professor Hoffmann

This is a reprint of the sections dealing with card magic from Professor Hoffmann's Modern Magic. There are however six new pages (four in the front and two in the back) which are entitled "Canfield's Expose". These six pages expose scams such as 'short changing', the 'soap game', the 'spindle game', ...

Reprint is too kind a word, rip-off is more appropriate since this was an unauthorized republication of Hoffmann's material. Also interesting to note is that the correct spelling of Herrmann is with two r's and two n's, the book title however only shows one n. Probably a deliberate error to avoid legal troubles. (Information...

★★★★★ $2
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Thomas Nelson Downs
The Art of Magic by Thomas Nelson Downs

The collaboration of T. Nelson Downs and John Northern Hilliard produced this wonderful book. Downs was the first to introduce an act with small objects onto the vaudeville stage. He was most famous for his coin manipulation, and in particular for his version of the "Miser's Dream". The Art of Magic covers sleights with cards, coins, and balls, and teaches many tricks and routines with detailed explanations from the master.

The card section in this book was epoch making. It features the first appearance in print of the side steal. Based on the number of pages dealing with card magic this is more a card book than...

★★★★★ $5.50
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Leo Boudreau
Spirited Pasteboards by Leo Boudreau

Max Maven writes in the introduction to Spirited Pasteboards:

There is an ancient Chinese curse which goes, "May you live in interesting times." Bearing this in mind, it is not without some playful malice that I inform you that you are now holding a tome which is extremely interesting.

As with the author's previous book, Psimatrika, the work in this text is primarily based upon stacking arrangements which generate information via binary codes. The principle is by no means new, but in its seventy-year history as a conjuring method it has remained little-known and woefully under-explored.

Mr. Boudreau...

★★★★★ $29
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Peter Duffie
Virtual Miracles by Peter Duffie

Virtual Miracles is a collection of card tricks by some of the best close-up magicians. The contributors are: Jason Alford, Steve Hamilton, Robert Neale, Steve Beam, Pit Hartling, Jon Racherbaumer, David Britland, J. K. Hartman, Dave Robertson, Dave Campbell, Richard James, Robin Robertson, Aldo Colombini, Marty Kane, Fred Robinson, Paul W. Cummins, Peter Lamont, Gavin Ross, Daryl, Walt Lees, Allan Slaight, Peter Duffie, Val Le-Val, Roy Walton, Iain Girdwood, Gene Maze, Gary Ward, Phil Goldstein, George McBride, R. Paul Wilson, Paul Hallas, Peter McLanachan and Andrew Wimhurst.

first edition 2004; 107 pages

  • Sandwich Spread, Jason Alford
  • Remember & Forget, Steve Beam
  • AT003, David Britland
  • Sweet Little Lies, David Britland
  • The last Game, David Britland ...
★★★★★ $17.50
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Peter Duffie
Move Mastery 1 by Peter Duffie

This collection of videos features an outstanding selection of 16 original card sleights, Ace Productions & other Eye-poppers, all demonstrated and fully explained on 32 video clips!

We also offer a second volume Move Mastery 2 and a third volume Move Mastery 3.

★★★★★ $19.95
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MP4 (video)

Michael Close
Closely Guarded Secrets by Michael Close

This is a very well done PDF. Here is what Michael writes about his ebook:

This ebook offers unparalleled instruction by allowing text, photographs, and video clips to do what they do best and can be printed out to produce a spectacular 8.5 x 11, 179-page book. Each routine is described in complete detail in Michael Close’s clear, easy-to-read style. It’s almost like having private lessons with Michael Close. BONUS: Three Essays on Magic Theory and Michael’s Presentation & Handling of: Dean Dill’s Box & Gary Plants Magnetized Cards.

The 179 pages of Closely Guarded Secrets contain...

★★★★★ $29.95
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Steven Youell
Steven Youell Teaches Advanced Card Techniques by Steven Youell

This video is packed with top notch information. You get 6 bonus effects in a PDF. And you get 17 video clips in MP4 format demonstrating and teaching advanced card sleights such as the Top Change, Zarrow Shuffle, Side Steal, Perfect Tabled Faro, Cardini Multiple Shift, Forcing and Palming. Steven is an accomplished card handler and performer. Learn from his experience and advice.

