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Bly by Doan

In this download, Doan teaches you three very magical, impromptu effects using just one rubber band.

BUDDHISM - Wrap the band around your fingers and make it jump through them.

POILOCK - The band on your index finger jumps to your middle finger instantly.

SINGL8 - Visually form an 8 with the band within a second.

All of these amazing effects are taught in slow motion and are easy to understand. Download the video and start learning now.

1st edition 2020, length 6:10

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MP4 (video)

Maurice Fogel
Fogelism: An Attitude to Life by Maurice Fogel

The famous British mentalist, Maurice Fogel, leveraged his success as performer to branch out into the self-help category, by writing this book. He writes:

There is no strange mysticism about Fogelism; it is simply a mental attitude towards life which, I have found, achieves unsuspected results. It is the logical training of one's mind so that it sizes up the approach to a problem and tackles it rationally, instead of allowing the magnitude of that problem to overwhelm.

  • Foreword
  • The Mind Is Lazy
  • Controlled By Subconscious
  • Secret Of Hypnotism
  • Learn To Relax
  • Power Of Suggestion ...
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Maurice Fogel
The Fortune Formula: Fogel's Top Secrets No. 2 by Maurice Fogel

In this second manuscript in Fogel's Top Secrets series, he explains his system of how to develop a new routine, what he calls "The Fogel Formula". It is a system of how to structure and proceed with your training and development towards a particular goal. Fogel is using his success system for things he wants to achieve in general not just magic.

Fogel demonstrates how his formula operates by applying it to a question he often received after his shows: "Can you tell fortunes?" To address this frequent question he developed a particular routine involving a zodiac chart. The chart, the routine,...

★★★★ $8
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Paul Stadelman
Sandu Writes Again by Paul Stadelman

Written by a past master at the art of misdirection, many of the effects are off the beaten path, revealing the original and creative mind of the author. Here's what magical inventor R. W. Hull had to say about a few of Sandu's original mysteries:

In "So Simple" is a mystery that has baffled the brightest minds who've seen it, when you're able to tell how many cards a spectator has cut from a shuffled deck.

"The Sequence of Suits" can be made into a dandy "betcha" stunt and becomes more fun the more times it is repeated.

"Sandu's Prognostication" is something a little different. It is a delightful...

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Arthur Leroy
At Your Fingertips by Arthur Leroy

Available again at long last is this comprehensive work explaining the brilliant thimble artistry of Jimmy Shannon. Jimmy Shannon was the talk of the magic world in the 1930s and 40s, with his beautifully orchestrated thimble manipulation act. His moves were accepted by experts as the most original, most unusual and altogether fascinating of his day. When the time came for Shannon's moves to be recorded for posterity, the task was given to a young writer who was already making a name for himself: Arthur Leroy. In fact, it was felt that Jimmy Shannon's moves were so entirely different from average...

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Al Baker
This Will Open Your Eyes: Al Baker's Exclusive Twenty-Five Dollar Manuscript by Al Baker

Add to your arsenal of outstanding mental and card effects with this hard to find manuscript from a recognized master of deception. These exclusive secrets will serve you in good stead throughout your performing career, no matter whether you're a professional, semi-pro, or hobbyist.

Contains ten effects, plus as many as four methods for performing each one, all patiently and painstakingly explained. You may, in fact, chuckle to yourself as you read the practical, yet diabolical methods -- they're so darned clever. They all have the "Baker Twist", where gimmicks and ruses are used on the off...

★★★★★ $8
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H. F. C. Suhr
Magische Tändeleien by H. F. C. Suhr

Ein interessantes Buch mit im allgemeinen leichten Tricks mit und ohne Apparate, einem Kapitel mit Kartentricks und einem Kapitel mit Fesselungstricks. Im Kapitel der Fesselungstricks bespricht Suhr Harry Houdini und seine Vorstellungen in Deutschland. Für Erdnase Forscher gibt es auch in diesem Suhr Buch wieder einige Indizien dass Erdnase dieses Buch wahrscheinlich kannte.

  • Vorwort
  • Erster Teil. Experimente ohne Apparate
    1. Ein Rechenkunststück
    2. Münze und Wasserglas
    3. Ein Geldkunststück
    4. Die wandernden Flaschen
    5. Täuschung des Gehörs
    6. Ein Wunder aus der vierten Dimension
    7. Metamorphose des Rotweines
    8. Der...
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David Davis
Sorprendente by David Davis

Una routine automatica in sei fasi con tantissime sorprese… Nessuna abilità richiesta!

E ora… una meravigliosa sequenza di brillante magia con le carte che è possibile eseguire senza alcuna abilità e senza mosse o destrezze particolari. NON UN SINGOLO GIOCO, ma un’intera serie di numeri fusi insieme e presentati uno dopo l’altro, tutti derivanti da un’intelligente pre-ordine di un normale mazzo di carte.

