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Bob Cassidy
The Messing Effect by Bob Cassidy

Wolf Messing (1899 -1974) is often said to have been the most talented mind reader in the world. A native of Poland, Messing moved to Russia just prior to the outbreak of World War II. His decision to emigrate followed a performance, during which he predicted that Germany would be defeated and Hitler would die if Poland were invaded. Hitler, a devout believer in psychic phenomena, showed his appreciation for Messing's psychic gifts by placing a bounty of 200,000 marks on his head. After the war he worked for many years as a performer, and it has been suggested that he was one of Josef Stalin's...

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Bob Cassidy
The Millennial Medium by Bob Cassidy

Near the end of the 19th century - a time believed by many to be the birth of a "New Age"- presentations of mediumship and other so-called psychic phenomena had already become standard theatrical attractions. Samri Baldwin ("The Only Real and Original White Mahatma") had long since developed the one-ahead based question answering act, and the secret writing techniques of Henry Slade and other early mediums had become standard items in the repertoires of many conjurors. Some engaged in actual and pseudo exposures of mediums and psychics, while others, recognizing the power of such presentations,...

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Stephen Tucker
The Mind Map by Stephen Tucker

You remove from your pocket four sections of a large, full-color, treasure map and jig-saw them together. There are 58 possible locations, and someone is asked to imagine that they have buried all their worldly goods at one of these locations.

You now start to deduce, letter-by-letter, the name of their thought of location. However, way before you have called out all the letters, you stop, pick up the four pieces, stick a label onto one of them and hand it to the spectator face down. He reveals where he mentally buried his things, and discovers that you stuck the label, with an X drawn on...

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Edward Bagshawe
The Mind Reader by Edward Bagshawe

Print and Perform.

One of the advantages of the following effect lies in its absurd simplicity of operation. Quite a change from some of the "mentally selected" card effects you may have run across.

Briefly, the effect can be stated as follows. A sealed envelope is first given into the keeping of a member of the audience. Two printed slips of paper (ready to print for you), each bearing the names of cards, are given to a second spectator, who is asked to examine them and note that the names of all the fifty-two cards have been listed upon them. The spectator mentally selects one of the...

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Bob Farmer
The Mind Reader Encephalonic Dossier by Bob Farmer

"Bob Farmer is an interesting man, who creates interesting magic, and that's all one would need to know. With Mind Reader he has once again topped himself, as it might very well blow your mind!" - Roberto Giobbi

"Compared to fully gaffed decks that accomplish the same effect, Bob's work gets you to the selected card faster and leaves you with a deck that can be examined/used for other effects. Final Rating (1-10, 10 being best): I rate this a solid 8 on 10 and a strong recommendation, especially if you are a fan of Bob's other works." - Chris Aguilar

"I have never seen Bob Farmer perform. I have never...

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Robert A. Nelson
The Mindreader's Packet by Robert A. Nelson

Here is a collection of twenty (yes, 20) choice mental and psychic presentations, most of which may be performed impromptu with little or no preparation. The Mindreader's Packet will enable you to demonstrate your apparent amazing mental and psychic abilities that will long linger in the minds of your audience.

Here are descriptions of just a few of the twenty effects contained in this ebook:

MENTAL CARDOLOGY - The mentalist correctly divines the name of a selected playing card, which is placed in his hand behind his back. May be immediately repeated. Ordinary unprepared cards are used...

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Robert A. Nelson & B. W. McCarron
The Modern Blindfold Street Drive by Robert A. Nelson & B. W. McCarron

Not just an effect, it's an event. Box office records attest the tremendous value of this sensational publicity stunt. The Nelson Enterprises were the first to realize the possibilities of a stunt of this kind in conjunction with mental acts, and were the first to utilize it. The Blindfold Street Drive actually attracts thousands of people to witness the performer drive the car through the streets, while handicapped by the lack of normal vision. We know of no other stunt, or idea that could be placed into operation that is sure to attract so much favorable comment, and to impress upon the residents...

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Bob Cassidy
The Moldavian Switch by Bob Cassidy

Secrets of the billet king as told to the author.

Most modern mentalists were first introduced to billet technique in the pages of Theodore Annemann's Practical Mental Effects, which describes a single-handed switch, a two-handed version, and variations with a thumb tip. The techniques are very effective, but require a good deal of practice and careful handling to perform undetectably.

The Moldavian Switch is a technique that effectively removes the "difficulty factor" from billet work. With its several variations it can be used to present any of the many billet routines and effects published during the last hundred years. You...

