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Percy Press
Percy Press Interview - A Traveler's Tale by Percy Press

Percy Press died in 1980 at the age of 78. He was probably the last of the English Street Conjurors and learned his craft working the streets of England. He was also a distinguished Punch and Judy performer. On this recording, Percy Press talks about the effects that he performed on the the street and gives details of his routines for his Cups and Balls, his Funny Funnel, the Cap and Pence, a card trick using a card box and his entertaining Coat, Ropes and Rings.

One of Percy's most baffling effects was his production of a full glass of water and, on this recording, he gives the complete...

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Influence (German) by Nathaniel

Der Magier erklärt dass ein Kartenspiel 52 verschiedene Werte beeinhaltet und er einen Kartenwert aus den 52 Möglichkeiten an den Zuschauer gedanklich übertragen hat.

Der Zuschauer soll sich nun verschiedenste Karten durch den Kopf gehen lassen. Er soll sich nicht die aller erste behalten die ihm in den Sinn kommt, sondern ruhig länger darüber nachdenken. Es steht dem Zuschauer während des ganzen Prozesses frei, seine Meinung noch einmal zu ändern. So das alles vollkommen fair und ohne das forcieren einer bestimmten Karte abläuft. Der Zuschauer denkt sich nun eine Karte und soll sie...

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Raphaël Czaja
Transprint by Raphaël Czaja

Raphael's routine is a great effect and it should immediately score a big hit! - Aldo Colombini

A spectator chooses a card from a deck, for example the Jack of Hearts. The magician now shows a packet with four blank-faced cards and normal backs. The spectator freely chooses and signs two stickers of different shapes and colors and puts one on the face and one on the back of his card. From now, he keeps this card on the table under his hand. One by one, three of the blank cards change into a Jack of Hearts. For the climax, the magician makes a transposition between the faces of the last blank card and...
$6 $4
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Bob Cassidy
Sleightly Mental by Bob Cassidy

From the introduction:

As far as I'm concerned, sleight of hand (or any other artifice for that matter) has but one purpose - to convincingly establish a false premise, which I believe to be the cornerstone of all effective illusion and deception. The more convincingly that premise is established, the more amazing the resulting effect will appear to be.

The subtleties and psychological approaches of mentalism can, when augmented by sleight of hand, provide a directness and clarity of effect that is too often lacking in mental routines. The fact that sleights are avoided by many performers...

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
The Invisible Mirror by Bob Cassidy

Long unavailable, The Invisible Mirror is a large multimedia ebook (including four video clips) featuring an ingenious method - illustrated on video - for obtaining a spectator's hidden thoughts and for apparently predicting the future.

It also contains something you will never see anywhere else - an excerpt of a live performance - in a biker bar - by Dr. Bob!

The Invisible Mirror is a utilitarian technique with unlimited capabilities. Not only is the technique direct and convincing, but it is also easy and actually fun to do.

1st edition 2003; 14 pages + 4 video clips

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Stephen Tucker
Card Bored? by Stephen Tucker

Out of print since 1992, but now converted from printed form to e-book. Seventeen terrific routines - illustrated.

Within you will encounter thirteen of Stephen's very best card routines, three magic-square effects (with a difference) and one purely numeric item that is a step sideways from the original inspiration. That 'step sideways' is really the key here! Stephen has tried to look at things from a slightly different direction. One not normally explored. Sometimes with very interesting results!

  1. Introduction
  2. Out Of This Dimension
  3. The Square Comes Full Circle
  4. Doubly Impossible
  5. Back...
★★★★★ $17
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Bruce Cervon
Bruce Cervon by Bruce Cervon

Bruce Cervon had been a full-time professional magician since 1965. He won many awards including the Magic Castle Close-up Magician Of The Year, in fact, he won it more than once. This recording features some of the commercial card magic of Bruce Cervon.

Perhaps his most famous effect is "Dirty Deal". Here, for the first time, is the opportunity to learn Bruce's own handling. Bruce Cervon is also well known for his interest in topological card magic and he describes a very clean handling for "Cardwarp" using one card and a dollar bill. It's an excellent routine in which a playing card reverses...

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Peter Duffie
Mind Blasters by Peter Duffie

The ultimate collection of mind-blowing English mind magic! Some of the world's top mentalist's tip their mitt! After the success of Miraculous Minds - Scotland goes mental Peter Duffie pulled off an even bigger job covering England with 41 contributors and 57 sensational routines. Do the math yourself, this is the quality and quantity bargain of the year.

[There is also a sequel of similar quality to this extraordinary ebook: Mind Blasters 2.

The contributors in the order in which they appear in the ebook are: Marc Paul, John Archer, Wayne Dobson, Stephen Tucker, Paul Hallas, Christopher Williams, Abracadaver, Les Johnson, Harold Cataquet, Andy Nicholls, Shiv Duggal, James Ward, Stephen Jones, Russell Hall, Roni Shachnaey, Lewis Jones,...