POTRETE ESEGUIRLO SUBITO! Dovrete solamente imparare il semplice procedimento per presentarlo al meglio. Il funzionamento è interamente AUTOMATICO. Sorprenderà anche voi...

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Maurice Fogel
The Gambling Ghost: Fogel's Top Secrets No. 1 by Maurice Fogel

In this publication Fogel reveals his famous rope tie technique. From the foreword:

It is a routine which can be adapted to be performed either solo, or with a partner; entirely surrounded by an audience in a small room, or from the stage of a large hall; as an entertainment at a function or banquet, or even as a demonstration-lecture before Occult Research Societies and Scientific Circles.

  • Foreword
  • Introductory Address
  • The Routine
  • Requirements
  • Explanation
  • The Fogel Rope Tie in Action
  • Production of the Whisky Bottle
  • Summary
  • Concluding Observations
  • Finale

1st edition 1961,...

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Paul Stadelman
Secrets of Sandu by Paul Stadelman

Two books in one, containing the secrets of a professional's act of club and mental magic, plus his favorite card effects.

We love it when a working performer tips the actual methods from his act. And that's what you get in the first half of this enjoyable ebook, which was originally released as a limited edition. The second half contains Sandu's favorite card effects. While not all of the effects in this section are self-working, they rely on sleights that the average performer already knows.

Inside you'll find described a pair of excellent livestock effects that you can make yourself;...

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Harry Houdini
Houdini Souvenir Program by Harry Houdini

During the 1925-26 season this program was sold at Houdini's shows in the lobby of theaters.

  • Houdini - A Biography
  • Some of the Wonderful Feats Accomplished by Houdini
  • Houdini's Greatest Thrill
  • Magical Tricks and Illusions
    • The Vanishing Matches
    • The Mysterious Thumb Tie
    • The Vest Turning Mystery
    • The Spirit Release
    • The Spirit Knots
    • The Vanishing Knot
    • Surgery Extraordinary
    • The Restored Tooth-pick
    • Black or Red
    • A Good Coin Trick
    • The Sphinx
    • The Thauma Illusion
    • The Magic Butterflies
    • The Rope Amputation
    • A Subtle Dime Vanish
  • A Few Personal Facts
  • Houdini Reveals He "Reads" Minds ...
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Raphaël Czaja
Red, Hot and Wild by Raphaël Czaja

An ungimmicked and easy-to-do double transformation with playing cards using the spectator's signature.

The magician displays a red-backed Joker. "Jokers can be useful in any card game but they also have interesting properties for magicians. Let me show you how." A spectator selects and signs a card in a blue-backed deck. The magician buries the signed card and inserts the Joker into the deck. "When in contact with the deck, the Joker is able to take the identity of any selected card, including yours." He spreads the cards face down to show the red-backed Joker in the middle. The red-backed...

★★★★★ $4
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Abhinav Bothra
Self-Working CAAN by Abhinav Bothra

An effortless CAAN that the audience performs for themselves.


  • You never touch the deck of cards.
  • Can be done Close-up, Parlour or on Stage
A participant holds out the fingers of both their hands and drops down any number of fingers. The fingers left extended (say 2 and 1) forms the number (they get to choose 2 & 1 becomes 21 or 12) The participant opens up the pack of playing cards, deals the cards down (face up or face down doesn't matter). The card at their number matches the card you predicted (written on a paper before performance)

Honest Note: While you don't touch...

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Graham Hey
Comedy Bundle by Graham Hey

Laugh three times as hard when you purchase all three ebooks.

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Graham Hey
Inside the Cage by Graham Hey

Funny stuff to make kids roar.

I always think it's a good idea not only to entertain the youngsters, but to entertain their parents too! Here is a collection of visual gags and jokes that will help put fun into your children's shows and hopefully leave everyone with a smile on their face! I have also included a few contributions from some friends of mine who are established and experienced kid's entertainers.

  • Introduction
  • Inflatable Rabbit and In the Bag
  • My snake has Escaped! and Fingernails
  • In bed with a Bug and The Rose
  • Half-price Tie, The Mirror, and The Wrong Way
  • The Bell ...
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Graham Hey
The Comedy Cosmonaut by Graham Hey

'Out of this world' laughs, visual gags and tricks to add atmosphere for close-up and stand-up.

From the introduction:

This ebook is a little different from my others in that this one contains some tricks and routines too. So there really is something for everyone in this ebook. Opening visual gags have always played a big part in my own act on the cruise ships as they help settle any nerves while also getting over to the audience that my show is going to be fun (hopefully)! I've included a few here, including a sure-fire winner which uses The Smurf Song.