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Gerard Zitta
The Monty Hall Dilemna 3 by Gerard Zitta

The Monty Hall problem is a famous one in probability. It is based on a TV game from the USA called "Let's make a deal" (1963). It is named after the original host of this show. Inspired by this game, here is an original effect and a great plot for stage, parlour or close up. This unpublished method is easy to do and costs nothing. There is no maths or memorization or difficulty of any sort. It does require some one-time preparation, but just with some index cards, a sheet of paper (for the list of prizes), and a normal pen, nothing else. It can be adapted to your style, venue, weddings, birthday...

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The Mysteries of the Seance by unknown

The "tell-all" book that reveals the innermost secrets of "office" and seance mediums!

These are the very methods used by fraudulent spirit mediums to bilk the innocent public. Because this ebook lays bare the actual methods, the author chose to be anonymous, for fear of reprisals by crooked mediums and their followers. You'll learn the secrets of "Blood writing" (as sold by The Nelson Enterprises), ghostly apparitions, spirit slate writing, seance exhibitions, ballot tests, and many, many other pseudo-mediumistic stunts.

The author, a member of the Spiritualist religious movement, finally...

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Mystic Alexandre
The Mystical Cartomancy Chart by Mystic Alexandre

Playing cards, or even an individual card, carry great magical imagery and symbolism. Over centuries there are numerous songs, stories, and myths about them. They've been used for declarations of love, threats of war, carriers of confessions, curses, and blessings. Here they are being used to deliver vibrational messages to you.

Get reactions and attention with little to no effort. With a deck of cards and this chart you'll be the life of the party.

The Mystical Cartomancy Chart is a simple and direct psychic cartomancy tic sheet that has proven to be a wonderful tool for mentalists...

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Eddie Joseph
The New Premonition by Eddie Joseph

From the introduction:

No matter how deep you delve into Magical history, you will not encounter another card effect similar to my "PREMONITION". When first introduced to fellow magicians, "PREMONITION" was greeted enthusiastically. Many knowledgeable members in the profession proclaimed its merits unstintedly. Others soon learnt of its singular entertainment potentiality and included it as a feature number in their acts. My files are full of laudable comments gathered from various sources. Two of these in particular I wish to record here. The first from that veritable human encylopedia of...

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Al Mann
The Nihon Venture by Al Mann

As Al Mann himself states in the opening line of the introduction, "This manuscript contains 'the perfect billet test!'". A simple paper fold plus a simple move places into the hands of the mentalist a new weapon, an Ultra Exclusive Secret-giving the art of thought-reading a new polish and technique never before possible! Of course as always Al Mann was not satisfied to just give you the one effect. The Nihon Venture contains equally brilliant varations and re-workings. Included is:

  • Tear Retaxo
  • The Ying And The Yang
  • Memory Giant
  • Immolated Moola
  • The Telephone Scenario
Note that...
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Matthew Benjamin
The Numerology Act by Matthew Benjamin

A complete stranger approaches you and requests for you to impress them. Armed with only a few scraps of paper and a pencil you proceed to perform a full Numerology Act for the stranger giving them several extremely accurate personality readings, revealing the name of a thought of person, when they met, and what they were wearing. You even predict the location they met!

For your grand finale, you prove that fate had brought them to you that day with a lightning-fast demonstration of mental acrobatics that relates only to them.

The act can be done completely impromptu or as a full show...

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Steve Pellegrino
The Open Billet Box Collection by Steve Pellegrino

The Open Billet Box is a practical, versatile solution to other billet switching boxes. It's a prop you can make yourself for less than $15.00 in less than 5 minutes. No tools are required.

The original Open Billet Box manuscript produced two follow-up manuscripts:

  • The Open Billet Box Continued
  • The Open Billet Box Q&A Edition

These have been off the market for almost a year. Steve edited and combined the three manuscripts into one large manuscript at a lower cost, which is only available on

Here are a few features of The Open Billet Box:

  • It folds up to fit into...
★★★★★ $19.95
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Dave Arch
The Oracle Board by Dave Arch

As a cousin of the Ouija Board, this little known tool will randomly and mystically deliver one of five different messages to your spectator. The best part is that once you understand the formula for laying out the board (through the accompanying instructions), you'll be able to customize the five phrases on the reproducible board you receive in this package in any language you choose. Designed by a professional graphic artist The Oracle Board you receive to print out certainly looks the part of an ancient divining tool.

1st edition 2018, 2 pages.

