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Bob Cassidy
3 Miracles by Bob Cassidy

The title is apt. This ebook contains three completely inexplicable mental effects: "Quarterforce", "Boxed Thought", and "The Impossible Switch".

In Quarterforce a pack of cards is fanned out before a spectator. There are no duplicates or specially printed cards. The spectator simply thinks of one and the mentalist names it. That's it and it's that clean. Mentalism doesn't get any bolder or more powerful than this.

Boxed Thought is a completely routined demonstration of telepathy and clairvoyance and The Impossible Switch is just that - a billet move so clean and simple it is never detected. ...

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
Mind Burners by Bob Cassidy

Mind Burners - illustrated with color photographs and videos of each critical move, features two completely routined performance pieces from Bob's own working repertoire. "The Manchurian Gambit" is a demonstration of "psychic brainwashing", based on Richard Condon's novel and John Frankenheimer's 1962 film classic, "The Manchurian Candidate". An audience member, completely unaware of what he or she is doing, follows the mentalist's psychic commands. Not only completely amazing, this is one of the funniest and most memorable routines Bob has ever performed.

In "A Place to Die For" an ancient...

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
The Millennial Medium by Bob Cassidy

Near the end of the 19th century - a time believed by many to be the birth of a "New Age"- presentations of mediumship and other so-called psychic phenomena had already become standard theatrical attractions. Samri Baldwin ("The Only Real and Original White Mahatma") had long since developed the one-ahead based question answering act, and the secret writing techniques of Henry Slade and other early mediums had become standard items in the repertoires of many conjurors. Some engaged in actual and pseudo exposures of mediums and psychics, while others, recognizing the power of such presentations,...

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
The Mastermind Papers by Bob Cassidy

This ebook consists of a PDF and five WMV videos demonstrating the techniques. Bob also included his personal brainstorming notes, much of which is incomprehensible, but it allows you a unique peak into this creative mind and might help you develop and personalize your own routines.

  • Doctor Crow's Party Piece
  • Pure Mentalism
  • Technique #1 - Hand to Hand with a Pen
  • Technique #2 The Switch, Umbrella Move and Read covered by business card packet.
  • Technique #3 Basic Switch with Wallet as Display Container
  • Technique #4 The Impromptu Index
  • The Invisible Device
★★★★★ $25
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Chan Canasta
Chan Canasta by Chan Canasta

Script: David Britland: Narrator: Dave Kelly: Producer: Martin Breese

You have probably read all of the books on Chan Canasta and now you can actually hear Chan Canasta performing some of his classic effects on this amazing recording.

In fact this is a complete program on Chan Canasta. It draws on Martin Breese's extensive archive of sound recordings of Chan Canasta.

You will hear Canasta live and then you will be given a complete description of each effect by the narrator. The book test, for example, can be heard exactly as it was performed more than forty years ago and then each move is carefully...

★★★★★ $25
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Tricks with Hares by Ulysses Frederick Grant

Perhaps no other effect is so much associated with the magician as that of producing a rabbit from an empty hat. And, oddly enough, so few magicians today use a rabbit in their act.

Where the idea of producing a rabbit from a hat originated is not certain. The favorite story seems to be about the 18th century English woman who felt that she was not getting the attention she deserved. She told her husband and neighbors that she had been accosted by a rabbit and some time latter she took to her bed. The story immediately went out that she had given birth to several rabbits. The story naturally...

★★★★★ $4
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Bob Cassidy
Psi Apps by Bob Cassidy

Features "The Elementulum", "Bottled", "Dunningered", and "The Cooperative Almanac" - four completely routined original performance pieces.

  • The Elementulum is a pendulum routine that is visually stunning.

  • Bottled is among the rarest of mental effects - it is performed on a billiard or pool table! A spectator shuffles a pack of cards and scatters them face down all over a pool table. Pool cues are stood upright in each of the six pockets on the table to prevent any balls from being sunk during the effect.

    The performer writes a prediction which is placed in full view. The balls are...

★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
Test Conditions by Bob Cassidy

The art of presenting mental miracles under apparently foolproof test conditions.

Four completely scripted original and entertaining routines designed to demonstrate your mental abilities under conditions that apparently preclude the use of trickery or fraud. In addition to the routines is a complete analysis of the psychology underlying "Brain Buster" and "test conditions" effects.


Time Stop - This miracle is performed with any unprepared borrowed watch that has a second hand. There are no magnets or gimmicks of any kind required. The effect is totally impromptu.


★★★★★ $25
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Bob Cassidy
Return to the Crossroads by Bob Cassidy

This is a PDF plus five Real Media video clips demonstrating the moves and handling. Bob works with black cards and black tickets, a nail writer, a fiendishly gimmicked dictionary, a voodoo doll, black clipboards and index cards.