Steven Youell sold the same information on two separate CDs. We have bought the rights and combined them into this one download product.

    • Blinded By The Sleight
    • Gaffus Maximus
    • The Infamous Non-Working...
★★★★★ $29.90
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MP4 (video)

Roberto Giobbi
Card College 2 by Roberto Giobbi

This is the second volume of the famous Card College series. Volume 1 and volume 2 can be considered a unit, covering most important moves as well as most if not all crucial theoretical points. Each section describes a move or a group of sleights in minute detail, using carefully chosen words, beautiful illustrations and clear video clips. There are a total of 108 video clips in this volume. At the end of each section you will find some of the best and most amazing effects. (If you are looking for the 8 hour video course please go here Card College 1 & 2: Personal Instruction.)

The many video clips, some in slow motion, some from different...

★★★★★ $45
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Roberto Giobbi
Card College 1 by Roberto Giobbi

Card College is a modern classic. It is without a doubt the most important work on sleight of hand with cards. This is the first volume in a series of five. The speciality of this electronic book are its 89 video clips, which show how Giobbi executes each and every technique described. (If you are looking for the 8 hour video course please go here Card College 1 & 2: Personal Instruction.)

This ebook has also been nominated as a finalist in the prestigious EPPIE 2004 ebook award in the category non-fiction/how-to. This is the first magic book to be nominated for a non-magic book prize.

Please note that there are significant...

★★★★★ $45
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Geo DeLawrence
Some Card Effects and Magical Talks by Geo DeLawrence

This is quite an interesting booklet with very nice ideas for patter, as well as some card effects. Particularly noteworthy is a hilarious burlesque mind reading act. You have to check this one out!

1st edition, 1919, F. G. Thayer, Los Angeles; 45 pages.

  1. A Few Remarks
  2. Opening Patter
  3. Some Card Effects and Accompanying Patter:
  4. Four Ace Combination
  5. The Wrapped Cards Divided by a Knife
  6. Transposition
  7. Miscellaneous Patter:
  8. Kling Klang
  9. Solid Through Solid
  10. Straight Jacket Escape
  11. The Rabbit Pan
  12. The Spirit Hand
  13. The Egg Bag
  14. The Twentieth Century Handkerchief Trick
  15. Cards from the Pocket ...
★★★★★ $2
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Jean Hugard
More Card Manipulations by Jean Hugard

This is the sequel to Card Manipulations. It is a collection of four booklets. Emphasis is put on practical methods without any apparatus.

1st edition, 1938-1941, Max Holden, New York; reprint, 1974, Dover Publications, New York; 205 pages.

  • No. 1.
    • Part I. - TRICKS
      1. The Three Musketeers and D'Artagnan
      2. The Sheep and the Goats
      3. Snap - A Quick Trick
      4. Crime Club Detection - Dr. H. Walter Grote
      5. Infallible Prediction - Audley V. Walsh and Hal Haber
      6. The Continuous Spelling Trick - Jack McMillen
      7. The Burglars - Orville W. Meyer
      8. The Magic Thrust - Orville W. Meyer
      9. The Two Jokers - P. W. Miller
      10. The Ladies'...
★★★★★ $5
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Jean Hugard
Card Manipulations by Jean Hugard

This book is a collection of five little booklets. Each booklet typically has a section with sleights and a section with tricks using these sleights. The name Hugard guarantees for first rate material and so it is no surprise that Card Manipulations and the follow up More Card Manipulations includes some of the very best tricks and routines one can do with cards.

1st edition, 1934-1936, Max Holden, New York; reprint, 1973, Dover Publications, New York; 163 pages.

    • The one Hand Top Card Palm
    • The Hindu Shuffle or Running Cut
    • The Hindu Shuffle as a Substitute for the Pass
    • And yet...
★★★★★ $4
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Ted Annemann
Annemann's Card Magic by Ted Annemann

This book is actually two books: Ted Annemann's Full Deck of Impromptu Card Tricks and Annemann's Miracles of Card Magic. Annemann, perhaps more famous for his mental magic, was an extraordinary card man, a master of subtleties and misdirection. That is why most of the tricks in this collection do not require difficult moves, which does not mean that they are all easy to perform. His tricks have often the impromptu quality and can thus be performed without any prior preparation. You will also find contributions from such famous masters of card magic as Dai Vernon, Dr. Daley, Jean Hugard, Al Baker, Audley Walsh, Stewart Judah, and many others. ...