★★★★★ $3
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TC Tahoe
The Pad and Billz by TC Tahoe
"Really great stuff! I love Billz. Such a cool serial number prediction. Great application of a tried and true principle." - Cameron Francis

"I saw TC DESTROY a room full of magicians with this amazing CARD MIRACLE. He quickly scribbled something on a pad and that was it. Such a strong and clean version of the classic STOP trick or OPEN PREDICTION. Everyone laughed when he showed us the easy method." - Nathan Kranzo

The impact it has on layman is tremendous. Yes it is simple, simple in execution and easy for audiences to follow.


The Entertainer removes a deck of cards and discards the...

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Scott Xavier
The Pain Proof Man by Scott Xavier

Having traveled nearly 2 years with a side show while first developing his show, Scott Xavier worked as a magician and a pain proof man. In this video you will find two unique demonstrations of his pain proof act.

You will learn:

  • How to slam a mouse and/or rat trap against your tongue and survive unscathed...
  • How Samurais can take a scalpel sharp samurai sword, grip it, and pull the sword against their flesh and not get injured!
These effects are for adults only and extremely dangerous!

1st edition 2013, runtime 16 minutes.

★★★★★ $9.95
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MP4 (video)

Paul Voodini
The Paranormal Entertainer by Paul Voodini

The art of the ungimmicked seance! Could this be the holy grail of bizarre magic and seance theatre?

This detailed manuscript teaches the mentalist and bizarre magician how to run completely ungimmicked evenings of paranormal entertainment. It covers introductions and establishing the right atmosphere, opening routines to involve the guests and put them in an expectant mood, ouija board and/or glass moving session, and finally the actual seance! An enthralling, wondrous, and terrifying evening for all your guests - and all done without a single gimmick! That's right - no billet switches,...

★★★★★ $25
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Mark Stone
The Peek Project by Mark Stone

After a long time of experimenting and searching for the best and easiest way to peek at the spectator's deepest thought written on a business card, Mark has come out with two completely different and deceptive methods fully described in this eBook, with crystal clear photos and step-by-step instructions.

The Perfect Peek

The Perfect Peek allows for a secret full card peek, without folding or tearing. Uses only a very few steps, is clean in the execution, and is highly deceptive. The effect takes advantage of old principles combined with clever handling to create a lethal peek. Easy...

★★★★★ $22.50
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Bob Cassidy
The Pendulum of Fate by Bob Cassidy

Everything you need to know about pendulums:

  • The Principle of Ideomotor Movement
  • Dowsing with Pendulums
  • Using the Pendulum in Mentalism
  • The Horizontal Pendulum
  • Mikame Blue
  • Flipchips
  • A Rat in the Desert
1st edition 2004, 20 pages

[For beautiful pendulums and other resources for the mentalist visit Magic Pendulums.]

★★★★★ $25
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Mike Kempner
The Perfect Lotto Prediction by Mike Kempner

How would you like to be able to predict the winning lotto numbers, anywhere? The odds of being able to achieve such a feat are astronomical. With this devilishly simple approach, you will be able to create the illusion of having predicted the winning numbers in advance of the drawing, without ANY sleight of hand. In fact, this is a hands-off miracle that will allow your spectator to swear that you are truly psychic. Once you give your spectator your prediction, that's never have to touch it again. It will contain the winning numbers!

[Note: this effect requires an assistant and a smart phone.]

1st edition 2014, 2 pages....

★★★★★ $4
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The Phone Trick by Romanos

This only currently works only on iPhone devices.

This is not an app, it is not a pre-recorded message and the number they generate can be seen in your recent calls.

Imagine inviting someone to choose a playing card and to put it, out of sight, without looking at it. You then ask a selection of people to create a random mobile phone number. You phone the number they have created and, when the person answers the phone, you ask them to name any playing card. They name the card that was chosen by the spectator. This is a real reputation maker and one that we guarantee you will be performing....

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MP4 (video)

Hereward Carrington
The Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism: Fraudulent and Genuine by Hereward Carrington

Being a brief account of the most important historical phenomena; a criticism of their evidential value, and a complete exposition of the methods employed in fraudulently reproducing the same.

From the preface:

One or two words of a prefatory nature are necessitated by the publication of a book such as this. Many persons will doubtless consider it an unnecessary attack upon spiritualism and the spiritistic creed, but I beg to assure my readers that such is by no means the case. It is because I believe that such phenomena do occasionally occur, that I am anxious to expose the fraud connected...

★★★★★ $12
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