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Coins, Chips & Buttons

If you have seen a David Roth, Michael Rubinstein or Shigeo Futagawa perform with coins, you know what kind of miracles are possible with these shiny objects. You will find in this category must read classics like Bobo's Modern Coin Magic as well as the latest hot effects by Daniel Garcia or Michael Wild.

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Hatching by Nefesch

You borrow a normal egg from a spectator, who signs it with a permanent pen. Then you borrow a coin and also have it signed by the spectator. Now you proceed to put the signed egg and signed coin together and without making any funny or weird movements. The coin visually penetrates the egg and goes through its shell!. It all happens right before the eyes of the spectator. The egg is now shown all around completely intact, with no scratches or holes. Your hands are shown both sides, all angles are totally clean, you are not hiding or palming the coin, it really has 'melted' into the egg! You...

★★★★ $20
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Lewis Ganson
The Gil-Gan Swindle by Lewis Ganson

What a lovely, simple, but hugely effective coin routine this is. Although an Okito Box is used, none of the regular Okito Box moves are employed .... there are virtually NO SLEIGHTS involved in this effect! Lewis also gives credit to BOB SWADLING for his subtle idea which is incorporated and which makes the effect possible .... and what an effect! A close-up masterpiece!

A small piece of plastic the size of a playing-card is shown and placed across the mouth of a tumbler. A 2p piece (or USA 5 cent piece) is placed on top of the plastic and covered by the lid of a small brass box. On tapping...

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Lewis Ganson
A new look at the Okito Box Teach-In by Lewis Ganson

In 1911, Okito was in partnership with Joe Klein in a magic shop on Broadway, New York. Joe suffered from indigestion and kept his boxes of pills in a drawer in the shop. Okito often handled the pill boxes and noticed that the lid would fit on both bottom and top and in each case, the box looked the same. He had some made up in metal instead of cardboard, of such a size as to take coins and so the "Okito Coin Box" was born. Since they were first marketed by the Bamberg Magic and Novelty Company, dealers all over the world have manufactured and sold these boxes. Different ideas have been incorporated,...

★★★★ $9.50
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D. Angelo Ferri
The Button Biting Trick by D. Angelo Ferri

An unusual effect that is introduced in the manuscript with a cartoon drawn by Chauncey Pierce. Dennis in his own words:

The Button Biting Trick is something I rarely see performed by other magician's, I have enjoyed and benefited form this routine for many years. It is a great way to let people know you are a magician. My original investigations of the routine led me to Malini and Scarne. I have developed my own method to make the effect more 'mentally acceptable' to the spectator. My grandfather was a tailor; buttons are not easily bitten off a coat. The trick rises and falls upon the spectator believing...

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Jim Coles
Under Cover by Jim Coles

Imagine this: You borrow a quarter from a spectator and have it initialed with a Sharpie marker. You take a pack of cigarettes and place the quarter on top of the pack. You have the spectator cover the quarter with a hand and say you’ll cause the coin to pass completely through the pack. You make a magical pass and have the spectator lift her hand. Only...the quarter’s still there. You ask the spectator to pick up the quarter. She tries but her fingers slide right over the coin. Impossibly the coin is under the cellophane! You clearly show the pack is unopened and unmarked in any way. You...

★★★★★ $6.50
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Alan Rorrison
Pulled by Alan Rorrison

The Linking Rings effect is a classic of magic and for good reason: a direct and simple method coupled with the visual aspect of the props have made this a strong hold in most magicians' working arsenals.

So what is wrong with the original that a new one needs to be brought forth? Well, here are a few small points to take into consideration:

  • The old rings are too big for any real world worker
  • They are too expensive in most cases
  • Large rings simply look like a magic prop
  • The routine rarely has any motivation
  • People simply get bored of the routine
Pulled solves all these points and...
★★★★★ $16
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Jim Coles
Quick Change by Jim Coles

Offering to demonstrate a secret exercise that master pickpockets use to sharpen their skills, a small coin purse, a half dollar and a metal washer are given out for examination. The magician explains that the idea is to place the half dollar in the purse, which he does, and cause it to change places with the washer. The first time he merely rubs the washer along the bottom edge of the purse, yet when he brings his hand away it’s seen he’s holding the half dollar. The washer is dumped from the purse.

For the second phase, the half is placed in the purse and the washer is held at the...

★★★★ $6.99
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Stephen Tucker
Magic Purse by Stephen Tucker

Three coins, one at a time, penetrate a purse and land in a glass tumbler. You will need a zippered cloth or leather coin purse and a magnet of the right strength.

  • magnet reduces sleight of hand to a minimum
  • resets automatically
  • ideal for table hopping
1st edition 2008; 2 pages.
★★★★ $12
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Stephen Tucker
Matrix Reloaded by Stephen Tucker

Four laminated cards are shown to each bear the image of a coin. (Included are images of cards bearing either 50p coins or Kennedy half-dollars).