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Val Andrews
Sherlock Holmes and The Prince of Ventriloquists by Val Andrews

A new century has dawned and for Holmes it signifies that he is soon to retire to Sussex to keep bees. Inspector Lestrade is already retired but looking for work as a store detective when he is informed of events concerning Arthur Prince, The Prince of Ventriloquists, which are so singular that he calls upon Holmes who demonstrates that his deductive powers are still as sharp as ever. Arthur Prince’s stage puppet has been stolen from his locked dressing room only to reappear some hours later. This strange event has now occurred on three different occasions, but stranger still is the fact that...

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Influence by Nathaniel

The magician explains that a pack of cards includes 52 different values, and one of these card values he had imprinted in the spectators mind.

He tells the spectator that he should think about different cards. He shouldn’t take the first that comes in his mind. During the whole process the spectator is free to change his selection, so that everything is fair and without forcing a certain card.

The magician takes a closed pack of cards and a thick black marker. He draws the outline of a playing card on the back of the card-box. He shows this outline and announces that he will now draw...

★★★★ $12
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Fred Kaps
Fred Kaps Lecture - It's So Simple by Fred Kaps

Back in 1965 Fred Kaps gave a landmark lecture at the Magic Circle and now this lecture is available as MP3 download including a PDF which is a transcription of the lecture with additional illustrations. Bearing in mind Fred Kaps' reputation, it is strange that so little has been written about the man and his methods. Just the first ten minutes of this recording holds a fundamentally important lesson every serious student of magic needs to know.

Other than several magazine contributions, little of Fred Kaps' work exists in the English language. There are two sets of lecture notes, one dealing...

★★★★★ $15
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Tony Shiels
Bizarre Magic by Tony Shiels

Stephen King in his book Dance Macabre, a book that deals with horror in literature and film, pointed out that the only two kinds of movies which produced an audible reaction from an audience were comedy and horror.

It was Tony Shiels who pushed magic in the direction of horror and, long before magic-as-theatre became the latest fad, suggested that tricks could be made more entertaining if their presentations were more dramatic; perhaps a little out of the ordinary. Few took up the suggestion but those that did went on to found what is today known as Bizarre Magick; magic which involves those...

★★★ $15
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Al Koran
Al Koran by Al Koran

If you are an Al Koran fan you will totally and completely be absorbed by this recording. The first half consists of Goodliffe (the founder of Abracadabra Magazine) recounting his experiences and many meetings with Al Koran. Following Goodliffe's fascinating introduction you will then hear Al Koran performing many of his now classic routines in front of enthusiastic audiences. You will be put into a state of wonder as you hear the amazing Al Koran baffling and entertaining with his own brand of magic. If you are into mentalism this is an essential recording to own.

This is a licensed reproduction...

★★★★ $15
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Daniel Madison
Burn by Daniel Madison

Cards will burn...

Burn explores ideas of the performer physically affecting playing cards in many different ways through the medium of heat/fire/voodoo...for example, the magician causes an image of a spectators chosen card to appear burnt onto another playing card at his will and command...

The ebook is packed with 22 different concepts that will guide you through the methods for creating your own unique tools and gaffs and teach you step-by-step the techniques and mechanics for achieving the impossible voodooesque card magic that has become Burn.

  • IN THE SMOKE 1: A card is selected...
★★★★★ $15
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Mark Parker
Vivisectioned by Mark Parker

This is a beautiful and professional illusion. The effect is stunning and would fit into any Las Vegas type illusion show presented by headliners such as Lance Burton, Copperfield or Siegfried and Roy.

This ebook tells you how it is performed and how the apparatus works. However, this is not an easy illusion to build. This ebook does not include detailed blueprints you can immediately work from. You will understand how it works and you do get some very good illustrations, but you will need experience building illusions to actually build this.

1st edition 2008; 15 pages.

★★★★★ $25
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Simon J. Lea
Real Fake Hand-Writing Analysis by Simon J. Lea
  • You will demonstrate your ability to look at a person's signature and then be able to identify pictures that they have drawn.
  • You will be able to tell from signature alone which words, symbols and ideas an individual person will be attracted to.
  • By just feeling the muscles of a person's hand you will be able to point to a piece writing that has been written by that hand.
  • You will even be able spot a liar just from the way they sign their name.
You won't... but you'll be able to fake that you can!

This effect is all about you demonstrating your amazing hand-writing analysis skills....

★★★★ $8.50
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Philemon Vanderbeck
A Wicked Pack of Cards by Philemon Vanderbeck

"Madame Sosostris, famous clairvoyant had a bad cold, nonetheless was known to be the wisest woman in Europe with a wicked pack of cards." - T.S. Eliot, "The Wasteland"

I've been working on an act designed specifically for comedy clubs based on the premise of "a wicked pack of cards." I have a 'volunteer' select a card, and I then proceed to give the worst possible interpretation of it.