He mixes and matches methods where he finds them most appropriately. A move here, a clever use of ordinary props there and a gimmicked item when the effect calls for it.

1st edition 2003; 20 pages.

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Liam Montier
Cherry Cola Queen by Liam Montier
  • Predict something incredibly personal to your spectator – the location of their tattoo. Then go one step further, and divine the design!
  • Cause an angel to visually melt from one half of a playing card to another in this shockingly visual application of Paul Harris's Twilight Angels.
  • Imagine causing the Hot and Cold water to transpose between your bathroom taps!
  • A spectator is offered a free choice from your stack of business cards, and signs the blank side. On turning it over, he finds it is the same business card that you signed earlier in this strange display of coincidence.
  • Use a...
★★★★★ $20
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
45 Tricks by Ulysses Frederick Grant

This is a remarkable collection of 45 individual single sheet trick instructions, many of which are illustrated.

original 45 pages; PDF 49 pages.

  1. The Comedy Check
  2. Improved Psychic Padlock
  3. Any Card Called For Rises
  4. Jarrow Bill In Lemon
  5. Super Telephone Test
  6. Leipzig Cards Through Air
  7. Bag And Blindfold Trick
  8. Nu Ring Off String
  9. Hang-Ping-Ching Coin Trick
  10. Improved Gloves To Dove
  11. Half Dollar Through Ring
  12. The Spy Ring
  13. Head On Beer Trick
  14. Best Packing Box Escape
  15. Grant's Cut & Restored Light Wire
  16. Striking A Match On Air
  17. Leipzig Type Card Suspension
  18. Malini Card Stabbing
  19. Chinese Bowl Production ...
★★★★★ $20
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
Tricks with a One Way Deck by Ulysses Frederick Grant

The ever creative and prolific Grant collected in this ebook 21 card tricks all based on the 'one-way' principle. Grant starts out with examples of decks which are one-way, how to setup everything, and how to handle the cards correctly.

1st edition 1935; original 23 pages; PDF 13 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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Ulysses Frederick Grant
CLIP - Clever Little Ideas Presented by Ulysses Frederick Grant

U.F. Grant has collected 13 tricks involving a paper clip. Paper clips are available pretty much anywhere, are common objects and therefore make ideal magic props.

1st edition 1947; original 12 pages; PDF 9 pages.

★★★★★ $5
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Al Mann
Al Mann Lecture by Al Mann

This DVD is a live recorded lecture Al Mann gave in Vienna, Austria, at the 1. Wiener Zaubertheater, on November 25th 1984. To my knowledge this is the only DVD available today showing Al Mann in action. The quality is remarkably good for a live unscripted recording from a single camera from the 80s. It runs for a bit over 1 hour and 40 minutes.

It is a wonderful video to watch and see Al in action, as well as pick up a number of tips and several excellent routines. He also explains a fantastic card force he credits to Robert Parrish. This force is so fair and completely absent of any sleight-of-hand,...

★★★★★ $35
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David Misner
The Inversion Theory by David Misner

This ebook is all about reversing a card and includes five original ideas.

  • Minority: A chosen card is pushed flush in the center of the deck, and instantly reverses itself.
  • Flip Side: The deck is spread to show that it is completely normal, and then almost instantly a card reverses itself, the previously chosen card.
  • Don't Blink: A ridiculously visual reversal. An out-jogged card reverses itself with a flick of the wrist.
  • Wrong Turn: A card is lost, and the wrong one is found. The magician states that something must have been preventing the card from coming to the top, and when the deck...
★★★★★ $15
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Robert Kaldy-Karo
Manipulationsideen by Robert Kaldy-Karo

Karo kombiniert hier seine Kreativitaet mit seiner Fingerfertigkeit. Dieses Werk ist mitlerweile ein Klassiker und behandelt Seile, Tuecher, Muenzen, Baelle, Feuer and wie sie Blitz und Nebel erzeugen koennen.


  1. Inhalt
  2. Vorwort
  3. SEILE
  4. Faerbe Knoten
  5. Knoten Test
  7. Halter
  8. Falten
  9. Tuch Sprudel
  10. Penetration
  11. Smooky
  13. Halter
  14. Gone
  15. Nice 1&2
  16. Gigant coin
  17. BAELLE
  18. Halter
  19. Da - Wo?
  20. Ohne Titel 1 & 2
  21. Fooler
  22. Colour
  23. Gag
  24. Silver
  25. Smarter Krims Krams
  26. Exklusiv
  27. Elegant
  28. FEUER
  29. Feurio
  30. Super candle
  31. Perfekt
  32. Plexi
  33. Smokefan
  34. Coka Cola
  36. Nebel Maschine ...
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Andrew Loh
Royal Highness by Andrew Loh

This is one of the easiest four-of-a-kind productions with no finger-flicking moves or flourishes.