1st edition 2020, PDF 43...

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Daniel Rowan
Democrats 2020 by Daniel Rowan

Democrats 2020 is a topical political drama in which your spectators get to role play as presidential candidates.

The effect: A spectator secretly picks a democratic presidential candidate. The magician is able to divine the spectator's selection after questioning one or more other spectators who become other political candidates. No sleight of hand. Simple method which allows the magician to concentrate on the presentation of a mini election. All the needed materials are provided in the PDF for printing. Your spectators have the fun of participating and play acting as a candidate for the...

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Aldo Colombini
Carte 2001 by Aldo Colombini

33 splendide routines con le carte!

Un'altra meravigliosa raccolta di routines facili da eseguire e di grosso impatto sul pubblico, dalla fertile mente ( e penna…) di Aldo Colombini ! Ogni cartomago troverà pane per i suoi denti… e soprattutto pratici trucchi da eseguire in pubblico con successo.

Eccoti qualche esempio delle ben 33 routines descritte nel libro :

Le dodici figure sono mescolate tra loro e tu riesci ugualmente a separarle sistemandole in gruppi con i Fanti, le Regine e i Re dello stesso seme!

Sedici carte sono tolte dal mazzo...

★★★★★ $10
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Sam Dalal
Cabaret Capers Volume 1 by Sam Dalal

This was Sam Dalal's first publication. It was written for the cabaret artist, the magician who is called on to give a "Spot Show" of about 10 to 15 minutes duration. Every item is applause tested, simple in execution, and lends itself to an amusing theme.

  • In The Beginning
  • The Impossible Peek Deck!
  • The Sla-Test Color Gag
  • Colour - Me!!!
  • "Turn It Round"
  • Brain Wave Bonus
  • The New Whispering Queen
  • Habit Bound!
  • Old Wine In New Funnels
  • "Pop Up" Gag
  • Jackpot -- Almost
  • Russian Roulette
  • 'Knockout'
  • Shell Craft
  • In Conclusion

1st edition ~1970, 20 pages; PDF 23 pages.

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Mark Lewis
Lives of a Showman by Mark Lewis
"Mark is one of the truly interesting characters in the world of showbusiness. He has a brilliant yet wicked sense of humour, and is often misunderstood by his peers. As someone who has known him for much of his life, I consider him to be a man of incredible talent as both a performer and grafter [demonstrator]. He is extremely resourceful, and is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to magic and other branches of entertainment. His life is truly one of mystery and intrigue, and he is a wonderful raconteur as will be seen in the pages of this masterpiece. I would consider Mark to be a true showman, and...
★★★★★ $20
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Brick Tilley
Growing Hank by Brick Tilley

Milbourne Christopher demonstrated this in his final lecture at the Magic Castle, revealing that he had taught it to Harry Blackstone, replacing a less deceptive version Blackstone had been doing for years in his show. A small handkerchief, held by opposite corners, is twirled between the hands and seems to grow to massive proportions.

This is highly recommended as an opener, and can lead into a dove production of other effect with the handkerchief.

1st edition 2020, PDF 4 pages, video 48 seconds.

★★★★★ $10
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The Book of Thirty-One by Toto

From the preface and introduction:

This book could be titled "The Game of Thirty-One Revisited" because of the various articles that have made an attempt to describe the game. Why then did I set out to write this? First, because I consider the game of thirty-one such a delightful diversion from the "norm" that I want to bring it to the attention of the magic fraternity, and second, because I have many ideas I would like to add.

At the Magic Castle, in Hollywood, the game was first shown to me by Dai Vernon in August of 1980. The "Professor" frequently showed me card puzzles that he had learned over...

★★★★ $10
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Ken de Courcy
The Australian Gambling Game of 31 by Ken de Courcy

The Ace to Six of each suit are placed on the table, and the two players turn cards face down alternately and a running total of the pips is maintained. The winner is the one who takes the total to no more than 31. Even after the spectator is told the secret to winning, the magician still wins. Ends with an extra kicker.

PDF 10 pages

★★★★★ $10
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William W. Larsen & B. W. McCarron
The Magical Pitchman by William W. Larsen & B. W. McCarron

Add variety and comedy to any act with this delightful presentation, based on the outlandish medicine pitches of yesteryear.

Entertain your pitch with magic
Interspersed throughout the comedy pitch are honest-to-goodness magic effects that you likely already own. In this revised edition, you are given several examples that will give you additional ideas. There's no need to go out and buy new tricks.

This lecture is different
Not a magic show in the strict sense, this is a humorous act in itself, which is how you present it to potential clients. This talk is just the ticket for corporate...

★★★★★ $12
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