★★★★ $4
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Jean Hugard
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks by Jean Hugard

This book is indeed worthy the name Encyclopedia. Originally compiled by Doctor Wilhelm von Deusen in collaboration with Mr. Glenn G. Gravatt (published in two volumes Encyclopedia of Self-Working Card Tricks and The Second Encyclopedia of Card Tricks), and later rewritten by Jean Hugard. It has a very interesting introduction by Ted Annemann where he addresses the issue of inventing new tricks and claiming ownership. This book will provide you with more card tricks than you ever wanted. The combined value of its contents, were the tricks to be computed at their original marketed price, was in the thousands of dollars. Now you can have it for a few bucks.

Hugard added a number of items over what...

★★★★ $6
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Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser & Ottokar Fischer & Sam Sharpe
Hofzinser's Card Conjuring by Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser & Ottokar Fischer & Sam Sharpe

Hofzinser was born at the beginning of the 19th century and lived in Vienna during a time called the 'Biedermeier'. This was a time where people enjoyed art and entertainment in drawing-room presentations and at little receptions in the houses and villas of the rich and famous. Hofzinser thus never performed on a stage but perfected the branch of magic today known as 'Close-up'. One could argue that Hofzinser is the grandfather of close-up magic in particular close-up card magic. And this book is all about card magic. We have to thank Ottokar Fischer for collecting Hofzinser's material about...

★★★★★ $6
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Jean Hugard & Fred Braue
Expert Card Technique by Jean Hugard & Fred Braue

This is the 3rd edition which includes an additional chapter by Dai Vernon and another one by Dr. Daley. (The popular Dover version is a reprint of the 2nd edition and is lacking these two interesting chapters.) This book describes serious stuff. Card moves and tricks for the advanced card man. (For an excellent introduction to card magic see The Royal Road to Card Magic or the Card College series.) Expert Card Technique lists and explains in detail a large quantity of card moves. Card moves are abundant and any good card man will come up with his own variations and twists due to his constant use of cards and tireless perfection of...

★★★★★ $6
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Jean Hugard & Fred Braue
The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard & Fred Braue

The younger generation of card magicians probably knows or has heard of Card College by Roberto Giobbi. The Royal Road to Card Magic is very similar but of older vintage and doesn't cover as much ground. It introduces the novice into the art of card magic one move and principle at a time, always with tricks accompanying the moves. It is therefore not a mindless list of moves but a well prepared and thought out textbook. It will take the beginner to an intermediate level. Once The Royal Road to Card Magic has been mastered one can move on to Expert Card Technique which requires a higher skill level.

Actually because Expert Card Technique did not sell well...

★★★★★ $5
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Jean Hugard & Fred Braue
Show Stoppers with Cards by Jean Hugard & Fred Braue

Jean Hugard and Fred Braue stand for quality. This is a booklet for all card enthusiasts. It has tricks from Bert Allerton, Stewart James, Bob Madison, and several Braue routines. The now famous 'Homing Card' is one of Braue's creations and described here for the first time.

1st edition 1948; 16 pages

Table of contents

  1. The Braue Double Lift
  2. Allerton's Amazing Aces
  3. Pockethereal
  4. 10 - 6 - 9 - 4
  5. Nail Cutting
  6. Nailcutting the Aces
  7. Dunbury Delusion
  8. Fan False Count
  9. Triple Do
  10. The Homing Card
  11. The Great Trunk Trick
★★★★ $3
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S. W. Erdnase
The Expert at the Card Table by S. W. Erdnase

Originally entitled Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge at the Card Table, is probably the most cited and referenced book about card gambling moves - a classic in the history of magic literature. A must read for any card magician or aspiring gambling expert and an indespensable reference book. While the authorship of this book is hotly debated we are convinced it was Edward Gallaway. (For a detailed work on the search for Erdnase see Hurt McDermott's Artifice, Ruse & Erdnase.)

[A copy of this book is also included in Michael McDougall's Card Mastery. This ebook is also available in a German translation.

Paul Fleming wrote:

The information contained in this book is the very basis of modern card conjuring. When first...

★★★★★ $5
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