They are tabled, one at each corner of your mat or, if strolling, one on each of four up-turned palms. The coins on three of the cards vanish and appear on the fourth card - in true matrix fashion. Then the four images are shaken off the card into reality. This leaves you with four double blanks and four real coins!

If you like, you can now perform your favorite coin-matrix with the 'real' coins using the blank cards as covers.

  • easy to perform...
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Rannie Raymundo
Sencillo by Rannie Raymundo

A super visual coins across routine.

The profits from the sales of this routine will go to various organizations that are helping victims of the earthquake in Si Chuan, China. Originally this routine was available for $15, but now Rannie has decided to make it free with any amount of donation. That is why the 'price' of this ebook is set to $1, the minimum donation. We hope that you will donate more than the minimum. To do that you only need to change the quantity in the shopping cart. Say you wanted to donate $15, the original price of the ebook, you would enter 15 as the quantity in the...

★★★ $1
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Lewis Ganson & Bobby Bernard
Bernard's Lesson on Coin Magic Teach-In by Lewis Ganson & Bobby Bernard

Bobby Bernard teaches palming, sleights, stratagems, and T. Nelson Downs' Coin Star. Photographed and written by Lewis Ganson. This was part of the famous Ganson Teach-In series originally published by Supreme Magic Inc. Rights are now owned by Martin Breese whom we thank for the kind permission to reproduce this booklet.

[Get the full collection of all 17 Teach-Ins at a huge discount.

1st edition 1978 by Supreme; original 35 pages; PDF 43 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. The Coins
  3. The Hands
  4. Palming A Coin
  5. Thumb Grip
  6. Stretch Palm
  7. Crease Palm
  8. After Ramsay
  9. Production In The Air
  10. Double Production
  11. The Miser's Misers Dream
  12. The Spellbound Move
  13. The Hummer...
★★★★★ $9.50
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David Crown
Bridal Curse by David Crown

The Effect
You present three Chinese coins to your audience which will do their ordinary work as always. Two of the Chinese coins travel from your hand to the ring a spectator is holding in her outstretched palm. The third coin is given shortly to the ones already traveled and you pick up her ring which you put fairly into your own pocket. You are then given the last coin which you throw in your hand. Again the coin will travel... The Spectator is asked to open the hand and to her amazement she finds three coins. But wait - what is in your hand? The spectator's ring!

This ebook includes...

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Jim Coles
Morph by Jim Coles

Change a lighter into a box of matches; transform a silver dollar into a watch. Here’s a collection of eight dazzling close up transformations sure to elicit appreciative gasps from any audience. And the best part? They’re all relatively easy to do. Add some visual zip to your next performance and really make them sit up and take notice.

Hot Sqeeze - Your lighter doesn’t work but your solution is simple: Change the lighter into a full box of real matches.

Silver Press - Show a ball of metal, mash it between your hands, and it becomes a silver dollar. A hyper visual feat that’s...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Ian Kendall
Basic Chip Tricks by Ian Kendall

Ian describes carefully and in detail a number of beautiful and cool flourishes with chips. You are sitting at a blackjack table and you have won a stack of chips during the last plays. The dealer ran out of cards and has to shuffle his six decks, which takes a while. This is the ideal moment to impress with a few chip flourishes. Of course, all of these moves can also be executed with coins rather than chips. You will learn:

  • The Pickup Move
  • Roll Down
  • Double Cut
  • Shuffle on a soft surface
  • Shuffle on a hard surface
  • Shuffling tall stacks
  • The Twirl
  • The Triple Twirl
  • The Reverse Twirl ...
★★★★★ $14
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MP4 (video)

Ron Jaxon
Flip-M-Out by Ron Jaxon

Here is what Ron himself has to say about this ebook:

If I where asked to perform one trick to someone to show my ability as a close up magician. This routine is the one I’d show them. It’s my number one reputation making magic routine and I get more requests to perform “the coin trick” from both laymen and magicians then any other trick I perform. The reason for this is simple. It’s very powerful magic!

Here are a few reasons why:

  • The magic happens in the spectator’s hands.
  • It's done with common objects (coins)
  • Each phases seems more impossible then the one before. ...
★★★★★ $10
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Daniel Garcia
Blueprints by Daniel Garcia

These are Daniel Garcia's 2004 - 2005 Lecture Notes. A sell out at the 2004 LVMI Convention.

"Danny Garcia's magic is the Fools you, Fries you , Freaks you out, and F**ks you up." - Chris Kenner

"How much of this material can I put on my DVD?" - Paul Harris

Contains some of Daniel's closely guarded effects that he has been performing for years: The Ego Slip - Daniel's card control that had even the best card men in magic asking for a copy of these notes. White or Wheat - A Sandwich effect that happens in the cleanest and fairest way possible. Your Personal Safe - A Coins Across routing...
★★★★ $15
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Doug Conn
Conn-juring by Doug Conn

Conn-juring contains professional magic developed for the real world. 42 pages, photo Illustrated.