The deck I'm using is "Morgan's Tarot," an unusual 86-card deck that bears little relationship with a normal Tarot deck. I found its simple black and white drawings and irreverent card titles to be apropos...

★★★★ $6.66
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Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw
Magicseen No. 21 (Jul 2008) by Mark Leveridge & Graham Hey & Phil Shaw

To subscribe to Magicseen click here.

Vol. 4, No. 3, July 2008; 68 pages.

Cover: Michael J. Fitch

  1. Welcome - editor's letter
  2. Letters
  3. News
  4. Chris Priest, The Man Who Knows Too Much! - interview
  5. News
  6. Location - a visit to the locations used for The Illusionist movie
  7. Christopher Howell Offers High Hopes - interview by T. Howard
  8. Russ Stevens, illusion is where the heart is ... - interview by Graham Hey
  9. News
  10. Beyond Compere, The Art Of The MC - Mark Leveridge - article
  11. Michael J. Fitch, at home on the streets - main feature
  12. Dealer's Booth - Big Blind Media
  13. Reviews
    • Nestor Hato - DVD
    • Twister Continuum - Steven...
★★★★★ $5
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Stephen Tucker
Magic Purse by Stephen Tucker

Three coins, one at a time, penetrate a purse and land in a glass tumbler. You will need a zippered cloth or leather coin purse and a magnet of the right strength.

  • magnet reduces sleight of hand to a minimum
  • resets automatically
  • ideal for table hopping
1st edition 2008; 2 pages.
★★★★ $12
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Stephen Tucker
Exhibit A & B by Stephen Tucker

This is a really funny murder mystery routine. The zippered "case" (used to house everything) is "re-opened" and the possible weapons and five laminated clue-cards are removed. With your help, the spectator now deduces which of the weapons was used. Once he's done so, you explain, humorously, why the other weapons couldn't possibly have been used, so he's effectively solved the murder! This means that everything can be returned to the case, which can then be officially closed.

  • No re-set is needed.
  • Ideal for close-up or "murder weekend" shows.
  • Not suitable for non-english speaking countries. ...
★★★★ $12
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Stephen Tucker
Impossible by Stephen Tucker
  • 100% self-working
  • instant reset
  • everything can be examined at the end
Effect: You table a coin, a folded up Lotto ticket and a key-ring, then turn your back on proceedings. Someone mixes the three objects around in the row. You now ask that they 'switch' the three objects around even more, as you direct them (sight unseen). They are then asked to pocket two of the objects, in different pockets, and hold the remaining object in their hand.

You now turn to face them again and, after suitable concentration, reveal that they are holding the coin in their hand - they are! You then continue...

★★★ $12
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Stephen Tucker
Abacus Tuckered Up by Stephen Tucker

A collection of Stephen Tucker's 18 contributions to Al Smith's Abacus magazine.

1st edition 2007; 37 pages.

  1. Play It Again Sam
  2. Out Of His Dimension
  3. Blackpool Blockbuster
  4. Imogination
  5. Spell My Number
  6. Thotdek
  7. Lady Luck
  8. Done Up Like A Dog’s Dinner
  9. Matterix
  10. Polygraph Pasteboards
  11. Pretty Polygraph
  12. The Return
  13. Shirning
  14. Faro Hate
  15. Staid Stacked
  16. Utility Poker
  17. Utility Poker Utilised
  18. Two Keys To Baldpate
★★★★★ $20
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Stephen Tucker
ACAAN by Stephen Tucker

Any Card At Any Number - You table a cased deck, then remove a small, thin note-pad from your shirt pocket and ask one person to name any card. Let's assume he says, "The Queen of Spades." You record this on the pad. You next ask a second person to name any number from 1 to 52. Let's assume this person says, "22". You record this too, then pick up the cased deck. You remove the cards and show that they are all different. You hand the deck to one of them, and ask that he deals down to the 22nd card... it's the Queen of Spades!

If you would like to inject a little comedy, once the card and...

★★★★★ $17
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Stephen Tucker
The Lazarus Card by Stephen Tucker

This is the strangest rising card method ever. Why? Because the card that rises is the actual gimmick. Also, the selected card rises and (to amusing patter) its back changes from red to blue. This means that you only have to pocket it, which is logical as its back no longer matches the rest of the cards, and the deck is clean.

  • No weights, threads, elastics, springs, electronics, cut-out cards or anything like you've ever seen before!
  • Add the gimmicked card to any red backed Bicycle deck!
  • Bonus routine: Hallucination Plus
  • Bonus routine: Impromptu, Borrowed Rising Cards
1st edition 2005;...
★★★★★ $12
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