Effect: Spectator freely names a number between 10 and 20. After some byplay and counting the cards in the process, the spectator unknowingly produces the four Kings.

No crimp! No markings! No gimmicks! No extra cards! No rough & smooth!

I like this a lot. I haven't seen this combination of ideas before. They work very well to produce a strong effect. - Peter Duffie

It's a very novel four-of-a-kind production. The principle used is a simple one and makes the trick pretty much self-working. -...

★★★★★ $6
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Peter Duffie
Obscurities by Peter Duffie

This new ebook is a collection of tricks that Peter published in various magazines and in books published by others. Now collected for the first time. These are not in any of his books or ebooks.

From the pages of: Linking Ring, Abracadabra, Griffin, Arcane, Magic magazine and other sources.

  • Blind Faith Mindful Mentalism, Vol.1. compiled & published by Paul Hallas.
    This is a double prediction effect with the second prediction coming as a surprise, despite the fact that you state you have two predictions at the outset! In effect; from a set of cards that spell the word 'prediction' a spectator freely...
★★★★★ $14.95
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Practical Hypnotism - How to Hypnotize by unknown

Aside from some archaic word usage this ebook gives you all the fundamentals to perform hypnosis. No need to buy a high priced course. All the basics are here as well as hypnotism's historic background.

62 pages.

  1. Theories Regarding Hypnotism
  2. The Braid Method of Hypnotism
  3. Dr. Liebault's Method of Hypnotism
  4. Fascination Method of Hypnotism
  5. The Suggestive Method Of Hypnotism
  6. Hypnotism In Diseases
  7. Uses Of Hypnotism
  8. Illusions And Hallucinations
  9. Auto Suggestion
  10. Hypnotic Suggestion
  11. Telepathic Suggestion
  12. Post-Hypnotic Suggestion
  13. The Dangers Of Hypnotism
  14. Hypnotism For Scientific Practice ...
★★★★★ $7
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Lewis Ganson & Dai Vernon
Dai Vernon's Tribute to Nate Leipzig by Lewis Ganson & Dai Vernon

This is a fascinating combination of biographical detail and carefully described magical secrets researched and recorded by Dai Vernon and Lewis Ganson.

Vernon was an intimate friend of Leipzig. Vernon not only saw many performances given by Leipzig, but Leipzig also explained Vernon in detail how all of his tricks worked and how they are to be performed. Vernon recorded this in his notebooks from which this publication was prepared by Ganson and Vernon. It is therefore fair to say that this is as close as you will ever get to learn from Leipzig.

Leipzig was a gentelman of magic who could...

★★★★ $14.90
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Peter Duffie
Move Mastery 3 by Peter Duffie

Move Mastery 3 contains 1hr 40 min of amazing sleights with playing cards. Demonstrations with explanations. Plus a bonus clip of Duffie demonstrating (no explanation) the Legendary Fred Robinson Middle Deal.

We also offer volume 1 Move Mastery 1 and volume 2 Move Mastery 2 in this series.

1st edition 2008.

Here is a low resolution demo. The video on the disc is higher resolution.


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Pete Wilton
The I.M.P. System by Pete Wilton

A system to make remembering numbers as easy as one two buckle your shoe. Learn this system and remember numbers with ease.

After several years struggling to learn the memory systems from other sources Pete developed the I.M.P Memory System. Other systems require complicated rules to be learned before you can remember numbers. With the I.M.P Memory System you will begin recalling numbers of any length much sooner than with other systems.

Turn the boring abstract into a vibrant image easily with the I.M.P Memory System!

1st edition 2008; 30 pages.

  1. Introduction
  2. Other Systems to Remember...
★★★★ $8
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Max Andrews
Sixteen Thumb Tie Gems by Max Andrews

The Thumb Tie is a classic that can be done in a number of ways using sometimes vastly different methods. In this ebook you will learn among others the Ten Ichi thumb tie, the Osman thumb tie, the Dunninger tie and variations by Victor Farelli and Max Andrews. You will also read about its history and many other important bits of information which will allow you to perform this classic proficiently.

Paul Fleming wrote:

This little booklet deals with a single trick - The Thumb Tie, in which the performer, despite the fact that his thumbs are apparently tied together securely, manages to catch on his arms several light hoops...

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Max Andrews
Sixteen Card Index Gems by Max Andrews

Classic text on effects that can be performed with a card index. This ebook does not describe how to make a card index. It describes sixteen effects achieved with the use of a card index. Many of these effects are original creations of Max Andrews.

Paul Fleming wrote:

A good many years ago, we witnessed a fine vaudeville act by Herbert Brooks, in which he presented, among other effects, his celebrated feat of producing from his pocket any card called for by the audience, after the pack had been shuffled, divided into two approximately equal parts, and the halves deposited in his side trousers-pockets....

★★★★★ $7
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