Flush Brush 2.1 Painting the Royal Flushes.

After-Afterburn A flaming biz-card production.

Joints 3 coin vanish / recovery.

Coin Spectacle Elbow, Knee & Neck... w/ repeat!

Plausible Presentations An essay.

One Conn's one coin flurry and thoughts on the subject.

Rab-bit (sponge) vanishes & reappears on a speks shoulder.

This Little Pinky A dissertation on the pinky count (3 routines.)

Dante's Sandwich A synergystic sandwich sequence; Elmsley's "Point of Departure" meets "The...

★★★★★ $20
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Michael Wild
Amalgamated Steal by Michael Wild

This effect is superior to standard Copper & Silver routines. It is also more amazing than classic Coins Across routines. Amalgamated Steal combines the most astonishing and visually entertaining aspects of both to create a multi-phase coin routine that will keep your audiences on the edges of their seats and leave them absolutely stunned.

You will need two silver half-dollars. One copper coin. One matching copper/silver coin. Two expanded silver shells (one heads and one tails).

1st edition 2006; 10 pages.

★★★★★ $9.50
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Michael Wild
Tavern Magic 2 by Michael Wild

Tavern Magic 1 was so well received that Michael Wild decided to follow it with a second volume which has even better routines. To use his own words "it's larger, has more photos, and contains some pretty damn good material (if I do say so myself)". Yes, it has almost double the amount of photos - and I thought volume one was already chock full of photos - and it teaches indeed amazing miracles using the Sun & Moon gaff coin set. For reviews and comments about Michael's innovative work see Tavern Magic 1.

Michael about the Sun & Moon gaff: "I have always been fascinated by the Sun & Moon coin set because of it's diabolically...

★★★★★ $9.50
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Michael Wild
Tavern Magic 1 by Michael Wild

This ebook is the author debut of Michael Wild. But he is no beginner when it comes to handling coins. He likes to perform in a bar/restaurant environment, and all his routines have been extensively tested there. I was impressed with his meticulous way of describing his routines, his thinking and motivation. He included many photos to describe the modus operandi. This makes it very easy to follow along and learn these fantastic coin routines. The PDF version is done in a beautiful magazine like layout. Michael is also a regular at The Magic Café online forum, aka Wildstone. If you have any...

★★★★★ $7.50
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Shigeo Futagawa
Introduction to Coin Magic by Shigeo Futagawa

I have studied personally for almost two years with Shigeo Futagawa in Yokohama, Japan. He is without a doubt one of the top coin workers living today. A humble man who would have all the right in the world to be not quite so humble. Introduction to Coin Magic is a wonderful book. It is not just for the beginning coin student but for anybody who would like to brush up on some basic moves and learn several new outstanding routines.

Another interesting feature of this book is the several short bios of famous magicians inserted throughout the book. You will find people like Slydini, Han Ping Chien,...

★★★★★ $15
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Jean Hugard
Coin Magic by Jean Hugard

Coin Magic by Hugard is a great and complete introduction to coin magic. It teaches all the important palms, transfers and utility moves. It is not as comprehensive as Bobo's Modern Coin Magic but quality wise it is on the same level. If you don't want to read the massive work of Bobo try this one by Hugard.

1st edition, 1935, Max Holden; reprint, 1972, D. Robbins & Co, New York; 88 pages.

    1. The Palm Proper
    2. The French Drop
    3. The French Drop - Variation
    4. The Pinch
    5. The Thumb Palm
    6. The Pick Up
    7. Changes
    1. Coin and Card
    2. The Melting...
★★★★ $3
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J. B. Bobo
Modern Coin Magic by J. B. Bobo

Some regard this book as the bible of coin magic. And it is indeed packed with moves and tricks. To be precise, there are 116 coin sleights and 236 coin tricks. If you consider adding a coin trick to your program look no further. This is the book for you. Any other book about coins references this one.

Paul Fleming wrote:

This is a book to delight the hearts of amateur magicians which means, of course, most members of the magic fraternity - because nearly all of the performing done by amateurs is, almost inevitably, close-up, impromptu magic; and coin conjuring lends itself particularly well to that...

★★★★★ $8.50
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Thomas Nelson Downs
Modern Coin Manipulation by Thomas Nelson Downs

Learn coin magic from the best coin manipulator ever - the "King of Koins". T. Nelson Downs' original "Miser's Dream" is still unsurpassed. He invented many other new and innovative moves. The unique feature of this book is that it includes many photos of the hands of Downs detailing every important sequence in a move. He also offers helpful tips on presentation, patter, and other techniques. Another excellent book by T. Nelson Downs is The Art of Magic.

1st edition, 1900?, Hamley Brothers, London?; 1999 reprinted under the title "Classic Coin Tricks" by Dover Publishing, New York; 244 pages.

  • CHAPTER...
★★★★ $4.50
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